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Thrive prize pack winner, full #shotbyme photo contest results


Over the past week, we’ve been fielding your #shotbyme photo submissions via Twitter and have finally selected a winner. About 700 of you sent a photo to @NVIDIATegra, and we used RowFeeder to track all the Tweets and randomly pick a winner.

Congratulations to @IridiumWings who sent in the winning photo:

The winning shot was for the birds, via

By submitting that photo, IridiumWings just scored himself a¬†Toshiba Thrive prize pack¬†featuing the Thrive tablet with NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, a Canon Powershot 300HS digital camera, a 32GB SD card and a pair of Caselogic bags to hold it all. A lot of you submitted awesome photos, some of which we’ve rounded up below. If you’d like to see even more, head on over to Twitter and search the hash #shotbyme.

Gallon of beer, opening instrument. via @Mesgalis Firetruck damaged by Irene, via @josephcolon. How bout them apples? From @Kevlan85. Screen burn, as arranged by @stefandog. Welcome home, shot by @ososxe To do: enter the contest! from @glcraven Seagull incominggg! via @anvala Uprooted by Irene, by @RBI411 The stick up, via @techvudu Full size Yoda statue, via @davidrodowicz. A nice afternoon drive, captured and filtered by @HelloAmy

And while it’s in the gallery above, we thought this photo was awesome enough to call out in the post. Our buddy @Kevlan85 took the time to arrange some apples into an impromptu Android and Me logo.

How bout them apples? From

If you didn’t score this time, stay tuned! We’ve got a new contest kicking off tomorrow. We’re doing another round of the Editor’s Choice, powered by NVIDIA. This time we’ll be visiting Anthony Domanico and his back to school prize pack, which you definitely won’t want to miss.

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  • Anthony Domanico

    Woo… video by Skype. Let’s do this giveaway #2!

  • uknowme

    Congratulations that is one sweet pic! Crossing my fingers that someday I’ll win.

    • Lekz

      Thanks! Best of luck to you :P

  • abitnerdy

    Congratulations to winner! Stunning Photo!

    • Lekz

      Thanks man! Glad you like it :D!!

  • RBI411

    Honorable mention… So close…


    I did not join the contest, in fear that if won there would be an out cry but i just wanted to share this pic i took.. I think its the most amazing I have ever taken.. caught the lightning in the cloud..


  • Tran Lang

    Congrats, Andrew Lam.

    • Lekz

      Thanks :D

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  • Umarfaruk M

    well! better luck (photo) next time :(