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Poll: Would you want a Nexus Prime with keyboard?


Nexus/Droid Prime rumors have been popping up left and right for months now. Some may even think they’re getting out of hand. It’s sometimes uncertain how accurate these leaks are, but some good speculation never hurt anybody. And we’ve got a bit more for you today.

A twitter “poet” has been leaking details about the first device with Ice Cream Sandwich in verse form. The twitter handle is @tfleming223, and he’s been releasing the poem in correlation with the amount of followers he has. Yes, the more followers he gets, the more he discloses. Here’s what we have so far:

While things that go bump in the night, surely give you a fright,
It’s all in good fun as I share treats and panda fun.

So Instead of filling your belly with candies, jellies and other hollows eve fare,
Perhaps your palate will cast a ballot, for an ice cream sandwich instead.

With an internal date now set and LTE a sure bet,
Those that get Tim Cook’s new pet will be filled with green eyed regret.

But wait you cry for what date can you buy?
This the panda did shall share…

Fore on the date Bruce Wayne’s true father did die;
you shall in fact be able to buy in stores of red and black.

But those who pay other masters don’t fret,
over exclusive deals and bets

For in many other favors you will get your treat
be they GSM or wimax radios inside, the nexus brand will ride world wide@tfleming223Twitter

Once again these are unofficial rumors, so take them with a grain of salt. @tfleming223 has just published another verse of poetic leaks, and this time he hints that one of the Nexus variants will have a physical keyboard.

But as he lays in the corner with a Beer and a boner the Panda said with a sigh…
Be it a Droid or Nexus branded new toy, with dual cores hd screens, fancy new widgets and more….
The one with the keyboard is what I enjoy@tfleming223Twitter

This may seem odd; there’s never been a Nexus device with a keyboard before. While we believe this piece of information to be a bit sketchy, it’s also never good to completely ignore such an idea.

Having choices is always good, and some people love physical keyboards. A high-end device like the Nexus Prime with a keyboard may just be part of your dreams.

We wanted to reach out to our readers and ask what they think of this possibility. Please do take part in the poll and feel free to expand on your thoughts in the comments section. Do you guys think we’ll be seeing a Nexus Prime variant with a physical keyboard? Would you guys like that? Would you prefer the black slab form-factor?

Via: Tech Crunch

Source: @tfleming223 (Twitter)

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    Screaming NO !

    • Zeratoda1

      I Likes how BiGMERF is always the first to comment(No HOMO)… i think i must make it my mission to comment first now >=]

      • wwJOSHdo

        it’s because they send him the link to the post as they are publishing it! muahahahahaha.

        GIMME KEYBOARD! I want keyboard!

        • BiGMERF

          no they i havent been first lately.. getting tired of th spammers and people giving me negatives for the hell of it.. i have gathered quite the following and its not positive

          • ringo9

            GET A LIFE

      • inviolable

        How the hell is that no homo?

    • Annabelle

      iPhone 5 + no keyboard = perfect!!!

    • nexus

      I actually purpose another idea. While I hope it doesn’t have a built in keyboard with the thinness of a galaxy s II chassis could they possibly do a clip on keyboard right? It could plug into the USB port on the bottom of the phone (using the USB host support that came to honeycomb). USB wold mean it wouldnt drain as much battery a bluetooth would.

      This way you could choose to do it or not. Best of both worlds as I know there is some people out there that love their physical keyboards

  • DroidSamurai

    While I am happy with just touch alone, my wife and my son will love to have a physical keyboard. It would be GREAT if the prime is released in both fashion.

    • Boss

      Yes physical kepyboard would be great if they can keep the phone thin and if the Galaxy S II can be 9mm then I would say physical keyboard would be great.

