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Patent wars: Verizon jumps into the fray, siding with Samsung against Apple


Over the weekend, the ongoing patent war between Samsung and Apple took an interesting turn. No new devices have been banned, but a rather unlikely third-party has made their opinion on the situation known. The unlikely third-party is Verizon, and it looks like the carrier may become the voice of reason.

Verizon has filed the necessary paperwork to the United States District Court for the Northern District of California to ask for the denial of Apple’s injunction against US Samsung devices. Essentially, Apple wants to put a stop to the Infuse 4G, Galaxy S 4G, Droid Charge and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Verizon says no.

Of course Verizon has good reason to do this for their own revenue alone (especially with the holiday season right around the corner), but they were very clear to mention the effect an injunction would have on consumers as well. Not only would early adopters and consumers seeking expanded network solutions see a negative impact, but so would the job market. Without the devices to support Verizon’s 4G network, the economy surrounding the network would take a turn for the worse.

Before now, third-party members somehow linked to the patent wars have kept to themselves. Verizon not only speaking out on the negative impact of banning phones and tablets, but actually filing paperwork to stop it, may be the beginning of a new trend. It will be interesting to see how other manufacturers and carriers will play a role in the lawsuits already taking place. Do you agree with Verizon, that the banning of smartphones from any manufacturer will do more harm than good, or do you think carriers should stay out of it?

Source: FOSS Patents

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  • Glock

    Everyone should get involved and show apple you can’t bully people with the most broad and non specific patent portfolio ever imagined. Its like apple owns a patent for any inorganic device in a geometrical shape. Precidents need to be set to protect the future of the industry.

    • kazahani

      This comes after there were rumors that they would write to President Obama and ask him to put an end to this silliness with banning products. If someone is truly ripping off your product, then we have laws and a court system to deal with that, and you are entitled to compensation. Asking a judge to stop the sale of a product because you think it looks like yours is just absurd.

  • Zer0-9

    Apple is abusing a system that was designed to protect inventors from large corporations. Apple isn’t being hurt by these devices, and anyone that wants to claim the Droid Charge could even slightly be mistaken for an iPhone is just plain crazy. Verizon is clearly doing the right thing here in encouraging competition and innovation.

    • LEKO

      Patents trolls!

      It’s bad to see those company fight against each other on patents that are “ridiculous”:

      Swiping a finger left/right to get from one picture to another in a gallery is patented… Humm… Gestures can be patented!?!?!? Will we stop moving someday because someone will patent the “walking gesture”!?!?!?!

      Nearly everything already exists, it’s the way all these innovations are bound together that makes a success or a failure. Instead of spending huge amount of money into those lawsuits, but this money in your labs and push everything forward!

  • S

    Even if u hate apple products (like me) and never have one (like me) or plan to buy in future (like me) you must support decency in competition and cheer Apple with its fight against the world copycatery.

    Do not be cheap, people. Apple is the last American producer of some noticeable sh!t even though it’s the best for the iDiots. But after it die – and it will – we will be all asian. Nothing personal, just Americans will be drinking chip wine under the bridges with no hi-tech job anywhere in US

    In addition, with its 1.6 fertility rate the white population disappears from the earth with the speed 2-3 times per century (US), in 100 years there will be only 90M mostly elderly whites in US left. But that’s another story

    • Greg

      What the f*ck are you even trying to say?

      • Jes

        I think he already found the chip wine.

        • josegb2011

          hes calling Asians smarter than Americans..witch is sadly true..

    • R.S


      The article is talking about how Apple’s assinine injuctions are not only bad for consumers, but for carriers as well. Save your nonsense for the next klan meeting.

    • mc062

      What you just typed could only make sense to a squirrel.

    • AME

      I +1′ed this for the lol-factor. This is completely retarded.

    • pitacrisps

      I understand what you’re trying to say, but this in no way allows Apple to file petty lawsuits.
      Save your soap box for another forum. It still doesn’t make me want to have more kids.

    • John K


    • ben dover

      Apple may be based in the USA but all of their products are already made overseas. You’re point is invalid…

    • E1

      Hey moron the asains gave us sum of the best tec ever what dose it matter who makes what as long as its that dam good thank you asains for the playstation HTC Samsung ect….

  • AnonymousUser

    Well, guess Verizon just more or less told Apple they probably weren’t going to be able to renew their contract to carry the iPhone/iPad when the current contract expires.

    B/c Apple hates competition, and Verizon just chose Android’s side over Apple’s.
    Good job Verizon! Way to stand up to the bullying Apple Empire!

