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Official: Samsung Galaxy Note unveiled with 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display, S Pen stylus


Samsung has done it again. They’ve unveiled a new Android powered superphone that has the potential to change the future landscape of mobile phones. Most thought Samsung had outdone themselves earlier this year when they announced the Samsung Galaxy S II, but the new Samsung Galaxy Note pushed the boundaries even further. The new flagship phone from Samsung features a 5.3-inch 1280 x 800 Super AMOLED display, a 1.4 GHz Exynos processor, 8 and 2 megapixel rear and front facing cameras, support for HSPA+ and LTE networks and 2500 mAh battery while only measuring 9.65mm in thickness.

Like most other recent Android phones from Samsung, the Galaxy Note runs Android 2.3. But some come with a modified version of TouchWiz called S Pen, which is optimized for use with the included stylus. Samsung has gone all out by including a suite of apps designed specifically to work with the stylus. S Memo allows users to take notes and record audio at the same time, while S Planner is a hybrid calendar and to-do list with some advanced functionality. Just like HTC did with HTC Scribe, Samsung plans to release the S Pen SDK so that other app developers can create applications of their own that take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Note’s stylus.

samsung_galaxy_note galaxy-note451 galaxy-note453 galaxy-noteback

Samsung has no details on when the Samsung Galaxy Note will hit the market or which European and US carriers plan on carrying it. We can’t imagine that this phone will be cheap, so we suggest you start saving your money and selling all those extra gadgets you have lying around the house.

We know most of you are still drooling over Samsung’s unveiling of the US Galaxy S II family a few days ago, but how many of you would be willing to hold off a few more months if your carrier announced they plan to carry the Samsung Galaxy Note and its 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD display by the holidays?

Show Press Release
Samsung writes the next chapter of the mobile industry with the Samsung GALAXY Note

GALAXY Note combines the market’s largest HD Super AMOLED display, supreme portability and advanced S Pen interface, creating a new type of smartphone

BERLIN, Germany – September 1, 2011 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced today the launch of the GALAXY Note.

The GALAXY Note is a new category of product, developed through Samsung’s deep consumer understanding and insight. It combines core on-the-go benefits of various mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability, to create a whole new user experience.

The GALAXY Note has a 5.3″ display which is the largest screen size with smartphone portability. It features the world’s first and the largest 5.3″ HD Super AMOLED display, an expansive high-resolution screen that provides an immersive viewing experience. Taking full advantage of the large display, users will be able to do more tasks to create and consume more, with minimum scrolling and screen transitions, while on the go. An advanced pen-input technology, called the S Pen, is combined with the GALAXY Note’s full touch screen to introduce a new type of user-experience. Through this, consumers are able to freely capture and create ideas while on the go.

“The GALAXY Note is a device borne of our insight and innovation. We examined the fundamental elements of mobile culture, entertainment and communication in order to bring together the best experiences in a single, elegant device,” said JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business. “The huge, 5.3″ HD Super AMOLED screen is the largest, highest quality display available in any phone; the touch screen and S Pen combine to produce a uniquely accurate level of control and finesse, along with rich expressions across the GALAXY Note experience, enabling the introduction of new smartphone experiences.”

“The artistic freedom of a paper notebook is coupled with the benefits of Samsung’s smartphone technology and services, allowing users to create, edit and share with more style than ever before,” Shin added.

State-of-the-art Display

The GALAXY Note features Samsung’s own 5.3″ HD Super AMOLED display providing vivid clarity that is superior to conventional HD displays. This ensures the best viewing experience for video, photo, document and web on the go with deep blacks and bright colors. The superior screen also offers a 180 degree viewing angle, allowing contents to be shared comfortably.

At 5.3″ the best-in-class display is the largest ever included in a primary mobile device; measuring just 9.65mm thick, the GALAXY Note fits comfortably in a pocket to offer true portability.

