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Rumor: Is this the Nexus Prime? We hope so! (Update: Nope)


UPDATE: It looks like this is fake. Oh well, that was fun while it lasted. Hopefully the real device looks similar to this. Thanks momchil.

UK retailer Handtec has put up a splash site for the Google Nexus Prime on its website, complete with a supposed picture of the device (below). I must say, I think we all can agree that if this is the Nexus Prime, it is sure to be one sexy Android device.

Assuming this page is accurate, and that the image is actually of the Nexus Prime, it seems Google’s next flagship device will in fact have a metal chassis as we reported earlier today. The Nexus Prime is easily the most hotly anticipated Android device right now and will feature the following specs, according to Handtech’s site:

  • 4.6″ Super AMOLED HD screen
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core TI OMAP Processor
  • Android 4.0 Ice CreamSandwich
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 5 megapixel camera with 1080p support (we really hope it’s not 5MP, or that it has a killer sensor)
  • 1 megapixel Front facing camera

What do you guys think? Is the device pictured above the Nexus Prime?

UPDATE: It looks like this is fake. Oh well, that was fun while it lasted. Hopefully the real device looks similar to this. Thanks momchil.

Via: Phone Arena

Source: Handtec

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  • rock3r

    I think on a mobile a good and bright 5mpx sensor and “optics” are way more useful than a crappy 8 mpx one. My two cents.

    • xsynth

      The Nexus S is only 5mp, and it does bloody great photos!

    • joe

      I would hope that AT LEAST the writers of tech blogs would know that. MP != picture quality. 5MP is enough for amazing photos, assuming the sensor and lense are good. If you have 2 sensors at the same price point, one 5MP and one 8MP, chnces are the 5MP will kick its butt in terms of actual picture quality

    • Lucian Armasu

      I agree. A 5 MP camera could be much better than a 8MP one. Are we really going to want more MP until we reach 20 MP? What’s the point? You only see them at 1-2 MP on your PC and on the web usually. Unless you like doing heavy cropping of pics, there’s no point.

    • Jim

      Adding another voice to the 5MP-is-enough crowd. Tired of resizing photos to reduce res+filesize so they fit better into an e-mail. Would this also make the digital zoom correspondingly more crisp, assuming the sensors are at the same price point?

      How do we communicate to the hw manufs that we just want a good sensor?

  • xsynth

    It’s not a bad looking device. Looks a lot like the Nexus 1.
    I just hope it’s available in black, I’m not a big fan of silver

  • Brian

    5MP is more than sufficient…I’d be much happier if they focused on making a better sensor than just senselessly jamming pixels in.

    • frettfreak

      man!! i totally agree!!! a 5 mp with a GOOD sensor would be AWESOME!

      • cheese

        its already been confirmed it will have advanced sensor per Samsung Roadmap that was leaked by that Lithuanian site.

        • lament

          Confirmed by some random Lithuanian site? I’m sold.

          • cheese

            that lithuanian site broke news about the 5.29 inch GT-I9220 that ended up being the Galaxy Note. Lets not crap on Lithuanians now…

    • sempron

      Agreed, I’m fine with 5 MP.

  • TFJ4
  • Alberto Vildosola

    For what it’s worth, that rumor from last month said it’d have a 5 MP camera

  • Kostis

    It looks like an upgraded htc sensation… i like that!!

  • kepley

    To roughly quote Ave Ventura, “I’m looking for the Nexus Prime…. And a clean pair of shorts.”

  • aconner22

    Beautiful. I hope it comes with lots of onboard storage plus a microSD slot.

  • frettfreak

    ummmm… well.. i will wait to pass judgement on the final product… but Iphone 3g anyone? Also, hate to burst everyone’s bubble with the whole amoled HD thing, but everything that i have read says they cants make screens that small yet… think it was a little over 5″ from what i know (but i could be wrong).

    • Sturoid

      Actually they can make them that small. Have a look at the KT Spider Pad from IFA. The Korea Telecom people had a 4.5″ wxga 1280×800 screen phone there so it is totally possible. Seriously the iPhone has been out for ages now with a 3.5″ screen at 960×640, what makes you think they cant up that resolution on a screen that is an inch bigger? Granted that screen shown was probably crap and I expect the Samsung version to be much better.

  • momchil

    nope, it’s fan rendering from

    • joe

      I don’t see anything of the sort on that page. care to link to the actual user submission?

