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Modern Combat 3 will have “everything the hardcore gamer is looking for”

Modern Combat 3

As the resident Gameloft-obsessed-dude I felt compelled to share with you the latest hands-on preview of Modern Combat 3, which happens to be our most anticipated Android game. We previously saw the trailer for MC3 back in August and now Simon Sage of IntoMobile visited Gameloft’s San Francisco offices to spend some quality time with the latest build of the game.

This time around we get a closer look at the expanded multiplayer features that includes up to 12 players, 6 maps and 6 different modes. Like previous Gameloft first person shooters, MC3 will support cross-platform multiplayer, so you can still game with your friends on iOS devices. The developers are so confident with their work that they said MC3 includes “everything that the hardcore first person shooter gamer is looking for.”

MC3 will hit the Apple App store on October 27, with the Android release to follow sometime this fall. Gameloft has really improved their release times between iOS and Android versions (including some simultaneous launches), so I’d expect to see MC3 arrive on the Android Market next month.

Via: IntoMobile

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  • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

    so I’d expect to see MC3 arrive on the Android Market next month…..for the 5 android phones gameloft actually supports.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Hey they support the Galaxy Tab 10.1 so that makes me happy.

      • Out of the game

        Not me, I have the Tegra 2 model. They do so little for Honeycomb, it’s not even funny.

  • Nathan

    Hey they better support the new nexus that all I’m saying =)

  • crickerman

    They better get on top of cheating in multiplayer…

  • RockinEevo

    Love modern combat 2 hope this new one doesn’t take that long to drop for the AA (Almighty Android)

  • Rising33

    Man this makes me want the game more and more. It took me no more than a week to get to rank 62 on MC2. Love how it looks in this video. Really has a redifined look, almost as good as Battlefield BC2. I know it wont dissappoint. Besides what more can we expect from playing a fps on phone. They are ahead of the game offering games like this which are on par with the technology that phones ( smart ) have to offer. NICE :) :D

  • Alex

    if MC3 doesn’t have controller support its going to suck in my opinion! games like this may look good but are never fun at all with stupid joysticks on the screen. So ICS controller support/ MC3 controller support/ Universal between Andriod and Apple. Now you have the perfect game :)