Full Screen Utilization

The high resolution display ensures that PowerPoint presentations, web-pages, news apps and e-books can be viewed comfortably with minimal scrolling or zooming. Minimizing the need to switch between applications, the GALAXY Note’s HD super AMOLED screen is large enough to allow meaningful split-screen operation in the most frequently used native apps.

Samsung has also included S Planner, a smart professional planning tool that makes full use of the device’s large screen. The management planner integrates the phone’s To-Do list and schedule; control and navigation is intuitive, helping users to comprehensively organize their lives.

Free Capture & Creation

The GALAXY Note’s advanced pen input functionality is combined with the full touch screen to create a new input experience. The incorporated digital S Pen can be used for accurate sketching and artwork, and instantly capturing ideas freely before they float away.
The GALAXY Note features S Memo, a multimedia application designed to record all forms of user-created content. Pictures, voice recordings, typed text, handwritten notes or drawings can all be captured via a single application and converted to a ‘memo’, to be edited, annotated and shared as desired.

A one-step screen-capture function also allows users to instantly capture any screen; captured images can also be freely and accurately annotated using the S Pen before being filed or shared.

The S Pen functionality has been deeply integrated into the GALAXY Note’s native applications to provide a richer interactive experience. Users will benefit from increased accuracy and control when editing or personalizing captured videos or photographs; and users will be able to draw and send handwritten images and notes via text message, email, and Samsung’s ChatON communication service.

Broadening the opportunity to create new user experiences, Samsung plans to release the S Pen SDK allowing app developers to create fundamentally new applications and services incorporating the pen functionality.

Superior Usability, Powerful Performance

The 1.4GHz dual-core processor ensures the device is incredibly fast and a smooth user interface ensures seamless usability. Lightning fast network speeds are enabled through the HSPA+ and LTE-enabled device’s super-fast connection, ensuring a quick and seamless browsing experience. This means that users can stream videos in real-time or engage with their friends through online gaming platforms.

Samsung is enhancing enterprise capabilities of the GALAXY Note through its partnership with Juniper Networks. Juniper’s Junos Pulse SSL VPN provides secure remote access to corporate network resources. The SSL VPN enables large enterprise and service providers to meet high-volume secure access and authorization requirements, protecting corporate data with centralizes control and supporting employees’ personal device efficiently.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Wasim

    I think this phone was made for Shaq

    • BiGMERF

      I couldnt help but laugh.. LMAO

      • wes

        get a life

    • RockinEvo

      Lol lol lol

    • janna

      I’m a female and have the samsung galaxy sII and love the size of it, but I’m constantly dropping it on my face when I’m laying in bed playing with it. With that said I think the Note would be a bit large for me, but I would probably get it and sell my asus e pad.


    OMG, you know what? I am mildly interested.. while my first reaction is damm tht is to big The “Electronics geek” in me says “OOOOO AAAAAHHHH” . Is that single core 1.4 in it? Or a dual core..if it is single then that a FAIL !

    • iHateiPhone

      Exynos is dual core

      • BiGMERF

        OOO,ok I did not see that :) i guess i read right over it

        • Jonathan Rung

          I don’t think that the article explicitly mentioned the number of cores, but Exynos only comes in a dual-core configuration.

          Speaking of which, I’m actually a little concerned about the chipset… I think they just over-clocked the same SoC that’s on the Galaxy S II, like Samsung with the Intrinsity SoC that began life on the Galaxy S @ 1GHz but was later found on new phones running it at 1.2 (and I think 1.4). Even at the higher clock speed and 5.3″ display (pentile? but oh well, at that resolution I don’t care), battery life should be fine with a 2500 mAh battery.

          But is Exynos enough? I can hear people groaning already; “Exynos hasn’t even made it to American shores yet,” “GSII is amazing in benchmarks,” “Now you need quad-core?” etc.

