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Stay tuned for Modern Combat 3′s Android release date

Modern Combat 3

Today Gameloft finally released the highly-anticipated Modern Combat 3. For iOS devices only. The Android version is still coming soon, and Gameloft says we should stay tuned for the release date. If you need some more MC3 content to tide you over while you wait on this game, you might want to check out the new video trailer and blog post. The iOS version is selling for $6.99, so expect similar pricing in the Android Market.

P.S. I know we have around 30k iOS devices that visit this site, so let us know what you think about the game if you already installed it.

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  • Nathan

    Can’t wait to see the review =)

    • Verizon slave

      Merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you.

  • Mc3

    So far the campaign is leaps and bounds beyond mc2 in my opinion. Way more guns, sprint, better looking scopes, better graphics and you can even slide now. I haven’t tried the multiplayer yet, due to lack of wifi at home. :( But that’s what work is for! :) I hope it comes out soon on Android as I will be upgrading to the Sexus in November. Yes, the s was intentional.

    • Dustin Earley

      The “S” stand for sexy. *8-) Deal with it.*

    • jim

      nexus won’t be able to run the HD nexus resolution graphics with it’s mali-400 gpu…

    • imagicmatt223

      Sexus is right!!! Awe yea

  • BigCiX

    I might have to delete 9mm for this game.

    • Ruizbro

      oh my god dude i have that game dude i m doing the same thing.

  • Rising33

    Man my fingers are itching to play this game. Thing is everybody I know has and android device so watching reviews on youtube would have to suffice till it is released for android devices. And like Mc3 stated the campaign looks like a quantum leap compaired to Mc2. Can’t wait…. :-)

  • drbaconator

    I can’t wait to play this on the Galaxy Nexus’ HD screen!

  • http://digitalloupe.blogspot.com/ digitalloupe.blogspot.com

    Hope with Android will go smoother. Played for some minutes on iPad.

    • http://twitter.com/timo625 timo625

      iPad 1? Is it running with good performence? Or is it unplayable? Don’t know if i should buy it for my iPad 1 or for my LG Optimus 2x…

      • Matt

        Buying any game for Android is a bad move it is optimized better for IOS. It works fine on my IPhone 4 and even better on my iPhone 4s.

        • bob

          nonsense, all games run much better on android due to the superior graphics

          • Cody

            My friend keeps trying to battle with me on apple vs. android. I own him with this galaxy S II. droid forever.

  • Eric Farley

    Wish I would be able to play it but since GameLoft sold out to nVidia I’m sure only those outdated tegra devices will get to play it while the rest of us with better phones sit and cry… I hate Gameloft and nVidia for ruining mobile gaming!

  • Frank

    Wonders how much Gameloft pays you to run these hype articles for them.

  • dan

    great game on ipad 2 but touch screen blows after spending weeks using an xperia play, apparently its going to be cross OS so i look foward to owning iOS users with my xperia play cotrols in the near future

    • Eric Farley

      Does the play use Tegra? if not don’t expect it to work on your play.

      • chris trev

        Thus gamr wont be a tegra only game just fyi.

  • legend

    Will this run on Acer iconiq tab a500 with nvidia tegra 2

  • http://mobilnisvet.com Nikola

    I thing this game is better then 9mm…better graphic and story i think….But i not understand why ios lunch first this game and after few weeks android…And ios have more games,better graphic…Why androud once for all make phone why can play game for gamelof before ios or in same time and graphic mast be batter….???!!?!?!!!????!?? I think this is problem for android

  • http://mobilnisvet.com Nikola

    I think this game is better then 9mm…better graphic and story i think….But i not understand why ios lunch first this game and after few weeks android…And ios have more games,better graphic…Why androud once for all make phone why can play game for gamelof before ios or in same time and graphic mast be batter….???!!?!?!!!????!?? I think this is problem for android

  • ArtyomSzeg

    Yo..wen is it going to come out. Ive been waiting fo a while…when?

  • RockinEvo

    Any word when this amazing game will be out or should I continue working on my skillz on modern combat 2

  • Odom

    To any that say that the iPhone 4s has superior hardware: wrong. I have many friends with the iPhone 4s, and though they love their device, any game run side by side with my galaxy s2 epic 4g touch is simply inferior on the iPhone. I’m not saying that the iPhone isn’t nice, but hardware wise the sgs2 is superior. As for the os, that is pure preference. To any claiming it might be a tetra only game, I find that unlikely. But if it is the case, chainfire works miraculously.

  • ArtyomSzeg

    Seriously….its been like a month since it came out on iOS when is it coming out ob android?

    • legend

      november 21 St I’d the release daye

      • ArtyomSzeg

        Are you sure?

      • Razer

        Are you trolling us? I looked on the Gameloft website before I came here and MC3 wasn’t there yet. Today is Nov 21.

  • George

    Well its not nov 21

  • ArtyomSzeg

    this is realy annoying..wen is it coming out.

  • http://www.droidgamers.net DroidGamers.net

    Gameloft Italy said Modern Combat 3 will mostly officially come out on November 27th.

