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Cold hard specs: the iPhone 4S can’t hack it


Looking for the post where we rip into Apple and the oh-so-magical iPhone 4S? You’ve found it. All the voice functions and competitive pricing aside, the iPhone 4S hardware is Lame. (Yes, with a capital “L”). Just how lame you ask? Compared to what Android is offering–and has been offering since the beginning of the year–it barely manages to keep up.

Let’s recap the main focal points of the iFail 4S announced today. Apple’s A5 1GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video capture, 14.4 HSPA+, up to 64 GB storage and a Retina display. As you can see, pretty boring for a phone announced at the end of 2011. So just what does Android already have to combat the iPhone 4S? And what about phones that will be out in the near future?

First up for dissection: processors. Apple has put a dual-core processor inside the iPhone 4S. Big deal. Android phones have been rocking dual-core processors for a long time now. The Samsung Galaxy S II utilizes a 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos in most of its configurations. The T-Mobile version of the GSII comes with a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3. And that’s normal for Android phones. In fact, if your Android device doesn’t have a dual-core processor, then you’re behind the times. Google is set to announce the next Nexus in about a week, and you can bet that device will have a dual-core at the least. Oh, and don’t forget the quad-core NVIDIA processors coming to market soon.

Apple placed a lot of emphasis on the camera of the 4S. It’s an advanced 8 megapixel sensor that features 1080p video capture. Apparently, Apple has been studying HTC’s latest devices. HTC has been working hard to improve the camera phone lately. The myTouch 4G Slide really turned it up a notch, and the Amaze 4G will take it to the next level. SmartShot, BurstShot, SweepShot panorama, ClearShot HDR, PerfectPics, 1080p video capture, a dedicated camera key and a dedicated camcorder key? The Amaze should give even the upcoming Nexus a run for its money. It’s rumored to launch with an incredible camera that will blow you away. And if you want megapixels, Samsung is working to release a 16 megapixel smartphone camera. It should be on display come MWC.

Want to hear a joke? HSPA+ 14.4 Mbps. Want to hear an even funnier joke? CDMA/EVDO Rev A. Not everyone has access to 4, or even “faux,” G Internet. And that’s not such a big deal. But any and every major Android device released in the last year has at least had the necessary radios on board to go as fast as the network in your area will let you. If you want to stick with HSPA+, T-Mobile is about to release a couple 42 Mbps HSPA+ devices. Sprint has WiMax devices galore. Verizon and AT&T? They use LTE, a seriously fast 4G technology. So fast, it makes Sprint’s 3G look like dial-up. In fact, that’s roughly how fast Sprint’s iPhone will go. Seriously.

Let’s say you want a ton of storage, but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. Android devices offer expandable storage. You can choose how much internal storage you want and pop in a microSD card for more. You can also take that card with you and keep using it time and time again. With the iPhone, what you buy is what you get. And if you want 64 GB of storage, then it’s going to cost you $400 on contract.

The display on the iPhone 4S is a true testament to just how far Android devices have come. When the Retina display was first announced, everyone was amazed at how crisp and clear images were. But that was a year ago. Now, display technology has far surpassed the Retina display. SLCD qHD displays are fantastic, and Super AMOLED Plus is absolutely incredible. When put next to an iPhone 4S, you can tell Samsung really knows how to make a display. If you think Super AMOLED Plus looks good, just wait until you see an HD Super AMOLED display. Samsung’s latest crop of displays have been called jaw-droppingly gorgeous. And guess what? The next Nexus will indeed be utilizing a 1280 x 720 HD Super AMOLED display. With a pixel density of 320ppi, what more could you ask for in a display?

Did we miss anything? Is there anything else Android devices can boast that the iPhones can’t? How about NFC, removable batteries, hard keyboards, different display sizes, Flash, an open Market and the greatest community around. Yeah, all that and a little more.

Dustin Earley: Tech enthusiast; avid gamer; all around jolly guy.

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  • http://sprintfeed.com Joe

    People don’t buy iPhones for the specs.

    • TatiG

      yes, I agree. They buy them because hypnotizing effect. but… retina display was the selling point last time around.

      • cb2000a

        Are you saying that the retina display has a hypnotizing effect…that could explain a lot!

        • Simo

          People buy iPhones cuz other people have iPhones. They could sell the iPhone 3GS as the iPhone 4S and people would still buy it and not care.

          • Mike

            People buy Iphones because they are simple and are for the weak minded who are captivated by the mystique of the Iphone. If I wanted one I’d just open up my app drawer and stare at it all day but fortunately I’m not intellectually handicapped and can use my galaxy s2 to it’s full potential…WAR XDA!

          • Sephizeus

            No, people buy iPhones because iPhones, even with the lower specs, are faster and less crippled, as any android phones are due to the OS. Android phones are slow in some way because they have to cater to so many different processors and such. iOS is optimized for one device line of devices. The way it should be. I came to this site, albeit without reading the URL or title, expecting a review. Not some fanboy twats pretending to know what they are talking about.

      • up yours

        all iphones have the mighty weight of the app store behind them. Doesnt matter good the specs are on a droid if the apps arnt there to take advantage of it.

    • Hary Ayala

      No, people don’t buy iPhones cuz of the specs, they buy them cuz they are uninformed and don’t know better.
      So spread the word, maybe you’ll save someone from making the terrible mistake of buying one.

      • Billy

        what if my gf wants one as a bday gift because all of her sisters have one. damn it I hate to buy one but then it’s her phone. peer pressure and all

        • Me

          Give your gf the BEST phone you can think of.

          She will love you for that…and she WILL HAVE the best of all…all her sisters and friends will be jelous and she will love you even more.

          You wouldn’t buy her crap… will you? Then buy her what you think is the best

          We are talking about giving her an Android phone … right?

          • http://cons.truct.org/ Eric

            Buy what will make her happy, but don’t do it to make her love you.

          • alcoholix

            ahhh!!! u almost had the right answer but u screwed up in the end :p

          • rabbit

            I just did that two months ago… got a pair of sgs2 for me and her. when she saw how nice the amoled screen was on this thing she forgot what she was bugging me to buy her! :p

        • mikey Wong

          Why even buy her an iphone? what happens once you two broke up? that will be money wasted…

      • alcoholix

        :) cute

      • As Roma

        What apple has that no other competitor has is the Ecosystem! 1.5 yrs later I will be able to start this message on my MacBook air, edit it in my car with iPad 2 3G and finish it later on my iPhone 4 S. While the song that my wife purchased on her iPhone downloads to all my devices. How much CPU / memory you need for that? Is it 2 seconds faster that some other device? Who cares…. Last Sunday I watched a game through AirPlay from my iPAD (no cords) on my HDTV through AppleTV. I like to download books from my phone/ iPad and read them on my phone/ iPad. I control my music on my iPhone through my iPad, I upgraded my operating system to lion with a click of a button from the app store for 29.99 and that covered all my macs….and the list goes on and on. Apple is not about just one product.
        Is that uninformed or you are uninformed for not understanding the power that multiple apple products in synchrony give you. Like you said it ignorance is bliss.

        • thel0nerang3r

          I read your comment a couple of times. I have no idea where you are going with this. Sounds to me like a bunch of non related statements. I have a couple of questions. You say ” Last Sunday I watched a game through AirPlay from my iPAD (no cords) on my HDTV through AppleTV” AppleTV doesn’t carry live broadcasts, iPad does not have a tv tuner (neither does AppleTv), what “game” where you watching… and couldn’t you just get it from AppleTV if it’s from iTunes? Why are you controlling the iPhone music from iPad? isn’t simpler to just do from iPhone? You upgraded you home computer’s OS, good for you, don’t see how that relates to anything else.
          You also said “1.5 yrs later I will be able to start this message on my MacBook air, edit it in my car with iPad 2 3G and finish it later on my iPhone 4 S.” This sounds like total BS. I have no idea where you are going with this, since this isn’t a feature apple has announced (saved web browsing states from device to device). Have you been smoking something? I hope you did, otherwise… actually I have no other explanation.

          • Damo

            His comments are fair enough. Apple are getting into cloud sync in a big way (Amazon already have; Fire Kindle Home TV Viewing with movie/book position sync). They have options and integration that are harder to achieve in a multi-vendor, multi-platform ecosystem like Android’s.