  • Galen20K

    Loving the fact its full metal, just hope they worked it out so there’s no antenna issues with it.

  • Nathan

    don’t like the bottom of the front…on the N1 that made sense because of the trackball. just kinda seems like a waste of space.

    • SliestDragon

      I miss my Nexus One’s trackball. Not only did I actually use it a lot, but it was the best notification light ever. :(

  • pflorin

    is it just me or it looks like a SLIDER !!?!?!?!?

    • SliestDragon

      It does, but sadly that’s just the rendering of the back behind it… :(

  • M3rc Nate

    4.6 inches, damn thats big. If all i had was a smartphone then id want a 4+ inch size phone, but if i owned a smartphone and a tablet, i think <4 inches is where id be.

    Anyways, awesome specs! awesome looking phone in that picture. I love the sleekness and it definitely doesnt look like any iPhone, apple would have to work their Photoshop overtime to make it look like one.

    I read its only going to sprint or verizon though. Im on Tmobile so…doesnt really matter. Whats interesting is i am STILL happy and satisfied with my G2. Unlike when i owned my Mytouch 3G, i dont feel any desire to upgrade. Its fast, it just got Gingerbread, it is still running like new. Thats interesting to me because its the first time iv owned something electronic that has kept me satisfied so long. Hence my wondering eye for the "perfect" tablet to buy.

    • Sturoid

      Do you honestly think that Google would release a device that is limited to 2 carriers worldwide? No, they will release a GSM version because majority of countries in the rest of the world use GSM.

  • cheese

    its going to be 5MP. the samsun roadmap confirms this as well. HOWEVER, although its 5MP, it will have advanced sensors so the image quality will remain very high. Its not about the megapixels…

    • SliestDragon

      Exactly. If they go with 5MP over 8MP, then it must mean they are doing something special with this camera, instead of just jamming a ordinary high Megapixel camera in it.

  • SliestDragon

    Not a bad render. If the real Nexus Prime ends up looking like that it’ll be one awesome device. 5MP camera is kind of disappointing, but if they’re not going with an 8MP, that must mean they are doing a 5MP with a better sensor. 4.6″ seems like a lot, but if they’re not going to have “hardware” capacitive buttons, then it may and up being only slightly bigger than my Sensation, while still being thinner. Soooo excited for this! :D

  • Wunako

    hmmm im kinda skeptical still but it does look pretty cool, i agree with some one above who said they wish they made a black color, hopefully we get a confirmation soon.
    ill say this though, this render looks nice and futuristic and not bad at all just wish it wasnt by Samsung (Sorry not a fan of theirs), i was rooting for HTC so they put Beats on the phone that wouldve been great add

  • keridel

    well if this isnt it it damn well should be!!

    this is a stunning looking device. i would love to see a polished aliminium phone rather than this brushed look.

    i want a phone that even by looking makes you have a sex wee

  • Interpol91

    I was excited to see the pics until I read the update. Oh well at least it got me excited for a few seconds.

  • dwin

    It’s made by Samsung so think silver plastic more so than real metal. Samsung loves cheap materials.

  • Kimberly

    Looks terrible, im rather buying the new star phone (iphone 5).
    i dont wanna downgrade to android…

    • Sean

      then why on earth are you even on this site?

      • Tariq

        It’s because at Android we have half a dozen new stories and new phones and new technology from scores of amazing manufacturers every day and the whole eco system is always buzzing. And what do the poor little sad iPhone fanboys have, well they have one announcement a year saying it’s time to empty your pocket for the new iPhone that dose exactly the same as the last one and is way behind Android. Can you blame the poor little sucker for coming to our sites

  • Marcus

    Aww. That would’ve been a pretty darn sexy phone.

  • mike

    all black looks better

  • anujahooja

    It looks…gorgeous. And it looks very much like an HTC. Also, looking forward to seeing what ICS looks like – I’m honestly more interested in that.

  • Stupid idiots!

    Why do you idiots wait til we’ve read the whole garbage story before saying at the end: Oh, never mind, it’s fake! Let me know at the beginning, or just delete the stupid post. Idiots.

    • kwills88

      That’s why it’s called a “rumor” we’re all aware that stuff like this can and will happen when speculating what an upcoming device might look like..we are all playing the guessing game and having fun until we get some cnfirmation.

