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Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 7.7 not coming to US?


If you’re like me, you were probably starting to salivate over two devices announced by Samsung yesterday at the IFA show in Berlin. According to TechCrunch, one of Samsung’s representatives at the IFA show all but confirmed that the 5.3″ Galaxy Note Phablet and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will not be making their way stateside.

These two devices were arguably the hottest devices to be announced at IFA, and many Android and Me readers (and several AAM staffers) suggested they were really looking forward to these devices when we covered them yesterday.

The one promising factor is that the representatives at trade shows generally don’t really know much about the future plans for devices launched at these shows. Often times when we’ve asked representatives from manufacturers about the release plans for devices, they either don’t know or can’t tell us any details.

Though we hold out a bit of hope that the representative was wrong and that these devices will truly be coming to the US eventually, the chances are much slimmer than they were yesterday. Sadly, it looks like we’ll have to wait for whatever device Samsung dreams up next.

Anyone else hugely disappointed by this?

Source: TechCrunch

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  • triangle

    WOW. That makes no sense. I guess you could always get a wifi galaxy tab 7.7 from somewhere else, but I tend to think that both devices will eventually make there way stateside. Look at how long it took for the SGSII to get here. They probably don’t want to introduce a new handset anytime soon when they have yet to sell the SGSIIs here.

  • Chris

    although I was disapointed with the tablet being 7″ and not 10″ ( i think if you’re going to compete with iPad you have to be 10″) I was VERY excited for the galaxy note. Now I’m a little disapointed, although even since I bought my Tmobile Vibrant (Galaxy S) Samsung has done nothing but frustrate the crap out of me.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Umm…Samsung already has a 10″ tab.

    • Mike P.

      The 7″ form-factor is much more suitable as an E-reader, since it can be held in one hand and is very light compared to 10-inch tablets. Given that it has the same pixel resolution as the 10-inch tablets, the 7.7 will have higher pixel density and be even nicer as an e-reader.

      I was really looking forward to this tablet coming to the U.S. in Wifi-only form. I guess I can still hope.

  • sparty569

    After seeing this phone last night, I was hoping that we would see it on VZW. It sucks when you have love at first sight with electronics.

  • Nick Gray

    While it’s hard to accept, I can totally believe the story. Samsung and other OEMs have played this game for years. We may eventually get a phone and tablet that resemble the Note and GT 7.7, but they’ll probably be marketed under different names.

  • Dirge

    I think the Galaxy Note might come to Verizon. Why? It’s LTE compatible. I don’t know of any other country that has LTE(does Korea have it?).

    • http://- Zhi Hao

      There are quite a few countries that have LTE. Poland, Singapore (my country), and quite a few others have LTE.

    • sayed mohamed alzalzalah

      Yes they do … Germany Kuwait ,, Saudie arabia, UAE, Norway , sweden, Austria , Finland Chaina, Taiwan, so many

    • J.H P

      don’t be so ignorant. LTE is not an US or Verizon only thing. =)

  • AceoStar

    This makes me sadface

  • Curt Hibbs

    I am definitely disappointed as the Galaxy Note is almost exactly what I’ve been looking for. I hope HTC comes out with something similar.

    • iamXiV92a

      Same here Curt!

  • Ben Gildenstein

    This is hardly confirmed news, and I wouldn’t be drawing any conclusions based on it.

    • Anthony Domanico

      You must have missed the part about us knowing that reps are sometimes wrong.

  • Nathan

    But I was looking forward on playing with them in stores. :(

  • uknowme

    Somehow this doesn’t surprise me. It seems like Samsung likes to play these games. “Look what we made, na na you can’t have one”

  • thaghost

    i figured that much. there is not a market for that here (a few readers on a few blogs are not enough). the us carriers like to disable calling features, etc and put oems through too much trouble just to customize a perfectly fine device. Perfect example is the galaxy 7 which i once owned. It would have been a killer device if they would have had an earpiece and enabled calling features. Everyone saw what happened as soon as the 10 in honeycomb devices started coming out en masse…the price of that device dropped quickly.