            The live game would not have been iTunes, but any iPad app, prob a cable/live streaming one; anything you can watch/view on your iPad/iPhone, you can send over to your Apple TV with a click. It’s pretty awesome; I don’t have an Apple TV, so bought an app for my Mac Mini HTPC 2 weeks ago, and it’s another ‘just works, makes socialising/sharing easier/better/more fun’ things. Even my wife uses it.

            But I agree with this story. Apple have a lot of catching up to do. I’m now seriously considering Android.

            But still – the ecosystem lures you in. If you have a Mac/iPad/AppleTV/iPod/iPhone, they all work together in a way that you used to dream about while watching Star Trek as a kid. That’s a hard act to beat.

          • Paul

            Trying to respond to Damo – The argument is not a very good one. Google lives in the cloud and yes it is very easy, especially using Google apps, to achieve with Android. I already can start an article on Chrome and then send it to my phone to read later. I’ve already mapped a few things while at work for either lunch meetings or after work that I’ve never been to. After mapping them I then send to the phone and it automatically starts the navigation process when I click on the notification. I’m already doing this on Android, what do I need to spend more money than necessary on Apple devices for? $2400 for a MacBook, screw that, high end laptop from HP $700 saved more than 1/3 the cost on a more robust system.

            Hands down Apple offers nothing to people who aren’t fully vested in Apple products, and for those that are they only offer higher prices. You can do the same things on Android that are boasted about so much on Apple. Just do a little research and you have even more options as you are not tied down to iTunes and Apple products. You are tied down don’t deny it.

          • As Roma

            The thing I smoked is called iCloud ( you’ll see the commercials on tv soon).
            I control my music on phone through iPad because I like to get in jacuzzi and read my iPad ( on waterproof case) and control the music coming out of the Bose dock with my phone on it. Of course I can control iTunes/ appleTV if music mas coming from there too throuh any iOS device.
            I have NFL Sunday ticket on iPad and foxsoccer2go, Netflix,etc that you can play wirelessly on HDTV from an iOS device.
            To answer a question below: you don’t have to SEND after mapping anything to anywhere cloud does it automatically. I can take a pictur from my iPhone and it automatically beams it to the cloud and into my MACs, wife’s iPhone and iPads. Like I said it’s called icloud. Btw just preordered my wife’s and my iPhone 4S switching to Verizon.
            The only point of my original pist was to show that once you are in the apple ecosystem it is difficult to switch since all devices are like ONE.

          • As Roma

            Also to answer the10nerang: forgot to address the fact that the iPad DOES have apps for live broadcasts. I watch live soccer games from premier league and serie a with foxsoccer2go. I have NFL Sunday ticket2go. If I am on the go I’d rather use iPad than phone of course. This is why not a bigger display on iPhone 4 S is not an issue for me.
            BTW with a little app called iSwifter you can watch all the flash websites you want in an iOS device. That’s how I watch replays of games in my iPad. Through AppleTV (small $99 device you hook up to your HDTV) and you can beam your iPad video to TV.
            A faster phone with xxx processor xxxpixels xxxbattery that is not in this ecosystem will not do the trick for me or any multi device apple user. This is the secret that apple has that keeps us buying more of their devices. And of course this wouldn’t work if devices were junk. The funny thing is I do not consider myself a fan of apple and after typing all these replies I am starting to wonder…they just work.
            And yes I do have a brain I do not just buy something because apple came out with it.

          • As Roma

            Paul: my MacBook Air cost $999 plus tax and it does what I need. My wife’s MacBook Pro was $1399 with more robust system. This concept that all macs are $3000 is from last decade. They are sturdy and work flawlessly. Why pay more tha $700 you said.
            Well same point can be made with why people pay more for a Mercedes instead of buying a Toyota ( they are both great cars btw).

            The funny thing is I used to think like you regarding the Mac. My last apple product after owning apple products for 6 years was the MAC which I bought precisely on January 2011. And you know what I’m never going back not only because it is a great computer but now with all these device integrations it would be almost impossible. At least for personal use.

          • http://www.rockerdown.com Rusty

            You really don’t understand. All of the Apple devices communicate with each other now. My iPhone and iPad control my apple tv (and therefore Netflix) including volume controls. I can start watching a movie while on a commute and pause it and continue it on my TV at home.

            The biggest benefit for me personally IS iTunes. It is the best media management tool out there and no, I am not living in the Walled Apple Garden of purchasing my content only through iTunes. I use handbrake like everyone else and rip CDs to my hearts content.

            I won’t slam Android – I am a techie geek… I really want one of the tablets. The problem for me in buying one is not REALLY knowing which of the million manufacturers make the best one.

            I know every time I buy an Apple product it is the best (or near to to it from a functional perspective).

            Don’t slam Apple without even trying their products. They both have their merits, I am sure (and as I said, I am eager to find out what Android is really like).

        • http://sean-the-electrofreak.blogspot.com/ Sean the Electrofreak

          With Chrome to phone I can already send webpages I’m already in the process of reading to my Android phone.

          With Google Music or any of dozen other music sync services, music on my PC or phone is already downloaded to all my other devices.

          We’ve also got video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and content-specific applications.

          We’ve already got wireless data streaming via DLNA, AirSync, etc.

          We’ve already got e-reader services like Kindle, Nook, Aldiko and Google Books that let us download on whatever device we wish to view them on.

          We also can control music playing on other devices with a plethora of apps like Orb, Gmote, Winamp Remote, Sonos, etc, depending upon your needs.

          I upgraded my Ubuntu OS the other day and it didn’t cost me a dime, and I didn’t have to do it from my phone. I’ll click the upgrade on each PC if it saves me $30!

          Ignorance is bliss if you think that Apple has the only products that can do all this crap. The reality is that with Android, you can get the same level of integration but across a much wider selection of devices.

          • As Roma

            Sean: iOS upgrades are free. We are getting iOS 5 this week.
            Lion OS is the MACs operating system. Did you upgrade from windows vista to Windows 7 for free and with a click of a button?
            You see: we continue to discuss without knowing what we are talking about. The point is that probably for all devices you mentioned you need to integrate them with different software, hence they may crash or not work properly plus you need some knowledge in order to accomplish this. With apple the integration is flawless and automatic, there is no other product in the market that has the integration of apple has currently. BTW iPhone 4S preorders sold out.

        • Robert

          Sweet Jesus on a stick…really? You must not be part of AT&T’s “unlimited data” nightmare plan, which curtails and funnels data flow to a trickle after you’ve used a measly 2gigs of exchange…the transaction you described above, handled something less than wifi would just about fill your monthly quota…I have apple devices out the ying-yang, but I’m not so naive as to think that using the “convenience” of active syncing over the airwaves is a good idea…and even if I DID think it was, AT&T would spank the crap out of me for “taking advantage” of these “wonderful” services. Synchrony may be bliss, but dial-up speed service on an iphone when you’re trying to use GPS will make you want to chuck the thing into a ditch. I say, pick your battles and just love the sleek lines, homogony of the products and the apple care network…apple will never win on affordability or adaptability. I’m going to give my iPhone to my whipped nephew and buy a Droid that will actually sync with my PC in something less than 3 hours.

    • Tom

      If people don’t buy iPhones for the specs, why did Apple feel the need to release this device at all? After all, if not specs, it’s the looks — which is 100% the same as before.

      • WarDrake

        Sorry to dissapoint you… the specs are the same thing, with the exception of the new processor.

    • chew

      Some people are just iDiots

      Just saying =P

      • Buntaro

        Then some other people are Androids eh?

      • Sephizeus

        No, you are a sheep. An android, if you will.

    • Ocho Cinco

      4S = for ass

      • Jon

        You mean 4S = 4SS which is more leet speaky. :P I will be laughing at all those iPhone 4SS users. :)

    • Mr Guzz

      …….fanboys and fangirls buy iPhones ‘cos the “logo” that’s it !

    • Steve505

      The ONLY thing that’s better about iOS than Android are the games.

      Android rules in every other category.

      • http://halmi.sk Rootko

        So true…
        Developers don’t need to code magic tricks into games for them to work on millions of different configurations. But games aside – Android is far superior than any iOS device.

