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Galaxy Nexus, HTC Rezound priced at $299, launching November 10?


Verizon’s latest minimum advertised pricing (MAP) list has added two devices that are no doubt on everyone’s short list for the holidays. The fan favorite has to be the Galaxy Nexus (Prime), but the HTC Rezound (Vigor) is no slouch in the specs department and HTC certainly has a loyal following amongst the Android faithful.

Considering what these phones have to offer, it’ll probably come as no surprise that they’re grabbing Verizon’s top pricing at $299 on a 2-year contract. We had a nice run there when $199 was the worst they would do to us, but clearly those days are gone for now.

The second piece of information comes as a bit of a disappointment. It pegs the launch for both devices as November 10. It’s nice to have something on the calendar to stare at, but I had really hoped it would be a little closer than that. Until Verizon, Google, Samsung and/or HTC comes right out and tells us the launch date, we can’t be certain. But the MAP launch date for the Bionic was dead on, and in most cases when the dates on these lists are wrong, it’s because the device gets delayed.

Does $299 seem like a fair price for these devices? How does the November 10 release date sit with you? Should they have pushed to get it closer to the iPhone’s release? Or is just making sure it’s out in time for the holidays good enough?

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  • Nathan

    Really one disappointment after another can we get a good phone with out the cons, pleases! There always a back draw and it really annoying.

    • Average Joe, U.S.

      Too expensive for me and the typical american soccer mom…

      • Jon Garrett

        I didnt know soccer moms where using smart phones., thought you guys still used flip phones, lol

        nice to see you guys using Android though.

    • KidPhat

      Tell me about it. The cons just keep rolling in.

  • Jackson

    $299 is ridiculous.. I guess I will never be buying phones the first day it comes out, I will wait for the first sale price….

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I can’t blame you considering how fast we are seeing prices drop from the likes of Amazon. Sadly I’m too much of a tech addict to resist buying it on day one.

  • Dan

    Not paying $299, I’m just not. I can get a great phone on Amazon right now for a penny. Insane.

    • neight

      It seems that the one penny sale is only if your a new Verizon customer. It’s still $299 if you’re just renewing your contract…LAME.

  • Nate B.

    Another reason why I don’t think Verizon’s is a true pure device. And the fact it comes out on the 10th according to ths leak makes me think the real Nexus will be out on the 3rd of Nov and this to follow on the 10th. Guess we will see.

    Why would a Nexus device be 299.99. Then again Verizon treats their LTE like gold and jack the prices up.

    • Cree

      Remember they are pricing according to comparable specs to the iPhone. iPhone 4S 32GB model is priced at $299. So it makes sense to make pricing at that price point. That is the only logical thing I can think of.

      Plus the resell market is tremendous on smartphones. eBay and Craigslist are the culprits of the increased pricing on 2-year contracts.


      • Chris125

        How does ebay and craigslist have anything to do with how carriers price their phones??? Even high prices aren’t deterring anyone from buying on contract and selling it for more than they paid anyway.

    • sadfsdaf

      Why would they announce ICS and put out a skinned device? Makes no sense. They always have their pure version that either rolls out to previous nexus phones or release a new phone like the n1 and Nexus s. I just think with the LTE and the 32gb of internal storage, its going to be 300 at first. Time will tell.

      • Nate B.

        Well, that’s why the second part of my post mentions Verizon jacking up prices because of their LTE.

        And the rumors still aren’t clear as to there being two devices so it Mae’s sense for now. One being pure bread and the other skined as a Galaxy device. Why would they call it a Galaxy when the name brand is Nexus. Galaxy is already a name brand. It says Nexus Prime in BestBuys systems. We will see though.

    • Mr Guzz

      The Verizon Nexus ( SCH-i515 )will be the one that maybe will show up first with a high price and low specs.
      The real Nexus by AT&T/Tmo n the world will be the high end phone with superior specs and maybe with a better deal even if it show latter on for sale…..
      so me ?
      I will wait till T-mo Nexus wherever will be call it Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus ( SCH-i9250 ) show up !!!!

      • Nate B.

        I wouldn’t say lower speced. Just different specs. One dual core processor verse another. One skined IC verse IC.

  • Geo

    I would not like to see a rerun of first Nexus launch. Only one carrier with a high price.

  • slowz3r

    I will still be out there on day 1 buying a Nexus at retail price. just like i did with the N1 and the NS

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I’m going to be on a full retail upgrade too so I’m hoping we don’t see a jump up from the Bionic pricing at $569.

      • slowz3r

        570 wouldnt be too bad, I think the NS at full retail was 6ish

        • Chris125

          $529 full retail.

