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Android vs. iOS: This changes everything


News about Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and the Galaxy Nexus has been bombarding the internet since yesterday. While the Android and Me team has been busy at work, there’s always time for a few minutes of roaming around Google+. It’s always good to clear your mind. And it was definitely great to run across this image.

This picture displays the superficial progress iOS and Android have undergone in a period of 3 years, since their respective launches. Android’s evolution is definitely much more noticeable. It looks like a completely different operating system, with revamped docks, on-screen buttons, overall UI look and feel, and even changes in the aspect ratio (16:9), making it more similar to HD televisions.

What started as a small “what-is-that-thing?” OS has now become the largest mobile platform in the world. Andy Rubin’s goal is to see Google’s mobile operating system on every screen out there. While this is an incredibly ambitious objective, we just might be coming close to it in the near future.

Apple’s iPhone revolutionized the smartphone world in 2007, quickly becoming the most popular device on the planet. Back when competition was scarce, this was the King of phones. A year later, the little robot showed up. While it may not have been as amazing in the beginning, it quickly grew to be a much more complex and full platform.

The Android OS has grown not only thanks to Google’s work, but also due to its open sourced nature. While at least 2 Android devices are released every month, we see one Apple smartphone a year. This has caused an explosion of Android devices, as well as higher expectations from consumers. Not to mention the quick growth in the amount of Android apps available. As better specs and overall components are implemented at unbelievable speeds, Google has been forced to improve its mobile OS.

Apple, on the other hand, has remained almost identical to what it was when it launched — at least at first sight. The biggest update was iOS 5, but that’s not even taken into consideration since it came more than three years after launch. Even if we factor in iOS 5, many complain that most of these features were already available for Android.

It’s unbelievable how much simple things like Flash and widgets can change a user’s experience. Customization is something we don’t expect Apple to beat Android at anytime soon.

Technology is not an easy market to compete in nowadays. As always, everything boils down to preference, though. Some lean toward simple and to-the-point, while others like the complexity of Android. Playing around with your device is always fun. (Or maybe we’re all just too nerdy?) What do you guys think? Let us know what it is about your Android device that you love and can’t do on the iPhone (or that took too long for Apple to implement). If you happen to prefer iOS, let us know why, too!

Via: Jason Hsu (Google+)

Hello, I am Edgar Cervantes. I am an avid Android fan, and keeping myself updated on the topic is part of my daily life. I will always work hard to give the best of me to our community of Android enthusiasts, and I am very honored to be part of this ship. Hopefully we can all enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions!

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  • Kevin Lindner

    I love the fact that Android has had a drop down notification bar since the beginning, and Apple finally figured it on!

    • Maisum

      And if Google would have patent it, then we COULDA SUED THEM!

      • Sam G

        Well it seems Google’s not into ridiculous over patenting of anything a 5 year old could think of. Unfortunately Apple is.

        • Butt Head

          Hold on a sec there, killer. Google has been buying companies just for the patents.

          • RBaronz

            Google has been buying companies just for the patents to DEFEND themselves

          • Rick

            Google has been buying patents and companies for patents so they could DEFEND themselves from companies like Apple and Microsoft.

      • Monty Python

        Actually Google did thoroughly patent Android’s Notifications feature and it would seem they could sue them if they really wanted to. But Google is leaving it as pry bar for Android phone makers to fight Apple with. No doubt Moto will be the first to be allowed to smack Apple with a countersuit with this Notifications Patent!

    • Android fail

      Android 4.0 is much worse than gingerbread or froyo. It looks HIDEOUS. I hated it instantly. And the hundreds of bugs that will pop out of nowhere when its released makes you want to vomit.
      What a terrible revamp….

      • fg

        So, you’re a beta tester and therefore know about all the bugs? How about you report them to Google to help make Android a little bit better? Every bug report helps a little it.

        Wait. . .

      • Ivan

        So Fail,

        What device did you try this out on? I’m assuming you already know about all the bugs since you proclaim hundreds of bugs will pop up out of nowhere?

      • Leo


      • Butt Head

        Clearly a fail fail.

    • Qwerty

      Adroid suxx to d core its a piece of junk !

      • SaneVoice

        Do you have any specifics to back up your claim?

  • mabroid

    The biggest difference for me is the customization. iOS on the iphone, until recently has been very rigid, ie unable to change backgrounds etc. Google had great customization options since day 1 making the whole user experience much more like your PC, which is what smartphones/tablets will eventually replace. I like the iPhone and I believe it has changed a bell of a lot, but I love the feel and overall more flexible user experience with Android.

  • Macu

    Essentially Apple has been making small changes all these years when it had no opposition, effectively conning the public by selling a “new” iphone each year with small incremental changes each year.

    You have to ask how many of these changes would have been possible from day one and whether if they were being honest they could have brought out a new phone, say, every years to reflect significant hardware advances.

    Finally, 2011 is the year the con ends.

    • Steven

      Couldn’t have said it any better my friend.

