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Rumor: Nexus Prime looks like a taller Nexus S, coming to Verizon first


New day, new Nexus Prime rumors. Today’s spoonful of he said/she said is brought to you by the guys over at TheDroidGuy. As always, everything I say from this point on is based on rumors and shouldn’t be taken as fact. With that out of the way, let’s dig in.

The lucky chaps over at TheDroidGuy have somehow managed to get their hands on a demo unit of the Nexus Prime. Apparently, this happened at Verizon’s developer conference in Las Vegas, where Kyle from TDG spotted a Samsung device he had never seen before. As any true Android fan would do, Kyle proceeded to inquire about this mysterious new phone. The person agreed to show him the phone and took him to an office, checked him for cameras and, of course, deprived him of any electronic devices and/or hats.

After having played around with the device, Kyle confirmed the phone will have the following specs:

  • TI dual-core OMAP processor (most likely OMAP 4460)
  • 8 MP rear-facing camera
  • 2 MP front-facing camera
  • NFC support
  • MHL support
  • HDMI support

Additionally, the phone is supposedly a little bit thicker and taller than the Nexus S. Also, the device has no hardware buttons except for the Power, Home and Volume buttons. If you were hoping that Google would not kill the Menu and Back buttons, it looks like you’ll be disappointed. Finally, the phone will arrive in late October or early November, says TDG. Verizon should get it first, followed by other carriers.

What do you guys think about these rumors? Do they hold any water? If so, will you miss the Back and Menu buttons? Let us know in the comments.

Source: TheDroidGuy

Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • Interpol91

    Not disappointed about the lack of capacitive buttons but am sad to hear it will be thicker than the Nexus S. Oh well I still want my pure Android phone!!

    • cheese

      home button? Darth Vader: NOOOOOOOOOOO

      • Christopher Chavez

        If this story from TheDroidGuy is to be believed, it more than likely has to do with the fact that it was a developer phone and running Gingerbread, not Ice Cream Sandwich. =p

        • nexus

          Agreed: the way Alberto wrote that post it seems he forgot the rumor that ICS was to do away with buttons. If thats so then they left the home button on phones so a phone user would have something physical to mash for gratification purposes.

    • ♥♥♥IPHONE♥♥♥

      the new iPhone 5 will blow this dump$hitphone out of the rotten water!

      • bigben

        The new crappy iPhone 5 is not fucking out yet and not even the nexus prime. You retard. So go and play with your Chinese fake ishitphone 4, Apple fag. Your iPhoneshit 4 blows and ifail5 will blow just like Ishitphone 4 made by crapple shit. Apple fag, isheep fag.

        • CactusCat

          Best not to feed the trolls. They have ZERO going on in the Apple world so to read about some new things, they have to troll the Android sites. Best to leave the ignorant in silence. Now that I think about it, the operating system is named i-Zero-S…. makes sense.

        • Kobe Bryant (NBA pro and rapist)

          —-the new iPhone 5 will blow this dump$hitphone out of the rotten water!

      • Copolii

        Go home iTard. Steve is missing a sheep … Could it be you?

      • Malak

        Desperate cries from a desperate fan base.

    • muii

      WHAT? I want my 4 buttons home menu back and search PLUS the trackpad and click on it, at least as I have on my DesireZ. Don’t abandon the trackpad guys !

      • Dharmabhum

        I would love if they kept with the trackball (not trackpad) but honestly it’s all going away. As much as I love the ability to scroll across with precision (most of the time), I don’t expect my next Android phones will have anything beyond the touchscreen.

        And I hope they don’t add one button to the interface… you’re asking for a huge lawsuit from Apple and even if you win in the USA, Europe doesn’t seem to be so kind to that type of thing.

        • Alan Paone

          I don’t even care about lawsuits, the four button layout is better! Hopefully a manufacturer will stay on the good side :/

    • Lucian Armasu

      This is why I don’t like the 16:9 resolutions. It makes the phones unnecessarily tall, and too narrow. 16:10 resolutions like the Galaxy Note’s 1280×800 is much better. Google keeps pushing for the 16:9 resolutions because they want to make Youtube videos look perfect. Well I don’t think the trade-off is worth it. A small bezel wouldn’t hurt Youtube videos, but it would make everything else a bit better in vertical mode.

