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Square Enix to bring 3 games to Android, including Chrono Trigger


Hard core gamers know that, when it comes to RPGs, no game developer can beat Square Enix (previously known as Squaresoft). But Square Enix hasn’t done much for the Android platform (unless you’re a huge Crystal Defenders fan), and gamers are hoping to get some good games from the Final Fantasy creators. Maybe even Final Fantasy games. Why not? Final Fantasy 7, anyone?

We’re not that lucky yet. But Square Enix has announced that some good games will be coming to Android (and iOS) users. Today during the Tokio Game Show, Square Enix said Chrono Trigger (yes, the Super Nintendo one!), Dragon Quest Monsters and Ithadaki Street would be released for both major platforms.

As Square Enix gets more involved in Android development, we should see more–and better–games showing up. iOS users currently have Chaos Rings, which is one of the best RPG games for mobile devices out there. We Android users sure hope to get such quality games from Square Enix. What games would you guys like to see? Chaos Rings? Any of the Final Fantasy games? Do you guys prefer new mobile/Android exclusive games?

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Source: Pocket Gamer

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  • mjforte

    I love Chrono Trigger but I can already play it on my phone using emulators.

  • Emil

    I came.

  • Commanderastig

    Final fantasy 8! Would be awesome if they can resurrect that awesome game that revolutionize the graphic in final fantasy series.

    • keridel

      if i could plus 20 you i would.

      ff8 would be the best thing ever on android EVER!!

    • jake

      You mean the worse game in the off series?? That progressive lvling takes all the fun out of grinding and completing challenges like the weps in 7

  • rantmo

    Final Fantasies (Finals Fantasy? Fantasies Final?) 2, 3 or 9 would make me unreasonably happy.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Square-Enix have not released a good and true RPG game in years, but the classics ones are just cult games by now, I mean, Chrono Trigger? F*** yeah I want that one. for the I’m having fun playing Gurk haha.

  • Nick Gray

    I’ve played through Chrono trigger twice over the past tow years with SNES emulators on my G1 and G2. Having a keyboard makes the games much more enjoyable. Once it hits the Android market I’ll definitely buy it and play through again! Version that was posted to the Nintendo DS included a 14th special ending. Let’s hope the android version gets the same treatment.

  • Neil

    Chrono Trigger is the best game ever. Can’t wait to have this bad boy on my Infuse.

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Yeah, I’ve got Chrono Trigger on my phone already… but far be it from me to turn down an official port… this could be a good trend!

  • Triplanetary

    Hard core gamers know that, when it comes to RPGs, no game developer can beat Square Enix (previously known as Squaresoft).

    This is a completely ridiculous statement.

    • rantmo

      It used to be true, but that was fifteen years ago (give or take.)

  • game android

    I love Chrono Trigger

  • Clone Clooney

    Square Enix is only doing well with JRPGs, not western. Their recent game is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a great game but they only published it while it was developed by Eidos.

    Hardcore gamers know that Bethesda and Bioware have been dominating the western rpg market for years.

  • Babyjetta

    Go chrono tiger!

    • Babyjetta


  • pekosROB

    hell. frickin’. yes.

  • Eric G

    I’m excited about Chrono Trigger, don’t get me wrong, but I’d be significantly more excited if you told me Secret of Mana or Earthbound was being ported. Of course, I’d lose my mind if Earthbound 2 was translated and released, but that would just be too much excitement for RPG fans to handle…

  • Eric Farley

    I am currently playing both Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7 on my Galaxy S2 thanks to emulators but I would be willing to pay to have the official ports their some of the best games ever developed from back in the days when developers cared more about the story line of the game than the pixel count.

    • Eric

      Whoops meant to say polygon count.

  • SliestDragon

    It would be so awesome if this happened. Bring all your games to Android please! :D

  • The Bald Eagle

    I’m a little late on this. But this is awesome news! I torn between a Sony S Tablet (Android) and an iPad 2. The Sony has certain features I want (IR blaster, full SD slot, Flash), but the iPad has much better games (for me), including critical Square Enix titles. If Android will be getting more SE games this makes my decision easier!

    Now, if they’d only get some old school Sega RPGs like the Shining Force and Phantasy Star series.

  • FF fanatics

    Can u make ff8 and ff9 for android pls…