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Doing the math: How the next Nexus measures up


One of the more popular worries voiced about the upcoming Nexus device from Samsung and Google has been the screen size. Is 4.65-inches too big? Compared to the Nexus S or even Galaxy S II, it would seem the Nexus Prime (or Galaxy Nexus, take your pick) is going to be huge, right? Well if you do the math, you’ll see that may not be the case.

It’s pretty well established at this point that the 4.65-inches of screen space on the Nexus Prime includes the on-screen buttons. But how will this affect the overall size of the device? A mockup from Reddit user thantik shows us just how the Nexus will stack up against the competition. According to the mockup, the usable screen size of the Nexus Prime will be roughly 4.3-inches, while the on-screen buttons will reside at around .35-inches. If you take a look at some approximated measurements based on the leaked video from Friday, those numbers appear to line up. That means that, theoretically, the Nexus Prime will be just about as big as a current 4.3-inch device (like the Galaxy S II).

4.3-inches is still near the larger end of available Android phones, but considering how slim the Nexus is rumored to be, along with the curved display, it should fit nicely in your pocket and feel great in your hands.

What do you think? Is 4.3-inches still too big, or are you excited to finally get your hands on a bigger Nexus device?

Source: DroidLife

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  • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

    i think i speak for all men when i say 4.3″ is more than enough!

    • Greg

      All…gay men?

      • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

        no all men trying to convince woman that 4.3″ is more than enough..

        • sap26


    • R.S

      If you are referring to phones, then no, you don’t speak for all men especially me. If the Samsung Note was coming out this year, I’d consider it along with the Nexus and Galaxy S II.

      One thing that I’m curious about is…

      Where does it say that the buttons (home, back, options) are being included in the 4.65inch measurement? Obviously the dock bar buttons (phone, contacts, app drawer, texts and internet) are part of that 4.65 but did I miss where it states that the three on screen buttons are?

      • kazahani

        We’ve known for a while now that ICS will incorporate the capacitive touch buttons into the display ala Honeycomb.

    • fara

      no you dont

  • http://caseyfriday.com Casey Friday

    Personally, I like the design of the Nexus S better than this. I like the soft buttons better than the idea of onscreen buttons, but maybe that will work better than I think. I even liked the hard buttons on the G1, making it easy to find what I wanted to press.

    I also think the stock look on ICS looks cartooney, which is a shame. However, I’m running MIUI on my G2 right now, so I guess the stock theme doesn’t really matter, anyway.

    Nonetheless, I’ll be waiting on clearance deals on a Nexus S and not buying the Nexus Prime.

    • Tony

      Thats what i think. Definitely looks cartooney, I couldn’t put it too words when i saw it at first but yes. It does look cartooney, especially while looking at the icons..


    Great lil article… keeping things interesting during a down time..:).

    As for the size? Well I think it is not bad,, considering that its basically going to be the same size of viewing pleasure as most current phones anyway. I would have even not minded if it would have been 5 inches with the .25 being used by the on screen buttons

    • Galen20K

      I agree, they could have or should have made the phone even a bit bigger than what they have.

  • Darwin

    Yes, 4.3″ or whatever is too big!

  • Bon

    The only problem with that illustration is that the bezel at the bottom with no buttons is almost just as big as the one with buttons. Take a look at T-mobile version of GS II. I don’t see this phone in the video has a smaller bezel than that.

  • Rich

    If this articles information is true then the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime is actually shorter (if a fraction wider) than the 4.3″ SGS2 (68 x 124mm compared to 66.1 x 125.3 of the SGS2)…

    I think my hands can handle this :p

  • Sorin

    My HTC Desire has a 3.7″ display. The Sensation has a 4.3″ display BUT it is barely larger. Really, the difference is unbelievably small.

    • tvfarrell

      Yep I completely agree, the dimension difference between my old nexus one and my current GSII is hardly anything at all

  • Dragonithe

    I’ve drawn the dymensions of the nexus at some paper and put it next to my HTC Desire.
    The result, just a tab longer and bit wider, but for almost a increase of 1″ in screen size, it’s not bad at all.


    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      thats a real good comparason well done.

  • Bon

    I did notice that and hope that measurements are accurate. I wish it didn’t get wider tho…

  • Protoje

    ahh, all the comments down here that are all vulnerable to”thats what she said” lol

    but imo i think people will find it to fit perfectly in hand if your used to a device thats 4.3”

    • oh you know

      thats what she said!

  • Cody

    Personally, I think 4.3 is too small. I’m not sure if I would be okay with a screen that small after being used to my 5 inch Dell Streak

  • ben dover

    Thank you! I’ve been speculating this for a while now but never sat down to do the math.

