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Nexus Prime, HTC Vigor, Droid HD arrive in Verizon’s Cellebrite system


Verizon’s most anticipated phones have at last shown up in black and green on Cellebrite.

Unfortunately that doesn’t reveal any specific new information about the devices, other than the fact that they do exist. It does at least put a range on their release date, as typically devices that appear in Cellebrite make their way to stores between a week and a month and a half after they are first seen. That fits nicely with our existing suspicions that the HTC Vigor (Incredible HD) will launch on October 13¬†and our hope that the Nexus Prime could be announced at Samsung’s event on October 11. The Droid HD (RAZR) is likely going to bring up the rear and release sometime in mid-November, just in time for holiday shopping.

The three majors are pulling out all the stops at the end of the year on Verizon. Having never had the opportunity to own a Nexus device, I think that’s where my cash is going. But all three phones have amazing specs and could easily win me over, once I get a chance to play with them. Which one of the Big Red monsters are you leaning toward?

nexus-prime-cellebrite Droid HD on Cellebrite HTC Vigor on Cellebrite

Source: Droid-Life

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  • moe

    Thumbs for staying on top!!

  • ynot74

    This is awesome news! All things being the same, I think I’m leaning more towards the Nexus Prime. However, if they all come out within weeks of each other, I may have to wait to try them all out before my decision is made.

  • ynot74

    By the way, what is a Cellebrite?.

    • masse1369

      A cellbrite is the machine that cell phone stores use to transfer information between phones…

      • Andy_jr

        Cellebrite good times, come on!

        Nexus Prime for me! (Probably not on Verizon, though.)

  • CJ84

    Ive been waiting for the nexus prime since the first rumors about ics came out and the prime. I will finally be able to have the thing ive desired for so long. The phone to beat all phones.

  • Nathan

    I think the only phone we haven’t seen is the nexus prime, and I really want to see it! But in another roughly 2 weeks we can see it hopefully :)

  • SliestDragon

    The Next Nexus is almost here! I’m getting so excited, I can hardly bare it! :D

    • Eric R.

      I have to admit to the same, There is some super energy growing for the Nexus. :)

  • irishrally

    So it will be called the Nexus Prime. 3 is a solid prime number.

    • DroidSamurai

      At first, I thought it was intentional. S looks like a 2, so we got Nexus S. So, I thought 3 must be the first prime number — no, 2 is the 1st prime num,

      • irishrally

        Yep, you’re right, 2 is the first prime number.

        • Simone

          Well, actually 1 is the first prime number, 2 is the second and 3 only the third, but I have to admit that the first “strong” prime number is 3.

          • Charlie Callow

            1 is not classed as a prime number. Prime numbers are ones with two factors, no more and no less. 1 only has 1 factor therefore it is not prime. 2 is the first prime number.

  • Interpol91

    The next Nexus would be my choice. In addition to getting a great phone I would love having the latest version of Android!! No more waiting on others besides Google to push out updates directly.

  • inviolable

    Well I guess that does it. No Prime for me. Hooray..

    • Sean Riley

      Not on Verizon I take it. I wouldn’t write it off yet, I have a hard time believing in a lengthy exclusive on the Nexus.

    • inviolable

      What do I have all the negative points for? You all mad that I’m disappointed? lol What the hell

  • BJ

    From what I’ve seen of the Droid HD/Razr so far, the limited images and data that we have, it may be missing an HDMI-out port for mirroring, which I consider pretty important. Right now I’m leaning towards the Nexus. I love the 1.5Ghz processor, but what really distinguishes it is the ICS that we’ve heard it’ll get, and of course being first in line for updates from Google.

  • AceoStar

    I’m leaning twords the Prime, especially if it comes with a monster screen.

  • Swim

    It really doesn’t mean much of anything. The HTC Merge showed up under Verizon on all of the Best Buy transfer devices(like most before release) and that phone has yet to see a release on Verizon.

    • Sean Riley

      The HTC Merge was an aberration. There’s a reason why people were so baffled by what went on with it.

      Obviously there are no absolutes, but with the vast majority of devices hitting Cellebrite indicates that it is within weeks of launching.

  • Slith


  • DroidSamurai

    I hope the Droid HD has a higher resolution display than the leaked info suggested, because it will be embarrassed to have “HD” in its name when its display is only qHD, while some of its Android cousins spot a true 720p display.

  • SoCoolCurt

    getting pretty excited here, especially with the Nexus Prime expected to be announced 2 days before the Vigor release. i was hoping it would go down like that so i could decide if i could wait until the Prime releases (want official specs cause i’m not sure if i want a 4.65 in screen). if it’s in a few weeks, i may be able to hold off and try them both. but if they say mid to late November or something, i think i’ll go with the Vigor. i’ve been back to my Touch Pro 2 since i broke my Galaxy S, so as you can imagine, i’m chomping at the bit for one of these devices ASAP. it’s really all a matter or how long i can stand using my shitty TP2 while i wait.

  • NeoJesus

    Don’t get the HTC, they use a borked BlueZ Bluetooth 3.0 stack that is not backwards compatible with Bluetooth 2.xx cars.

    • Nate B.

      So are you saying that only reason is to not get it? Yea, I’m sure the only reason we should get phones is because it has backwards compatibility with Bluetooth smh.

      • Chris

        Bluetooth compatibility is not the only reason to buy, no, but it’s certainly a reason not to buy. Why on earth would I want to buy something that was incompatible with my car? Especially when there are plenty of just-as-good-if-not-better options coming along which _don’t_ have a major problem like this.

        Disclaimer: I don’t even know if the OP is right or not. If so, though, it’s a major negative.


    please let it be on tmobile, please

  • ETFloving-cash-strapped-android-panhandler


  • Nate B.

    I wouldn’t call it obsolete. These all will still have dual cores am I right? Just a higher Res. Latest version of Android. Maybe.a few other physical or media features. But obsolete and outdated is overly used. Once Samsung does their new Unpacked for next year revealing the SGS III you’ll say these are.

    Anyways, I’m curious of to know will IC support quad core? Because I’m sure next year we will see them. Or will we have to wait for the next installment of the 4th nexus to support that?

  • pitacrisps

    My OG Droid took a dump three days ago, I was trying to hold out for the Nexus or HD/RAZR. I ended up getting the Bionic. I love it, but I really wanted one of the other two. I was hoping they would launch during my 14 day return period, but it looks like I’m going to JUST miss it. Ugh :(

  • triangle

    Want my first nexus. Hope it has media hub on it.

  • SherlockHomeboy

    Hopefully Google has whipped up a device that can be activated on every carrier without requiring different devices so we can have true freedom from the wireless companies (or as free as we’re gonna get anyway…)

  • keridel

    i may have to wait a few weeks over in the uk for the prime. it will come out exclusive to vodafone (although the nexus s didnt)

    but we may get it a few weeks after you guys.

  • John Borren

    This phone will smash Apple. Its sad Jobs has gone but times will move on, the Iphone 4s is a massive let down. I was shocked, seriously shocked and disturbed that a company with the power of Apple could produce such junk. They will slip and lose some market share, Nokia is dead, dead, dead.