  • TFJ4

    Down vote me all you want but I’ll be picking up the iPhone 5 most likely. The thing that made the first Nexus so special was the pure Android but mainly hardware that was far ahead of its time, nowadays the Nexus S came out with a single core processor when dual cores were on the horizon and the Nexus Prime will surely be repeating that trend with dual core while quad core is on the horizon. Further that with the fact that ICS may not be as feature packed as originally reported and the whole thing goes from great to meh. I’m jump ship quite a lot and I’ll no doubt come back to Android when the time is right, but for now it seems like they have failed to wow. Btw I think its sad how Pro iOS comments get downvoted, competition is a good thing because at the end of the day it creates a better product and they are both great mobile OS’s.

    • kwills88

      I am just gonna say this, android is an on going project, and us customers just happen to be testing, with each release, each phone, the progress of the android project is getting better and better and which is why it’s fun to be apart of the android community, the constant growth the constant updates, there is always something new to look forward to…iOS has been the same for how long now? And iOS 5 is just a make shift of other OS’ features..and let me not leave out the android dev community that make having an android device even more fun….competion is always welcomed, but you’re on a android site, mentioning iOS will be frowned upon..this isn’t engadget.

      • 234

        Down vote me all you want but I’ll be picking up the iPhone 5 most likely. The thing that made the first Nexus so special was the pure Android but mainly hardware that was far ahead of its time, nowadays the Nexus S came out with a single core processor when dual cores were on the horizon and the Nexus Prime will surely be repeating that trend with dual core while quad core is on the horizon. Further that with the fact that ICS may not be as feature packed as originally reported and the whole thing goes from great to meh. I’m jump ship quite a lot and I’ll no doubt come back to Android when the time is right, but for now it seems like they have failed to wow. Btw I think its sad how Pro iOS comments get downvoted, competition is a good thing because at the end of the day it creates a better product and they are both great mobile OS’s.
        Reply ..

        • Sean the Electrofreak

          So, you’re complaining that the Nexus Prime might not have a quad-core processor, so you’re going to buy an iPhone 5 which is likely to ship with a dual-core processor as well.

          And then you wonder why people downrank you?

    • Sturoid

      Mate, you’re claiming all these reasons based on rumour? Without seeing either device? You don’t deserve to be down rated for wanting an iPhone 5, you should be down rated for talking shiit! Seriously, come back and give a proper account of yourself when both of these are announced. Everyone knows what the software for iPhone will be as its been out in beta for ages and it’s only the hardware that’s a mystery whereas nobody really knows what to expect from Google

    • Brandon E

      Good Software > Good Hardware. Dont get me wrong, good hardware is appreciated, but software is what makes phones great thats why the Nexus S in my eyes was (And still is) a great phone

    • WickedToby741

      You say you don’t want to get the Nexus Prime (or whatever it ends up being) because its only going to have a dual core processor when quad cores are around the corner, but you’re okay with getting the iPhone 5 with a dual core processor? I guess I’m just a little perplexed at your logic here. If there are other reasons, well then fine, so be it, you’re free to do whatever you want. It just gets me how you say you’re opting out of the Nexus Prime because of its hardware that may become dated shortly when the iPhone 5 is likely to have similar, if not older hardware than the Nexus Prime. I’m just not making sense of your decision I guess.

      • ben dover

        +10 for this! That’s the first thing I thought too!

        I switched to android from ios in june of 2010 when the evo came out.

        One thing stands out in a unbiased way: Android has grown leaps and bounds faster and further than ios! and it doesn’t look like they are going to stop anytime soon either!

        With google tv and android @ home coming into the mix, there’s a whole new world ahead of android!

    • inviolable

      Was there anything at all on topic in there?

    • Mark

      I’m not downvoting you for picking iPhone 5. I’m downvoting you for thinking the iPhone 5 will be better than the Prime. You’re a funny lad.

    • tl;dr

      cool story bro

    • DroidSamurai

      First of all, I didn’t down vote you.