      • DownSouthLivin

        I approve this comment. I’m in the same boat as you. Too tall and too thin just doesn’t work for a phone.

      • NeoJesus

        I disagree, they may as well be the same ratio as all the other screens in our lives: TV, laptop, computer, tablet, etc.

        I like my phone screens the same way I like my girls: Tall & Skinny!!!

        It’s easier to put your fingers around them and type! hahaha

  • Menu!

    No menu or back button?! Nooooo

    • Interpol91

      They better be careful how it works cause Apple might be ready to jump to a lawsuit if the navigation is similar to that used in iOS.

      • xsynth

        I had the same thoughts…

      • Jonathan

        Apple can better be careful cause google now has 20,000 patents waiting to be used

      • ddp

        I do not think it will resemble anything close to the iPhone. If you pay attention to many of the most recent apps and update, you can see how they are utilizing the application bar from HC
        onto the phone apps.

        I’m more curious about how they implement the software buttons from HC onto the phone form factor, and especially multi-tasking. Will there be a bar at the bottom also with these??

  • Marcus

    That sounds really cool. I hope it lands on Verizon first. My mom says she’s switching to Verizon. Haha. But I don’t think ill miss the menu and back buttons. I usually use home anyway

  • CFG9000

    Sounds as underwhelming as the Nexus S was.

    • ACR

      Nexus S is still one of the fastest android phone out there. Install voodoo sound app and it sounds better than any ipod/iphone. In fact, it will sound as good as some audiophile dedicated music players.

    • xallies

      The nexus s was a complete let down for nexus one owners and at best sub par specs. Their hardware configuration had been done 6months prior with the galaxy s line in Europe. I for one wasn’t a fan of samsungs plastic love.

      • Usman

        As a former N1 owner, and G1 becore that, Ivan assure you that the move to the Nexus S was well worth it to me. After a week, I could only wonder why I waited months after release to switch. Better screen and faster overall in every aspect.. The build quality, while not as sturdy feeling as the aluminum N1, really is quite good.

        • gsx

          I agree. I also went from N1 to NS and it is a definitely a significant upgrade. Better and bigger screen, way more responsive touch screen, 4g data (nexus s 4g), no more running out of room for apps, better camera and much much faster overall. I still love my N1 but so glad I made the switch (holding onto the N1 for travel overseas). The only thing I miss is the trackball notifications, but there are solutions for that on the NS. As far as build goes, I prefer the N1′s sleek, sturdy, aluminum design but its not the the NS is ugly… the all-black, svelte, smooth sexiness with the contoured screen. The way that you can’t really tell where the screen stops and the bezel begins makes everything on the screen pop that much more. Can’t wait for the nexus prime! Going to sell my NS and evo3D so I can pick one up as soon as it drops on sprint.

  • xsynth

    If they’re all software driven then that’s totally fine leaving them out. But why not take the home button out too? Or have the power button as the home button, and a second or longer press perform the lock.

    Someone needs to leave this device in a bar so we can get some pictures…

  • protozeloz


  • anujahooja

    Wait…ONE hardware button. Not liking that, because of one very, very obvious reason. Also, no back button? I wasn’t expecting that. Not liking the thicker part, but I guess I’ll decide what I feel about it when I see it.

    • ♥♥♥IPHONE♥♥♥

      They are copycating the worlds leading phone, the iPhone.
      They are lagging behind, thats why its so easy to copycat.

      • bigben

        Copycat?, are you a retard. Nexus series doesn’t look like your crappy blocky glass iphones. Apple fag. Retarded twat.

        • Kobe Bryant (NBA pro and rapist)

          ———–They are copycating the worlds leading phone, the iPhone.
          They are lagging behind, thats why its so easy to copycat.

      • Copolii

        The notification bar said STFU.