          But two things: 1. the GSII’s screen is 480×800; 1280×800 is a WHOLE different story. Look at Tegra 2 on smartphones with 480×800 or 540×960 displays, and you’ll see it runs briskly. Now take a look at all the Tegra 2 honeycomb tablets with 1280×800 displays, and it’s a whole different story. Reviews almost always complain about lag plaguing the homescreen, and I whole heartedly agree.

          2. I expect Exynos will outperform Tegra 2, just as it did on phones, and especially at higher clock speeds (1.4). But this phone is only just now being advertised, so it’s safe to say it’s still at LEAST a couple months away from release, and probably much longer. This new Galaxy super-phone will NOT be challenging the likes of Tegra 2; it will be directly facing off with Tegra 3, OMAP 4460 and/or the OMAP 5 series, and the new “S4″ snapdragons (“krait?”). That is not a fight Exynos can win.

          Nevertheless, this just may be my next phone sometime in mid 2012… I’m 6’6″ and have enormous hands (get your mind out of the gutter!), so even the 4.3″ phones feel cramped to me, and I LOVE samsung’s thin designs and super AMOLED screen tech. I’m sure the chipset will perform just fine, but I love bleeding edge hardware, so it’ll be slightly disappointing signing up for two years with this guy when considerably better chipsets are available.

  • Marcus

    This is a REALLY big phone. And there has to be hardware buttons because its running 2.3 … I like the idea of the S pen though. Really cool. This phone isn’t for me. Haha

    • Futureboy

      I agree, the S Pen is a great option. However I would love to see screen capture/annotation option baked into more devices than tablets or giant phones. Though the pen makes it convenient, I don’t see why this couldn’t be done using touch instead of a pen on devices of all sizes.

      • Jay

        Futureboy, this is the phone I have been looking for. Take a time and try to write any notes on iPad with any available stylus. It’s a real pain since it doesn’t come with built-in pressure sensitive digitizer. Touch sensor resolutions in normal smartphones and tablets are very low and it’s almost impossible to write any small letters.

  • Kev

    5.3 in?? How does that fit into any normal pocket? And here I was thinking 4.3 was pushing the boundry…..

  • Interpol91

    Love this phone! I said I was waiting for the Nexus but if this comes to the US soon I may just get it. It just depends on how the whole Nexus thing turns out. Good thing I have a big head to go with such a big phone just so it won’t look weird. haha

  • triangle

    I really like this. It’s like a bigger GSII with an HD screen and stylus imput. Still pocketable, though not if you wear skinny jeans.

  • drone3

    Does this resolution 1280 x 800 make it sharper then the SGS2? and Is it pentile matrix?
    Still waiting for high quality , HD resolution android screen.

    • Nick Gray

      Samsung Galaxy Note – 5.3-inch 1280 x 800
      Display size: 4.49″ × 2.81″ (11.42cm × 7.13cm) = 284.8 PPI, 0.0892mm dot pitch, 81111 PPI²

      Samsung Galaxy S II – 4.27-inch 800×480
      Display size: 3.66″ × 2.2″ (9.3cm × 5.58cm) = 218.49 PPI, 0.1163mm dot pitch, 47738 PPI²

      The Galaxy Note’s 5.3-inch display features just as many pixels at the 10.2 Galaxy Tab. Talk about cramming in the pixels.

      • drone3

        wow, that’s pretty neat, it seems like the best screen they’ve made yet.

      • Raptor

        Galaxy Tab uses RGB matrix. This one is pentile if you are right about Super Amoled not Super Amoled+ in this 5.3″ phone.
        That means for R & B subpixels we will get only a half or 640×400 resolutions. That gives for these two colors only 142 DPI. Blue in low resolution is not that visible but low resolution red trashes the screen and the whole deal.

        • Bruce

          In the video, it says “Super HD Amoled”, with HD in bold italics. They really emphasize the HD (see the video at 0:12 to 0:22). I think this is probably different from plain old “Super Amoled”. In fact, it might be a new standard, even superior to “Super Amoled +”. With a pixel resolution nearing 300 dpi, this phone could be a great ebook reader, apart from everything else.