      Secondly, you do know that the rumored iPhone 5 processor is the same A5 used in the iPad, which is a dual-core processor, right? Also, speaking of the Nexus One having hardware far ahead of its time– this is only partially true. Comparing it to the Droid, which was released about 3 months earlier than the Nexus One, we can find:

      1) The OG Droid has a 854×480 3.7″ LCD, while the Nexus One only has a 800×480 3.7″ LCD. That’s 265ppi vs 254ppi.

      2) At launch, the Nexus One used a PenTile AMOLED, which means the 254ppi is actually a cheat. In addition, the color reproduction of the PenTile AMOLED is no where near the OG Droid.

      3) The Nexus One has an Adreno 200 GPU, while the OG Droid has a PowerVR SGX 530. On paper, they are on par. But in reality, the SGX 530 is faster than the Adreno 200 in most instances.

      Look, I am not saying the Nexus One isn’t (wasn’t) a great phone, but even at its time, you can’t really call its spec. “far ahead of its time.”

      The bottomline is, I don’t think we can judge a phone by the spec. Frankly, if you compare the hardware spec point by point, the iPhone 5 probably will lose in every single one to the Prime — unless you are a true Apple fanboy who believes unicorn exists. You know, those who insisted the iPad 2 would have a retina display, and didn’t understand that there was just no way Apple could produce it at a reasonable price.

    • anujahooja

      You’re going to pick up a sub-par, under-functional, closed up pile of crap because the Nexus phone isn’t (necessarily) going to be better than the top-of-the-line Android phones? You _do_ realize that the iPhone 5 is going to have mid-range Android phone-like hardware right? And we already saw iOS 5 – nothing but a catch-up to Android and Windows Phone.

      Your logic is infallible. Good luck with that.

    • JayMoster

      1. Prime won’t have a quad core, so I will go with a different dual core phone… Huh?

      2. Some features rumored to be in ICS are rumored not to be there, so instead I will choose a phone that has announced “new features” like a notification bar that Android has had since “cupcake”… What???

      3. You think It odd that people on an Android site generally disagree with a pro Apple stance…. Really?? Tell you what, go to the TUAW blog and write a pro Android comment and see what happens.

      Your “logic” fails as bad as Apple does at being cutting edge. Go grab your bottleneck, write some poetry, and recite it at a coffee shop with the hipsters. I’ll take the “meh” phone that actually has some power over a toy that sells based on being “turtleneck chic and hipster approved”

  • Anthony E

    That’s the only kind of Nexus device I’d buy. Us keyboard lovers need some Nexus love too!

  • Fanboynot

    Sorry to sin this but the author of this riddle is also very partial to bb phones. He has been saying how his 9930 was the best ever, so he might be saying that he prefers a bb rather than a nexus with a keyboard

  • kwills88

    Unless they can find a way to make it still slim with a sturdy keyboard. I say why not, or just make Different models so we have an option…biut with the size of the phone, using the onboard keyboards should be fine.

  • JAGDrummer

    There’s a 90% chance the prime will be my next phone. I’ve had the OG Droid for the past 2 years and am used to a physical keyboard and would really like it but I have no problem using touchscreen nowadays. Especially using swiftkey.

  • kevin

    he’s actually not the poet, he was chosen by @black_man_x to release the poem. black_man_x is probably a reliable source as he used to work at verizon and now works at google, and has handled upcoming phones like the prime and the vigor

  • cosmos

    Yes purleease!

    The poll results show that there is a clear demand (even if a bigger percentage prefer touch only) so why the hell not! What has anyone got to lose in having a touch version and a pro version with keyboard? Nothing! Win Win Win

  • xoldier

    Nexus S was a huge disappointment. The only reason I stuck with Nexus S instead of G2 was because of the flimsy keyboard. Specs aside, G2 never had performance or receptions issues. It was always up and running smooth. What gave it away for me was the loose keyboard and weighed as much as a pre-mature baby.

    I am not sure what’s the criteria for choosing the Nexus partner but Samsung clearly didn’t get it right the first time around. It is the most unreliable phone I have ever used. HTC was spot on with the original Nexus. Motorola has been churning out solid devices. Yet, they hand it over to Samsung again.

