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Video: One chat app to rule them all; ChatOn finally available


Last August, Samsung announced one of the most promising Chat apps that we’ve seen. It did not arrive in September, as we expected, but Samsung’s new chat application has finally been released. This application is called ChatOn and could be one of the best chatting applications, if it gains enough momentum.

Take text, picture and video messaging, along with multi-platform support (not to mention it’s free) and you’ve got yourself something going on. As we reported a few months ago, this could be a great option for everybody, as long as most people adopt it. There are multiple chatting apps, but most are not as full-featured as ChatOn, and many are not supported on multiple platforms.

As of now, ChatOn is only available for Android, Bada and Samsung feature phones. But Samsung mentions that iOS and Blackberry support is coming soon. All these platforms will be able to share text, pictures, video and more amongst each other, so let’s hope everyone picks it up soon.

If you want to start using this app, head to the Android Market and download it. We’ve placed a link and QR code for you below. Let your friends know, too! The app is new, so most people won’t have it. Check out the video to see what ChatOn is all about, and let us know what you think. Will you be using ChatOn? Do you think there’s a better option?


Via: Android Central

Source: Android Market

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  • Nate B.

    You have to wait for a verification SMS and that could take hours. Its been 5 hours and it hasnt sent me mines. The set up was horrible. Maybe their servers are being pounded. Just take a look at the comments in the market.

    Its funny because it has a button that says if you haven’t received a SMS in 3 minutes press resend. Its been hours. Some people are saying the code they get invalid. I’ll update when and if I get mines.

    • Nate B.

      A day later I get the VC code. Lol funny. Now who to add?

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I loved this since I first learned about it, I have faith in the app but it’s having a really rough start considering the amount of 1 Star reviews is gaining ’cause of the Validation Code issues.

    For the rest I still need BlackBerry and iPhone support for this, here in my country BB is quite popular, specially if they plan to battle BBMessenger and iMessenger, they need to get ready with the apps for those phones.

    For the rest, I’ll keep using Whatsapp until I see the Validation thing is settled.

    • http://None CaribGrackle

      After reading more reviews and thinking about it I just went ahead and installed the app. I couldn’t find it on my Android Market on the phone neither by searching the market on the PC. So I just ended using the link posted in here haha.

      Downloaded and installed the app, it went directly to my SD card, it automatically put on the extension of my country for my phone number, I put on the rest, hit the button and waited for the activation code. Now, I don’t know what is the deal behind this, considering the Market has 100+ reviews of 1 star for the app, just ’cause of people not getting the Validation code, but I got mine within seconds, seconds people not even a minute had passed when I got a SMS. I entered the code and presto, I’m now testing the app.

      You can set up your avatar, Name, Birthday and Lon In to your Facebook account in order to post an Invitation Card to the app, you can make your phone number be visible to other ChatOn users or not, set up your status. And that’s all I can do right now since I don’t have anyone for my Buddy list, all people I know mostly use BB (as almost everyone in this country),

  • Vincent

    This application is not available in your country (Canada).

    Global FAIL.

    • http://None CaribGrackle

      That is some EPIC weirdness, since it is available in my country (Venezuela), where most things are not.

  • The Android Advocate

    Need to get smarter on the launch / distribution experience of these things ~ Because it is the ecosystem that produces, and not one single source (i.e. Apple) there is inconsistency ~ But this same model has allowed Android to disrupt the way it is ~ We’ll get there..we have momentum

  • http://www.winniekepala.com WinnieKepala

    Everyone I know is already on WhatsApp – which is also cross platform on Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone and Nokia. It takes time to convince everyone to switch. So, it’s gonna be a hard sell for Samsung to get ChatOn widely afopted. With iMessage out now, I think WhatsApp could take over the buzz if they boost their promo / marketung now.
    Nice try, Samsung. But no thanks.

    • http://None CaribGrackle

      With the difference that Whatsapp is not free, this is a major point for people like in my country, where using dollars is really difficult or even impossible. Plus ChatOn is offering some really nice features.

      Don’t get me wrong, Whatsapp is by far my favorite so far, but ChatOn, once it gets polished services and available on all major mobile OS is going to really hold its ground I’m sure.

  • semajhan

    “I don’t have many friends” is why yiu don’t see ge usefulness. Not everyone has unlimited text and there manymore reasons to why these apps benefit

    • http://None CaribGrackle

      Well think of this, this app is not only for people on the US. Here in my country we don’t have unlimited SMS, and they are a pain to share files, photos, voices notes and all that aren’t they?

      Is just something as normal as FB and Twitter to have on a phone. All the dominance BB holds (most used smartphone here) is just ’cause of BBMessenger.

      • http://None CaribGrackle

        Glad I was useful.

  • http://androidblog.site666.info android underground

    So now some of my friends will use the samsung app, some use whatsapp, some on iChat or bbm, others use viber, and old skool people stay on msn, googletalk, skype chat, …

    All that network fragmentation is getting out of control.

    I don’t want a homescreen full of chat apps to stay connected with my friends. Someone should make a new multi-network client that bundles all the old and new chat/sms services in one app.

  • http://www.pyemministry.co.uk Anowanul Kabir

    Sorry I’m new to all this. What does this app do that the built-in SMS function of my phone can’t do?

  • Darkmage89121

    handcent sms

  • Felix


    Please, do not introduce yet another IM protocol. There is Jabber aka XMPP which is a standard communication protocol (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Messaging_and_Presence_Protocol) used by Google (GTalk), Facebook and many more. Build upon it if you will, but get your act together and try to integrate instead of splitting up the users.


  • johnkb

    YET ANOTHER APP NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA!!!! This is really getting annoying!!!

  • johnkb

    120 Countries… Global communication… Yet somehow not available to download in Canada!

    • protozeloz

      maybe its a carrier thing….. but my little friend su can help with that

  • Nate B.

    A day later I get the VC code lol

  • charlie88

    A lil tip for most of the people from US… It’s actually not that “normal” to have unlimited texting. Here in Netherlands you pay for most smses you send. Unless you have a unlimited sms plan, which costs a surplus of 10 euros (14 dollars). Then you have a thousand texts. Still, much less than what I send on WhatsApp and Facebook and Gmail put together.

    Why is this better than SMSing? Uhh, why is Gtalk better? Or Gmail really? Why do people skype instead of just pick up the phone? Why do people use facebook to send messages instead of email, or sms, or post or…

    It’s really quite simple: costs no money (I’ve never had to pay for whatsapp. You can send messages to everyone, on every platform for free. Even with unlimited texts, if for once, a friend decides to go to anywhere outside of the US. She could get your text, for free. You can send photos, voice clips, videos, location, etc. Also for free, with no cap (I think sms has a 300kb limit?). You can have a group chat, and make several groups for easy updating.

    What I think WhatsApp really misses is a web client. Like Beluga and Gtalk have.

  • Pol

    I’m currently using MiTalk (from the same devs as the fantastic MIUI rom) and it’s great. it has all of the features of Chaton has, and more, and the interface looks a lot better. I’m seriously hoping this catches on because it looks amazing and is fun to use.
    For android: http://is.gd/gzuHB5 Also available for iOS and Symbian atm, with more platforms coming up iirc.

  • حنين

    نريد ان يكون فيه كود مثل البلاك بيري ماسنجر وايضا زر تحديدالكل

    .. وان يصدر له نسخه للبلااك بيري