    • adam

      Why do we all have to pretend that Apple ‘had no competition’ and was ‘#1′ before Android came? Apple was outsold by Blackberry until Android stole Blackberry’s users. Apple was NEVER #1 in market share.

  • Francis

    I’ve recently switched from Android to iOS (iPhone 4s), and personally, although I will try Android 4.0 on my Galaxy S, I don’t feel as if I will be missing something. Before iOS 5, I wasn’t interested much in iOS since it was way behind Android. However, I’ve grown frustrated with Android in the past year, and I highly doubt ICS will address the issues I have with Android. Since Apple introduced the notification centre, PC Free, and iCloud, I think Apple has catch up to Android. I don’t feel as if the new features Google introduced yesterday are things Apple and Microsoft need to catch up to.

    If you care to read more about why I switch, here’s the link to my blog.


    • http://www.the-wolf.co.uk mabroid

      I agree in some part with your blog, but the faCt. hat Android is own source clearly shows why android is “behind iOS”, developers are designing apps for tons of phones which is better for consumers rather than one phone that costs (in my case) 3 times as much a month with an upfront cost! Higher price = better product? Not in this case

    • snowbdr89

      With the pace android is moving apple catching up is only temporary until apple comes out with ios 6 in 2025

      • Clips

        2025? You mean 2012? iOS gets updated every single year.

        • Christopher

          and yet I seem to have not seen anything different except the feature they stole from Android. Apple is full of hypocrites!!!

    • David

      So, you went out and bought and Apple product and then you were disappointed that Android didn’t sync with it as well as an iphone, another Apple product. And a 50% failure rate on your twitter app is not believable.

      Your point about the buttons is the most salient to me. I find it frustrating that the back button does a different thing based on the app or even just where you are at in an app.

    • Seth

      Read your blog. Correct me if I’m wrong but, basically, you like Apple aesthetics better and you prefer the Apple ecosystem in general. Since iOS devices work better within that ecosystem than any non-Apple products you prefer iOS. There’s nothing wrong with that, although you can easily make any Android phone look like iOS.

      However, I’d argue that Google’s cloud services are much better than Apple’s if only because I can access them all easily on anything that has a web browser. I’ve never had connectivity problems like you describe so that might be just bad luck. As for apps, I’ve never heard of two of the three of your examples of relevant companies, and I’d hardly consider Instagram something worth my time.

      • Francis

        I agree 100% with you. I’m not saying Android is a bad platform, actually, I’d probably pick up a Galaxy Tab 10.1 before an iPad 2. The letter was an account of MY experience with Android phones.

        Moreover, the 50% failure rate on Twitter is true with my version of the Galaxy S (SGH-T959D) with Android 2.3.3. It wasn’t happening before the update. Twitter was fine on the Nexus S and the Atrix.

    • Brad 71

      Get off the android site. Lying blowhard.

    • muadhnate

      Screen size, resolution it’s all personal choice. Heck there are people who love pentile displays while others love AMOLED. It’s subjective. Battery life- that depends on the user. I’ve had both my iphone and android phone last all day and some days not. Especially when using GOOGLE navigation, which is why if got a charger for the car.

      I don’t know what apps you used that minimized when you hit the home button, because in ALL the ones I’ve tried the home button took you to the home screen. If by minimize you mean run in the background- it’s called MULTITASKING!!! Sometimes I don’t want to lose my page in my browser if I have to take a call or I’m switching to another app. If I do, I know how to exit each app I want. I’ve actually spent enough time with my phone to know that.

      The only time I didn’t get my updates to facebook or ubersocial was due to a data connection problem. Like my wifi was out of reach as i left my house or 3g problems in the basement. No idea what that is but it could’ve happened.

      Ugly? It’s called a launcher if you don’t want to use a rom. I’ve changed my phone completely 3 times this month with a launcher. Meanwhile, you’re still looking at the same 16 squares. I’m working on my own custom launcher theme. But I guess that doesn’t beat being able to ONLY change your wallpaper.

      The market has no relevant apps. How the h3ll is foodgawker more relevant to today’s world than an app that let’s you control your computer with your phone? And what is food gawker or instagram anyway? I have NEVER heard of these things. And have you even looked through the app market?

      I see: need for speed, madden nfl, the sims, assassins creed, modern combat, netflix, hulu, fandango, cnn, bbc, abc news, fox news, pandora, radio apps, vevo, autodesk sketchbook, banking apps, paypal etc. And that’s not everything. On the real, 95% of my iphone apps are now available on android. WTF are you talking about?

      I don’t even know why I took this post seriously. I not convinced that you actually OWNED an android phone for any significant amount of time. You would know all these things if you did.

      Rant: Done.