    Plus, I really don’t like the whole idea of Custom UI. That’s just bullshit bloatware. 2 music apps? 37 clock apps? 73 market outlets? WTF?!?!

    • Sturoid

      The reason Motorola isn’t chosen has nothing to do with their quality, I believe it has more to do with the fact they have very little following or footprint outside of the USA. I hope with Google buying them that they will finally start pushing out more worldwide.

  • Noriega713

    Would I ever… That thing would be beautiful… Lol… I was wondering if they would ever bring one out with a keyboard… :-p

  • Eric Weiss

    No. I went from a Nexus One to a G2 thinking I would love the keyboard. I have never used it and it makes the whole phone heavy, bulky and ugly.

  • Sean

    I would sell your children into slavery for a Nexus phone with a keyboard. I’d rather keep my Epic 4g with a cracked screen than switch to something without a keyboard.

  • Nathan

    I don’t care if it did to me it a win win situation ha-ha :D

  • seven2k

    Nah no keyboard…doesnt get used much just make the screen a bit bigger..

    Vote for #4 for Rage Comic contest

  • etche

    I’m not sure.. I suck at writing with touch keyboards and have to rely completely in autocorrect, which it isn’t always great. So, what do you former blackberry users think? which is better?

    Because, if it is thin, with nice design and with great build quality, what could be the problem?

  • Brandon E

    I really hope the Nexus S get ICS in a timely manner.

  • Victor

    Bob Kane, co-creator of Batman “Bruce Wayne’s true father”. He died on November 3rd.

    • Nathan

      I was looking for that and got Thomas Wayne but thanks for finding it :)

    • pekosROB

      After looking at Thomas Wayne’s death in June I was wondering why it would be so far in the future, but Bob Kane’s date makes sense.

  • CJ84

    This guy’s full of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! Theres no way that samsung or google would ever think of ruining their flagship device with a full keyboard! That would ruin the thin profile. Not happening anytime soon.

  • Kye

    The light hearted approach to reporting off the wall rumours is really good. And also really clear disclaimers too. Much better aam.

    I would love a portrait slider like the Dell Lighting. That thing looked siiiiick.

  • Eddie24

    After what Google did with Wallet only For the Nexus S4G and giving us regular NS owner the finger I don’t think I want another Nexus Phone (had N1 too) timely updates my a$$

  • R.S

    Hmm, so someone “promises” to give more vague riddles in order to get more subscriber/followers and AaM helps advertise them by posting about it.

    Why didn’t I think of that?! (Sarcasm)

    As for the actual question, I voted no even though I do like keyboards. Thing is, more often than not, they screw up the keyboards by making them four row keyboards, making the keys too small, or placing them so close together that typing on them is actually slower.

    Plus, its always much harder to find a decent case for phones with keyboards.

  • Interpol91

    No keyboard! I got the Samsung Epic 4G thinking I would use the keyboard often but I rarely do. It just adds unnecessary bulkiness.

  • malikun

    I think he meant that even with the Prime’s fancy features he enjoys using the droid 3, not that the prime will have a keyboard

  • jonehi

    Imagine two models.niw that would be awsome, keyboard for me but I know alot of folks like touch

  • Juan Almanzar

    While I honestly would prefer a device that was ultra slim, a keyboard would be nice. If they could have one while keeping the device slim, it would be fantastic.

  • dans

    YESSSS! to keyboard!!

    So fed up of all these touch only devices hogging all the power toys.

  • LG BOY

    THEY SHOULD OF CHOSE LG. first of all lg has the best displays to date (nova) they are parnters friends or whatever you call it with invida ,which pretty much makes the best processors out there. also samsung is good but, lg would of been a better choice ESPECILLY if samsung was gonna leave us with a dual core at the start, instead of quad core i guarentee you i’ll wait for a tegra 3 lg phone. I MEAN JUST IMAGEN LG OPTIMUS PRIME!