    • Christopher Chavez

      If this story is to be believed, it probably has to do with the fact that it was a developer phone and running Gingerbread, not Ice Cream Sandwich. =p

      Ice Cream Sandwich wont have any buttons from what I’ve heard on the streets o_O

  • noriega713

    Maybe it was just the shell of a Nexus… What if they’re hiding the way it looks…for now.

  • teecruz

    All this is ending up to be on big disappointment. Idk whether to blame Google, or Samsung?
    & I’ve just recently became a fan of Samsung. :[

    the fact that bottomline: “Verizon will be getting it first.”
    is beyond me a turn off. majorly.
    way to boost their ego’s even more.
    T-Mobile should always be first. but if not, even than Sprint deserves anything if not everything.
    they are the ones truly pushing an impressive android lineup + truly unlimited data plans.

    So the fact they’d go with Verizon is beyond a cliche. & IDGAF about LTE, honestly.
    that technology is so not ready. Verizon, you’re good competition.
    buut, stick to your “DROID” line. you made a choice. -.-

    • martin

      i think its a shame if it goes to verizon first, im not switching carriers for it, i dont want to be locked into a dam contract. i was hoping it was going to be a very similar form factor to the galaxy s2 (cause its just very nicely thin). im having my doubts about it now….

    • Nate B.

      When they say first, you don’t know how much of a difference out long of a wait that is. Cool out. Let’s let it become reality first

      • teecruz

        true. I know. :)
        I always wait for legit facts.
        that’s why I said based on the rumors said so far, the image & release is making it very ugly.
        I hope nothing mentioned in this article is true.
        We don’t need a revamped Nexus S, with ICS (& on Verizon, first?) :\
        *barf bags* But I have hope still. :)

        • c-los

          ok really there is nothing wrong with it going to verizon. tmobile and sprint have gotten some amazing phones in the past. Frankly im tired of low end providers getting really cool phones when they their week networks dont do them justice. There is a reason when a superior device goes to verizon and people flock to them. Like moma says “dont hate appreciate.”

          • Brandon

            You mean “weak”

  • SphericalPuma

    I say we still wait and see what happens. Remember there are two different model numbers (sch-i515 for Verizon and gt-i9250) I’m inclined to believe that the droid guy saw the sch model that was coming to verizon and not the Nexus Prime.

    I still think it will be an OG Droid / Nexus One thing, wherein Android 2.0 came to Verizon first and the Nexus One hit later with 2.1

    • keridel

      i agree. lets not jump the gun. but the closer we come to the release the more juicey the rumors become!

  • keridel

    of course being in the uk i dont worry about which of your carriers gets it first as i will get it on any of my carriers :)

    on the button side. my biggest fear is that samsung will do what they always do make the nexus look like all their other phones. boring and samey. if they make it look like the icrap then the battle is lost.

    • Dags

      You won’t get it on any of your carriers if Verizon gets it first because it will be CDMA. You’ll have to wait for a GSM version to be released.

      • keridel

        hmm interesting point. looking back i havent noticed a lag on phone availability here for nexus and havent they all started on verizon? i may be wrong in that. but i hope they dont just think of the american audience first

        • keridel

          ok i’ve just seen verizon havent had one before. ok. the world may be in trouble…

          • elphb

            Google has already said they were looking to make it CDMA and GSM compatible. Do you really think Google would launch their next flagship phone, one that has become well known around the world as the true android experience, and limit its release to the US? Google is not that stupid. If there is money to be made they will release it worldwide.


    I will wait for confirmation. Rumors are fun but there just that rumors

  • razgriz94

    I really don’t mind the rumored info, except for that last part about being on Verizon first. I will be extremely disappointed if that comes true. The Nexus devices should launch on all the supported carriers simultaneously. And if not, T-Mo should be the one to get the privilege of early release. Most of the current Nexus owners are on T-Mobile, including myself, and I don’t think many will want to switch carriers just to keep up with the latest Android has to offer.

    • scott

      I agree with you 100%, I’m also on T-Mobile

    • alamoe

      Yeah, it should be on T-Mo first… it doesn’t sell and has crappy coverage.

      • scott

        Crappy coverage? Where do you live? Alaska?

