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Google Voice lands MMS to email forwarding support


One of the most heavily requested features for Google Voice has undoubtedly been MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) support. The Google Voice app for Android has been tackling voice and text with ease for quite some time now, but pictures have always been an issue for the service. Thanks to a clever workaround from the Google Voice team, that’s becoming a thing of the past.

From now on, when someone tries to send an MMS to your Google Voice number, the MMS will be forwarded to your email. In order for this to work, you just have to follow one easy step. Log into your Google Voice account online and enable text to email forwarding in the settings. That’s it.

Right now, the official Google Voice Blog is saying that MMS to email forwarding will only work with Sprint customers. However, Life Hacker is reporting that it’s working fine for Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile customers as well. In my personal experience, that is not the case. I have a Nexus S on T-Mobile, and any picture messages I tried to send myself were stuck on “sending.” The Google Voice team says they’re working on bringing MMS forwarding to more carriers, so it shouldn’t be long before all Google Voice users can utilize the feature.

If you have service with Sprint and use Google Voice, let us know how it works for you.

Source: Google Voice Blog

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    this is a great start!! Finally !! been wanting this for a loooong time.. My google voice number is that much closer to becoming my everyday number !

    I hope support for all carriers comes soon

    • Baton Rouge

      Wow MMS.

      Welcome to 1999

      • 4dblob

        Did you even know what is Google Voice? Why bother comment

  • http://goo.gl/tQ2E wwJOSHdo

    I’ve been using Google Voice since it first launched! Back when I didn’t pay my vonage bill and couldn’t make calls, but could receive them! I would go to the google voice website, and have it ring my phone! So vonage always saw it as an incoming call until they finally shut it off months later! SO this is freaking exciting!

  • Nathan

    This is a nice features to have.

  • Erikk

    So, but then, ALL texts will be e-mailed to you, right? Not just MMS? That’s less than convenient, of course, due to the double notifications it would cause.

    • http://twitter.com/patfrank patfrank

      RIGHT?! wtf i just want the MMSs forwarded. is that so hard?

      • Dan

        I’ll be setting up a filter to catch SMS messages, hopefully the subject is different

        • Erikk

          Hey, good idea. Let us know how that goes. If MMS had distinct subject lines from SMS, then a gmail filter would do the trick.

        • Futureboy

          Yes. The Google Voice SMS comes to email as “SMS from (Name)” so I don’t see why MMS would be any different.

          • GeauxLSU

            Might need to set up 2 filters, one of them check the “Has attachment” box for the MMS ones. Not sure if that would work.

      • http://gplus.to/detectedbeats Phoenix

        It is working for me, but I can’t create a filter specifically for MMS messages. The subject line is exactly the same as a normal text, and the images appear as an in-line image, not as an attachment, so when I try to create a filter, Gmail doesn’t find those messages. (Strangely, when I look at the messages on the Gmail app on Android, it does show those messages having an attachment).

        Anyone figure out a way to create a filter for the MMS messages yet? *…

    • http://www.twitter.com/thebignoob Ryan F

      “We are also planning on making them display in the Google Voice inbox.”

      Setup a filter that you never have to look through and qq harder.

    • romi. f o t o

      yeap. kind of defeats the purpose of a sms/mms in the first place. might as well just have the person email you. at least the image quality will be better in an email rather than the degraded quality of a mms. plus, you can’t return an image from email to phone number.

      i just stick with my provider number for now till google voice gets it right, all within the voice app.

  • Dustin Earley

    They’re WiFi signal type things.

  • SherlockHomeboy

    About time!

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    If only Voice worked on my country, that would be a dream come true.

    • Timbone

      I have a friend who created a google voice account in the US , went to China and he calls me free using Google voice lol

  • Ray

    Not working on my evo. Started the forwarding last night. Getting sms in my mail, but not pics. I opted to make my GV number my SPRINT number back when I was given the option, any reason that would negate the feature?