  • pitacrisps

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! This is what I have been holding out for! And awesome 4G phone with a physical keyboard. I feel us (while we seem to be a minority) physical qwerty loving folks are being left out when it comes to enjoying LTE. If this is true, this WILL be my upgrade from my OG Droid… if it can last that long.

  • SliestDragon

    It would be a nice addition to have a keyboard, but I don’t need one. Especially if it has to be twice as thick. Also, with it being a huge phone, I doubt the keyboard would be any good… Just my thoughts though…

  • Mark

    They should just make two versions of the phone. Keyboard and non-keyboard. Personally, I would like the keyboard. I’ve had about 3 phones now and they’ve all had keyboards. G1, Droid and G2. Just can’t see myself typing on a touchscreen. *shudders*.

  • akhi216

    I LOVE a Nexus with a hard keyboard. It would be my dream phone. I’m typing this on the hard keyboard of the DROID3 that I recently bought; I’d pay 600-700 for an early upgrade to a Nexus device with a slide-out keyboard.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Is cool if they release it, but no, thanks but no thanks, no keyboard for me.

  • Chris B

    I Hope the T-Mobile version DOES NOT have a hardware keyboard!

  • Futureboy

    I’ll take my ICS Nexus with no keyboard and with SwiftKey thank you very much.

  • Heldros

    No thks for the keyboard in touchscreen of 4,5 inch

  • uknowme

    Not interested, never had one and I never want one.

  • anujahooja

    The Nexus Prime will not have a physical keyboard and the Droid Prime will. Just my thoughts…

  • sahil

    i dont matters me i would not be buying it :)

  • pjax

    am I the only one who realizes that the poem didn’t say anything about the Nexus Prime having a keyboard???

    In fact, he actually said THE OPPOSITE of just that
    the author is sad because what he wants is a phone with a physical keyboard. doesn’t care much if it’s a Droid, a Nexus, with HD screens or fast processors

    I’m surprised Mr. Edgar Cervantes read that incorrectly

  • pekosROB

    Yes, PLEASE! I prefer a QWERTY over LTE honestly, phones without keyboards make me use them less. I might be able to adapt to a 4.5″+, typing on a big screen like a Xoom isn’t bad but I still honestly prefer the QWERTY on my Droid 3.

  • John K

    If it’s got a physical keyboard, I’m out. Just extra space for something I’ll never use.

  • mike

    Yea lets slap a keyboard on already huge phone. If you have problems typing on 4.5 screen
    I feel sorry for you. Not to mention you also have voice dial text…ect in android

    • art

      Have you ever tried to do more advanced stuff like command line on an on-screen keyboard? Typing in landscape mode (which is the only way to comfortably type at length) leaves way too little precious, precious screen real estate for what you’re supposed to be working on, which is text. SSHing into my home computer is neat on my Droid X, but it’s a bit painful, and my next phone is going to have a keyboard.

  • drik

    Yea lets slap a keyboard on what’s alreadya huge phone. If you can’t type on 4.5 screen I feel bad for you.
    Android also has great features voice dial text..ect

  • copycat

    Yea lets slap a keyboard on already huge phone. If you have problems typing on 4.5 screen I feel sorry for you. Not to mention you also have voice dial text…ect in android

  • JoogleMe

    After having my Sidekick for almost two years then getting my first Nexus, the one thing I missed most was the keyboard. Touch screens are cool and are getting better on responsiveness but it’ll never beat out the accuracy that a physical keyboard provides. So if the the Nexus comes with one, that would be awesome. If it doesn’t it would be nice to get Swype as an available feature its just seems odd to me that it’s not under consideration when Samsung is the proposed maker of the 3rd Nexus. And most of there’s came standard with it.

  • dr3amcast3r

    If we take in consideration that the Google Nexus device is supposed to be the base device for application development than it MUST have a physical keyboard because there are android phones that have it.

    In my opinion a nexus prime without keyboard makes as much sense and the nexus s without the sd card slot…