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Video: an in-depth look at the HTC Jetstream


The HTC Jetstream from AT&T has been available for a few days now, but due to the outlandish price (even on-contract), we don’t suspect many of you have taken the time to learn more about HTC’s first Honeycomb tablet. Yes, you could go down to your local AT&T store to play with the Jetstream, but chances are you won’t find it there. We’ve heard multiple reports from potential customers and AT&T employees that only a select number of AT&T stores have received the HTC Jetstream.

Since we’ve not had the opportunity to play around with the Jetstream yet, we thought we’d share a pretty extensive hands-on review of the tablet with you. The video comes to us courtesy of MobileTechReview and features 31 minutes of HTC Jetstream goodness.

Despite the $699 on-contract price tag, the reviewer seems to think the HTC Jetstream is one of the best Android tablets on the market. If you have some time to spare, we suggest you watch the video and see what the fuss is all about.

Source: MobileTechReview

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • RockinEvo

    Love HTC but no matter how good this will be I can’t begin to open my wallet to that price, gotta love ATT money moneys money consumer comes last.

    • 1rd


  • Nick Gray

    The price for the Jetstream is the biggest issue that the tablet has, but it’s really not that more than the 3G iPad or LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab.

    Apple iPad 32 GB $729.00 3G, 2G (no contract)
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB $629 LTE
    HTC Jetstream 32GB $699 LTE, HSPA+, 3G, 2G

    This gives me hope that we could see a Wi-Fi version of the Jetstream for around $550.

  • thaghost

    I am tired of reviewers saying “this is one of the best android phones/tablets on the market.” is it the best or not? Is it 2nd best? 3rd? Which one is the best? Which one is the worst? Stop playing and give us a real ranking of some sort. That would really help. That tired saying above is useless.

    • DROID Sam

      I know what you’re saying, but I think it’s hard to compare things, especially the HTC Jetstream since it features a difference processor than most Android Honeycomb tablets and has LTE and 3G network support.

      Some people might think that a faster or more powerful processor makes one tablet better than another while others look at how thin it is of what the UI is like. They are all subjective measurements that are based on individuals likes or dislikes.

      One of the best simply implies that it’s probably in the top five no matter how people make their rankings. That’s not saying much right now since there are only about 10 Honeycomb tablets, but once there are dozens of options on the market, the “one of the best” term will be a lot more relevant.

  • Dags

    If you already have a phone with WiFi Hotspot, I don’t know how you could justify almost double the price of the Asus Transformer and lock yourself into a contract.

  • Futureboy

    So… if I pay an arm and a leg for gas to get to the store, then pay another arm and a leg for the device, how am I supposed to operate the thing?

    • Rovex

      Try it when your ‘gas’ (Petrol) cost $8 a US gallon and the Jetstream is over $1000, like it is in the UK.

  • AndroidCook

    This tablet really rocks, and it is too bad it’s priced so high. Rogers (one of Canada’s big 3 mobile operators) carries it, and the price is similar to the AT&T pricing (Rogers has LTE in major Canadian centres and, in fact, used to do mobile business as “Rogers/AT&T Canada”).