    • Vignesh

      How is ¨drag-and-drop” complex? my gandma drags and drops music into her music player…

    • Jeff

      Touche. I read your blog and it proves exactly one thing, we all have opinions and perspectives on the way things should be. I find when comparing mobile OS’s its like comparing Apples (no pun intended) to Oranges. This comparison is a matter of opinion. To compare Apples to Apples, we really only can compare the iPhone to specific devices when referring to terms such as battery life and screen size and resolution. While I hail Apples decision to keep everything in-house, it creates limitations I am not fond of. I was highly disappointed when iOS5 rolled out and my iTouch was wiped clean because I choose to manually manage the device. I WAS FRUSTRATED. I have since conceded defeat to Apple and choose to Sync the device instead, a process I am frustrated with. With my Android phone, i never sync and I like it that way. My calendars are stored online through GMAIL and at some point I may sync it with a PC, or not. Equally, I love my widgets and being able to see my calendar from the homescreen. Sure it may take from battery life, but I have trained myself to plug my phone in at night. I usually can get a day or two out of the battery when I remember to turn the 3G and WiFi off. So, as stated its really a matter of opinion. No rights, or wrongs.

      To note, at one point I loved iOS. It just seems to have lost its luster too me. Even soon to be extinct webOS feels better to me than iOS.

    • L2OS

      i agree with you 100% I’m about to do the same thing. Android for me has been a very rough and rugged experience. Nothing has been very consistent (even with custom ROMs). Apps are of low quality and the overall experience of the OS feels like the Window Vista of mobile OS’s. I own an Evo 4g since release and loved it, but as time passed frustration grew. I love Android and i hope ICS will fix a lot of these issues but for now i think I’m going to take a break….

  • Calvin Kelly

    Its the customization stupid!

    Galaxy s 4g. Android for life!

  • Rashad

    Apple has taken the approach from the perspective that people tend to reject change. By keeping iOS and iPhone design looking the same, people naturally become comfortable (and loyal) with it.

    Google has gone in the direction that most open source projects go, the software will evolve pretty much instantly due to user feedback. This makes for numerous changes all in an effort to please the user.

    • JPB

      Ultimately I think the phone/tablet wars will become irrelevant, much like the computer desktop wars have. They’ll all tend toward being commodities anyway. At some point, we’ll all laugh at why we ever thought to spend $200 on one.

      iStuff will continue to exist but Android and perhaps WP7 to a certain extent will start to work their way into other stuff. Android really will be a malleable platform for things like automobile dashboards, GPS systems, television/set top box systems, home appliances. I don’t see Apple going that way as they tend to want to build the whole package, soup to nuts.

  • Mark S

    As an avid tinkerer and Ubuntu user I guess I’m not exactly your a-typical Apple product user ;-)
    I for one quite like the range of choice that Android affords you. Hundreds of different devices mean that even those on a tight budget can get in on the act and those who like to splash the cash can still get their uber-phone kicks – which still costs a lot less then the one with a shiny piece of fruit on the back…..

    Don’t get me wrong the iPhone is a lovely piece of hardware. It brought smartphones to the masses and it does it’s job rather well, lets face it without a competitor Google et al wouldn’t really have as much motivation to keep raising the bar.

    I guess I just prefer to play in an open field then a walled garden.

    • Mike Williams

      I brought my first Android phone just for the sake of all this fussiness. Lets see, my wife got an iPhone 4 to keep her busy while not having to ask me every minute for a how-to speech. And I am test driving the Samsung Captivate which at this time seems pretty much on par with the iPhone 4 features with one simple caveat. It, that it being of android platform allows me to tinker and fiddle til my hearts content. So excuse me for not understanding all of the hoopla about 2 different platforms designed for open source or non-open source, to my understanding both platforms do exactly what they were designed to do, so have I missed something or is it that people just need something to squabble about.

  • Dee

    In the beginning we had the iPhone as a sort of beacon to measure all smartphones against. Remember? Every smartphone that has come out since has been measured up against the iPhone. Fast forward to now. The galaxy S2 is better. The prime is better. heck moto droids are better. Now the iphone must measure up to android and as much as the sheep dislike android they cant deny that without they wouldnt have features to demand or they would just continue to be satisfied with miniscule updates.
    I will admit iphone has some things better than android.
    -social gaming aka game center
    -iMesager or w.e its called
    -just overall support from devs and the like
    But i see that gap closing soon. I know it may be ridiculous to already want jellybean info but im curious what the focus will be for jellybean…
    Good job android for keeping things fresh.

  • Seth

    I don’t need to constantly tinker with my phone. Once I’ve got it just right I can leave it alone and just use it. It just takes time to get it just right.

    To me iOS just seems like the next evolution of the feature phone. It’s got the unpleasant UI that has few useful customization options. It’s like a nice hotel room. Sure, it has all the features (bed, tv, bathroom, wifi…) that I use day to day, but it’s not like my house. If I had to be there all the time it would drive me nuts because of dozens of little things that aren’t right for me. I’m not going to commit to 2 years in a hotel room, so why would I with a smartphone?

    The things the iPhone doesn’t have that will be in my next phone (to replace the Dinc that was recently dropped face first on a rock): LTE, 4″+ HD screen, removable battery, ability to put useful information (schedule, to do list) on my homescreen/lockscreen.