      • raptor

        They are freaking charlatans by foolishing naive consumers with fake super-specs. But it’s the same amount of subpixels like in qHD screen

  • Jud

    love it…i’m all about the screen size. wish it was Super AMOLED + though! If it comes to the US in the near future I may consider it.

  • Nate B.

    I think people need to look past the big phone assumption. It can be used as a phone but clearly it has tablet like functionality. This is targeted for business, media, on the go, boss type people. Could be used in meetings or to set you weddings etc. & whoever would own it I’m sure they would also have a more common sized phone as their personal phone. I highly doubt this would be the average consumers device for a fault phone.

    In my opinion this is awesome. I hope Samsung brings some of those features to the Nexus 3. That would be so sweet. On a smaller screen though. & how instantaneous that stylus is. No lag. Its like writing with a pen. Idc what anyone says but Sammy is the most innovative thing Android can offer. I personally think Google should stick with them for the Nexus line forever. So much power in sexy ass designs & thin. The only thing they can really use is pure android but that’s why they’re making the Nexus 3.

    Htc is cool but lost my interest after the Evo. Nothing REALLY new. But still cool. Hard body designs but to similar & wasn’t that your last phone. More polish with each Sense update but what benefit is that with functionality? Sammy brings new features with beneficial functionality. & their TouchWiz 4 ain’t bad at all. The email client looks so tablet like. Sammy is clearly running things. Giving you variety in every category & not a bunch of pointless devices (Moto). They hype the Bionic like we don’t know its Verizon’s version of the Atrix/Photon. If your pushing out a device to several carriers it should hit them all in the same month if not the same day.

    • AceoStar

      2nd upvote

    • keridel

      i agre with almost everything you said.

      this is clearly aimed at the pda users in corporate with a bluetooth in the ear and for retrofitting to a superstore’s warehouse staff.

      but it does look sexy as hell.

      as to samsung and innovation i agree they do that but the design is just not what i want. a phone that big and that thin will die a horrible death at my sausaged sized fingers. i like the desire/desire hd/sensations of the world. metal construction with sweeping curves. not plastic boxes that hold their screens.

      still might get it though…. it’s all big and… well… BIG!

    • iamXiV92a

      Funny Dell had a 5″ device and it was definitely botched, but still a good device. It is a large device, but I’m game for it!

      I really think there is a niche market here with the Phoneblet devices. Let’s keep them coming!

    • Tangent

      Beyond a certain size though you’re going to start being uncomfortable – not to mention looking stupid – holding a device up to your head to make a call with it. Just like before smart phones it was getting ridiculous how small phones were getting (see Zoolander for an example of that trend being mocked) it’s now swinging too far the other way IMO.

      An example of a device being too big/weird to hold to your head to make calls with was that gaming phone from a few years ago, the NGage. Not only was it big, but you held it edge-on. It’s sales were awful and the typical review was something like “great device, but you look stupid talking into it”. I suspect getting into the 5″ range will run into the same problem…

      • Get Over Yourself

        Hey Tangent,

        Maybe you should stop caring so much about what other people think of you and get a life.. Your wasting a lot of energy in being careful not to look “stupid”. If I choose to talk on a big phone and someone thinks “that looks retarded.” I don’t give a sh*t. I’m not concerned with the opinion of others. I’m concerned with my own life experience and how I can improve that.

        • liveyolife

          you told him, thats exactly what i think.. people should stop carin of what the hell people think of them and act like humans. no to put you on spot tangent. And im gettin this new device for sure its gonna kill.

      • Anon

        I like your style.

  • N00b

    NOT buying …way to big screen

  • heeros

    I’m drooling over the screen size vs. resolution. That pixel density is just awesome.