    • 666

      Verizon is not fighting the good fight. Apple makes a very user experience focused product, that means no control given to Verizon. They don’t like that. They want a big fat Verizon logo on the front of the phone and a way to shoe horn in a bunch of crapware apps that earn them a buck. Killing off one of the highest selling Android brands on Verizon would effectively kill a source of branding, control and revenue they get by abusing Android.

      They’re ALL in it for the money. Never forget that.

      • CactusCat

        Well chief… guess what? Verizon, Apple, HTC, Sammy, Google, etc… ALL of them are in it for the money. YOU should be the one that never forgets that. Everyone else knows it. And btw, horrible nick..

  • snowbdr89

    Im glad big red is taking on apple an i really hope it gets bad enough to the point apple wont allow big red to sale their pathetic product so i can walk into a verizon store an not have to see that gay ass apple display anymore!!

  • Dr.Carpy

    Finally! Someone takes a stand! I think more people should shun Apple’s heavy handed tactics. When they aren’t stifling creativity, or filling crazy injunctions and wasting court time that would be better served on real issues, claiming they created the candy bar styled cellphone (Al Gore is on the board, didn’t he invent the internet) while they sit there making a killing on what could/should be considered slave labor (in China). Not original, but that’s the Apple M.O.

  • pitacrisps

    Finally, someone realizes what kinda dumb f*ckery apple has been up too. Apple is wasting valuable court time on what could be spent on REAL issues. They created the “candybar” phone just like anyone and everyone created the flip style phone. (Which I just googled “flip phone patent” and oddly enough, most of the results were from sometime in 2008 when Apple patented a flip phone? I wonder why that never saw the light of day?)
    The absurdity of of their arguments is ridiculous. If I had an iPhone, this would be reason enough for me alone to switch to a different manufacturer. They should be embarrassed of how petty their being.
    It’s sad really, because Apple does make a good product which brings great competition and a healthy smartphone market. But if they keep filing lawsuits like this, they are going to (try to) kill the competition in a seeming attempt to shut down a healthy market. What is this? Communism? Only one cookie cutter choice for the masses? No thank you.

  • 666

    Verizon: “We love getting paid for making your phones worse by branding them and injecting crapware.”

    At least Apple’s positioning is about the user experience. Verizon doesn’t care.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Anyone who know’s me in the real world already knows I hate verizon. But on this ONE THEY FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT. I definitely applaud that there comes a time where you have have to decide what side your bread is buttered on. The truth is fighting is and will be they way of android from now on because android is just to explosive. Sprint has there hands full with ASS T&T trying to corner the industry with it’s acquisition of tmobile which I applaud there stance. Trust me these carriers have support form GOOGLE on these fronts. WAR IS WAR and only one thing I hate more than verizon is APPLE so yes bring them down verizon… Android rules

    • kwills88

      I am more surprised by the fact that you actually said something that deserved a up 1.

  • Alec

    Go Verizon!

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I support Verizon on this any who plans to fight against the horrible harm Apple is doing to the whole industry with this kind of childish decisions. We want innovation, development, but not at the cost of just having one big company doing all the work. Competition is good, Apple should respect that.

  • mongbinhthuong

    Damn it! Where are T-Mobile and Sprint now? And other smaller carriers?

  • kazahani

    My advice to Samsung: Fire and acid work well on trolls.

  • Rick

    Apple is becoming a big bully. Just a suggestion. Maybe all wireless companies can join together and not offer any Apple products so Jobs and company can taste their own medicine – so do speak. There are so many Android devices out there that are just as good as, if not better than, Apple products.

    • @johnsin

      Haha, if they did that.. all those so called “Computer Geeks” wouldn’t know how to use anything because they only know 1 computer, 1 phone, and 1 tablet.

  • @johnsin

    Someone needs to put Apple in it’s place.. I am really getting sick of all this crazy “authoritarian” thinking hiding behind the hippie motif of Apple. Call it out for what it is.. and that is, a company that is becoming worse the Microsoft was in the ’90s.

  • HackNet

    I think everyone should get involved and try to sue the living shit out of Apple. Apple has proven itself to be a little bitch company that will use dirty tactics in order to succeed. I hope this company fails just like it did before Steve Jobs came in the picture.

  • Nicholas

    Well when Obama switches us over to Socialism I’m sure he’ll be happy to force us all to use iPhones.

  • counsel

    The problem here is the US PATENT OFFICE that rarely denies any request even where prior art exists. The reason is, I guess, those working there don’t know tech as well as they should.


    Tmobile has publicly joined Verizon in backing Samsung !