        • yeahhbuddy

          Yea just wait for Ice Cream sandwich and even then IOS wont have a advantage with that anymore as android 4.0 will be a unified OS and work on all phones and tablets alike

          • bacon hat

            Until HTC, Samaung, and Motorala have it’s way with ICS. It may be the underlying OS but it will have the usual screwed up interface and guessing game when “x” gets the latest version.

    • Engineer2012

      I agree! People by iPhones because of the reliability. When apple provides software updates, all of the phones will receive the update. Because of segmentation, Android has failed in the sense that even some users (like me) with brand new phones are still running Froyo. Instead of focusing on trying to keep it’s current customers by providing updates and keeping our new expensive phones up-to-date, they are already working with manufacturers on new phones. Apple’s stability gives people a reason to switch to a better device at nearly the same price point. Android and licensing manufacturers need to get things sorted out!

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        I think you meant fragmentation and not segmentation.

        What “brand new phone” do you have that has Froyo?

      • http://oceanmedia.net Scotter

        If you bought a “brand new phone” with Froyo (Android 2.2) then … you deserve an iPhone. Android’s many choices are too confusing for you. You proved that by choosing a crap model phone.

      • thebigdaddybear

        Sure, apple is more unified in its iOS…easy to be when you only update once a year hahahaha and even then only copy what android did years ago.

      • rabbit

        people argue fragmentation, when in fact one os for a multitude of different devices as i see it is an effin’ engineering feat… kudos to the Android OS team of engineers and developers… and to the whole community as well…

      • Android Hater

        Don’t expect to get a midrange or low end android phone with froyo to get the ICS update. That is just plain stupid. Why don’t you go get an iPod Touch 2g or an iPhone 3g and just expect to get iOS 5 on it?

    • Lux143

      No..they buy them cause they’re the people who need to be told what they want.
      Apple tells YOU, what you can….and cannot have. Your under such a strict leash its ridiculous. The iPhone is the apitomy of the cookie cutter, without individualized personitly, choiceless routined handset/company.
      The ONLY reason this phone still exists is because of the original revolutionalizing iPhone. Since that phone…little has changed.
      This will end their reign.
      The grass is greener over here….trust me. ( oh and the marketshare ) which is turning daily at an exponential rate…im not sayin, im just sayin….
      p.s. i dont hate the iPhone…i just hate being told what i can and cannot have…

      • thebigdaddybear

        be careful, or apple will delete your comment like they did all the multiple multiple multiple threats on apple forums complaining about the iphone.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      This would be the most logical answer.

    • Jorge

      No, u r right, they buy them coz they think they might just about look cooler. But they fail miserably!

    • joe

      If that were true then why would people jump to buy the 4S which is basically just a spec bump to the existing 4? Because people *DO* buy phones for the specs

      • Brandon

        People buy iPhones, because apple tells them to ” its the most amazing iphone yet”.. well i mean doh, what is it going to worst then the previous

    • logan_jinx

      The thing that tends to bother me when people compare android phones to the iPhone is that there is no real standardized way to test both of them. You can use quadrant on all the android phones and compare specs that way, but right now you can do that with the iPhone. Apple excels at optimizing their software for their hardware, making their products the best that they can be. Apple almost always tends to find the best components for their products as well, such as the graphical processor for instance. So I’m willing to bet that the iPhone 4S could possibly be the best smartphone on the market to date.

      Please don’t get me wrong, I love my droid charge, but I also love my iPad and Macbook pro. I have almost always had very solid experience on all of my apple products. Both of my droids on the other hand pretty much have daily problems.

      • Rithul

        When you use an Android you need to have some basic idea of the phone software and hardware. iPhone is easy out of the box and you don’t need to do anything. But Android is for the experts. Loads of customizations and custom firmwares etc. You are having problems with your droid, I am sure you are using the stock firmware. See Android is all about personalization and it’s all about your ‘own’ phone. Use a linux computer , you will find it hard and giving problems. Does that mean linux is bad!!
        iPhone 4S is NOT the best phone in the market. It can never be. Please Google yourself the specs. How would you rate a core i5 Intel with a corei7? Now you would never say i5 is the best would you?

        Do some homework before you comment. Well nobody is losing anything it is just that sometimes people say such things and others just laugh on it! You don’t want to be a laughing stock do you?

        • Derper

          But he has a valid point, what if you dont want to wade through a shitstorm of customization to get things straight? What if you just want to have a phone to call people up on, and don’t give a fuck about wheter it is “personal” or not. If you express your individuality through a piece of corporate technology, you are a bore.

          Not that I own an iPhone, way to pricey.

          Btw Linux/Open Source has a tendency to be bad, yes, I am saying this as a programmer(running Kubuntu on my stationary and Xubunutu on my laptop).

    • Rithul

      Whatever he has said here are the true facts. But you need an open mind to accept these facts. If you are an Apple fan you never think straight, so no matter the facts you never understand.

      In fact there is no room for comparison between iPhone 4S and let’s take Galaxy S2. And which is the newer one? Yeah 4S!

      See Apple is great. Gorgeous design. Beautiful looking software. But there is one thing. They don’t give a fair competition.

      They try to stop other players by doing the cheapest thing – Patent shit! And whoever are working in US patents are so bloody ignorant, they give patents to things that have been around for years.

      I started hating Apple after the patent news! I was amazed at the stupid patents they tried to get and they actually got!

      Innovation is one thing but trying to stop a fair competition by cheap tricks is another. There is no respect for Apple in the ‘sensible’ community because of all these issues.

      And they give this idea that they are the ones who own everything, the sad fact is this attitude is transferred to the Apple fans too!

      Steve Jobs was determined to stop Android. He is like lots of things are copied! Well I have used both. Copied? Somethings you can’t say that you are copying. The fact that both phones can dial a number – is it copying? Obviously both are touch screen. How many different ways are there to dial a number? Pinch to Zoom, threaded SMS. Yeah, since apple has it nobody else is supposed to have it.
      When iOS5 Copied the notification bar which android has been using for years and unlock to camera from ICS, nobody questioned. Apparently Android is open source so any stupid company like Apple can copy!
      The best part, when I saw the video of iOS 5, they were like we had this awesome idea of getting the notification bar and when I saw that they were flicking it from the top I was amazed. They even advertized it as their own!!! Ha!

      Apple have some ethics!!

  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    Bring on the awesome infographic!

    • http://gplus.to/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

      Just to piss off Jesus over at Gizmodo!

      • nexus

        gizmodo is a joke

        • Steve505

          Engadget is just as bad, if not worse.

          Today, Engadget posted 25 iPhone articles, but NONE of them said anything bad about the iPhone.

          • Rio

            let’s wait until October 14 after some ppl already got their almighty iPhone, and see what happens…

  • kwills88

    This is one of those times I wish I could post a gif to show just how happy I got while reading this, great article.

    • -Dante-

      Do you mean something like this http://goo.gl/jpMlR ^_^

      • Wunako

        Sir i applaud you for a awesome GIF

      • Yash Jethmalani

        Haha.. I’m in a similar state

  • TatiG

    WOW, what a rant. +1

  • Joe

    just to play devil’s advocate here, but why no mention of the much more powerful gpu the iphone has?

    • Hary Ayala

      Because unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t beat Nvidia on GPU and half the android phones are Nvidia powered.

    • AppleFUD

      it’s more powerful than what? Most benchmarks can’t really compare apple’s gpy vs one’s in android devices because of the platform and benchmark tools–it’s just doesn’t correlate exactly, and the TI OMAP and Samsung’s new chips are top noch for gpu & cpu. I think you are trying to compare it to the tegra 2 because some stupid site put up some bad benchmarks. . . well, the tegra 2 is how old? Tegra 3 will be out this month or next at the latest–you really want to try and talk smack about gpu?

      This isn’t any different than any other apple product–they are always behind on the tech, that’s how they make their bank–over-charging idiots for dumbed down devices that have older tech in them.