    This device really blurs the line between cell and tablet. I just wish they’d say how much ram it has

    • gkang

      its 1GB ram

  • martin

    i think my mobile/portable/phone like device needs to be able to be used one handed. i dont see how i could use this one handed. i’d bet i’m going to have trouble using the nexus prime. i dont have small hands, but when i reach for a far corner with my thumb, the lower part of my palm creates a second touch in the nearest corner. at that point i have to stop and double hand it.

    oh and something else im surprised i never caught on to

    iphone 3g->iphone 3gs -> iphone 4
    nexus one -> nexus s -> (nexus 2)?

    just like apple google came out with an “s” revision one year after, i think they will call it nexus 2 instead of nexus 3.

    • keridel

      i think they passed over the 2 in favour of the S uper feel. and that the s looked like a 2. i think thats why this will be the prime. it will be the nexus 3 but they just wont call it that..

      oh and i upvoted you back to 0 cause your comment was a fair one.

    • Nick Gray

      Doubtful. The S in the Nexus S name was because it was a Galaxy S.

      • keridel

        i think you mean it was like the the galaxy s but ok.

        what would you say the next nexus will be then?

        • Dragonithe

          The real reason that Google didn’t do a nexus 2, is because they said there would NEVER be a nexus 2.
          At that time it looked like there would only exists 1 nexus, and no follow ups.

          But Google had to keep their statement that they won’t do a nexus 2, so they called it the nexus s, in line whit the galaxy s it was based of.

    • M0nk

      Nexus S was for “Second” because Samsung do not want to be related as second to anything and because Google said that they will not release a Nexus 2 just a month before launch.

      For the next Nexus version rumors were Nexus T (for Third), but I think they will keep the name for the Nexus Tablet. The other rumor es Nexus Prime, because 3 is a prime number (nerd stuff)

  • Dee

    i think its really funny how all these pen based mini tablets are coming out. microsoft had a good one that folded and was like a notebook, cant remember the name, but they scrapped it because no one was interested, or so they thought.
    i like this. being a man of fashion i can draw, clip, color, and stay mobile all day (2500 battery!?).
    but it prolly wont come to the US so oh well.

    • Virtue

      Fyi, Microsoft’s project was the Courier concept and I thought it was odd that they scrapped that too. I would’ve loved to have seen something like that.

      • TexasToasted

        Watching the Samsung demo video, where the user is tossing things around the screen with the pen, reminded me of the Courier. I also think Microsoft passed up a great idea.

  • RX-78-7

    Could this be the display the nexus prime uses(super amoled HD) with a smaller size 4.6″

    • Nick Gray

      It would be very hard to cram that many pixels into a display that’s smaller than 5 inches. Just remember, higher resolution displays are more taxing on the processor and consume a lot more batter.

      • RX-78-7

        I’m just going off the rumor that the nexus prime will be sporting a 4.62 samoled HD at 1280×720 resolution. Hope it holds up to be true.

  • wwJOSHdo

    I think I am in heaven… This will surely be my evo 3d replacement! I RARELY make calls… So I could give a damn about it looking weird. As long as it can make one every and now and then… this is my future phone if it comes to Sprint! Besides, I bought Groove IP and use that ALL THE TIME since I get NO SIGNAL at all where I live.

  • irishrally

    This thing needs a kick stand. I am not opposed to a phone with a screen this large and think it would actually be pretty cool.

    • zenitsu

      You’re right…. they better have them in mind for the cases -_-

  • bboti86

    Galaxy Note – no NFC
    Galaxy S II – NFC version might come later = no NFC

    why Samsung, why…… :’(

    • irishrally

      It was announced that the AT&T and Tmobile GS2 will have NFC, not in the Sprint version though.

      • bboti86

        any news about the one that comes to Europe??

        • Nick Gray

          The EU version does not feature NFC

  • Dirge

    LTE capable?! Verizon! :D

    • TexasToasted

      I’m hoping :)

  • R.S

    “The incorporated digital pen…”

    I truly hope that means it comes with the phone and not sold seperately like with the Flyer.

