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Video: Lock your keys in the house? NFC to the rescue!

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We’re sure the Google Wallet hype is still hot among Samsung Nexus S 4G users. Purchasing bagels and coffee with your phone is great and all, but as technology evolves NFC chips will become much more handy. In the “home of the future,” things like opening a door with your NFC-enabled phone will be common. And that’s something Yale Locks & Hardware hopes to offer soon.

Yale’s Real Living locks, the Zigbee and Z-Wave, support Assa Abloy’s Mobile Keys software. This allows you to save all your keys in your devices. As you can see in the video, once the handset is authorized to open a door it’s very easy to do so. Simply open the app, select which key to use, and tap on it.

Price and availability are still unknown, but these door locks will be hitting the US market first (probably followed by the rest of the world soon after). We certainly assume these will not be comparably priced to locks found at the hardware stores. It probably won’t be cheap to upgrade all your doors.

NFC-enabled doorlocks are exciting, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. NFC technology can be used for a multitude of daily tasks. Personally, I’m waiting for a WiFi connected home. Just imagine adding WiFi antennas to these locks, as well as all your appliances and electronics. I’ like to have all main room lights turned on when I tap my phone to unlock the door. You could even set the TV to turn on, or maybe the air conditioning. How about having your car turn on when you tap on the NFC receiver that opens your garage door?

The possibilities are endless, so let’s start thinking what we want to do with our NFC chips. What do you guys see coming in the future (aside from payments and locks)? Those who have it, are you enjoying Google Wallet? Can you see yourself becoming dependent on it? Is anyone planning to purchase one of these door locks? We better not be losing our phones…

Show Press Release
Yale Debuts First NFC Door Lock for Homes

Near Field Communication (NFC) employs Mobile Keys platform from parent company Assa Abloy.

LENOIR CITY, TN — Yale Locks & Hardware (, an ASSA ABLOY Group company and a world leader in door hardware for residential and commercial applications, will demonstrate a version of its Yale Real Living locks with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The demonstration will take place at the upcoming CEDIA Expo 2011, September 7-10 in Indianapolis, IN.

The Yale Real Living line is the company’s first locks specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into the digital home.

In adding NFC capability, Yale expects to be the first US brand to offer residential locks with NFC capability. What’s more, this Yale Real Living line will be compatible with the ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys platform. A scalable secure delivery infrastructure for distribution and management of mobile keys, the ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys platform allows credentials to be distributed securely through NFC-enabled mobile phones as an alternative to mechanical keys and physical access cards. Consequently, this will be the first line of residential locks that can be unlocked directly using an NFC-enabled mobile phone.

NFC is a short-range wireless communication technology standard that enables the exchange of data between devices up to a 10-centimeter distance. Applications include contactless transactions such as payment and transit ticketing, keys, data transfers including electronic business cards, and access to online digital content.

The mobile keys platform enabled by the NFC technology has already been introduced to the hospitality industry by Yale’s parent company, ASSA ABLOY. In fact, ASSA ABLOY recently completed the first-ever trial of the mobile keys platform at the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm, in which 28 frequent hotel guests were invited to use the technology over an eight-month period. Reaction to the mobile keys platform was overwhelmingly positive.

“From a residential perspective, the mobile phone is ubiquitous,” said Jason Williams, General Manager of Yale Residential. “We use it to make reservations, schedule our day, everything. By incorporating NFC technology into our Yale Real Living locks, we’ve extended the functionality of the mobile phone even further. What’s more, we’ve created a highly secure product that capitalizes on ASSA ABLOY technology that is being extremely well-received in other end-user markets.”

Available with either a sleek capacitive touchscreen or pushbutton key pad, Yale’s new platform of intelligent locks supports both Z-Wave® and ZigBee, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into a wide range of home control and security systems, including Control4, the Vera Z-Wave home control system by Mi Casa Verde, and’s emPower, among others.