    • http://oceanmedia.net Scotter

      Yes, that new GPU in the iPhone 4GS is a bit more powerful than any current Android phone. The key word is “current”. Given the new chips coming out over the next two months, the 4GS is going to fall behind pretty quickly in graphics performance. But “behind” is relative. IMHO, they would have done a bit better by their customers by leapfrogging a bit more so their phone would be relevant longer. BUT doing that would have cut too much into their own future sales of the iPhone 5. AND if that GPU in the 4GS is just a tad more powerful than the best Android phones *right now* then that is a bit of leapfrogging. Especially considering Apple will probably release the iPhone 5 this Spring or Summer. What I wish they had mentioned in this article was the screen being so small! I really couldn’t care less how pretty it is if it is so freakin hard to tap on a word, link, or spot! I was sick of the 3.7″ screen on my Nexus One over a year ago. And not because of the “pentile” bullshit or “can’t tap on more than two spots at once” bullshit, either. I never had problems with that stuff. The ONLY problems I ever had with this phone: (a) the screen sucks in bright sunlight; (b) the power button went out so I use an app to make volume control turn the screen on and an icon to shut it off; and (c) internal memory for apps is low-ish. Yay for apps-to-SD!

      • Sephizeus

        Did you really say 4gs? You are silly.

  • ben dover

    the iphone 4s has me SOOO excited to see what the nexus prime has in store! I was worried the next iphone might give the nexus a hard run for it’s features but at this point google would have to fail more than apple to keep from making a better os update than apple failed to do! :)

  • hinds

    I have to say a friend of mine who is an iPhone junky was depressed today by apple. I really have to say iPhone enthusiasts are really isheep cause they gonna by the same phone twice!

  • techvudu

    Great write-up.
    I’m an avid Android fan. But I have to say today’s announcement was disappointing. Apple needs to keep cutting edge and on top of times to keep HTC, Sammy, LG, and Moto on top of their game. Aside from the upgrades and more powerful CPU/GPU (which goes hand in hand with each other) the same exterior handset was a huge downer, no LTE/WiMax is totally lame, and the specs are as the article states just catching up. Bad form this go around Apple. Stock dropped quite a bit after the show. I don’t think that has ever happened before on announcement day.

    • Tom

      Exactly. My livelihood currently depends on Android, but even I was disappointed by this “new” iPhone. If Apple becomes a niche player again, what prevents Android from becoming the next stale Windows.

      • Sweden.

        And who ended up on top of Windows?

    • Futureboy

      That may have been true in the not too distant past (Apple keeping the other manufacturers on their toes), but I would argue that it’s not the case today. I think all the Android manufacturers are keeping each other on their toes. Development and innovation didn’t stop when Android surpassed the iphone in specs. Android innovation has been fast and furious well past that point – each manufacturer keeps trying to out-do the other.
      Apple is an innovator. They always have been. However, they are their own worst enemy. They create spectacular devices, but their proprietary nature and closed ecosystem is always their downfall. They build a revolutionary device, soak in the adoration and then rest on their laurels while the rest of the world continues to develop and advance. But rest assured, they will create something new that will be the only one if it’s kind, and it will be incredible… and the cycle will start all over again.

  • abi

    iphone 4s haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a joke. whats the s for by the way? sux?

  • Thaghost

    Maybe they should start cuz the 4s is not hot. It doesnt make sense to upgrade from the 4 to the 4s. Ios5 is coming to the ip4. The only things that will be missing is 8mp camera but the ip4 already takes great pics, the 1080p which is not very importantand siri, which is very good but not worth $200

  • joey

    nice write up this is why i chose Android and why I will stay Android. I do however love my iMac and will never go back to a pc.

  • Gregor

    First of: I will not unsubscribe this blog. It still has the most up-to-date Android news, but still:
    Does it have to be written in such a decadent fanboy kiddie style? I was ashamed for the Android community while reading this text.

    • Dustin Earley

      Read the other post I put up today. This was just ment to be fun.

      • mr. android

        dont even put attention to this guy , i actually think this article makes complete sense , and i hadnt read one this good , your doing great

    • Matt

      I agree with gregor, i know this is a android site but really is stooping down to the immature fanboy really necessary. Android has it’s flaws and apple has it’s flaws. I happen to have both, a evo and flyer, then an iPod touch and MacBook air. One does things better then the other. Android = variety and customizable, i like widgets and having differemt types of sizes of widgets. apple = games and music. Dual core doesn’t matter, quality games do and that’s where apple shines. Not a huge rpg fan so games like jetpack joyride or vegetable samurai. Apple exclusives.

      Bottom line, ease up. Thumb me down because I have a different opinion.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    typical Apple. I seriously don’t understand why people still use iphones. I mean i understand the smoothness of an iPhone is great. But Android is younger, and is already ahead of Apple in every other way.

    • HackNet


      It’s “smooth” as you say because the iOS pauses all of the apps running in the background ever time you swipe across to another page or every time you load another app. Android has TRUE multitask, so if you’re downloading an app from the WEB (which apple cannot achieve), the rest of the applications running in the background don’t stop to let the fat lady through. Apple just sucks.

  • steven

    i didnt even finish reading this because of the shining ignorance throughout the whole thing. apple products arent for the people who want to be ahead of the curve every month. maybe you should start calling all people who buy iphones ignorant because they dont have the sense to buy the biggest, loudest, fastest and most unnecessarily huge product available.

    • kwills88

      I think the article is more for other tech bloggers who priase the iPhone as the greatest device ever as oppose for it being directed at the average user, even In the android community people by low end android devices because they don’t care for specs, they just need a phone anyhow they can get one…bloggers at engadget and gizmodo, they eat this apple product stuff up.

      • Nathan

        IT was for fun so don’t take it to hard, and in the end i’s what you choose anyways so does it really matter?

  • Arnold

    I am very happy with the Apple keynote… it will translate in an increased momentum for Android sales !

    Don’t forget that without Steve’s charisma this company will also lose much of its communication’s impact.

    • Tom

      Yes, but that’s a double edged sword. It may accelerate Android sales to the point (at least in the US), where Android will become a de facto monopoly, like Windows in the 90s. Do we want that, as the Android community?

  • Phil

    Forget what Gregor is talking about. This is how our communities need to be sometimes. Why be ashamed to tell the truth? Apple sites and neutral sites alike write all kinds of false hit piece articles on Android. Our sites should set the record straight in no uncertain terms. Thank you for this article. Its about time.

  • HackNet

    I couldn’t have said it any better. Good Job Dustin!

    Android eats iPhone for breakfast. all day every day.

    Android > iPhoney

  • triangle

    First off, I must say that I love the picture you posted with the article. Can we have that on a T-shirt? I would buy that.

    Second, I think that android will always win the spec war as long as apple sticks to its one size fits all strategy. But people don’t necessarily buy apple products for the specs, they buy it for the simplicity. I’m all for simplicity, which is great for my parents and other people who have difficulty navigating around customization options like different keyboards (swiftkey, swype, etc) and launchers, just as a starting point. Android will always be a little more complex, but with that little extra complexity come so many rewards for anyone willing to do a little more work.

    I see so many older people with iPhones now that I think it makes perfect sense. If someone is new to smartphones, I would not hesitate to recommend an iPhone. But for my money, android allows me to do more and I love that I can do that.

  • Kevin

    For all the power that all these android phones have they are still an after thought for almost every developer that makes apps. So the “slower iphone4s” will still have better quality apps and games than any android super phone. Sent from my iPad

    • George

      Funny enough, lately a lot of apps/games come out for Android and mention an “iOS version coming soon”


  • Tristan

    Hell yeah man. Looking forward to next Tuesday.

  • Kye

    Nooo, dont say ifail or whatever like that sounds sooo cringe worthy.

  • Andres

    How has display technology clearly surpassed the retina display? I love android and would never get an iPhone but the iPhone still has the highest dpi display available and the htc qhd displays are an absolute joke. My sensation screen has awful viewing angles and even worse ghosting problem. Super amoled is awesome but the dpi is still lacking. Can’t wait to see the 720p screen on the prime though.

    • http://oceanmedia.net Scotter

      You nailed it. This is the #1 reason I’ve waited and waited. Held on to my Nexus One. Not that it has that great a screen. At 3.7″ and AMOLED it’s beautiful to me all except when in direct sunlight and then it sucks. But yes, Samsung going with 800×480 in their GS2 was a huge disappointment to me and just cemented the frustration I’ve had with Samsuck since the crap they put people through with the Galaxy series phones (GPS, crap displays, crap file system that rapidly degrades, slow updates). And HTC with their small batteries and relatively thick phones. The 1600mAh aftermarket battery helped. But sheesh! And both mfgrs putting bloatware on their phones. And then Samsuck putting out the Nexus S, which IMHO was lame because it was single core, 4″, no SD slot, 800×480, and 512MB RAM. So I’ve waited and waited and hopefully, finally, the Nexus Prime will have the right combination of a nice big screen, better than 800×480 rez, beefy battery, and thin form! And yeah, if it has all that I want, I’ll go ahead and buy it even though it is made by Samsuck. Oh I hate to put money in their pockets but IMHO phones get a lot of points by being stock Android and getting quick updates.