    If an actual release date was announce some time in the (very) near future and the phone was going to be released on T-Mobile, I would hold off on buying other phones. However, since I’m in dire need of a new phone, I’m not going to be willing to wait for long. Especially with the release of the Galaxy S II and eventually the next Nexus.

    As for whether this phone would fit comfortably in a jeans pocket, I don’t see why it wouldn’t. That is of course unless you are a female (their pockets are tiny!) or you wear painted on jeans.

    • Nick Gray

      From what I understand, the S Pen comes with the phone and is stores within the body just like PDA’s from the past.

  • Raptor

    If not Samo+ then it’s an epic fail.
    Stop producing pentile shit

    • Dirge

      Where is it said it’s pentile matrix?

      • TexasToasted

        Samsung’s press release states that it is Super AMOLED. If it is not Super AMOLED Plus, then it is pentile.

  • Nathan

    I would get it if it came on my carrier :) I wouldn’t mind.

  • kazahani

    Someone call the undertaker, I think they just killed iphone 5.

    • Nick Gray

      We’ll have to wait a bit more to call that one. This is an amazing phone, but I’m sure Apple will have something equally as impressive. I know we like to trash talk all the time, but having a competitive iPhone 5 will only translate into better Android phones for us. If Apple becomes irrelevant then the pace of innovation on the Android front will slow down significantly.

      • ihatefanboys

        the iphone5 has so much stolen from android, its not competitive, it might as well just be a clone. so there goes your theory…what exactly was the last innovative thing apple did ? make the ipod smaller ? the first iphone was an innovation based on everything palm did before it, but not original. the iphone 2, 3, and 4 barely changed the hardware or the software of the phone, and the iphone 5 wont help apples innovation, they might as well advertise the phone as “iphone5:android edition”

        p.s. apple is irrelevant already.

        • nkemp15

          I completely agree with you. Apple just reinvents the wheel and markets it better than other companies could.

          R.I.P. palm, you will be missed :-(

  • http://google John

    I m alway looking for the biggest screen size on smartphone now it coming out soon my wish come through finally thank samsung for the best look and big screen best in both world.I now can be happy the samsung has knew what people want.

  • Jon Hallstein

    I just don’t understand the people who think this is “too” big. This isn’t “big enough” for a “US-phone-enabled” option, but it’s getting much closer. I don’t understand anyone who wouldn’t want a completely integrated device that does everything. That’s fine, you can keep on carrying your giant-ass iPads and almost-big-enough-to-be-really-useful smart phones (which the carriers want you to do). I’ll be first in line when they negotiate with a US carrier. I’m sure Europe will carry it right away (they have a much smaller tolerance for consumer abuse); it will probably be a power struggle in the US market-too much money to be lost in separate devices.

    • nkemp15

      I think your comment is funny and true. People complain about this being too big, but yet they praise Apple’s iPad. Mine rarely leaves it’s charging dock unless my nieces and nephews want to play a game.

      I just want ONE device. If I could sync my zunepass to android, this would be my one device.

  • Ichigo

    Samsung is a real threat to apple as far as mobile go. I love it!

  • Jagox5

    Wow I like it….. yes.. i like it..allot actually. damn I think its a great idea. nice work Samsung.

  • grimduk

    now it would be completely awesome if it would wait and put ics on there instead of gingerbread then it would be the baddest phone/tablet thing out there but if it actually gets the update im totally down for it

  • jonas park

    this is the phone/tablet combo i have been waiting for. I will be the first in line to buy this.

  • GiqueGEAR_Todd

    Darn ! I hate it when I fall in love with yet another device ! Good job, Samsung !

  • young3g

    OMG 5.3″ WXGA 1280X800 HD super amoled, 1.4 ghz dual core , 2500 mAH battery WINNING

  • young3g


  • kye

    This device has twisted my head up. Im like, hang on they cant do that… That surely wont work… surely too big…. too small… what the… wtf…

    Then I started thinking, actually that would be amazing!! FUCK… I actually could get one of these, I thought I would never go above 4.5 inch but actually there is merit in what they are doing here. Samsung are just redifining my vision of what a phone/tablet could should be.