  • Volkan Ay

    I love Samsung Galaxy the best mobiles and the tabs is a must have

  • martin

    i dont understand why they do not like my money. why would they not sell it in the US? does that just mean no brick and mortar stores would carry it (so that means i could still buy it online and shipped to US)? i guess that would be fine.

  • SaK

    The Galaxy Tab 7.7 seems to be the tablet I’ve been waiting for… beautiful screen, HD+ resolution, powerful dual-core cpu and it’s pretty lightweight. I’m seriously hoping that representative was clueless.

  • VerizonSUKhard

    damn Verizon is getting sh!T unless you count the bionic.

  • kazahani

    Maybe they just didn’t want to go throught the trouble of making a different model for each US carrier…


    I guess I am glad that 5.3 is not coming, cause it will stop my thoughts of getting it.. LMAO ,+1?

  • S

    Then tell Apple to PHUCK OFF if you want usa to enjoy new types of smart phones without having to get sued by the rotten apple, with apple insight the us is stuck with crap phones -.-

  • keridel

    they will release them as the samsung wibworb or zuzzlebuzz or whatever weird names they choose for you guys. it will just take a while for them to change it to your random carrier frequencies.

  • bearnutz504

    Yeah, it really make no sense if you look at HTC, seams to me they have no problem making every device ready for world-wide shipping, especially for the US. Oh-Yeah look at their revenue! They have no problem putting up with our carriers BS, cause it comes down to making the dolla.

  • Leonick

    I’d guess that it’s not heading to the US… right now.
    I have a hard time believing it will never come to the US though, but a delay compared to the Asia\European launch? Not exactly a rare occurrence.

  • McParty

    Yes, I am disappointed!! I was looking forward to a phone with a larger screen!!

  • AME

    The Galaxy Note was the one product they would surely NOT be sued by Apple over. They should be shoving this into every market they can! I don’t know why they aren’t trying to make this a new class of device that they are bringing to market. (New in the same way the iPad tablet was new [ie sort of].)

  • Devon Rodgers

    To be honest, I’m not buying the whole “it’s not coming the US” thing that’s going on here. What kind of business move is this? I think it’ll come to the US eventually, if not, not a good call at all.

  • ChricCornel

    So Galaxy Note WILL be coming to the States just later in 2012. Why they wait this long is beyond me.

    Sammy always is ready to cater to the overseas market, like Nokia in their hey-day, but when it comes to States its left a day late and a dollar short.

    • J.H P

      Not Sammy’s fault, blame your stupid US carriers BS marketing strategy!!!
      It’s all the BS from the carriers demanding a redesign and unique look and style to the same model that causes those delays.

  • SliestDragon

    Makes no sense. Hopefully it comes later. Lots of people want these…

  • hector manzanarez

    I definitely wanted the note as a phone since It could suit many needs and I’d love that large screen

  • Charles W

    If samsung doesn’t get the note to the states first, then someone else will. It’s like there’s a war going on between phone manufacturers. I wouldn’t be surprised what comes from the motorola camp since google has bought into them. I’m just sitting back and watching the sparks fly.

  • Jay

    Between this, the Nexus Prime (or whatever they’re going to call it) and the iPhone 5, and me being ineligible for upgrade with Verizon, I’m going to have $600 stashed away for at least three months before I can decide on what to commit to. So much awesome tech coming out… I can’t handle it.

  • Andre

    is its screen scratch resistant, because if you use stylus on the same point it will make a scract on it

  • Lucidlife

    It passed through the FCC with AT&T bands so we will get this thing in the US early next year.

  • josh

    too bad if both of them are not coming….both of them are really great Samsung product….merely between tabletphones vs tablet PC…We would vote for tabletphones actually….however price tag also goes higher, unfortunately for this tabletphones…

    great article, great presentation & great exposition….very clear & sharp…well done!

    SG Note vs SG Tab 7 plus

    SG Note, new breed of Samsung tabletphones

    Samsung as one of most influential IT Company in 2011

    warm regards,

  • charlie

    good call. im picking the note up on day one at&t has it ready.