    Sorry Apple, maybe you’ll have a chance in 2014.

    • jd

      Damn, that’s the best metaphor I’ve seen on Android vs iOS.

      But to be fair, once you have jailbreak your iPhone, you can do a lot customization on your phone. Like pulling your schedule/to do list on your lockscreen.

      • muadhnate

        The only problem I’ve seen with jail breaking, is that Apple updates so much that it’s hard to keep a phone jail broken. I had managed to keep a jailbroken phone for some months by not updating to multiple iterations of iOS 3.xx. I remember syncing my 3g with itunes and Apple forced me to upgrade my software if I wanted to get music on my phone.

        I didn’t jail break after that. Jail breaking was a hassle and I couldn’t see my self doing that every time Apple would crack down on it.

        • pyrodan

          I had the same situation. I wanted a smartphone and did not know much about android or ios and just got a 3gs because at the time it seemed the best option. I quickly learned how much I hate ios and looked into jailbreaking. it got me to the point of enjoying the phone but like you said jailbreaking is a pain in the but. waiting for the jailbreak to come out and then having to completely refresh the device for a simple update. I now have an atrix which I Love. Android is so much better then ios except it is a little less stable but thats understandable due to the large number of devices it has to work on.

  • Dharmabhum

    Still got my G1 at home :) It’ll go nicely with my soon-to-be-retired Nexus One too.

  • Dharmabhum

    I think its not-quite-right to look at it the way you are in that image. Yea, you’re looking at what has happened to each over a three year window, but those windows don’t line up. It makes sense (as these things evolve concurrently) to look at the same absolute time frame to see how they really compare.

    Essentially you’re looking at the latest and greatest from Android versus last year’s iOS. Why not just stretch the Apple timeline to the present and show the latest and greatest of both? You can still highlight the one-year headstart that iOS had, but framing as you did makes that front-and-center and not a postscript like it is.

    *takes off Analyst hat

  • Stou

    It’s a bit on the shady side that you use a Google+ post as the source for this article but don’t actually link to the post itself so other people can reshare it.

    The target for your “Via Jason Hsu’s” should be https://plus.google.com/112363215496879145560/posts/bXFdCX7Mc6o

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Thanks for the tip. I was just a bit worried about the privacy of the poster. I figure since he made it public, though, it should be ok. I have updated the link. :)

  • Dave

    I’ve been with Android since the N1, a piece of kit I still love to be honest. I’ve moved on through the NS and more recently SGS2. I really love Android and am a big fan of FOSS. Yet last week I moved to the 4S. Not for specs. Not for features. So why bother changing? Especially if anything I lost out of the box functionality. Two things: UX (that impossible to quantify metric) and ability to develop for it. Development on Android is so truly horrible it’s no wonder 3rd party Apps suffer and end up ruining the UX. By comparison iOS is a dream to develop for. I used to hate Apple, and to be honest I still ain’t keen on their business practices, but they got things right with iOS. I can write an App for the iPhone and target every device ever made in one hit. I hope that ICS sorts out the nightmare that is Android development once and for all.

  • Marx1684

    Apple is easy & will be seen as an “in thing” down the road. Google just has to catch up as far as apps. The amount of apps for tablets is crucial.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Everyone will always have there preferences IPHONE apple Google android in some respects there are things that are the same. At the end of the day android has grown and the ride has been legendary. The opportunity to learn exist with android and that will never exist with apple. When I turn on my device on any given day it feels good to know that whatever I want to change on my device can be changed. That will never happen on any little iPhone never why people need or enjoy a closed locked down platform is beyond me but to each’s own. In the real world choice will always reign supreme and that exist with Google and that’s what I will support forever..

    • squiddy20

      “In the real world choice will always reign supreme”
      If you truly believed that, you wouldn’t ever have called someone “useless”, a “buttocks”, a “loser”, or any other childish insult you’ve come up with over the past few months, just because their opinion differs from you. If you truly believed that, you wouldn’t have ever said “OMG EVO 3D IS THE BEST EVAARRRRR!!” and other utterly moronic crap.

      And just to show your short-sightedness, real “choice” also extends to people choosing a “closed locked down platform” as you put it. Some people are more comfortable with locked-down and secure. It’s sad that you fail to realize that.