        • alamoe

          Haha. Nope. In the South. But ask anyone who has the best coverage and see what they say. No matter where you go. It’s not just a coincidence that Verizon has the most subscribers. I’m not a carrier fanboy or anything, but as far as business and making money is concerned, every OEM would be crazy not to want their phones on Verizon. All of the other Nexus phones haven’t been on Verizon but I bet the Droid phones have sold more units.

    • elphb

      Verizon decided not to release the Galaxy S II specifically to get the exclusive launch rights to this phone from Google. Verizon stated that they didnt think the SGSII would really compete with the iPhone 5 so they decided not to release it. They obviously thought the Galaxy Nexus was the true competitor and went to Google to get the launch rights while the other networks were all clamoring over the SGSII and what their launch approach would be. Also, this way Verizon is the one left with a truly unique and powerful Android experience no one else has. Really brilliant on Verizon’s part. And in the end what does it matter where it launches? It is still going to all the major networks by the beginning of 2012, if not sooner. So, stop being mad that Verizon is getting it first. It really doesn’t matter.

    • dominic

      The only thing is that T-Mobil might not last til 2012 my mom works in the phone sales biz and T-Mobile is selling out to at&t just when is the question which is sad my parents had the same T-Mobile plan for 15 years I just hope our prices won’t go up when at&t buys us.

  • Kevin

    Man, i just want my nexus already.

  • Mark Shramek

    I’m just disappointed that its coming out now. Sprint just got the Nexus S in April/May and now there’s a new one coming. And why Verizon? That’s sucks.

  • scott

    Why would Verizon get it first? If anything happens I hope it releases on all carriers at the same time,because I’m going to be pissed if Verizon gets it first and everyone else has to wait. All Verizon is going to do I fug this phone up any way by slapping the shitty Droid name on it. You know,there’s a reason why Verizon has yet to get a nexus device….

    • alamoe

      The only reason Verizon hasn’t had a nexus device is because they didn’t want one. Google would kill to have a nexus device on Verizon.

      • scott

        One word – bloateware …

        • alamoe

          All phones have bloatware. Do you use EVERY app that comes on a Nexus phone. Doubt it. Then its bloatware. Not a concern for me. I’ve rooted every Android phone I ever had.

  • Wesley

    I read elsewhere that the phone was running Gingerbread too because ISC wasn’t ready (which is probably why it had a home button). The shell could be changed once ICS is usable with the hardware. If this is the Nexus Prime, I hope the official build has no buttons and all the controls for back, home and menu are in the UI once the device gets ICS.

    • Alan Paone

      Why waste screen real estate on menu and back buttons? They’re needed in every single app, so they should put them on the bezel!

      Dear google;

  • austin

    here is how I am hoping they do the home button. it should look more like the zune HD. not a square but a rectangle. except it shouldn’t be a real button it should be a gesture like area. you press it to go home, swipe up to open up your app switcher witch should look more like the honeycomb one. here is a picture of a zune HD so you can see what I am talking about

    • shaneaus

      Sorry, gotta disagree here. The gesture area would be bigger than that iPhoney button. Also, reading gestures would take longer and be subject to mistakes. I LIKE the four button layout. I’m hoping that it remains or I’ll be looking for another device.

  • Nathan

    Well they are just rumors and will hold judgment until the truth comes out from either a carrier samsung of google.

  • Kimbo

    So Verizon gets it first. Big deal. T-mo will get it soon after I’m sure. I hope my Cliq can survive long enough until then.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Rumors are kool it keeps info in the mainstream which we need. But verizon first THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.. Plus the device is lacking a few things I am not a big of what I read above so let’s hope it gets better spec wise. Today the Nexus Prime won’t be that much better than what’s already out

    • snowbdr89

      We dont care for you’re useless opinion stupid!! Now go jump infront of a train..

    • xallies

      Android and me have been dead on with Taylors rumors in the past. They have my support.

    • squiddy20

      Bwahahaha!!! Keep dreaming dumba**! It’s been CONFIRMED to be coming to Verizon first. Oh, and EVERYTHING about this phone beats your pitiful Evo 3D. You’re delusional if you think otherwise.

