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Video: HP Touchpad dual-booting Android 2.3.5, webOS


By now most of you know there are quite a few people working on bringing Android to the HP TouchPad.  Things are moving along quite nicely, but it’ll be a while before we have a fully functional Android port.  The latest video from Team Touch-DROID shows the progress on the dual-boot front, which should allow users to keep webOS fully functional even if they choose to flash Android onto the TouchPad.  The dual-boot process currently requires the device to be connected to a PC to enter commands manually.

Team Touch-DROID and others are working hard to enable touchscreen and hardware acceleration so that Android runs smoothly on the TouchPad’s dual-core Qualcomm processor.  We’re really excited about the progress the development community has already done and can’t wait until things are stable enough for the general public to use.  Once Android is up and running, would you prefer a dual-boot system to keep webOS alive, or do you plan to simply kill it off in favor of Android?

Source: Team TouchDROID

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    I would def like a dual boot.. Webos has some perks That I would not want to lose..

    • R.S

      I agree!

      Since I was used to Android, webOS felt a bit off at first. However, now that I’ve gotten used to it, I like it and would miss some of the features.

      Give me the ability to use Android apps on it and (imo) it’ll be perfect.

    • :-(

      GET A LIFE

    • Alfonso Surroca

      I agree. After a week with the TouchPad, I’m enjoying webOS and will definitely opt to dual-boot rather than just dump Android on it.

  • James

    Nice, a duel boot would be nice. I’d also like to be able to play with both. Hell iam just happy to be getting one now.

    • Futureboy

      “Duel” boot would be awesome! Fire it up and watch in awe as the two operating systems battle it out for supremacy!

      • Myself


      • Futureboy

        No, but the digital carnage sure would be fun to watch!

        • BiGMERF

          Android already put the “Finish Him” (Mortal Combat Voice) Move on WebOs

  • Chucktate

    Dual Boot for sure. WebOS rocks and does most everything I need. But still need some functionality of Android and apps.

  • AME

    The biggest thing I want out of Android on the Touchpad is the Marketplace/apps. There are other things I want too, but the killer feature of Android on a tablet over WebOS is the Marketplace.

  • j_r0dd

    What would be better is porting dalvikvm so we could install android apps onto WebOS ;)

  • Paul

    While I like the idea of dual boot, I really do like some things of WebOS, I think practically speaking if Android was 100% functional, and nice, on the Touchpad I’d never end up switching to the WebOS half and I’d rather have it back as space. I mean I like WebOS but ever dual booth Linux and Windows? I always end up on one side or the other but never using both evenly.

  • Nathan

    I would rather have honeycomb tablet just saying.

  • hypothesis

    No thanks, i already own an iPad.

    • Jaz

      Then stick wit your restricted and closed tablet. Who cares? Some people still like to make their own decisions and do whatever they want with their property. Let apple keep squeezing you and controlling everything you do. I’ll be happy with my dual booting dual core beast of a tablet while you sit there wondering if your allowed to do something on your iPad without apples permision .

    • andy

      coz ur a sheep and follow the rest of the crowd!!!

  • uknowme

    I would run plain ole vanilla android.

  • Paxmos

    I like WebOS, but I will definitely run it on Android just because of the apps…that is if optimezed for the tablet.

  • SliestDragon

    I think this is the best compromise. I’d love to have the ability to run both.

  • thechad