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Motorola DROID Bionic lands on Verizon tomorrow for $299


After 9 long months of waiting, the Motorola DROID Bionic is finally set to launch tomorrow on Verizon. The DROID Bionic marks a key milestone for Verizon, as it will be the first dual-core device to feature support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

The Bionic packs the following specs into its Droid X2-esque package:

  • Dual-core 1GHz processor (TI OMAP4)
  • 32 GB storage (16 GB internal, 16 GB included microSD card)
  • 4.3″ qHD LCD screen with 540 x 960 display
  • Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread with MOTOROLA’s Gingerbread UI overlay (Don’t call me BLUR)
  • 1 GB DDR2 RAM
  • 8 megapixel rear-facing camera
  • Front-facing camera
  • Support for Motorola’s WebTop dock and LapDock

The DROID Bionic will be available at Verizon stores tomorrow, September 8th, for a whopping $299 on contract.

Who out there is planning to pick one of these beasts up when it launches tomorrow? Or are you holding out another month for the Samsung DROID Prime? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll have a full review of the device up very shortly. Stay tuned!

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  • James

    If only there was a guarantee that this thing would be upgraded to ICS in a reasonable time frame I’d buy one.

    Despite the fact that we had to wait so long I think this thing will hold it’s own as far as hardware/speed wise to the droid prime. The only difference hardware wise will be the lower resolution 960×540 qHD screen. Also, I may be the only person that thinks this, but I actually “like” the new version of Motorola’s UI..

  • jedi-bum

    This phone is obsolete.

    • snowbdr89

      Every phone is obsolete before it comes out, im sure when the nexus prime comes out we will be talking about bacon n cheese 9.3.2

    • JayMonster

      Yeah, just look at all the Dual Core IMAP4, LTE phones out on the market now… Oh, wait…

  • Richard Yarrell

    A phone for pricks! You better buy the EVO 3D from my beloved carrier SPRINT!

    PS: If you are a well-hung guy, then dont hesitate to pm me :D

  • MerlinTW

    I will be picking it up tomorrow because I really need to update my OF Droid. I just can’t wait for much longer for some other phone. Problem is…I am pretty sure I won’t get a kiss goodnight after being screwed with this $299 price tag. Verizon is all about “how can we screw our customers next time” lately.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Just one more month for Ice Cream Sandwich!! lol

      Hold out if you can, this is basically Droid X2 + Droid 3 had a baby with LTE support.

      • thaghost

        The article just said most likely late november or early december. Although im waiting on the prime, it seems that the only advantage the prime has over this is ics and maybe, maybe a 720p screen. All other specs will be better on this phone. I say go for it!!

  • Nate B.

    Why is the price so high? Atrix, Photon, Bionic. All the same phone. They jack it up 100$ more. I’m not a Verizon customer but their ways are really outrageous. Even if you have an upgrade you lose.

    • GeauxLSU

      No surprise here. The Droid Charge is $299, Thunderbolt $249. Verizon feels their LTE phones are worth an extra $100, but they do not charge extra for the LTE monthly service. Sprint charges $10 per month for Premium Data for all smartphones, so on a 2 year contract that’s an extra $240.

      • snowbdr89

        im more then happy to pay that extra 240 for big reds lte compared to sprints whimpey wimax!!!

  • Nathan

    I personally wouldn’t get it because one it 300 dollars, like what the heck? Then, two it should have been out awhile back when these specs actually look good next to the atrix.

  • Phillip

    Does anybody know anything about the Costco release? I read that it was going to be the same price but packaged with extras? I’m looking at hitting a store first thing tomorrow as it opens but I’m wondering if that would be a better idea.

    I’m also needing to upgrade RIGHT NOW as my wife is currently using a borrowed Blackberry Storm (ugh) since she broke her Droid. If I upgrade now, she’ll take my Droid X and be happy. Otherwise she’ll use the upgrade for something else.

    • Anthony Domanico

      I’ve heard rumors that the costco version will run $279 but not have extras. Let us know what you find!

  • Chris

    I just spoke to the Costco Rep (wireless advocates) on the phone. She confirmed the bundle package to include an extra battery, battery charger dock, media dock, and car dock. All for $299. The return exchange policy is 90 days and you can switch to a different phone if you’d like and just pay the difference in the upgrade sale prices.

    • snowbdr89

      90 day return on the phone aswell?

  • Tim S

    So if someone wants to buy this off contract, is it something that can be purchased online? In the store? Other stores? I was unlucky (lucky?) enough to have my DroidX die on me while under warranty, so I just got a factory refurbished phone that I’m selling on ebay. :) Based on the average selling prices, it seemed to make sense to do that and buy the Bionic at full price. What I don’t know is the best way to get the off-contract phone…should I go to the store in the morning first thing, or get it online after midnight or whatever time they start selling them? I don’t mind waiting a couple days to get one, I just want to make sure I get one!

  • JayMonster

    I will own this phone tomorrow.

    Another month? Ice Cream Sandwich will be done in “October or November” meaning you are waiting until November/December (of not CES in January before its release.

    That being said, it will be a cold day in help before I buy a oversaturated screen wrapped in cheap plastic with a malfunctioning GPS phone from Samsung.

  • SliestDragon

    Pretty cool phone. Nice specs. Finally a Dual-Core LTE phone. One of my friends is switching tomorrow(coincidence, I know), so I will definitely recommend this to him.

    • mp10

      Don’t recommend it until you see it for yourself. The screen display is horrible.

  • Bentley

    I wouldn’t get this phone because of its commercial. The commercial came on the other night and I was just thinking to myself what kind of incredible movie this commercial is for, and then I saw that it was for a phone, and my disappointment at not being able to see this awesome movie was just overwhelming.

  • Alex Nguyen

    Should I stay with T-Mobile, or switch to Verizon? Hear my plea for help on deciding

  • mikeyDroid

    Went to Verizon to check it out and take it home if I liked it and all I have to say is the pentile ruins the phone. I noticed it instantly, a screen door / textured effect and would never own a phone that looked that terrible. Disappointing, really.. but better in the end. Bring on the Prime!

  • Coltsfan74

    Price check on Bionic: Sams Club has it for $275. My local store only got 3 in, so they may be limited supply at some outlets.

  • MP10

    What a waste. All this time people have waited for this phone only to find that the display is about as good of quality as the old StarTac. I can literally see every pixel on the screen!!! Pathetic display.