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EA and Samsung bringing Dead Space to Android this fall

Dead Space

When will Electronic Arts take Android seriously? The developer already has several games available on the Android Market, but most have been disappointing and received more 1-star reviews than 5-star reviews. Hopefully things get turned around this fall when the classic survival horror game Dead Space is ported to Android.

No press releases have gone out, but Samsung was showing off a near-final build of Dead Space running on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 at their booth last week in order to promote their upcoming Games Hub. I only got a few minutes of hands-on time with the game, but it was the most impressive graphics I’ve seen on any Android title to date. The game originally debuted back in 2008 on PC and consoles, but it looks like EA has updated the graphics to take full advantage of the Tegra 2 inside the Galaxy Tab.

We don’t have many details about Samsung’s Game Hub, but it was first revealed at Mobile World Congress in February alongside the Galaxy S II Unpacked event. At the time, Game Hub appeared to be a showcase app that was stocked full of Gameloft games. It will be interesting to see if Samsung turns Game Hub into an actual content market like they did with Media Hub, or if they just emulate an app like Tegra Zone that redirects purchases to the Android Market.

No release date for Dead Space was provided, but the booth monkey said Game Hub might be available this fall. Sony Ericsson recently offered Dead Space and a couple other titles on the Xperia Play, so look for more games from EA to eventually hit the Android Market.

If you never played the original Dead Space, check out the trailer of the game below. How much would you pay for a triple-A console game ported to Android?

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  • Chris

    Could a HTC Sensation 4G handle this? :D

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      They demoed the game on Tegra 2, so my guess is any device with a dual-core processor could handle it.

  • http://www.mobilegamebuzz.com Nick

    So, is this simply a port from the iOS version? or is this the original 360/PS3 version?

    • Minn505

      Obviously, it will be the similar to the iOS version.

      However, I’m curious to know how soon EA will port Dead Space 2 over to Android, which is getting released for ios this December.

  • rob

    umm im confused, I have had this on my samsung vibrant for over a month!! It’s a port of the ios version graphics are awesome and plays smooth on the phone. I got it off a site that has tons of android apps so I guess it’s a leaked version??but it’s complete. great game

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveoft

      You must have a cracked copy because it’s only available for the Xperia Play. It sounds like the game will finally be coming to more handsets. I hope it’s the Android Market but I fear its another exclusive deal.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I’m not sure this is the same version as Xperia Play. It was optimized for a tablet sized display and the graphics looked amazing.

      • Jassired

        It’s the same version as for Xperia Play,nothing new :)

    • Omar

      whats the site?

  • Nathan

    I would pay anything less then $20 for a mobile version of it easily, since I play both counsel version I am very excited for having it on my phone =)

  • crickerman

    I love dead space :-)

  • freeze frozen

    thats a great good new ! hopefully in the meantime we will have the upcoming Shadowgun and more hot games to play are coming. Android rises !

  • frozenmonkey

    I dont get it:

    “EA and Samsung bringing Dead Space to Android this fall ”

    “Sony Ericsson recently offered Dead Space and a couple other titles on the Xperia Play”

    Is this

    a) a mistake
    b) everything to get few more clicks
    c) im just too stupid

  • Silgrond

    Funny thing is, that I’ve already finished this game more than a month ago on my Galaxy S, and was wondering when will this be out.
    It was amazing, I can recommend it to anyone.
    The graphics were really smooth and good looking.
    Will buy it.

    • chuchu

      hi dear can u plz give the link where u get the game, cz i have been trying to install it on my Galaxy S i9000 but it doesn’t work. i have installed apk on my cell and downloaded this game remaining files through wifi, but it doesn’t work, game stuck at the EA logo. even i have to restart my cell. my cell isn’t rooted one. i have android 2.3.5 version of gingerbread on my cell. i ll wait for ur kind reply.

  • http://Nothing George

    Can a mytouch 4g run this?

  • http://Nothing George

    Can a mytouch 4g run this game?

  • Peter K.

    Hi, pls can my Samsung Nexus S run this app smoothly? But it confuses me as I cannot see it in market android but only in amazon android appstore… thanks for the help in advance

  • baka

    Awesome game for an app on Droid

    • Joseph

      I just downloaded the game on samsung galaxy s. I cant seem to get passed the first gate, it tells me retrieve the plasma saw. How can i do that?

  • zuzuan

    when the dead space 2_ release on android??

  • jason

    Does any one know about the release date for dead space 2 on android.

    Dont need the exact date
    Just ball-park it for me .