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Patent wars: T-Mobile backs Verizon and Samsung in the fight against Apple


It wasn’t even a week ago that US carrier Verizon filed court papers to block Apple’s request to ban certain Samsung devices from the market. In the filing, Verizon has said that banning devices like the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Droid Charge, Infuse and Galaxy S 4G would not only hurt the company, but hurt consumer choice and the economy, as well. Today, T-Mobile has stepped up to voice their opinion on the situation.

According to a court filing T-Mobile made today, Magenta thinks a decision in Apple’s favor would “unnecessarily harm” the carrier and its users. T-Mobile has been very clear that the holiday season depends on Samsung devices. They’ve already ordered enough to get them through Q4 2011; an investment that “cannot be recouped easily.” They continue on to say, “at this late date, T-Mobile could not find comparable replacement products for the 2011 holiday season.”

It’s clear that T-Mobile is worried about losing revenue above all else, but consumers would largely benefit should Apple’s injunction be rejected. The hearing on the injunction is only two weeks away, so don’t be surprised if we see some other big names come up to support either side. Last time we brought up third-party voices in Samsung and Apple’s legal battles, the general opinion seemed to be that they were a good thing. Still feel that way?

Source: Reuters

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  • heeros

    I feel that the companies supporting Samsung are slightly biased (understatement), and that it would go a long way to have a not quite as affected third party speak up in support.

    But then, having the ones most affected by this share their numbers and estimations on losses, monetary or regarding consumer choice, might be considered more pressing.

    • Dustin Earley

      Who’d be unbiased at this point?

  • Gabe

    Fuck Off Apple!!! No one likes a sore loser

  • Raptor

    I have nothing against anyone in Asia, but will have to express my concerns that every time you buy their product you support the employment for someone there AT THE EXPENSE OF EMPLOYING SOMEONE IN AMERICA.. Korea has 3.3% unemployment, the Cupertino, California 20%. Remember, 80% of money Apple earns selling their expensive gear abroad go back to America. These 80% spent in US, employing a lot of people here.

    I buy Samsung stuff and like it, but that is OK till the GDP of Asia GDP was negligible compared to US or Europe. But in 2015 PPP GDP of China will be the same as US or Europe. Do the math what will happen if they will continue lead us in GDP growth by 7% per year for the next 25 years. Just the China alone will blow us away by factor of 4 in 25 years and i am not counting others including India. So young generation will definitely get much brutal economic problems in next quarter of century, specifically in hi tech, guaranteed. Think twice hating Apple, things in the world changing dramatically, we lose more and more, and soon it might be too late to fix anything.

    • Jorge787

      Where the [email protected]#% do you think they make and the assembly lines are for Apple products? Flint, MI?

      • Raptor

        I wrote above, just reread and before I responded on that million times. No problem, will do that personally to anyone out of our 300 million populace who were fooled by the propaganda.:

        It does not matter where it is assembled and what amount of parts are inside as soon as MOST of money they earn go back to US.

        Where you think assembles their PCs Dell, HP or Cisco and what percentage of Bill of Materials is inside foreign made?

        • t-rex

          You have a lot of learning to do in trade theory. The one thing that is most agreed upon of economists of every type (we’re talking about 90+% agreement here based on several surveys) is that free trade is a good thing overall, there may be losers but overall everyone is a winner. Yes, there may be less jobs in CA, but consumers get better and cheaper products, resources in the US can be properly allocated to things asia can’t do, and we avoid a horrible a trade war insured and exports dropped. Basically there’s not really a large-scale story you can weave in which ‘Buy USA’ makes sense.

          As for your us-v.s-them mentality: you need to reference your macro 101 class again. Few economists really care about what is known as ‘relative’ growth, but rather they care about ‘absolute’ growth. Greg Mankiw has a great chapter on it. Would we really want a world where the US has half the projected growth in 2040 as long as China is trailing? This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. China will overtake us in nominal GDP soon enough, it is inevitable– per capita GDP, maybe never, but they are bigger, have more human capital and can steer their country in a direction full-steam-ahead because they lack the political gridlock that can cripple a polarized democratic republic such as ours. And employing someone ‘at the expense of someone in america’ basically matters so very little in this grand scheme that it basically doesn’t even need mentioning.

          Just go read Mankiw’s book, you’ll learn a lot more.

  • snowbdr89

    The best way these carriers can make a stand against crapple can be the following, dear crapple if you move along with you’re pathetic lawsuit we will no longer carry you’re sh*ty products even tho android owns you’re ass anyway!!!


    Samsung is gathering there army as the opposition gathers theres…. world war is eminent at this point.. lol

  • Jay

    Apple can go to hell and can take samsuck with it. Android will survive with in this industry . There its still plenty of good quality cell phone manufacturer around the world.