    • Dirge

      Lol, what’s it lacking? So far, everything mentioned in the article beats anything currently out, especially your Evo 3D. Better screen, better processor, better camera(most likely), better overall device. And why couldn’t it be on Verizon first? They did have the most famous android phone out there, the Motorola Droid.

  • shaneaus

    If they go with one button I’ll be looking elsewhere. That will be a deal breaker for me. I use the other buttons as much OR MORE than the home button and the LAST thing I want is an iPhone clone!

  • ben dover

    The prime has multiple rumors from many sources that it has a 720 screen.
    There’s one of two ways to look at this rumor.
    1. The rumors are false and that makes it the single biggest letdown or
    2. This rumor is fake because if the prime has a 720 screen, I’m willing to bet its the first thing we would have to say about the device! This guy mentioned nothing about the screen!

  • snowbdr89

    A new phone poped up on verizons upcoming phones on phonearena an its called google nexus prime…

    • Richard Yarrell

      That’s funny ..We all know you won’t be purchasing this Nexus Prime even if it does come to verizon first. Kind of hard to purchase something when you don’t have anything worthy to trade or no income to buy..Get out of these forums they are for adults only…..

      • snowbdr89

        Oh dick you worthless bastard little do you know

      • squiddy20

        “We all know you won’t be purchasing this Nexus Prime…” Who this “we” you so ignorantly speak of? It certainly isn’t me, and it certainly isn’t you. How do you “know” if he will or won’t be purchasing the Nexus Prime? FACT: You don’t.

        “these forums they are for adults only” In case you don’t know this well known FACT, anyone over the age of 18 is legally considered an adult. Therefore, I think he (snowbdr89) is “eligible” to be on these forums. Go back to grade school where you belong. You don’t know enough to make intelligent arguments.

  • Rob

    thicker than the nexus s? a home button? why have a home button at all…

    • xallies

      I couldn’t agree more

    • Christopher Chavez

      Because it was running Gingerbread (not Ice Cream Sandwich).

      They’ll easily remove the home button once the final build is released with ICS. =)

  • Slith

    I don’t believe Verizon is capable of releasing a phone without bloatware, so the pure Android experience will still come from another carrier.

    • Dharmabhum

      This is what I’m hoping for, but honestly I couldn’t care less what the Verizon model looks like. I’m not on Verizon and I won’t be, but I wish they’d just stick to Droid and be done.

      I just hope I don’t have to wait long for this to come through the dev channel. Are they still doing that with the Nexus line? I can’t recall, I sort of checked out after I got my Nexus One and ignored most of Sammy’s business since.

  • Jeffroid

    oh man. I hope the coming Nexus gives me a good reason to get rid of my Nexus S. haha.

  • aj

    It seems as though alot of people are upset that verizon might be getting it first. But you know what its time verizon got some stock android love especially in the line of the nexus form factor. Now part of me saying this is due to the fact that yes i have verizon. But seriously though verizon has not a good or any stock phone for that matter since the Original droid. So good for verizon. Really looking forward to it

  • Gone

    WTF no T-mobile first?? Why can’t google just release the damn phone on all four carriers at the same damn time!!!

  • Chris

    You guys on this site always make false predictions And you get alot of hits for it. Now if google does this to android, they will be shootung themselves in the head.

  • ZEROleaf

    I agree with aj. It would be nice if it came out for Verizon first. Verizon hasn’t had any Nexus love and with the biggest carrier in the U.S it should. Mostly everyone I know has Verizon here where I live. It would be nice to have a phone that’s solid and has the best Android experience on a carrier that’s popular here. I’m sick of seeing friends buy android phones that they have issues with and automatically blame the whole Android ecosystem and buy a iPhone instead. I actually just rooted my bosses thunderbolt to try and keep him on Android…

  • pjax

    As Matias Duarte have said about hardware buttons, it’s going to be a choice thing. some phones will have no hardware buttons and have a honeycomb-like implementation. but OEMs can still go with hardware buttons if they choose to e.g. for Android powered car GPS systems.

    in any case, the whole Android user interface navigation system HAS TO BE IMPROVED, drastically. You have to admit that navigating with the back/home/menu/search buttons is very redundant and confusing. Us android users have been used to it, but it doesn’t hide the fact that it’s really not intuitive.

