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Behold the video recording power of the Galaxy Nexus!


The advanced 5 megapixel camera on the Galaxy Nexus has been boasted by Google as one of the best in the industry. Unfortunately, with the Galaxy Nexus still unreleased, we’ve seen little to no proof of that. Until now.

If you think back to the Google live event where the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich were revealed, you may remember some video footage from the Nexus that showcased a beach at sunset. The footage looked like it could be great, but the live stream wasn’t the best of quality. Well Romain Guy, the Googler responsible for the sample footage, has posted the video online in 1080p. All I can say is wow. Even on Youtube (notorious for screwing with HD video quality) the video is outstanding. Romain used Google+ to explain the video, saying that the final edit was made with Adobe After Effects CS5, but the “only processing done on the original footage was to speed it up in the first clip.” That means that what you see is what you get.

There are indeed some great comparison shots online from the Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S that show just how capable the Nexus is, but I think Romain’s video, “Rockaway Beach,” speaks for itself. Just like he says, I can’t wait to watch it on the 720p 315 dpi display of the Galaxy Nexus.

Don’t forget to turn on 1080p

Source: Google+

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  • Ribbign

    Looking pretty good. My only concern is how much footage you can take in 1080p with no SD-card slot. Especially since I live in Sweden and the rumor is that we’re only getting the 16GB version. I guess you’re not really gonna be shooting feature films with your phone but still, I usually use up AT LEAST 16GB during a day of shooting 1080p with my camcorder. But that’s when I’m out and about just to film something, and not just capturing a few moments. Can’t get over the SD-card thing… And NO – cloud is not an excuse, I want both!

    • Meth

      Yeah, definitely. I’m getting the Droid Razr instead the Nexus, even if the 32GB is released the 16GBs is expensive too

      Only downside I’m getting from buying the Razr is the screen though

      • wonmotyme

        Don’t forget about the lack of removable battery! Biggest downfall of the Razr

      • Kevin

        Oh and the RAZR doesn’t have a NFC chip.

      • Sohip

        RAZR has a Locked Bootloader!

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Maybe they’re probably just trying to motivate even more people to use Google+? But I agree with you, an SD card would be nice.

      • http://None CaribGrackle

        I don’t know about the G+ thing. They already did this on the Nexus S.

    • Ari32

      Yeah, I was a little turned off by the lack of an SD slot. This phone is still going to be amazing though. You can always just transfer the videos over to your computer or something at the end of the day to save space. Would’ve rather had an SD-card slot…

      • Larizard

        Don’t forget, with Google+ Instant upload, your videos are automatically synced to your G+ account. So it would be pretty safe to delete month old videos in your phone.

    • monk

      I love the phone quality, screen and 4.0, but how is it possible that Nexus, supposed to be a dev phone, its not coming with a SD slot? How any dev could test this feature that is available in most android phones… To the Mod community this is also bad news (More chances to not be able to recover from a brick).

      Please Google, don’t copy Apple stupid ideas like no expansion slots or not replaceable battery (like Droid Razr). We want more options, not less! The cloud is great but I want to be able to use the 32GB card I already own and even boot from there if I want.

  • Andrew

    Nice colors and details but… it looks like frames are dropped, is it 12 fps ? Hope it’s just youtube.

    • Renato S.

      there are three situations – not int this order

      1) time lapse
      2) FF
      3) normal

    • inviolable

      lol not sure if serious

  • Melissa

    Wow beautiful. Looks like a movie.

  • raveesh

    Great to see Romain’s photography/videography skills being used to promote the Nexus. Do check out this pics on Google+, he’s done some amazing work, and considering that doesn’t make me once doubt the legitimacy of this video being unedited.

  • rasterX

    The video looks great, a perfect example of why dynamic range matters more than pixel count. Has there been specs posted yet on the Nexus’ camera? Sensor size, max aperture?

    But it looks like he used alligator clips from a jumper cable for the dolly mount! Maybe Nexus phones flow freely on the Google campus, but for the rest of us, a GrippIt or something similar would be a lot less abuse on the phone.

    • Romain Guy

      I take care of my phones, I made sure the clips would not harm it. They did not leave a scratch nor a dent.

  • Daniel

    I just wanted a smartphone camera with depth of field…that would be amazing…

    • Raptor

      Impossible. Physics. Small lens diameter is one and the only parameter which defines this. More precisely the ratio of actual open aperture diameter to the distance to the object.

  • doctagadget

    I must have this phone. The lack of SD card is a blower, but I have tried motorola twice with the droid OG and droid x and the cameras have been absolutel disappointments. I am very impressed with this and if all it takes it offloading the videos by USB then sign me up.

  • AppleFUD

    It’s hard to really say just how good it is via this video. If I take this video as evidence then I have to say that I’ve seen better looking 720p from Nokia devices.

    If you look closely you can see significant pixel artifacts taking place–you shouldn’t see that at 1080p. However, we don’t know if that’s because of YouTube, the compression, or what. So. . . until someone gets this device to output a video sample on a good 1080P HD screen we are all guessing at the quality.

    • Feste

      I agree with AppleFud,

      This video looks great but I’d like to see a hand held version of it. I want to see the response to fast movements and low light, as well as (seems obvious) sound!


    there is a rockaway beach in NYC…does not look like this though, lol.. the video might have caught a murder.. LOL

  • Ari32

    I need a new change of underwear…

  • DonChinga

    Holy sh!t. I saw the iPhone vs Canon SLR comparison on CNET (they are REALLY apple biased), and this blows that out of the water. No pun intended.

  • Nathan

    This video looks really good in small box form on 1080p and pretty good in full screen form to just not as good but I really want this phone tho =)

  • http://klout.com/#/SliestDragon SliestDragon

    Very nice! Can’t wait to try out the camera for my self soon! :)

  • pritams

    pretty impressive..