      • Richard Yarrell

        What’s sad is your constant endless worrying of whatever I post. Your a sad human being of a person why can’t you get a life are things really that bad for you Mr. Squiddy20. Having the need to believe that your thoughts are any more important than mines. At best your a buffoon clearly a disgrace and ludicrous individual a total clown that makes themself think that they are more intellectual than they really are. I get a laugh out of knowing that whenever I come to this site I am always sure I will see some foolish post by you or your other idiot friend @snowbdr89. Bottomline here WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK OR HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT ”RICHARD”. Find someone else posts to comment on. If possible maybe you can go buy a life I know for you that will be hard to attain. ”F” you and your opinions my thoughts are my thoughts and will always be you will never be able to change that Mr. Bright guy…

        • Richard Yarrell

          Openness rules and choice is what android offers. Apple will never do that or be that Mr. Squiddy20 how I feel about iPhone or it’s users are my business not yours. How you get VOTED on this site is the BIGGEST JOKE IN THE BLOG BUSINESS.. I + 35 my own comment + 35, + 35

          • squiddy20

            “…how I feel about iPhone or it’s users are my business not yours” You obviously didn’t comprehend what I stated. I never once said anything about your viewpoints (read: opinions) on Apple or the iPhone. Try rereading it a few times till the meaning sinks in. It really can’t be stated any simpler.
            “I + 35 my own comment + 35, + 35″ And that has got to be the biggest bit of gibberish I’ve ever seen. In no way does that make any logical sense. Unless you were going for string concatenation in which the result would be something like “I35 my own comment3535″, which still makes no sense. Or were you trying to bolster your own self confidence by somehow upping your comment rating? Cause… it didn’t work. Yet again, you’re showing your true moronic colors. By all means, keep replying.

        • squiddy20

          1. I know for a fact I’m smarter (read: more “intelectual”) than you because A) I spell everything correctly B) I don’t refer to myself in the third person like you just did above C) I don’t fool myself into thinking that my beliefs, my opinions, and the things I own are “the best”. You are guilty of doing all three. I’m not saying you can’t have your opinions, but when you start telling others that THEIR opinions are “useless” or “wrong” or “rubbish”, as you’ve done countless times, you’ve just brought yourself down to the same level you accuse me of being at. Sad that you don’t realize this.
          2.”maybe you can go buy a life…” If I’ve said it multiple times, I’ll say it again, you can’t “buy” a life. You can however, get a better one by going to school and/or taking life improvement classes and/or applying for better jobs. Something you should consider doing. You’re in desperate need of a better education.

          • JayB

            You spelt intelectual wrong, it is intellectual, just FYI and negate your Point A above..

          • squiddy20

            I honestly did notice that a few hours after I posted but I figured Richard wouldn’t point it out since he can’t even use the right form of “you’re” in the right context.
            I guess I should have put “I spell mostly everything right”. Everyone’s entitled to a slip-up once in awhile.
            And if you really want to be picky, “spelt” isn’t right. It’s “spelled”. “Spelt” has come about because people are too lazy to add “-led”.

          • nn123

            Actually they are both correct. Spelt is used more commonly in UK English, whereas in America we tend to frown upon the irregular use of the verb.

        • strank

          OMG, grow up and get a life. Better yet find a blog for 2 year olds to post on!!

  • http://www.fifthmissionmarketing.com Andrew

    My family all uses Iphones and they all just got the new Iphone 4s. I have a Imac for work and a macbook pro at home that I love. I have had a Iphone and I loved it. but to be honest I just got BORED of the same old thing all the time. I am totally in favor of Android phones and tablets.

    Here are my complaints against Apple. The UI is to simple and the application of media is to hard. before you apple lovers freak out just let me explain. As I said in the beginning, I got bored of seeing the same screen everyday all day, in order to make it interesting again I would find myself searching the market place for new apps to add to my phone to make it cool again.

    Then the application of the media. I bought a movie on Itunes and wanted to watch it on my phone, but couldn’t because it has DRM and I have android, Then later that week we wanted to watch it on my TV, so I had my brother in law bring over his computer and we transferred the movie file to his Itunes, I then used one of my verifications on his computer to allow the file and we tried hooking up his apple TV to my TV so we could watch the movie. Itunes would not let it work. I was so mad. So I got out my G2x and plugged it into the TV with my mini HDMI and rented the movie on Android. Keep in mind, I have already paid full price for this movie and now I just paid 3.99 to rent it. DRM? We have made the movie and music industry so much money. They should figure out a way to make it easy for us to enjoy the media we buy and share it across platforms easily. I am not talking about piracy, I am talking about the good old days when I could take my DVD anywhere and enjoy my media with a DVD player. It’s just to hard to make stuff work, an Apple person might say. ” well you could buy the Ipad and the Iphone and the Apple TV, and a adapter so you Ipad can use HDMI cables and then you can use your files any where.”

    Gay, is all I have to say to that.

    However, my problem with Android is simpler, it does everything without restricting me, but sometimes if I buy the LG G2X, or HTC my touch 4g I will have problems with glitches and have to restart my phone every once and a while. In my experience, every phone I have owned (HTC my touch4g, G2x, Samsung Vibrant, Sensation, My touch slide) has had small glitches. The only phone I have truly loved on Android was my Nexus One. So my solution is only buy Nexus from now on and I should be very pleased with my phone.

    I still think they need to fix the DRM crap though

  • http://twitter.com/kblok Darío K

    It meens that iOS was in the right path since the very first day and Android with all those phones (HTC, Samsung, Motorolla) with all those skins is not being able to find the right path.