Via: Droid Life

Source: Engadget

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  • Galen20K

    I just want to know when we’ll be able to Hydrate a Pizza with our smartphones like in Back to the Future part 2.

  • Dr.Carpy

    The part that made me smile was that the iPhone he was using struggles at first…and the presenter blames himself! Oh those Apple Svengalis!

    • Garrett

      I’m an android lover as much as anyone else, but that guy did look retarded. Like he had never touched a smart phone before. He was holding his finger on the screen moving it around, kind of like how clicking and dragging a shortcut on my computer doesn’t open said shorcut.

      • Garrett

        I meant to add that I wasn’t trying to shift blame away from the iPhone. Man I’m scatterbrained today.

  • Jess Blanchard

    Control ALL THE THINGS!

  • Dr.Carpy

    By the way, I want this so much! Thanks Android and Me for the constant barrage of tech. Now, I’ll never be done my renovations!

  • Steve Barry

    I would hate to have a loose phone too, but that’s what you get when you have a slider ;).

    On the other hand, LOSING my phone not be fun if I had NFC-enabled devices all over the place.

  • James

    One big issue with people relying on their phone to handle everything, especially something as important as getting into your own home, is that battery life still isn’t that great. If your phone dies, how the hell do you get inside?

    • T-Pain

      Agreed.. However I know that just as technology advances, new battery technology are starting to emerge but I don’t think their will be any breakthroughs. I don’t see anything replacing Lithium-Ion batteries until probably 2020…

    • Edgar Cervantes

      How about adding a Qi charger on that lock? Maybe you could get enough energy just so that the phone can turn on and you can unlock the door.

      If your phone dies, just tap and hold. Turn on the device while holding it close to the door, and unlock it. Yes, it may be annoying to turn on the device and wait, but this should only happen on the days when you happen to have a dead battery.

      • Panatella

        That is absolutely brilliant! Patent it, before you-know-who gets to it first!

        Other issue is of course security. If everything is connected to everything else, couldn’t one steal a key trough malware?


        • Panatella

          * im wrapping mine in tinfoil

        • Doug

          there is key pad and a backup key that can be used in that case

  • jr

    How crazy would that be you get by your car wave you phone it unlocks it and turns it on at the same time get to your house wave your phone door opens lol can’t wait for the future !!!

  • irishrally

    I just pinged my tmobile contact and got this information:

    “the google wallet app will be made available as first maintenance release 2 months after launch.”

    I assuming after launch mean a couple of days ago, or was it yesterday, eh, anyway …

  • ben dover

    If this isn’t too expensive I might pick one up! I would still have my house key on my key ring in case my phone dies though!

  • Ryan

    To the “what if your battery dies” question: did you not notice the keypad on the lock?

    Honestly I think it would be cooler if there was no front plate to this system; so it looks like nothing is there at all. You could even hide this up near the corner of the door. All you do is wave your phone over the hidden “blank” spot and it unlocks. You obviously know where the lock is but a thief wouldn’t. so even having your phone won’t help.

    Granted with NFC all they would have to do is wave it over the entire edge of the door and it would find it somewhere.

  • nexus

    LOL its kind of funny, now if someone steals your phone, they have the key to your house, possibly car, and credit cards. Plus your hundreds of dollar phone :P

  • SliestDragon

    NFC is so cool. When I get the next Nexus, I plan to get a few dozen NFC tags to put all around the house to do things. After I buy these, of course. :p

  • Mark

    No thanks but I don’t want everything about my entire life revolving around my phone.

  • frankwhite44

    As we start “living by the phone”, I find it hard to believe that losing our phones will be a problem in the future. We will be using it so much that it would surely be hard to lose.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Man, I just love the present-future, this is amazing and truly looking forward in life, I foresee NFC integrating more and more to our everyday life, we been living in our current stone-age far to long.

  • mongbinhthuong

    The only thing I want to use NFC from my phone, I have a Samsung Nexus S, is to unzip my girlfriend’s zippers on her clothes when she and I are alone. Hahahaha…