    • nory826

      Same here, I upgraded about 6 months ago so I will be buying at full retail day one with no complaints ;) nexus will be more than worth it

  • J2x

    It all depends on what the final product is. On one side you could have ICS being a major upgrade, but it could also be nothing more than an new “ho hum” OS. It could also have an Exynos 1.5 dual corr processor with a 2012mHp battery, or it could only have an TI Omap 1.2 dual core with a 17**mHp battery. Many factors involved. But with that price tag, I’m expecting “something big”…….like they’re advertising. We’ll see…

  • JGarrido

    I definitely won’t be paying $300, or even $250, so it’s disappointing to have waited this long for nothing.

  • josh

    299.00 is too much for a 2 year contract. That is and will be the downfall to Verizon. I guess bestbuy and Amazon will offer for a more traditional price and Verizon will take advantage of the suckers.

    • Chris125

      Verizon makes pretty much all their money on plans anyway so they aren’t getting hurt any if people go to 3rd party retailers. You are still stuck with a verizon 2 year contract no matter where you buy from.

  • Ron

    This just means I’ll be waiting for the AndroidAndMe review prior to purchasing!

  • cb2000a

    Verizon continues to rip off customers with these insane prices on two year contracts. Good grief it;s half the cost of the phone plus some of the highest priced plans in the industry. Europeans would never agree to these terms. Maybe we need regulation?

    • ken

      Regulation? How about let the market determine the cost. If it is too much then people won’t buy it. But I have no problem paying $300 for top of the line.

      • cb2000a

        I won’t and have finally come to my senses and will be leaving Verizon. I just cannot justify the incredible costs anymore between the phones and the plans.

        • tbull97580

          Why would you complain about paying top $ for top of the line? You could buy a budget phone very cheaply if you’re looking for one. It’s like going to a car dealer and complaining that a ferrari costs more than a volkswagon would you?

          • Mike

            hahahaha Finally someone with some sense in this conversation… from most of the comments I would think this was a middle-school level conversation. $299 is very reasonable, they would pay $800 every day in India for this phone, and do so every day. I will buy this phone the first day it comes out… I only buy a new phone every 2 years, so I don’t mind paying 1/2 price of full retail. Plus I get $50 off for new every two so I only pay $249, really. In 30 days you can get this for $100 less if you want, but when it’s priced at the same price as a iPhone 4S 32gb, not exactly sure why anyone is complaining when this is clearly a superior phone to Apple’s half model cop-out phone. Soccer mom buying the top of the line android phone? haha, I would love to see that! I primarily use my phone for business, so it’s a write off at the end of the year anyways. The only drawback I see is no microSD slot… but honestly, between the 8gb internal and 16gb SD I still have 85% internal and 40% external memory on my incredible available, so I’m not in any way complaining of the size… just that I need to transfer all of this to the internal memory over USB, and that could get lost if this goes in water, gets dropped etc… today I can just pull the card out. Otherwise, can’t wait to have it in my hand.

  • Renato S.

    I think that despite the disdain that many are showing, a lot of them will buy it.

    This device seems very promising, I think that this is only the second time I really thought “I want this Android”. Nowadays all devices look almost the same, nothing new in the design but I liked the curved profile. And it’s a Nexus, it will be the first in everything, ROM mod, new updates, etc.

    But unfortunately buying a new phone is not a priority right now, but as soon as I can, I will buy this. Hopefully, by the time, the price will be already down a little.

  • Gluteus Maximus


    Im purchasing the new iPhone 4S instead.

    • NeoJesus

      The 32GB iPhone 4S is $299 as well, but you cannot add another 32GB microSD to the iPhone 4S troll!

      • Chris125

        You might not be able to add an sd card to the nexus either. If it is like the nexus s(which it looks very similar) it may not have an sd card slot which I do not understand why samsung would go that route.

  • O.J. Simpson, live statement from jail

    Well, i was tempted.
    But then it hit me. I realized i wont get out of my prison, so f*ck it anyways…
    *sad face*

    • Warden

      Did your last phone die just like your last girlfriend?

  • YNWA

    Where oh where is Richard Yarrell? I must know what his thoughts on this subject are! I feel as though he loves $300 phones, but I can’t remember. Oh and I REALLY miss when he TALKS like THIS. Sniff. Come back!

