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Galaxy Nexus pictures begin to find their way online

Galaxy Nexus sample

Looking for yet another sure fire sign that the Galaxy Nexus is coming to market very, very soon? Just like with the Nexus S before it launched, pictures taken by Google’s unreleased device have started to make their way onto Picasa.

We know this picture was taken by a Galaxy Nexus thanks to the EXIF data found attached to the picture. EXIF data, or information about a picture (including what device a picture was taken with), can generally be faked pretty easily. What makes this picture special is that not only does the EXIF data point toward it originating from a Galaxy Nexus, but it was taken by a Google employee on Google’s campus.

Considering those two factors, we’re fairly certain the picture you see is indeed straight from the next Nexus. A different picture was spotted online earlier today that was also from the Galaxy Nexus (it has since been pulled), so it’s safe to assume there are quite a few of them in the wild right now. How long until we get another candid look at one? Well, that’s up to the employees that have one. And by the way, if you just so happen to match that description, you can find the “contact us” button right near the top of the page.

Source: Picasa

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    Reading all over twitter that it is already in verizons systemm. Looks like it will be an exclusive at first smh!

    • Galen20K

      oh believe me, it will not be a long exclusive. Sources are saying a month TOPS plus its probably going to be a completely different experience, not a Google experience. I’m thinking the better experience will come once the exclusive a month later ends. not to worry! – D

    • Nate B.

      Their version. I still think its two different ones. Skined with Wiz & Pure.

      • davetheAndroid

        Seems funny that the pure experience will be on Verizon considering how much they love their bloatware. Dream come true!

    • jivemaster

      It’s called Galaxy Nexus on Verizon for a reason – because it is their Galaxy variant. The Nexus Prime will be THE Nexus phone.

      • Derek

        I hope your right!! REALLY!!

    • alamoe

      Why do so many people hate Verizon LoL. They’re the only carrier that gives you your moneys worth, IMO.

  • davetheAndroid

    Jeez…pictures taken by the Nexus now? This is why the companies need to communicate more about their products. Possibly 2-3 weeks from launch and still nothing. Yea next week I know, but damn guys! Why so little info until right before launch??? Same thing happened with the Bionic as well. Is it just to build hype only?

    • GeauxLSU

      They hope that the average consumer will buy the current line up instead of waiting a couple of months for the new one to come out. If they announced in June that version 4 was coming out on October 14th, how many of verion 3 do you think would be sold from June – October? Not many unless they slashed the price of version 3. This way they can keep the price of version 3 the same until they announce version 4 a week before release.

    • Ben Johnson, GA

      Hi chum.ps,

      while im waiting in line and cueing up for the launch of the new iPhone 4S im reading your blog.
      Im happy its still alive. Good job on this, keeping the few android nerds away from the true blogs.
      However, im absolutely not interested in this Google phone which will fail like all prior Goofy-phones introduced with much fanfare….it will be as successful as the chromebook (lol)!

      Keep it up
      cheers, Ben

      sent from my iPad 2 while calling on iPhone 4 (soon to be iPhone 4S)

      • Kevs87

        Wow you have an iphone…so f….ing cool…

      • Zyo

        Im sorry but if you are absolutely not interested in this phone why are you on this site, reading this post and even commenting.

        Oh right, you are an Apple fan who has nothing else to do but to wait in the queue for a *new* iphone 4S from 2010.

  • Steve Harvey

    Why is it only 3.2 Mega pixels? O:

    • URABUS0924

      The low resolution can be explained by the fact that pictures are downsized when they are uploaded to Picasa. The worrying detail that is apparent in all of these Nexus pictures is the aperture. F 2.75 is worse than the Galaxy S II.

      • Psychohellcat

        Aperture and lens and sensor are relative.

  • Dirge

    What if there aren’t two Nexus versions? What if Verizon DOES get a short exclusive period(a la Xperia Play) of the Nexus with stock, making it the second Google Experience phone ever on the Big Red?

  • mike

    another misleading headline

  • CheddarJack

    Ugh, why can’t Sprint get it?!?!?!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Even if verizon does get an exclusive so what it won’t be long weeks tops. Google has to many other partners they have to satisfy to allow anymore time than that.. Sprint rules…

    • BiGMERF

      you crack me up rich.. every post you make has either a mention of sprint or evo in it.. they need to hire you

      • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

        The only problem is, if they hire him people will stop switching to Sprint and buying the Evo. He’s more of a brand destroyer than promoter.

        • BiGMERF

          I am never one to dislike no one without reason.. especially over the internet.. but jeeesh it gets freaking annoying sometimes.. LOL

          I used to feel bad for him, but in a way I understand why he gets so much grief..

          • Greg

            “I am never one to dislike no one without reason”

            Uhh, what?

          • snowbdr89

            Feel bad for dick (head) yarrell? I feel bad for who gave birth to that moron!!

          • Itchy

            I heard hes got a brother, Gaylord Yarell :D

      • Tico4674

        You forgot htc!

    • squiddy20

      Ha! This coming from the dope who seriously thought it COULDN’T and WOULDN’T come to Verizon first. Guess you were wrong as usual Dick!

    • Rushi

      Wouldn’t be Friday without Dick Yarrell talking about Sprint.

  • Cindy Taylor

    The new superior iPhone 4S camera SMOKES this bumcamera!

    PRIMEvil cam

    • grant

      Lol….look another iSheep.

  • zeum

    poor dynamic range and way to much noise!