    I press the back button to go back to my previous app, but what if i’m buried through several website histories? i’ll need to click through the back button several times. of course, I can always long press the home button to switch apps, but long pressing is a “breaking” process no matter how short you set the long press delay to be (Matias Duarte has said it himself). The back button should only do one thing. the home button should be refined.

    the menu button is not consistent (no indication that there is a menu button on any given page. users have to try out the button and be surprised that there is/isn’t a menu dialog). the search button? just plain redundant! a waste of hardware!!

    • alamoe

      I agree with most of what you said except at the end. The search button is probably the one I use most. I don’t use home and back much since I use SwipePad.

  • Paul Atreides

    This has to be false. A Nexus device shouldn’t be some rescaled device we’ve already seen this year. I was looking forward to something new across the board. Hopefully before I purchase my ET4G(that’s what I call it) from Sprint, some screenshots start to surface with ICS in tow.

  • Black Kristos

    BUTTON FREEEEEE! Please, please, please get this in my hands quickly! I may jump to VZ for this…

  • beverly

    this phone is fat. im rather waiting for the new iphone….

  • Anthony Domanico

    I wish I would have been one of the first to comment on this post.

    If the rumor generator is Kyle from TDG, I’m almost certain it’s BS.

    • Paul

      YES! This guy spits things out solely to get hits. This time of the year everyone wakes up to thoughts of new rumors. All he is doing is feeding us controversy. This isn’t geared toward you Alberto, I think A&M have done a great job thus far at weeding out the BS, but this article raises quite a few red flags.

  • donnieace

    I fly overseas alot. This phone needs to be GSM. I would hate to be locked down to one carrier worldwide.

    Im also not happy with Samsung getting another shot at the Nexus. The GPS on my NS is horrible.

  • Z

    I really hope they’re not killing the menu and back buttons. Bar none, the back button is the one I use most frequently on the phone… I probably use it more than all the other buttons combined.

  • Jhn

    God you Americans really are slaves to your carriers. In Sweden you can always (except for the first iphones, and maybe still with iphone) get your phones without a contract if you want to. And all of the carriers get the same version at the same time as well.

    Well at least there’s something that’s better here – I mean the price is higher and we usually (almost always) have to wait a lot longer for the phones to even be available. But we’re free!

  • wwJOSHdo

    YES THEY WILL BE MISSED! It will be so weird!

  • Ann Monis

    As long as the power button durable. On my N1 I had to have it replaced twice, seeing the power button is the only way to unlock the phone and after that I had to download a unlock program to use the volume or ball to unlock the phone.

    Who knows maybe Samsung build is way better than HTC.

  • DaveC

    I just found some motivation to pass on the Epic 4G Touch and wait on the Prime. The NFC chip. I sometimes leave the house and forget my wallet. I never forget my phone! :-)

  • Sturoid

    I’m calling shit on this one I have to say. There have been rumours that this is a pretty thin device and with a metal casing and none of that mentioned here. I cannot see Samsung coming out with a thick chunky device (which the Nexus S is compared to the GS2) especially with the latest devices all coming out being crazy thin. Just look at the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in its brushed metal back and its thin as heck so it can be done!

    • alamoe

      It’s got an LTE radio. That’s where the thickness would come from.

  • JoogleMe

    Intriguing to hear that it may come to Verizon first. Is everyone that confident that T-Mo will be no more in the future not to give it first dibs. Plus I’m not pleased that my NS is not covered under their insurance. Boooooooooo ! :-(

  • Brian

    I know these are all rumors, and everything things logical EXCEPT:

    * being thicker than the Nexus S. Its around 11 mm, while no think, I don’t get why they can’t make it thinner… The SG2 is thinner, hopefully it doesnt get thicker than a Nexus 1, thats the maximum I’d be willing to go.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Rumors, rumors, I just want to phone to come out, and see ICS functioning.

  • Shubham
  • Shubham
  • Dominic

    For all the noobs saying that the iPhone 5 will blow nexus out or the water. Where is it?