    • Richard Yarrell

      Well the time has come to chime in. I am not big on these prices that have been ushered in by verizon when they started to OVERCHARGE for devices like the Thunderbolt, Revolution, and Droid Charge those specs were definitely 2010 being pushed in 2011. But now people on all carriers have to understand including myself that as technology changes and the specs reach Quadcore which will happen the beginning of 2012 we all will be paying more. This is not just verizon it will be ALL CARRIERS come April 2012. This HTC Rezound and Galaxy Nexus will start the ball rolling toward the future which if I was on Verizon I would have to support as these devices will push my beloved Evo 3D and the current Galaxy S2 behind them. People on Verizon will be very happy with these selection..

      • Sway_212

        Congrats dude…people ‘Thums Upped’ your comment finally

      • Dirge

        What happened to you?! Am I in the Twilight Zone?!

      • Chris125

        I actually think that as lte becomes more common the phone prices will decline. I mean look at when 3g phones first arrived they were close in price to these phones( especially off contract) Over time prices fall and I feel that once more carriers make the switch to lte, these phone prices will fall also.

      • YNWA

        The only two things I read in that paragraph was “overcharge” and “all carriers”. I think you should re-think your writing style.

    • 7th guest

      rofl :D

  • olen

    i hope the nexus comes to europe quite soon after launch in the US. need this phone, even if it will cost about 550-600€ (~750+ $$). i still have my g1 :D

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      as far as we are away it is a global release so the nexus will ship out on the same day or at least in the same week as america.

      it does suck the awful prices you guy’s have to pay.

      as in the uk this phone will be free on a £35 a month contract. i’ll still be getting it though!

  • Kye

    Poor old US! im from sunny south east england! Im a long term customer of Orange. I always get my phone free. On 35 pound contact.

    Orange always annoy me by doing 1 month extra testing on handset tban anyone else. If for any reason, they screw around and make me wait for this, ill drop them and go with another carrier. Day 1 purchase for me?

    • Kye

      Lol. I mean network not carrier! Im not American! Just spent too many hours reading Americans whining and moaning about theirs!

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      get your upgrade from carphone warehouse. still counts as an upgrade and you will get the gsm version straight away

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/104297438383746708974/ butchyon


    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      The funny thing about that is that the retail pricing isn’t going up for the most part, just the on contract prices.

  • Anthony

    I purchased the nexus 1 at retail day one. I purchased the nexus s retail day one.
    I would have pouchased the next one as well at full price.
    I also dealt with all the bugs that came with both of them.I will never switch to Verizon so therefore I’m ass out.I thought T-Mobile was Google’s launch pad since T-Mobile gave them first love when no other carrier cared.
    Verizon will now launch a nexus first but here’s the double cross a nexus with bloat ware isn’t really a nexus.
    I will wait for the true nexus to arrive and this time sit back and see if there are any issues with the phone.
    I am perfectly fine with my nexus s and still haven’t sold my nexus one.
    Google you better not forget T-Mobile in a timely matter

  • Nate B.

    Everyone also needs to understand the 199 will nor be standard for long. These phones will have serious specs cone next year. They need to make money. A full HD resolution is crazy for a phone but its happening. Dual core is sweet, but next year it’ll be quad. Smh. Don expect 199 price tags. You’ll be cheating them.

    • megamanx

      we could considering by then the price to make dual cores will drop,

  • Sean

    $299 is expensive but everybody always wants the bomb ass hardware, which isn’t cheap. In other words, “You wanted it, You got it.” Clearly the Galaxy Nexus is a top of the line phone with the top of the line hardware. Not only that but it’s not plastic like it’s cheaply made GSII cousin. So in summary, if you want the gigs of Ram, the HD screens , the metal sturdy build, and the great camera, you have to pay the piper.

    • mino

      but Nexus prime is not metal, is platic like Galaxy S2, have same RAM and procesor, only HD screen (but old SAMOLED with Pentile)

  • Android

    The fact is ICS won’t be a let down. I say if you have doubts in the phone now, you should just refrain from purchasing it. The $299 price tag is not that expensive if you are paying for a quality device, whether it is LTE compatible or not. The 32g iPhone 4s is $299 for its mediocre specs. Think about that so the price tag really sou

  • Android

    The fact is ICS won’t be a let down. I say if you have doubts in the phone now, you should just refrain from purchasing it. The $299 price tag is not that expensive if you are paying for a quality device, whether it is LTE compatible or not. The 32g iPhone 4s is $299 for its mediocre specs. Think about that, so the price tag really is not that depressing. What’s depressing is the November 10th date.

    I think if you are going to represent android, you should do so without any doubts. I will be there on day one to pick up my nexus device. Whether it’s retail price or on a contract.

    • Starship

      If it’s not on sale, I’m waiting a month because I still have one last “New every two” to redeem which is 100 bucks off. I’m sure by then it’ll be 199 or cheaper.

  • Starship

    Because Verizon NEVER has sales. Never.