  • Ichigo

    To be honest, I’m a little disappointed by the iPhone 4 S. I’m an android guy but I’m not bias. The best feature in the new iPhone is Siri. I’m really impressed by that. Everything else was expected. I’m sure the new iPhone will be faster and smoother but still it’s not quite what everybody was waiting for. I guess that’s why they called it iPhone 4 S. But on the other hand it is a smart move. You can’t every year make a major change I think. They will come with crazy stuff next year for shizzle. But android is the best. Splash!

    • Tom

      Siri is like Facetime. Nobody will use it.

    • ATL, Kay?

      This launch is all about SOFTWARE. Apple spent the majority of their time on iOS 5. Which, by the way, can be used with the 3GS, original iPad, 3rd gen. iPod touch and later. All on Wednesday, actually. If this were Android, that would never happen.

  • Dwin

    Wow. Not even an attempt at journalism. Just a long fanboyish rant.

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      thats what it was supposed to be. harmless fun.

      is there something in the water dropping everyones humour level??

  • jay q

    Best article….it even beats the Apple event lol….bravo bravo bravo….android was…is and will be the best….

  • Nathan

    well even though it was a one sided article all of it is true and the new iphone was underwhelming considering how long people waited for it.

  • ovilc88

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHH….(heavenly inviting sound) it feels good being on the winning side :)

  • Interpol91

    I love this article! It points out the obvious and reveals just how much Android phones have surpassed iPhone. Give Samsung or HTC over a year to develop a phone a they’ll put out something amazing. Give Apple the same amount of time and they just do minor adjustments and call it groundbreaking.

    • Apo

      A year? Give them only one week and with prime iPhone 4s will be an old story.

  • eightbitjoker

    I’m surprised there are no Apple loyalists to troll an article directed at the iPhone.

    Apple is making a very big mistake of holding off until next year to release the iPhone 5, because by then Android will have phones that rival or maybe even surpass netbooks and ultrabooks in terms of computing power. I believe it was stated in a previous article that the current iPhone is only a quarter of the Galaxy S II in terms of power, with the rate Apple is going the same will be true between the iPhone 4S and whatever Samsung will churn out next.

    As for iOS 5, I believe that the only reason why we are unfazed by the “new” features is because we have had those for quite some time now and there are apps readily available that provide such functionality. Take Siri for example, it looks like a more polished version of the Voice Actions app by Pannous available for free in the Market.

    Lastly, what I find most amusing is the fact that it seems that the tables have turned and now iOS is playing catch up with Android in terms of OS functionality.

    • D.J.

      I would call myself an Apple loyalist (not fanboy, per se). However, I am extremely underwhelmed by the iPhone 4S announcement, especially given the amount of time since the iPhone 4 launch.

      I, for one, try to keep an open mind with my tech, having also had a couple iPhones, a WebOS phone, and the first Samsung Galaxy S. I cannot wait till next week’s Samsung/Google announcement. I’m sure that that will be my next phone and will blow the 4S out of the water.

      –Posted from a Mac. :-)

  • martin

    while i agree the iphone 4s was not impressive and android phones coming out now are already beating it in most specs, your tone of “iFail” was dumb. i come here because i like hearing news and speculated rumors on android, not because i like reading”th3 1|>h0n3 suxxxx, LOL”. if i wanted this level of juvenile shit passed off as tech journalisim, id go to gizmodo.

  • Kyogiro

    I am a French Android user. I really enjoy the experience since I got my first Android phone (it was the Motorola Milestone called Droid in the US) then I moved on to a LG Optimus 2X (rooted, overclocked, Custom Rom, pretty much everything you can do).

    But let’s face it, the A5 with the Power VR SGX 543MP2 is the best GPU out there. It must be twice more powerful than the Maili400 of the Exynos. It is a pity because I wished that we have something more powerful on Android.

  • mikeyc

    if android had better apps, it would be a no doubter.

  • kevin

    lg nova display > super amoled hd

  • CJ84

    The phone looks exactly the same. Maybe apple should do illegal cloning experiments. They’d probably do better with that. All of the people i know with an ip4 say “look at me! Im cool cuz ive got an ip!” no you arent your a gregarius idiot for buying this piece of s***. Watch ics beat the crap out of ios5.

    Im gonna take my new nexus prime and take pictures of everyone i know with an ip and use it to post the pics to fb and write in the caption “losers! Sheep!” ics is delicious and your apple is rotten and it makes me vomit.

  • mrjlwilliams

    This is by far the most HONEST, and real article about what happened today with the iphone. I’m not just saying that. People have to be crazy to think that this phone will measure up to the GSII, or any other upcoming android devices. CRAZY! Or truly an ifan of being ripped off.

  • http://www.giquegear.com GiqueGEAR_Todd

    Nice summation refuting today’s iHype. Apple really needed to shock and awe their captive base with an iPhone 5 today. Can only whip people into a frenzy just to let them down so many times, before they see through it. Speaking of distortions, how about Apple’s assertion that the MacBook Pro and iMac are the best selling laptops and desktops ? Wow. Just like Windows doesn’t even exist. I know they must be talking about individual pc models, but, come on … people aren’t really that gullible.

  • Nate B.

    This was a really go hard write-up :)

  • Mr snrub

    Great article this is why I will always stay with android. Proud to say I have never owned a crApple product in my life never have and never will

  • aceofhearts24

    Video mocking Apple and the iphone 4s! Must WATCH. Espeically if you like android and hate the “magical” apple bullshit! http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/12519962/i-want-the-iphone-5-not-4s

  • i0nsquar3

    I just want to comment on: Why people buy the iPhone not for it’s specs.

    I think my answer is something most people know in general. Isn’t it the same thing with what clothes you wear? What car you drive? What burger joints you dine at? Names/Labels. They don’t care if it’s less powerful than your Samsung or HTC. If it says, Apple, on it – coolness. I hope I’m not the only one who’s not into brand names these days. However, I do have to admit that no matter how bias some people (notably the iFanboys) may find this article, it’s true. From a technical viewpoint, I am not flattered with this thing since the 3G’s inception. I just think that it’s something not worth for how much they want people to pay it for. Whether its unlocked or contract, I feel that it’s as expensive as its Macbook counterparts.

  • http://Www.TechnoEsq.com Finis Price

    So I have to buy an HTC, mySlide, Galaxy and how many other phones to get all of the features in my ONE iPhone? Not to mention, you can hardly compare the OS android to the PHONE iPhone. You can compar ios5 in general to the Android OS, but it’s hardly fair to group all phones running the Android OS into one category and then try and compare them to the iPhone.

  • hoodrat

    As a huge Apple fan who has never owned an iPhone, I was quite a bit underwhelmed with the 4s announcement. I’ve always stuck with Sprint, and was maybe willing to switch to an iPhone 5 on Sprint if the price was right and the features were innovative. I won’t bother with the 4s. I don’t buy the whole “we repositioned the antenna and now our 3G is as fast as other phones’ 4G” thing. I’m fairly happy with my Android device (despite it being a pretty buggy piece of shit – Epic 4G) – mostly because of the integration with my Macs that I’ve incorporated (Airplay audio, VNC, remote torrent control, etc).

    That being said I find the whole iPhone vs Android argument really pathetic and juvenile, mostly coming from the Android side. I’ve been on OS X for quite a long time now and even I was less of an idiot than some of you people when I was in high school and trying so hard to convince my PC-gaming friends that Mac is the way to go. I will never understand why other people using an iPhone makes you guys so angry. Or why you even have an opinion about it at all…

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      i agree with you in some aspects but i would like to take it from my (an avid android fan)) perspective.

      what i dislike about apple is the quaasi religous fervour that seems to surround them. i love my fun becuse it is great fun, fast customizable and just plan cool. but if a friend asked me to reccomend a phone for someone with no tech no how but wnt ed to play apps i would suggest the iphone.

      but iproducts are bought beacause of the “appleness” of the product because it is a “lifestyle choice” and that bugs the shit out of me. what it is is overpriced tech. good tech i’ll grant you but overpriced nonetheless.

      oh and your pc-gaming friends ere right. for the same price as a mac you could get an alienware pc that a: destroys the mac in any gaming benchmark you could think of and b: can be upgraded each year to stay that way.