    And yes, I know the streak was there before… but that was shit, and doesnt count.

  • DaveO

    Yes, there are several questions about screen res., performance…….

    But as soon as it releases in the UK, I’ll be first in line. For those of us who love the portability of a ‘regular smartphone’ but are just sick to death of continuously swapping devices to avoid eye strain / ‘finger frustration’ and don’t want to to invest in yet another device (a tablet), this looks perfect, and just what I was waiting for.

    Accommodating the ‘doodle factor’ is also smart. When really on the move, this is the one thing that smartphones definitely don’t do as well as pen and paper. Why carry a notebook or have to take photos of your quickly scrawled shopping list / diagram / artwork when you can simply enter and keep for posterity there and then?

    Quite a brave move on Samsung’s part, telling us we need less devices, not more. But I agree. Big it up!

  • Sam G

    Samsung need to be careful. That looks more like an iPhone than the Galaxy S II does and they’re being sued over that.

    • ihatefanboys

      people like you need to get smacked with chairs. unless someone comes out with phones shaped like triangles and circles and hexagons, every single phone will be rectangle with buttons, its not a copy of the precious iphone, its a phone, god forbid a phone is rectangular and shiny, otherwise it looks like an iphone. besides, it looks nothing like an iphone. iphones are bland and boring, i like the form, even tho i hate samsung, i like the concept, just not the stupid stylus.

    • Nick Gray

      I don’t think that anyone is going to confuse the Samsung Galaxy Note with an iPhone. The screen is nearly two inches bigger.

  • ihatefanboys

    i would never buy a phone from samsuck. that being the case, lets add to the list of things available for a smartphone that are a complete waste, a stylus. its a close second to the fad of front facing cameras, both of which i hope go away in a couple of years. bad enuf there are people in this world that need to video chat while theyre on the bus or walking in front of my car, but now these super elite morons amongst us will now be taking notes while theyre talking mindlessly about jersey shore. this is my proof theres no god, if there was, with this many morons walking the earth contributing nothing, im sure there would have been another flood…and i hope the idiots cant swim.

    • Nick Gray

      what’s with all the hate? I’m not a big fan of video chat, but I use it quite often with my parents so that then can see their granddaughter. My little girl loves carrying our tablet around the house and showing her grand parents her room and her toys.

      The stylus may seen a bit antiquated, but people still want it. I’m in meeting app day long with people using their iPads. Their go-to accessory? A fancy pen that doubles as a capacitive stylus. Just because you don’t have a use case for certain features doesn’t mean there isn’t demand.

      • ihatefanboys

        if theres a use for video chat, im all for it, i just dont like the neccessity of it being included on a phone. it seems if its not the crybabies cry its not “modern”….. again if someone has a need for a stylus then great, but im afraid that now , any phone that comes out without a stylus will somehow be deemed “lame”

  • Nick Gray

    get your mind out of the gutter.

  • bunta

    This phone is AWESOME. Seriously though, it’s top of list upon my upgrade (which is a year away) As a Dell Streak owner, I’m was disappointed a lot by the phone and the service from Dell & AT&T. Although I loved the size since i use it more for browsing/apps/movies etc than making calls. And it’s my understanding that it’s the same size as the streak, but with a slightly bigger screen (even better).

  • SliestDragon

    The screen resolution is mouth watering, but I would never own phone as my main device. Maybe a cool mini tablet toy, but not a phone…

  • jaimaa

    Galaxy Note pricing announced –

  • Cradonale

    Phone = Small TAblet…

  • الجوف

    اشتريتسامسونج جالكسي اس 2 samsung galaxy s2 ولاحضت مامعه قلم؟؟

  • inerdtia

    Oh, right, it’s the Galaxy NOT

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