    I was talking to a couple of people that a 4.65″ screen including the buttons would end up being just about 4.3″ of screen left after the buttons. they seemed skeptical… This helps visualize what I was thinking!

    • http://na renzon

      Well,now you are forgetting when watching video then the screen would be bigger than 4.3 so…

      • ben dover

        not so. If ics is anything like honeycomb, the buttons will go into what’s called “lights out” mode when watching a full screen video. so the black bar will still be there with little dots where the buttons use to be.

        • Chris

          Watch the video again – especially when the camera comes on. That looks (to me) like the area where the buttons are is being used for the camera UI, which would suggest that it’s not dead space and e.g. video playback would be able to use that space and have the whole 1280×720 available.

          • Chris

            Actually, I might be wrong about that. I’d be very disappointed if that wasn’t the case though.

  • Chris

    My girlfriend thinks 4.3″ is too small. Oh we are talking phones. Umm.
    Seriously 4.3″ screen sounds like a good size. I have a 4″ and the only issue is cases large enough. Galaxy Nexus won’t have this issue as it will be supported better by vendors then my current Xperia.

  • Don

    if you dont like the size, dont buy it. simple as that.

    • Paul

      You say dont buy the phones then but, the problem is there are hardly any new highend phones being released with a 4″ screen they all seem to be 4.2″ screen or bigger, which for me is not one handed friendly.

  • SherlockHomeboy

    If the video is indeed legit, then 4.65 doesn’t look as big as I thought it was going to. I expected a rather huge device but the one in the video seems like a good size. I just wish they’d release it so I could buy it already…

  • Rashad

    I’m still not sold on Google getting rid of physical buttons. These buttons are kinda what set Android apart from iPhone. Not we have to put up with virtual buttons constantly taking up valuable real estate. I hope manufacturers still opt to include the usual physical buttons more often than not.

    • David

      I agree with you. I don’t honestly care for the honeycomb tablet setup. Always having the bottom bar on the screen is annoying – especially when trying to watch videos or play games.

  • Starship

    I bought a 50 inch TV and thought it was massive. After 2 weeks I was used to it. I think people will be just fine after a couple weeks with their phones. I’ll be upgrading from the Incredible to Nexus. It’ll be a big leap but I’m looking forward to it.

  • Nathan

    I really don’t care how big it gets because I know it’s going to be manageable anyway. Also appearance doesn’t matter to me just the specs that count.

  • Renato S.

    When I first saw the leaked images I figured out that the buttons was on screen even though I wasn’t so sure and also because it was a leaked image.

    Personally I think that 3.7″ is big enough for me and maybe 4.3″ is a little too big but I already have a 4″ display so it would not be so significant and I really liked the looks of the new Nexus, the curve is very sexy, a nice touch, little one, but it makes all the difference in days that all the phones look the same.

    Even the iPhone 4S looks like the iPhone 4. LOL.

  • dnar56

    When the hell will we get a phone with the entire front surface as a screen!?!?!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    What is it will companys, no one is launching a one handed friendly 4″ screen phones anymore, I Hate anything bigger than 4″ screen, it fine to launch bigger the 4″ screen, but only if they also release some highend 4″ screen phones.

  • http://alxrock.deviantart.com Sketchy alx

    Come on, let’s go get us that new Nexus phone
    Nah, I think we should get an iPhone 4s
    but there’s an Android phone right there
    ….I have these tiny hands
    they’re not that tiny
    they ARE that tiny… and holding a 4.3″ screen, it’s so big, and they’re gonna look even tinier
    what if I hold it for you?

    So to all those complaining about the screen size… “What if I hold it for you?”

  • cb2000a

    Just release it already!!!!

  • *TechnoBrotha*

    Really?!? Can’t we get some kind of industry standard like with TVs and PC monitors? Only actual usable screen size should determine what is advertised. I own both a Nexus One and a Galaxy S Captivate. I thought the advertised 4.5″ screen on the Samsung Infuse was gonna be huge until I held it in my hands and found it quite manageable. In fact, until all smart phones go bezel free, this issue will continue to pop up and cause needless speculation before any phone is actually released.

  • MateoPic

    Based on the information from the leack we can calculate the size of the screen.

    The announced resolution is 1280*720
    The annonced diagonal is 4.65″

    so, with “x” the size of a pixel in inches:

    (1280x)² + (720x)²=4.65²

    1 638 400x² + 518 400x²=21.6225

    x² = 21.6225 / 2156800

    x= square root 1.00252689 × 10-5 = 0.00316627051 inches

    So, the screen size is:

    1280 * 0.00316627051= 4.05 inches (10.29 cm) high

    by 720 * 0.00316627051 = 2.27 inches (5.79 cm) wide

    • Chris

      Well, only if the pixels are square. Are pixels normally square on phone screens?