    Some devices still have minor bugs but they will likely be fixed very shortly to respect the release date.

    • George

      Really no jokes

  • http://www.droidgamers.net #DroidGamers

    #”Gameloft Italy” said Modern Combat 3 will officially come out on November 27th.

    Some devices still have minor bugs but they will likely be fixed very shortly to respect the release date.

  • http://www.GameloftUSA.com USAGameloft

    The Gameloft will release Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation in 2 weeks.

    • Look at me I have Gameloft in my name so I must be official!

      No really, its not coming out in two weeks.

      • ArtyomSzeg

        you sure? ithink its going to be released nov 27 like the dude said

  • ArtyomSzeg

    is it coming out at midnight

    • Gameloft


  • jswagg

    One more hour xD

  • ArtyomSzeg

    im still waiting..guess its not midnight

    • raj

      Huh thats heights…

      • raj

        Gameloft thats bias, they shouldnt hve released frst on ios n then aftr days weeks mnths waheva on android. We sumvere feel underprevilgd. Atleast they should be releasing highly anticipated games like this one at d same time for both ios n android devices,sorry to say buh this definitely bother customers.

  • Its easy Gameloft

    Its easy.saying im gameloft and fake releases

  • George

    Its not november 27 stop giving fake release dates

  • ArtyomSzeg

    then when is it?

    • George

      I dont know all I know people are giving fake release dates

      • Get smart, guys.

        Sadly Gameloft will only release games after they’re announced. It’s definitely going to be on their facebook page rather than here…

  • Jman

    Still no info on mc3 4 android?? It is now December!!!- G2

  • Ylli

    I hate those kids who are writing:”Release in two days!”. Thats such a fake and i really hate that. Now really Gameloft…. you have released gangstar rio and mc3 only for iOS and more than 60% of the world uses android os and is waiting for these games.

  • Alex

    Modern Combat is awesome, but not on the Xperia Play. There are some serious control issues that make the game awful, I’m just hoping they don’t make return in MC3.

  • axemax92

    Ohh I can’t wait that i can play this with my galaxy S HD screen

  • ArtyomSzeg

    i am unpleased with gameloft right now..

  • adam

    Has this been released on Android yet? D:

  • me

    Gameloft only thinks about iphone but thry leave android all alone….is this how they make business!??so lousy

  • .Gameloft


  • Anyone else give up?

    All right it’d been about two months or so and gameloft hasn’t released MC3 for the Android yet. I’ve given up. Have you? Thumbs up if you agree :)

  • Jane from Gameloft

    Hey Android gamers,

    We’re working on delivering Modern Combat 3 night and day and we are just about done. Right now our estimated date is around the 20th so stay tuned! Thanks for your patience!


    • Razer

      Really? The 20th of December? Do you realize this is over a month later than we were all (there are a lot of us) expecting it to be released. Please, you’re gonna have to do something extra special to make it up for us disappointed gamers.

    • papi

      how we can believe you ? also the date is toooooooooo late !

    • kunal

      I think he is correct, they need to push out the game before Christmas and New Year, I think if jane is truely from gameloft, they would be having a lot of pressure of their heads…

      • George

        You can’t deny that thats a lot of pressure on their shoulders

    • spex360

      Ill believe it when I see it

  • LlaNecC

    Another lie?

  • redbrand

    I’m not mad at gameloft, but what I am mad at is that iphone users are already up on the leaderboards. I mean how do they expect us to be good but we are low on the leaderboards. Gameloft makes some great game but i hope that they did something with all the hacking from mc2 cause everyone who i seen as a level 70 and above was a hacker and I hope they have a button where you can kick those hackers out of the match. Hacking ruins the fun…. Thanks gameloft for the games that you make… Cause i can’t wait to play it on my mytouch 4g(non-slide)

  • ArtyomSzeg

    wen is this coming out already?

  • LlaNecC

    And what about Gangstar rio or Six guns?

  • ArtyomSzeg

    is it coming out the 20th?

  • LlaNecC

    Do you think we know?

  • pritams


  • justib

    Modern combat 3 is out on android market now I seen it with my own eyes

  • LlaNecC

    Finaly! Now I can die in peace

  • Rodrigo Venancio
  • Milan

    Its true:) Bought and downloading now:) hell yeah:) I hope graphics will be same as on idevices:)

  • Razer

    Stupid Gameloft… They still haven’t put it on their site… Nothing against the android market, but I have troubles buying from the market.

  • ArtyomSzeg

    add me RussianKid16

  • skan66

    yes!! amazing game finally!! great graphics!!!!!
    galaxy s i9000 running cm7 2.3.7 + chainfire3d
    add me skan66

    • Guest

      I have galaxy s
      Wat did u download to run it
      Did u root it?
      And wats cm7

  • damankl

    when will this game be able for Samsung SGH-T989 becuase it says it wont let me it says its not This app is incompatible with your T-Mobile Samsung SGH-T989. please help

  • Jane from Gameloft

    I hope you Android gamers enjoy Modern Combat 3! Happy holidays!

    Best wishes,