      • hoodrat

        I understand where you are coming from, but it still baffles me that it could bother you that people think Apple products are cool or hip. It’s similar to being upset with someone for being Jewish or something.

        Also, I don’t need a lecture on PCs. I am a television broadcast professional and I need to use Macs for my work and have no interest in playing games. Plus Alienware makes the ugliest hunks of machinery I’ve seen, it would be like driving a Kia.

        • JD

          Here’s my two cents. I have no problems with people just using macs or what ever other apple products. I have an iTouch and shuffle and they works fine. But on the other hand, I have friends who claim that and Mac can do things that no other computers can do, and guess what, a lot of those features come with Unix. The same things happened with iPhone as well. What annoys me of those people though, are that they choose to be ignorant. Just buying whatever Apple told them, without any research of their own. It’s so close to brainwashing, and accepting to be brainwashed.

          Also, I am from China (that’s why I hate brainwashing), and somehow there is this idea that owning an Apple product means that you are a social elite. So we have tons of people who have a Macbook (gorgeous piece of computer), and installed windows on them. (uggggg) I am sorry but when you buy Apple just to show off, and when the brand has become some kind of symbol of the rich (and Apple actually are open to this idea and encouraging it), I just simply can’t stand it.

  • Gilgehmesh

    I was actually hoping for more from Apple. A new slicker case, bigger screen (~4 inch), edge-to-edge screen, NFC, maybe even LTE. What came out is not bad but I do not think Apple realizes that times have changed and we’re not in 2009 anymore (3G to 3GS.) The competitive arena has change a lot. Apple is currently in a 12-16 month refresh cycle. Android manufacturers are now in 6-9 month refresh cycle. Apple needs to wake up and smell the rose or they’ll become a niche player eventually. Too bad, it’s always nice to have fierce competition which drives rapid innovations.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I can’t help laugh at this contraption apple came up with and called it the iPhone 4S. Talk about outdated at best people better start to realize that apple is the past hold onto the memories of the old days because in the land of technology HTC and SAMSUNG are the ONLY GIANTS.. Sue away apple cause iphones are for losers…

    • Dustin Earley

      A post from Yarrell that has positive points?! Now this is magical.

  • http://littlegreenrobot.net Alex Nguyen

    Apple tends to speak very highly of their iPhones’ hardware features, as if they’re state-of-the-art or industry leading, but honestly, they’ve done nothing but play catch up with the iPhone 4S. When Google and Samsung announce the Nexus Prime next week, Apple’s gonna fall even further behind. More thoughts on the 4S vs. Android phones spec for spec here: http://wp.me/p1BlyQ-7V

  • bop

    having had more android phones (4)than iphones (1) if you used both you can see the diff the thing about the iphone is how incredibility fast the software is even though they have better specs the software doesnt compare its very tight and pretty much optimized for any type of hardware they use they have areal good record of putting great products my dream though is to have an android phone stock preferably thats as snappy and better takes pics in one sec so that i wouldnt have to buy a new one every year did you hear the joke about the bionic (you coul have a cup of coffee come back then it’d be done)and it clocks in at 2.8 sec almost three lol while the 4s come in at 1.1 optimize software so the experience will be on par then we can talk hardware and dont make excuses or hate cause i love android

  • Matt

    So I need to buy 6-7 android handhelds for having an iPhone? Ok.
    Just kidding.
    I don’t want an iPhone.

  • http://www.pmuller.nl Paul Muller

    There are bad – better and good Android phones.
    IPhones are good enough for everyone.

  • Steve Fischer

    Are the other phones able to scan business cards? This would be a feature I need.
    Is Iphone 5 about to be introduced?

  • Richard Williams

    God I love you Android! :-)

  • lg gt540

    I’m not trolling but does any phone currently have a higher resolution screen than 960 x 640 at the moment. I know that 720p phones are coming but they aren’t out at the moment.

    It doesn’t have LTE because its a world phone and the majority of the world doesn’t use 4g most european countires have access to hsdpa.

    It has the fastest gpu sgx 543mp2

    Your right about the processor but they are all using a9s except qualcomm so higher clocked processors will perform faster


    Apple has proved they are no longer an innovator….. They have become the follower !

  • Dan

    Hey guys, I have had an iPhone 4 on AT&T since Launch and really like it. Prior to that I had an Android phone on Verizon which I loved as well(Droid Eris). With that being said, I was really hoping for more from this announcement. A lot of the points mentioned in this article are the same ones I was screaming to my buddy’s yesterday. It almost feels like it shouldnt have even gotten a press conference. Sure, the Siri thing is cool but I hardly talk to my wife, why would I talk to my phone? The specs of the phone are decent, but nothing mind blowing. No 4G? not really a problem for me but I understand many would have liked this included.(It would seem size and battery life played a role in this omission.) I am really pissed that the outside appearance is exactly the same, I was hoping for a 4″ screen and an aluminum back. Needless to say, this will still sell like hotcakes, and not only because consumers are stupid. Many people who have iPhones are locked into the ecosystem because of the money invested in apps so they will upgrade and others have been waiting for other carriers to get the phone so now they can hop in as well. A little side note, I understand this is an Android fan site but the author of the article would have to be living under a rock to not know the processor in the iPhone 4S is a dual core A5, same one in the iPad 2, how is that unspecified?

    • Dan

      One more thing, all the people talking about hardware and what not. The specs may not be better than many of the new Android phones released but try and find a tighter, more cohesive OS than iOS. The 3GS was released in June of 2009 and it is still receiving software support and OS updates from Apple, that isnt something you find too much on the Android side unless its from the community.

  • Quoju

    Expectation does not always equal reality. For Apple, they continually touted how “magical” and great they were. This announcement was a let down for what people have come to expect. Android, while more fractured among different providers and phone manufacturers, has created different levels of expectations depending on the phone and provider.

    Also, the way this new guy presented at the Apple announcement was not as energetic as Jobs which may have helped lead to a steeper level of disappointment.

  • http://none steve

    Apple…even tho they revolutionized the handsets…have officially ruined themselves with this already out of date piece of crap.
    I dont even hate the iphone at all…im just sayin…. 8-)

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    regarding storage – don’t forget if you have an unlimited data package (or around wifi all the time) with Google Music you don’t have to store your stuff on your card since you can stream. That pretty much makes my card empty just for photos.

  • Adam Estep

    This article is exactly why android makes comtinuing missteps and apple doesn’t. Love how android fan bloggers focus on hardware when the software continues to unimpress. I have a droid x and am happily looking forward to trash it for an iPhone ASAP. The droid x arguably had the best specs when released in July of 2010. Yet it constantly freezes, crashes, and updates are a pain. Released yesterday as well were some numbers from google that just under 40% of android phones are running gingerbread…and that was seen as good news… Really? This is absolute worst part of android. Yesterday apple announces iOS 5 will be released in a week and every iOS device from June 2009 on will all receive the update that day. Did you catch hat? Every iOS device from June 2009 on. There are android phones out that still haven’t gotten the now dated Froyo!

    I hope google fixes this issue, and it needs to happen now.

  • Jernell

    …And yet, not one of those phones sold better than the iPhone 4. Droids are all about hardware, but when you talk about customer satisfaction User Experience is king. The iPhone is simply the best phone out, I have yet to be impressed by a Droid…

  • g1-and-only

    And the g2x is still better……in every way, from camera to processor.

  • Simon

    Lol … So lame that it will still outsell any single android device by leaps and bounds.

  • Baldilocks

    …even though the dual core processor/graphics processor in the upcoming iPhone 4S outperforms that of even the GS II by a great margin if you look at benchmark scores.

    The iPhone 4S has forced me to buy a Galaxy S II. I just hope I can get used to forced closes and glitchy hardware/software.

  • sid

    planned obsolescence = apple

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I get this article is meant to be a joke, for that fact of the raging fanboyism it shows, but I’m sure there’re going to be so much butthurt iSheeps out there just raging at riding this ’cause first, they know all this articles say is true, and second ’cause they been talking crap and salivating over the iPhone 5 and Tim just shove this on their faces.