  • Ann Monis

    I hope it still will sell for $529.99 (unlocked) like the previous generations of Nexus phones.

    • BiGMERF

      i hope so too.. thats what the gs2 is priced at in tmo


    this is what i will look like if they announce it coming to TMO

  • Starchild504

    Once Tuesday past all the people on here that’s saying there disapointed & will not get the phone will be sanging a whole different tune.

  • SherlockHomeboy

    If the device is as awesome as predicted, $299 doesn’t seem that bad. Plus it’ll be on sale eventually anyways.

  • Anthony

    Ha 299 always paid full price cause I needed my new nexus.
    Verizon exclusive suits me fine 1/2012
    I have 3 renewals perhaps this time I save some money so 299 is relative to me if things line up and T-Mobile sells the nexus 3 .I get 3 on the cheap

    • BiGMERF

      im starting to think that the only one that will be subsidized is the Verizon one and if it does come to other carriers it will have to be a full price purchase

  • Chris C

    Here’s what I’d love to see from the new Nexus & ICS:

    Docks. I love my Nexus One docks, both desktop and car, and will snatch them up again. It already looks like there’s a car/media dock pin-out from that invitation email, so that bodes well.

    Amazing battery life. I want them to blow us away with insane battery life. Smarter OS power management by a ton, power-sipping processor, efficient screen. I want this thing to be somewhere in the same ballpark as the iPhone.

    Screen size. I don’t want it to be enormous. I know it’s going to be, and I’m basically prepared for that, but I’m not a huge fan of huge screens. More than happy with the N1′s 3.7 inch screen. Anything bigger becomes unwieldy with one hand and large in the pocket, even if it has a curve. If this thing is really 4.7… we’ll see.

    Screen density. It’s time for someone to match the iPhone. I think the SuperAMOLEDs are REALLY close, but let’s see someone get this right now. Samsung can definitely do it.

    Google Music. Looks like it’s going to make it in time for ICS. I want it to offer a subscription service. That would be absolutely incredible, and it would let me drop Zune/Grooveshark instantly. I’d pay $15 easily a month for a great subscription service fully integrated into my phone. if only. Instead, it looks like we’ll get somewhat lame iPhone competitor.

    No dedicated search button has me a bit bothered. I actually use the long-press search button to trigger voice searches on my phone. Wondering if the soft keys will be configurable?

    Hoping for a really nice camera. Guessing we’ll see a dedicated shutter button, but who knows.

    Clearly, no physical keyboard. They have no place in Nexus devices. Thankfully.

    Build quality. I haven’t seen a device as nicely built as the Nexus One. The soft-touch rubberish plastic and the metal accents make it a really solid device. I dropped it face-down on a hard tile floor today and it bounced the battery connector rail up a bit. I snapped it back down and it was just fine. It’s a bit chipped on the bottom, but overall, the build quality from HTC has been really impressive. Samsung seems to have this awful habit of coating everything in their ubiquitous piano black plastic.

    Might we see a completely new keyboard system? Remember, Google snatched up Blind Type about a year ago… it’s high time we see it’s impressive software baked right into the stock keyboard. I’d frankly love to see them snatch up SwiftKey as well, since SwiftKey nearly gets the Blind Type concept down already, with the benefit of great prediction.

    Google Drive? Now would be a great time to launch it, to counter the iCloud components of iOS5. I don’t know if we’ll see that quite yet, but I think Google would be remiss not to start baking in gDrive support into ICS.

    Overall, I’m pretty excited, and the incessant storage space issue on my N1 means it’s time for an upgrade. I’ve been satisfied with the N1, and happy to see it get both Froyo and Gingerbread. I’m always going to stick with Nexus devices, and I’m hoping we see this on TMO as well.

    • Dags

      Amazing battery life – no chance because, unlike iPhone, Android allows real background data and a much bigger screen means much higher battery consumption. That’s without considering LTE which chews battery.

      Pixel density – I don’t think there’s much doubt that it’s similar to iPhone, ie. > 300ppi.

      Build quality – I’m guessing it will be plasticky like other Samsungs but hopefully a little nicer.

  • Nathan

    One more day people! =)

  • jay brooks

    Well from what I’ve seen if the specs of the nexus in the last day I must say I’m a bit disappointed, only 1.2 dual core and 5mp camera? Flagship phone to me means top of the range in all areas. I would gladly pay top money for a phone what gives me the very best of it all, especially when going onto a new 2 year contract.I’ve been waiting for this phone for a while now and if this is how its going to be I think I’m going fox the sensation XE or at the least keep my trusty desire and wait till next year for the run of quad core phones :(