  • Nory

    God I love how big that screen is. 4.65 inches sounds good to me. No more hardware buttons. I hope this beast comes to T-Mobile,or hit all carriers at once.that would be amazing. Can’t wait for ICS, I’m saving now lol

  • CJ

    I can’t handle these rumors! Nice looking render, but I agree, I don’t like the chrome. However, block chrome, now that would be a sexy device!

  • Ann Monis

    It is a mix of a Nexus One and Nexus S. I just hope it actually comes out in October and not November / December. Plus please release the AT&T version at the same time as the T-Mobile version.

  • Mr_Guzz

    Great and Cool looking phone.
    Hope is metal and not a chrome plastic case….so I can upgrade my Sensation in a heart-beat.

  • Dr.Carpy

    I’m in need of this phone! I can’t wait for a firm release date. My Nexus One has been a good soldier, but the specs on this thing is the Kryptonite to my Superman! I agree with SliestDragon. Folks need to get over the 5mp thing. As long as it a camera similar to the Nexus S, it’ll be fine! Go prime time soon Nexus Prime!

  • Gregm

    Ahh well. So it’s probably not.

    But I wish it was.

  • Nathan

    Dam and here I thought that the picture was probably really until the update :( but it would have been nice if it was true i wouldn’t mind showing that phone to my friends :) PS: MP isn’t everything plus i don’t expect my phone camera to be as good as a cannon or a Kodak but be able to take a picture that pleasant to the eyes :)

  • mantra304

    this device looks nice. Too bad it’s not real. I just hope it doesn’t have that stupid curved display.


    4.65 inches???? wtf is this a dick or a phone????
    and the black one is 5 inches or what????

    • Noel

      Nice try Jumbo…”and the black one is 5 inches or what?”. I guess u can call the black one a Jumbo dick…lol. Anyway jokes aside..i really dig the design if it turn out to be the real deal. I guess even with a screen of that size..the design makes it feel ok in ur hand. At this point i just need a new Nexus…the N1 though a very good device is killing me with the constant low memory alerts.

      • Anthony

        I know what you mean. I truely love my N1 but damn the internal memory is killing me. Have to stay right above 22 MB for that notification not to show up.

  • Ian

    Damn, just bought nexus S!! O well, this is an great phone too
    But wtf, ice creamsandwich? Just funnt name xD

  • Richard Yarrell

    Well to me this FAKE PHONE is VERY UGLY I’m glad it is fake. Plus these overall specs are not EXCEPTIONAL to my beloved EVO 3D espically after it gets android ice cream sandwhich. What really is the difference between 1.2 or 1.5 Ghz can’t be much they both will have 1gb or ram. I will purchase another EVO 3D September 9th this time in (WHITE) and be happy till 2012. My current EVO 3D is a POWER HOUSE android device as of today and by Jan/Feb 2012 it will still be the top 2 or 3 device on the market so basically the Nexus Prime will have to come MUCH STRONGER than what I am looking at here… Something like 5.0 screen QHD or HD 1.5 Ghz isn’t enough blast 1.8 or 2.0 Ghz with 1gb of ram plus all the extra’s cause that is what the EVO BRAND in 2012 will be pumping…

    • kwills88

      The Evo 3D is a nice phone, but you brag about it so much to the point that if someone says the name evo 3d, I wanna hit them.

    • Laxwillsch

      I heard the evo 3d has a ton of problems, not to mention that slcd display. Just the display on the nexus woulda be a huge upgrade imho. I have the galaxy s II and I even want the prime when it drops.

    • keridel

      the difference between 1.2 and 1.5ghz on dual core is 600mhz thats like whole iphone3gs more power than the evo3d.

      and the “evo brand” will not be pumping 5inch screens out in 2012. htc like to keep them below that.

      • GreyBeard

        Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the Evo 3D have a 1.5Ghz processor underclocked to 1.2 for battery sake?