    When I saw the new Android home screen I said “wow” then I saw the Gmail app (and all the core apps) and I said “as awful as the very first day”

  • steven s smith

    lmao nice reference.

  • http://eongxien.wordpress.com ex

    While I have a Desire HD and drooled all over ICS, Android does leave a lot to desire when it comes to tablet experience.

    I had a chance to use the original Galaxy Tab, Flyer as well as a friend’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, unfortunately the tablet experience is still far from being refined. While the iPad looks nothing more than an oversized iPhone, at least the user experience is intact and the developer support far exceeded that of Android. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 however, lags at times and looks far from a finished product.

    It’s clear that Android has some catching up to do, thus it was a little disappointing that yesterday’s press conference did not cover anything about tablets as I was hoping that ICS could address some of the Honeycomb issues. IMO, there are still lots of unrealized opportunities in the tablet market and I hope Google will get to them, before Apple does.

  • Raptor

    What amazes me most is not Google or Apple but Microsoft. It completely lost in mobile woods.

    Think about this: they had everything to screw everyone – money, experience with the WinMobile, WinCE, independence on unknown technology which was still necessary to develop unlike for example (to some extent) Intel and AMD. Wasn’t it literally impossible that kind of “unwashed” in this business people like Apple and Google would overfrog MS in market share by an order of magnitude?

    Doesn’t this all mean that Steve Balmer has absolutely no vision and even when things literally yell “Mobile Revolution!” he couldn’t even execute well. For years specifically after 2007 ! Isn’t he the worst CEO in the history of computer industry ?

  • coyotejbob

    One thing I don’t really see posted here is compatibility. Most of you are going off the whole experience itself just phone deep. If I owned an apple computer I would have bought an iPhone. As the case is I run linux. Ubuntu specifically and since iTunes does not work with linux I chose android. I made the choice back in my g1 days. Sure I liked the iPhone and what it brought to the table. Since my phone and my computer shared the same core and worked flawlessly together I stuck with android. So be honest. How many Mac owners are going to choose android over iPhone when they have great compatibility? I love my sensation that replaced my g1. With that said if I didn’t have the computer end to back my phone up with or transfer data with ease I wouldn’t use it. So just remember its more than a phone experience.



    • muadhnate

      What fragmentation? ICS is completely streamlined and compatible across phones and tablets. That was the whole point of ICS.

  • Darren F

    Where is the cloud storage? Google is light years behind Apple, they wasted time and ressources for a stupid uglyface unlock and putting an 2 years old GPU into this new phone??? For what? A bigger screen is all they did and this new os 4 looks cheap imho. Not very good.

    Sorry, but my next phone will be the iPhone 4S when my contract is up in two month…

    • EuraTool

      Darren F,
      You deserve an Iphone 4 Suck

    • muadhnate

      Baby, google has been doing cloud storage for a LONG TIME. You just haven’t bothered to pay attention. Remember when google docs came out some years ago. When you saved your document- that was synced to the cloud. And it was accessible from ANYWHERE with an internet connection.

      Remember: Google IS THE WEB. Actually Apple just caught up.

  • http://smartphonenewz.wordpress.com smartphonenewz

    ios is faster and more stable, even with bad hardware :/

    • Dissmeister

      Thats because its simpler than Android, no live widgets, no excessive computer-like multitasking, no live wallpapers, no holo-UI’s, no 3D UI’s, NO CUSTOMIZATION. Period. Unless you want to change the wallpaper.

      Android is a heavier OS as it packs more when it comes to overall UI. Apple’s UI is very basic. How hard is it to understand this lol

      Less options = less coding = less lag

  • deckoff

    Best thing about android is that you can go with the simplicity of iphone (just add some shortcuts on the screen) or geek it out. It is good for both geeks and ordinary users. I see a lot of people running android who are not technicaly orientated.

  • Andrew

    Both are great, though I myself prefer using iPad and iOs and iPhone….Apple in short!

    Have you guys seen those awesome iPad stands and holders?? It’s so coool….


  • Hamranhansenhansen

    The home screen on iPhone is just an app launcher. Complaining it hasn’t changed is like complaining that the status bar at the top of the screen hasn’t changed. The changes in iOS are everywhere but there. You customize iOS with apps and with a variety of hardware accessories, not with widgets and themes. In 2007 – which is 5 years ago, not 3 – iPhone had 16 native C/C++ apps. Now, there are 500,000. That is a lot of change. Also, the iPhone screen changed from 160 dpi to 320 dpi, which was the first 300 dpi screen, a resolution that used to be reserved only for print. And iPhone got PC keyboard compatibility, audio video streaming to a TV, a matching 10-inch tablet PC with 100,000 tablet PC apps, and lots of other stuff.

    It is great if you like Android. Have at it. Why mention iPhone if you know so little about it? Why show one screen of its hundreds of built-in screens and millions of 3rd party screens and pretend that is all there is?

    And the iOS installed base is about 80 million larger than the Android installed base, so Android cannot be the largest mobile platform.