    Yeah, other “upgrades” and software were announced on the keynote, but everyone just expected the iPhone 5, but I seriously dunno what the surprise is, Apple did release the 3GS before releasing 4, so now you’ll just have to wait iSheep, I’ll be here waiting for the next Nexus and all the great Android phone to come.

  • Andrew

    Reminds me of how when we were kids and you’d make fun of the girl you really had a major crush on. Awww….

    • Alcoholix

      whenever I’m having a bad day i read posts about iPhone made on android blogs… and the humor just cheers me up …

      And i think at some level android users have actually started to believe that android is better than iOS – Grow up droids .. u’ve been fooled into thinking that u are the rebels against the mighty empire( iPhone ) stop looking for the evil empire the rebels(apple) has already taken over, and defeated it :p .

  • http://sprintevotips.blogspot.com Rod

    It’s not about specs, it’s about overall user experience. The iPhone on a single core (iphone 4) could outperform in terms of pure fluidity, an Android dual core device. With Android phones, you often see herky jerky behavior, or lag when switching rotation orientation, or calling up menu’s or zooming in/out of pictures, etc. The iPhone is buttery smooth. I’m not a fanboy. I have an Android phone. Just hold each one side by side and test. Even Windows 7 phones are better in terms of UI fluidity. Why? B/c Android does not (yet) use GPU acceleration well. See this:

    They closed it out, stating it will come in ICS, but I doubt that will be the case. Some things have been pushed out to Jelly Bean. Read this also:

    I’m not a fanboy, but I just call it as it is. In terms of pure UI experience, Apple is better. And that goes for a lot with regard to first impressions and overall satisfaction.

    • Damo

      Have to agree. I bought in with the 3GS, and found the smooth Safari scrolling cool. My equally gadgety friend bought into Android, and brought in his 3rd Android phone and IIRC Galaxy Tab, which I expected to be a level above, but the web browser STILL jittered in scrolling. “Dude, seriously?”

  • Mark

    Yes, all true. But they just aren’t iPhones are they.

  • David

    In terms of specs, I will agree that the new iphone no longer ahead of the rest. But the sad truth is that the android OS just doesn’t work as well as the IOS. The iOS is just a better integrated OS for what is in it. Hopefully android’s new updates (ice cream sandwich) will close some of these gaps. Also, in terms of OSs, I had the chance to fiddle with the Kindle Fire, and the specs on that device are not very impressive, but yet the UI is seamless, everything works smoothly and quickly. Proper hardware integration with the OS is what android has been missing, which is why this new iphone is still a force to be reckoned with.

  • CaptM

    The people who buy iphones, let’s just really call them what they really are…. iZombies
    That about says it all.

    • Tony

      I’ve been reading some of the ‘anti-iphone’ comments with a smile on my face. According to some of you, i own an iphone because i am a sheep, weak willed, easily persuaded and scared of the complexity of using an Android handset….

      As an ex network consultant and now a manager of a nationwide team of techies, i find it hard to shoehorn myself into that category. I work in a heavily ‘techie’ environment and almost all of my colleagues either have an iphone or would like one but can’t justify the expense when they can get an android handset that (sort of) does the same thing free on a contract. Almost all of our customers are asking us to provide enterprise scale solutions that allow them to use iOS devices rather than other platforms and these are major IT, media and financial organisations.

      At the end of the day, when you are talking about the device that you carry around with you every day, it’s just not about whether it has a 1.5Ghz dual core or a 1Ghz dual core. You want it to fit around your way of working and living and thats what apple do well. The most powerful….anything…is not necessary the most desirable or the most useful?

      One of the things we’ve had to do when designing enterprise solutions for mobile working is to test pretty much every platform/os on the market, primarily for compatibility issues and bugs. Everyone involved has played around with multiple tablets and handsets including playbooks, Android tabs, blah, blah, blah. They are just nowhere near as fun and intuitive to use so everyone ends up fighting for the iphones and ipads.

      There are loads of fair points in this article. Flash – fair one. Stolen ideas – pretty fair comment although thats nothing new really. Its pretty much how the electronics industry has always worked. There aren’t many new ideas, its just who gets it working first…and then who gets it working best!

      Anyway, i guess my point is that theres not much point in taking sides and blowing raspberries. People will buy what they want to use and it’s not necessarily because they don’t understand the options….

  • Mark

    I find it amusing that while you were slamming the iPhone, you conveniently left out the fact that there are over 425, 000 apps on the app store now. There are new ones coming out for the 4S which have graphics comparable to that on consoles. While your android phones have large processors in them, whats the point if the phone can’t showcase it because no apps utilise it? While some of the things you mention might be nice to have in an iPhone, I’d give them up easily to keep the App Store. Apps are the single most important thing on a phone, they are everything it can do, and everything it will do into the future. And android lacks in that department.

  • Dan

    I think its great that all the people who prefer Android are quick to say how “slow” the new 4S will be in comparison to the multiple Android phones that seem to get released every week. It’s twice as fast in the CPU department and seven times as fast in the GPU department than the iPhone 4…the same iPhone 4 that runs games like Rage and Infinity Blade, two games which were released months ago. Name one game available on the Android Market that even comes close to looking like any one of those games. Each OS has its pluses and minuses, but it is short-sighted and naive to assume that everyone who has an iPhone is uneducated and cares more about image.

    Have fun with Android and its still-ridiculous fragmentation and multiple markets.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/shieloue shaider

    hey hey hey what a fitting picture. a jedi android kills the sith apprentice.
    there are too many jedi and there are only two siths at a time.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/shieloue shaider

    by the way, android sucks! apple sucks too! but android sucks more!

    you guys are morons too! you buy based on cores and ghz and shit like that.

  • Chauncy

    Android phones are good and fun, and iPhones are solid devices. They both have their pros and cons. I personally have never owned an iPhone, but i recognize that they are really good devices. The beauty of android is the fact it can be put on so many devices with different shapes, sizes, specs, and all that.. but that is also what makes it “fragmented.” Whereas iPhone is a single device with a single version of the OS which makes it a whole lot easier to integrate with. Android will eventually become just as integrated and i can’t wait for that day. So, basically continue with the rants that people are idiots who buy iPhones or Androids, it’s fun to read.

  • http://nicholasnicoloudis.blogspot.com/ drnicnic

    I stayed out of this debate (until now) since I decided to see what more people think about the article. As someone who has been involved in mobility when Palm I were the device to have, it is interesting to see how people compare devices. I have iOS and Android devices and I do like both. However, this idea of comparing devices due to hardware specs is really lacking proper support and experimental results. I would like to see the same app on a top spec Android device and iPhone 4Gs and see how it performs. The reason why I would like to see this is to see the impact of the DVM on the Android system. People forget that Android has a managed memory environment which locks the system randomly to perform garbage collection. Although I know it is happening, many novice users become frustrated and do not understanding why their device has halted. This weakness is also Androids strength since more people develop in Java, Objective C is an old language and I look forward to seeing C++ on iOS. Either way, don’t be blinded by specs, investigate the total facts and provide real results.

  • NeoJesus
  • A

    It will help to notice that all this hardware on Android phones worth only the specs written on paper.

    Gingerbread does not support multiple cores!!!!

    So whats the point of all this hardware when you can’t use it?

    So basically the Iphone 4s might seem under powered but in the end IOS5 does support multiple cores and it will be faster then any Android phone until Ice cream ships.

    And if we are talking about Ice cream and the updates you are supposed to get from Samsung,HTC etc,,, from experience it will take a while a looong while to get Ice cream on already existing devices.

    So there is a good reason the Iphone is ahead, its not about the specs with Apple it’s about the stuff the works and works very well.

  • Cato

    HAHA you guys are brainwashed =) and abit pathetic. sitting here crying you eyes out cuz you bet you farm on a crappy platform, and is to embaraced to go for the real deal =)

    get on whit you life guys, its just phones. and the iphone is the best selling smartphone, stats dont lie.

    and here is some more stats…


  • Dethbringerx

    Ipod/ipad/macbook/iphone they are jus a status symbols

  • http://www.clan31337.org grindking

    The sgx543mp in the iphone4s absolutely destroys any other gpu out there right now so I think that is a pretty hefty upgrade considering it’s like 6-9x more powerful than the older sgx535 that was in the iphone4. The Nexus Prime may not even have as powerful of a GPU as in this device. Just something to think about is all.