        • ihatefanboys

          i dunno, but i know the G2 has a 1Ghz processor underclocked to 800 mhz

    • squiddy20

      Ummm you do realize that the specs listed above are indeed not true and the phone WILL be better than your stupid Evo 3D, right? You have got to be kidding me. You don’t know the difference between 1.2 GHz and 1.5 GHz? You who’s going on and on about “my phone has higher specs than yours” and other completely childish pissing matches? As keridel pointed out, that 600 MHz difference is about a whole ‘nother iPhone 3GS and almost a whole ‘nother Samsung Moment (as its processor is 800 MHz).
      And as you yourself have pointed out in the past, Android isn’t optimized for dual cores (yet), so anything with a dual core and over 1 GHz is completely overkill. You won’t get that much of a speed boost right now by having a 2 GHz dual core versus a 1 GHz dual core. And the only reason you need anything over dual core 2 GHz on a desktop or laptop computer these days is if you are doing video editing and other resource intensive applications. Considering video editing on Android is lacking, extremely high speced devices (like the crap you’re speaking of) is completely unnecessary.
      Also, the higher the Ghz, the more power (aka battery) it uses. So unless you want the battery life of your Evo 4G back (as you once quoted 4 or so hours on a single charge and that you carried around a second battery), 2 GHz is again, completely unnecessary. Please try thinking about the crap you spew out of that ignorant mouth before posting it.

    • Rushi

      Do you have a sprint tattoo on your ass?

  • h0ruza

    I wish this was the nexus prime or any android phone.for that matter.

    The simpler the design the better and without using the iPhone as inspiration please Samsung.

    • ihatefanboys

      ive never understood the complaint of “using the iphone as inspiration” if u want to get technical, every touchscreen phone is rectangular, there arent many different ways to make a phone look, it doesnt look like an iphone, it looks like a phone…period……speaking of iphone, when do u think theyre gonna update that boring design, theyre already copying android UI, whats next ? the iphone 6 will have capacitive buttons above the boring square button……blah….who wants to copy the iphone, its relegated to obscurity by now….

      • h0ruza

        Touch screen phone’s existed before the iPhone came about so i wasn’t making any broad sweeping statements. Owning a GSII which has one needless physical central button with capacitive buttons either side that are set to be unseen as much as possible by default and the touch wizard UI that doesn’t really need to have four options at the bottom at all times with an app draw that goes against the stock android vertical scrolling with its IOS pagination.

        You could remove all these copyrighted elements and the phone would still be the best Android phone to date its a shame Samsung felt the need to be so blatant.

        SE, Motorola, HTC, and lesser phones have touch screens but they don’t look like iPhones.

  • mikeyDroid

    Am I the only one who finds that hideous? It screams cheesy with that chrome/metal look..

    • ihatefanboys

      i know the pics fake, but if u look up the word “Cheesy” in the dictionary, theres a picture of a SAMSUNG mobile phone tryng to get a GPS lock and failing. lol

  • ihatefanboys

    ZZZZzzzzzzz …wake me when HTC makes another nexus….. i think my nexus will just hav to be the G3….still got a year on my contract….im not impatient to waste money on the “next big thing” at least i know each time i get a new phone its 2 yrs more advanced than the last one.

  • 90

    iPhone 5 will schol this tra$hf0ne

  • RonWeez

    that thing is ugly. glad thats a fake photo

  • Paul Atreides

    Glad this isn’t the real thing. That chrome chin is ugly to me.

  • alex

    i dont get it, how is it a fake? just because it was posted in the fan website? remmember the fan website posts rumors, and its and unofficial blog, androidandme can you please explain how its fake

  • Hacknet07

    Apple stated that they lost another prototype/concept iPhone. BS. Anyway, i’m guessing Samsung probably stole it to make the Nexus Prime. The Samsung phones are starting to really look like the iPhone. Where is the innovation and originality?

    I hate the iPhone and Apple in general, but C’MON Samsung, come to us with something that does not resemble that crappy iPhone.

    • http://None CaribGrackle

      Like the Nexus S? I don’t see the iPhone theme on that one, honest. Sure a lot of the new ones do look-alike, but that is basically ’cause they followed a simpler design, just the screen that’s all they want for the most part, and it looks good and stylish, but I guess they could change some thing or another.

  • przemo

    Come on! Look at the edges! It looks like blackberry!

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    The chrome border looks real hard to keep it sharp and scratches free, it may ruin the look of the phone in the end. I can’t wait for they to unveil the phone finally, even if, by some strange reason, this is the actual final design, I won’t mind, phone or not we are getting Ice Cream Sandwiches people! ;-D

  • through_borrowed_eyes

    JD Power? Same people that ranked car companies like Toyota. Oh yeah, they got fooled all right. Fools

  • Brian

    LOL, I’m so late to this…

    But if I would change anything, it would be the silver/chrome. Make it titanium grey or even the original bronze(?) of the N1. Please don’t make it shiny…