    The top 5 best-selling smartphones of all time are the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 iPhones. They also lead in customer satisfaction surveys all 5 years. That can’t be dismissed. Why even try? Android has successfully obliterated Windows Mobile, and that was its only goal. Mission accomplished. It has nothing to do with iPhone except that Android uses Apple’s browser core and runs on clones of Apple’s hardware.

    • Al

      Lol @all this iphone android war because since I’ve discovered galaxy nexus + ics I think a war isn’t even possible. Now I won’t even pay attention to people talking about iphone :)

      • hÃ¥kan

        @Al you just did…

    • andrej

      so if a thing sells good it means its the best? so pop singers are actualy the best singers. not opera singers or smtn like that?

    • Andrew

      UM no. The Browser core is WEBKIT. The opensource browser core standard. Apple has nothing to do with it other then they use it as well. DUH…. and saying that all Android phones copy the iPhone is BS. Then I say to you that apple copied Black Berry as far as hardware goes. The only thing Apple brought to the table was touch screen.

      Also go check every Wireless providers sales.There are FAR more android phones out there then iPhones. Just get that pea gong in your brain and think about the math. iPhone for first 4 years only available on one carrier in the US and 2 in Europe. Yet a year later and Android phones , with multiple manufactures with multiple devices available on ALL carriers. Even a 2 year old can see that there are way more Android phones out there the iPhones.

  • http://about.me/dmsinclair broahnain

    I have to say that I love the fact that i can customize my Nexus S any way that I want and to sound the way I want without spending tons of money on a wallpaper or ringtone.

    But I also love the stability of the ios. Android is changing and rapidly so. I love that too.

    I am finding that the focus as of late is too much of hardware and not enough on making more sophisticated and intelligent software. Example is Siri. Now I understand that Siri is experimental, but honestly, the idea of what she is…..AWESOME! But that does not have me running out to buy and iphone.

    I really and truly do wish that i had to the ability to program, and yes I am working on it. I use windows as well as linux.

    Where i see good things about both platforms and bad about both platforms, I personally would like to see more development in the software division, more so than in the hardware. I say get the software right and then the hardware. I dont want to be buying a new device every year. Get it right the first time AND then move on to the next.

  • poguec

    What do I like about my Android phone over the iPhone? Simple, I can upgrade the memory and replace the battery without buying a new phone.


  • KW

    I have researching iOS5 and ICS and the respective phones for some time. I am leaning toward the jump to iOS5 unfortunately. First, I never understood all the hating between Apple fans and Android fans. Both OS are different. I have and still use the first Droid (rooted right away!) and enjoyed the experience of customizing my phone with varying ROMs. This is how I give advice to friends about the two OS’s: if you like gadgets and tweaking your phone/system go with Android…the possibilities are endless, but if you want a user friendly and smooth operating smartphone, go with Apple.

    For me, I have multiple reasons to make the switch. One, I have an unlimited data plan with Verizon and like the idea of keeping it that way for another two years. 4GLTE is not everywhere yet and buying into a tiered plan is something I would like to avoid right now (I go over 2 GB easily each month). Two, I have an 8-month old and do not have the time to root, research ROMs, or other 3rd party apps. I have other hobbies I rather do than play with my phone. Third, I like the idea of a larger screen (samsung galaxy nexus) but carrying a phone that long and wide makes me think that I should just get a tablet and use a bluetooth. Last, I am not too familiar with the iPhone and like the idea of playing around on another platform. It keeps things interesting. I would say time is the main factor and I do see myself returning to Android even when the so called iPhone 5 comes out.

    The key thing is all this competition allows us the consumer to have fun with so many toys. On a side note, if the samsung galaxy nexus did come with the 1.5 GHz dual core processor, I would have most likely stuck around with Android, but alas they did not in addition to a 5 MP camera and no mini SD card slot. I had no interest in the Razr when it was confirmed it would have Gingerbread! So I think waiting two years for Android to evolve is sufficient…so while I wait I get to play with iOS. Maybe I will ask Siri what she thinks of ice cream sandwich.

    • Jennifer

      @kw just so you know when you go to a 4g phone you don’t have to go to a tiered data plan. You still keep unlimited unless you go to a feature phone and then back to a smart phone. 4g also is going to be through out the US in the next few years. If you see the list of where it is right now its all over. Lots of cities already. They just had like 20 more yesterday. Every couple months they add around 20 or so more.