  • Dallas

    Honestly, this artictle is bogus. The iPhone 4s has a top of line ios 5 that you failed to mention, along with the incredible icloud support. Along with that, the hardware in the new iPhone 4s exceeds many an android phone, Nd Apples deviced are easily much more stable.

  • ATL, Kay?

    Looking for another blog that I had read and forgot the name of, I came across this post. I am, according to you Android self-proclaimed geniuses, an “iSheep”. I will never buy a Microsoft computer, a phone that’s not an iPhone, a tablet that’s not an iPad. Unless, of course, Apple starts slipping because of the absence of Steve Jobs.
    First, and y’all should get a kick out of this, I am typing this on my ancient 3GS. And I have preordered the 4S. Why, oh why, did I not get an Android?
    Here are several reasons:
    1) My entire family uses iPhones. There are only two adults I can think of that don’t; my dad doesn’t, because he doesn’t like contracts and would never spend 600+ on a cell phone, and my uncle, who is a Blackberry lover (they’re a minority).
    2) They’re prettier (Right here, I am talking about the CASE). Do I sound like third grade girl who goes, ooh, shiny, when she passes the car dealer? Maybe.
    3) Better battery life. You can’t argue that one. There may be a few phones that have matching or an hour or two more, but that’s usually after some enhancements.
    4) I want it to just work.
    5) I want access to the best apps, right when they come out. Most popular apps are on the Android Marketplace, but it took a couple months for them to get there.
    6) I don’t want to have to research and give every app I download the third degree because I have no idea what it’ll do to my phone.
    7) I like the OS. I am a babysitter, and I give my phone to the kids to play with (in an Otterbox Defender, I’m not an idiot) and they can work it. It’s simple. And it’s pretty.
    8) I like writing subtly condescending comments such as this for articles who are simply condescending. Apple started the whole “Smartphone Revolution”. And, tell me, who wanted a tablet before the iPad?
    Feel free to snub me with replies. And feel free to ignore me, too.

  • Dylan

    People are stupid. People don’t buy the iPhone for the specs, they by ‘em for either their sleekness/high status symbol or for iOS. Regardless of specs, the iPhone runs a lot smoother and slicker than all Androids because their resources are managed better, plus the pixel density is 326, more than the Nexus by 6 pixels. This may not seem like much, but compare them. 326 is the threshold where the eye can no longer define jagged lines on a screen. 320 isn’t. Buy what you want, but this article is very biased and unfair to the iPhone.

  • Pakk99

    Ah, the Retina display has a pixel density of 326 ppi, which is still higher than anything yet released in the Android world. Even the upcoming displays (which are admittedly larger) are lower density. Also, the GPU on the A5 chip is more than twice as fast as the competition, even the 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon can’t keep up. And the selling point on the 8mp camera has more to do with the f/2.4 aperture, backside illumination, and vastly improved lenses, which place the iPhone’s camera once again ahead of anything in the Android world, and easily on par with more than a few top-notch point and shoots.

    Now granted, the 4S still lags behind Android some in some areas (most of which are software related), but the hardware is damn cool. Don’t the the non-photographer half-wit writing this article fool you.

  • https://plus.google.com/116093795732345180640/posts DroidvsNexus

    I have to say, this article is very true, and it reminds me why I hate everything SURROUNDING the iPhone, but if it weren’t for the price, and the iSheep, and the BS they spit to sell it, and the closed ecosystem, and the boring UI, and the lack of customization, and the lack of 4G, or even “faux” 4G, and the lack of rich colors, and… I lost my train of thought… Oh yea, Siri is pretty cool, and the performance is REALLY impressive. As is the battery life. But then again, THE powerhouse to beat is going to be announced within the next week. Lets see how thes F***ING AMAZINGLY AWESOME POWERHOUSES (not even phones anymore) stack up. Also, I’d assume everyone knows the next generation of Android will come with, guess what?! The one, the only CHROMIUM 15(android edition)!

  • eitherorphone

    iPhones or Androids. Both OS platforms are good for many reasons, some of them different. IOS is an easier to use platform in that it’s more intuitive. Android can be modded more, and have the ability to be more powerful in what it can do off the shelf. Android is a fractured experience. Pick up two different Android phones, and they will work very differently. Hardware wise, there is no other phone out there with the industrial style fit and finish of an iPhone. Tap a new Samsung Galaxy S II on the table, and the back pops off. IPhone, and it’s solid (not dropping them mind you). Megapixels aren’t the only thing that makes a camera. An 8MP camera with a cheap sensor will still give you a large poor image. Phone data speeds mean little if few customers can enjoy the faster speeds. Most service areas are unreliable at best. The carriers should focus on not dropping calls, and better call clarity.

    Both platforms have their strengths. Fan boys and trolls hush. Use the phone you want, and enjoy it.

  • John

    I didn’t read through all of these, so maybe somebody already addressed this. The arguments are the same arguments made 30 years ago when people were buying stereo systems. The technology has changed, but the argument hasn’t. You are essentially arguing “systems” versus “separate components.” Obviously, you will ALWAYS get the best technology by buying separate components; i.e. phone from Samsung, computer from Dell, etc. However, then it’s up to the end user to try and make all of this work. If you don’t want that hassle, you can buy a “system,” i.e. Apple products. What you are buying are components that work together. No, they may not be the best (or maybe some are), but the point is you are buying a system. So it comes down to preference. I chose the “system” and Apple products. It’s not because I’m a “fanboy,” it’s because I got tired of constantly tweaking my gadgets everytime I updated something. I am also very computer literate, so it’s not a matter of I’m too stupid to figure this stuff out; it’s simply that I don’t WANT to spend the time to figure it out. So you have choice – separate components – best in class – takes time to tweak, or a system that “just works.”

  • me

    Name one android phone on the market that beats the 4S in GPU benchmarks right now. the only android on the market thats close is the tab and its just barely over 1/2 what the iphone can do. your specs mean nothing with a crappy un-optimized OS.

  • Pdub

    Ok I own galaxy s2 and iPhone 4gs here is the best way to tell you fools . The iPhones are like a tuxedo. And a droid device is like a tailored suit. iPhone is simple yet advanced and it also can utilize all googles tools (dummies) what you see is what you get . Let me see you look at you android devices screen in the sunlight. You won’t see anything. On the other hand iPhone you will see everything because of the type of display . It reminds me of gameboy where u needed light to see. And the touch screen sensitivity is far more advanced. Now the down side is it is not customized friendly. Android is very addictive for a power user your average joe will not utilize even 25%of the phone capabilities. So you like my self have to have both. I love my androids versatility. I can make it operate any way I want, It’s like owning a xbox and ps3 , or a pc and a Mac I doo … Mac products excellent simple well made everything has been thought out. Android advanced complex allows the user to apply for himself what the user wants. music or movie just hook it to pc and copy paste

  • Pdub

    In stead of the painful sync process that us owner hate but it’s worth it grime the polish up the iTunes gives the music via iPod. So shut up with all the bickering and buy both lol

  • Jr

    I love this websites where ppl talk without knowing what they saying, that they coming with this and they gonna do this and this and this, talk about what’s out now not the future, I have a galaxy s 11, htc evo and a jailbroken iPhone 4s, and I have to say I don’t turn my pc on any more thanks to my iPhone, I’m not saying android is bad but I’m saying iPhone is the best, don’t agree, maybe you on a cloud cought in a dream that will never happen, sorry man

  • TJ

    What the hell, Who ever made this website must not be able to afford a iphone it is as simple as that. buy a iphone. stop whining on and you will see why people choose iphone over android. when i got my iphone at phones4u last week i had to wait in a cue for 4 hours to get one. They sold over 75 iphone 4s in the 4 hours. Why because though’s that swaped there iphone for the galaxy s 3 when it came out have now decided to go back to iphone because of the problems they have had with android. The store sold completely sold out of iphones in 1 day and only sold 2 galaxy s3s, 10 galaxy s2 and a few cheap branded android phones. That just shows why the world loves iphone. How do i know this because i work in phones4u and it is like this every day we always sell more iphones then any other brand.

  • Moby Dick

    Oh the fanboy ignorance. if only I cared enough to write a rebuttal and destroy almost everything he’s written in this article.