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Updates Galore! HTC Thunderbolt gets Gingerbread, Droid X gets better keyboard

Thunderbolt Update Verizon

Today we have good news for many Verizon customers. Two of the most popular Verizon Android devices are getting some good OTA update treatment. Yes, my friends, that does include the Gingerbread update for the HTC Thunderbolt which we were so skeptical about.

HTC confirmed this via Twitter yesterday, mentioning that the update was still scheduled for September, which is ending in a few short days. We have been waiting for HTC and Verizon to release this update for a very long time. After many delays, it was hard to believe that the Thunderbolt would ever be seeing Gingerbread, but the changelog is up and running and theupdate should be coming anytime now (build 2.11.605.3).

Aside from all of the Gingerbread goodness, the device will also be getting some special treatment and extra enhancements. This includes a new download manager app, app and power management details, a new desktop UI, and a customizable dock. The most important changes are the dock and the UI, which promise to bring a completely different experience than what Thunderbolt owners are used to.

The Thunderbolt is also getting its fair share of improvements, so simply click on the image to the right (or hit the source link) to see what this update will be bringing to your fingertips.

Just to make things better for Verizon users, the Motorola Droid X is also getting a smaller update[1]. This 113 MB update will basically fix all of your keyboard issues. It will “resolve keyboard stability usability issues in order to optimize performance during text entry.”

There you go, guys. Both of these updates should be rolling out anytime soon, so make sure to keep checking on those software updates. Do any of you have one of these devices? Excited to finally get Gingerbread on that Thunderbolt? Let us know what you think, and comment below when you start getting your updates!


  1. Source: Verizon Wireless Via: Android Central

Via: Android Central

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • theschneidster

    I hope it’s good. Review on DroidLife mentions the lack of several of the enhancements mentioned on VZW’s info.

    No front-camera support on Google Talk
    Sense is still 2.1
    Voicemail notification is wonky (Why aren’t people using Google Voice?)

    However, Gingerbread seems to have a positive effect on speed/usability, which is good.

    *fingers crossed*

  • jonehi

    I’m rooted (no rom thought) how do I updhate while still keeping my root t-bolt. Any help is apreciated

  • LeMon James of Miami Cheat

    good update for this obsolete phone!

  • Slith

    Makes waiting for the Nexus a little easier I guess.



  • ampd

    Wife got a firmware update this morning on her Thunderbolt…ready.set.go….

  • uknowme

    I’m happy for all the thunderbolt owners. I know that wait had to be horrible.

  • Slith

    Well the OTA update has failed three times this morning. 142MB takes quite awhile on 3G.

  • Matthew

    STILL NO 2.3 for LG optimus 2X!!!!!! :(

  • JayMonster

    After a day of use, all I can say is… It took that long for THAT? I will never understand what anybody sees in Sense! As for the rest of it… Well the bugs have already been mentioned, voicemail notifications, no FFC with GTalk.

    The only good thing I can say is that 4g LTE is falling back to 3g far less than it used to and at least for today, the phantom dropping of data connection seems to be gone… But it shouldn’t have had to take them that long just for that.

    The announcement also skipped over the “Footprints ” bloatware that HTC added (their version of Latitude or Foursquare, near as I can guess.

  • VewAccowhek

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