      Anyhow, my opinion is this, yes iphone work fine for people that want a smartphone and don’t care about customization and web experience. And have the money for the apps. But to me I think that the only reason that Iphone did so well is a. they did get the phone out before everyone else did (there were companies working on it at the time I think google was too very quietly) and they advertise very well into thinking that you need an iphone. Look at mp3 players. Most people call it an Ipod even though there is many brands out there. Because it was marketed to the point that ipod is the first thing that comes to mind. Same with iphone. Now here is my problem with iphone, one hardware they don’t have the fastest out there and you can’t take the battery out (batteries last usually about one year before not working as well) no external storage (i like that I can add storage and that I can put all my pics and music on it and its not on the phone its self) also I know people that can’t stand on screen keyboard so iphone wouldn’t work for them. Second I feel like the company doesn’t listen to its costumers. to get the full web experience you need flash. They won’t put flash on. I know html5 is suppose to be the greatest and blah blah blah, but there is still a lot of flash sites out there now and I would like to watch them. They tell you what you want and thats that. Android seems to listen more to the customers. People wanted more integration with phone and tablet and that is what they are going for the ICS, people want flash they got that, people want choices that’s there too. Now unfortunately with choices will come with fragmentation but that is to be expected when you have more then one company doing the hardware.

      The guy about the fact that IOS has changed a lot in looks since it has come out . . . they aren’t talking about the apps making the looks change they are talking about overall design. It hasn’t changed. And it probably won’t because the psychology of people liking the familiar. It’s all psychological marketing with Apple. They don’t change too much so the general public will keep going to it because its familiar. Then their are the people that like to be able to change things and such they are the ones that go to android. Its about choices. My choice is android, but someone elses would be ihpone. It happens.

  • Heye P.

    Android is all about choice and customization. Apple is “you get what we offer and control”. There some kind of Android phone available for everyone to afford.

  • robb

    The consumer wins because of all this competition, not Android or Apple. If there were no competition, the phone company would never really have to do much at all to get everyone to buy their phone. They could have horrible pricing, and no features, but now that there are different phones fiercely competing, each one has to be better than the other, with better prices, and better hardware and software. I am completely unbiased, owning an EnV touch (which needs to go). It kind of disgusts me when i see grown men fighting, especially considering how I’m not even 16 yet. If you all thought about it like “Would I say this to somebody in public?” I think the comments would be much different.

  • lol

    Dad:the new ipone has a bigger screen
    Me:and my Sony xperia play can play games

    When it comes right down to it android is more efficient in everything its does
    Also lets look at apples gaming department oh wait what gaming department

  • http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/ KatSelezneva

    I have been using an Android phone since a year, and I am quite satisfied with it. I like the drop-down notifications bar and widgets very much. But various iStatistics impressed me, so I decided to take a look on the iPhone. And I got an iPhone 4! But – what’s a pity! — only for an hour. Basing on this experience, I’ve written a whole article. What can an iPhone make with a staunch Android supporter within an hour? http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/09/year-on-android-based-smartphone-vs.html

  • Zerg

    For the user called “lol”: do you really mean it? You must have never seen ios games then. Sony Experia does what? Compare games like infinity blade, rage, dead space (and the list is long) on the iPhone and your Experia games. I read almost all the comments and I came to the conclusion that many of you don’t know a thing about ios and it’s like listening to a bunch of haters simply adoring their green robot god exaggerating its pros and ignoring its cons while bashing the rivals doing the reversed thing. I don’t hate android I actually think it has some good features problem is everything is so unpolished and improvised or it’s simply a fake or a copy of what the iPhone already have (app wise). Plus the fact you can have android on adios different hardware is not a pro, couple of friends have android on 200 euro phones and….Jesus….it’s a pitiful scenery. Sorry if Iade some mistakes English is not my primary language. Bye and thanks.

  • http://None Leo

    I had a Samsung Galaxy S and absolutely loved it, sadly someone stole it from me and I almost immediately got an iPhone, for the iPhone had a nice inssurance that I obviously needed.

    My first impression was ‘simple’ compared to my Android. I actually didn’t lime it that much.
    But now that I’ve had it for some months I realize that my Preferences have changed.

    Yes, android is the most costumizable thing I’ve ever seen, but that costumization ability can be seen as a con too. I lost ENTIRE MONTHS of my life playing with the costumization and in desperate need to find help in forums about how to use it and hos to get the most battery out of it. Battery life is a true problem with Android devices.

    With iPhone, I just read the little document that comes in the box and started downloading apps and games like crazy and then started tweeting and facebooking and emailing at once. Battery lasts all day and you can carry a device that never crashes, it’s easy to use, and looks amazing.

    So yeah, by no means am I saying that one is better than the other, but definitely the iphone is IMHO much more stable and way cooler.

  • desmondmiles


    check diz link…

    in addition to that, android has

    1. NFC technology
    2. 3D LCD (LG 3D) oh come on its 3D!
    3. and i can even download an app that will make my android look like an iPhone!

  • ugg

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  • ar

    I just know one thing and that’s ios is much beter than android

  • RedXenon

    To the guy called “ar”. Give me reasons why iOS is better than android then. It is all down to the consumers (should I say that, more like users but in reality no OS Is better than each other. I own a iPod touch 4g, orange San Francisco and the orange Barcelona (I only got the Barcelona because of the keyboard and FroYo) the IPod is good, quite good actually but it is limited in customisation so in conclusion they are basically the same. But I prefer android anyway. Bye!