  • Ray

    For filtering, you could just set it to send the sms messages to the trash… Then only mms will be in your inbox. If it would just work for me in the first place…

  • the droid Barber

    Not working for me only sms T-Mobile

  • http://caseyfriday.com Casey Friday

    I wish _I_ could send other people MMS from Google Voice. That would be nice. However, I send most pictures through email already anyway, so it doesn’t make much difference. Just a convenience factor.

  • Eludium-Q36

    Um, I’m on Sprint with a Google Voice number and have always received MMS pix, never knew it was a problem for others…

  • SliestDragon

    One step closer to MMS. Keep up the good work Google!

  • Kam_Pewter

    Worked fine for me yesterday, and I have Verizon! I don’t know if the fact that my number was forwarded from Sprint has something to do with it, but I’m psyched to no longer have to give people my VZW number when they want to send me a picture

    • marc

      I’m on VZ and I *still* don’t get MMS. This sucks because all my friends with iPhones use MMS when they send group texts. Come on google!

  • kevniv

    I get about 40 text a day and having them all start hitting me email also would suck! fail!!

  • http://butyoureagirl.com Adria Richards

    Disclaimer: Is there truly a business need for adults to send photos via text? I have never really seen a big need for sending images this way.

    That said I did try this and it failed.

    HTC Sensation
    Notification send to Google Apps account

    • jake

      Yes, I send in the neighborhood of around 8000 picture messages a month to log varies things with my company as do the other 27 employees so yes allot of people need to be able to send and receive mms rather than composing an email everytime you need to send a photo. Time is money

  • fawltybean

    This is nonsense. Why only Sprint customers can send MMS? You can send/receive pictures from TextNow. There is no reason for these silly excuses from Google other than laziness!

  • iamkip

    Does anyone know if there is a 3rd party app that might be able to fix this? I have the EVO 4g on sprint with my GV # replacing my sprint #. Or is there a way to make GV not receive mms and sms and just use the stock app?…. I like the way stock app works but hate how GV has all the same messages….

    • Timbone

      Try talkatone

  • roc

    I have a G2 with t-mobile..and I had no idea google voice did this mms to email forwarding until my friend sent me a picture & it went to my email. Very good feature..finally! Now they can work on sendin mms out to other carriers.

  • SW

    Blackberry on Tmobile. SMS forwards without any issues but no luck with MMS. The MMS sender get a note “Failed to send this message”.

  • Jody

    When is it avalible in Australia???

  • Scott

    For those interested, set up two filters in gmail. in the from box type @txt.voice.google.com this one will be for the sms text. On the next page, select delete. On the second filter, type the same address and click the attachment box at that bottom of the page. Then select star, important, or whatever you want to keep it in your inbox. Worked for me and my inbox isn’t overwhelmed by unwanted email notifying me of text messages.

    • Peter

      Nice solution!

  • Dj

    This feature does not work. Period. Not really sure what carrier my niece has but it does not work. This service seems pretty useless. Can’t really control in detail what phones ring. Can’t send or recieve simple mms messages which has been around since the 90′s. I am not impressed

  • Peter


  • TheBrizzle

    worked perfectly for me. i just tested it out. thanks1


    I have email’s forwarded to my gmail account but still can’t get MMS, I have Verizon is that the issue?

  • mara

    Doesn’t work with T-Mobile (yet?)

  • Chris

    Works on AT&T!!!

  • Robyn

    I wish they did Verizon!

    • Laurie

      I’m on Verizon and received a pic on Christmas!!

      • Emily

        I’m wondering now if the *sender* carrier that matters rather than the GV user’s carrier. I received my first MMS as a picture attached to an email last night from someone I rarely text with. I asked a closer friend to help me test the feature by texting me, and hers did not come through. I believe the sender of last night’s email was on Sprint and I know my closer friend is on Verizon, like me.

        • Emily

          Also – I don’t have email text forwarding enabled. The one last night came through anyway.

  • Laurie

    I wasn’t aware that this feature had been updated and I couldn’t be happier. Thank You Google!!!!!! I have an iPhone, I’m on Verizon, I didn’t change my settings. Yet, on Christmas I received a picture, sent to my google voice number, that was forwarded to my email.