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Galaxy S III makes an appearance in alleged Samsung slide


Nearly all of the Galaxy S II variants are out the door in the US. Only T-Mobile has yet to launch. Naturally that means its time for details about the Samsung Galaxy S III to start bubbling up to the surface.

Today’s info comes from a somewhat dubious slide that was sent to Phandroid and purportedly came from an internal presentation that Samsung gave to carrier and retail partners.

So with a healthy dose of salt sprinkled on, lets take a look at what the Galaxy S III might have to offer us.

The processor will remain dual-core and stick with the same Samsung Exynos family that’s powering most of the Galaxy S IIs, but will be bumped up to the recently announced Exynos 4212, which will run at 1.8GHz. RAM will see an even more startling boost, doubling to a full 2 GB.

The rear facing camera will be notched up to 12 MP. Perhaps more importantly, it will feature a backside illuminated CMOS sensor that can greatly increase image quality, particularly in low light situations.

Last, but definitely not least, we have a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED Plus HD display. That’s right. The same amazing display we keep hearing about for the Nexus Prime.

The anonymous tipster also had a few details that didn’t appear on the slide. The phone will feature NFC and LTE. (Not a big surprise there). It won’t be using the curved screen found on the Nexus S and soon the Nexus Prime. While it will run Ice Cream Sandwich at launch, it’s going to keep the four physical buttons. Finally this new version of the Galaxy S will break from the current aesthetic of the line in order to avoid future legal troubles with Cupertino.

Again I’ll stress that we have no way of knowing if the slide is accurate. While misspellings and spec errors (Exynos in the Galaxy S?) do happen in these things, it doesn’t exactly help the case. I will at least say that the specs offered sound very much in line with what I would expect from the next Galaxy S device, whether the slide is real or not.

Do you think this is really the next generation of Galaxy S?

Source: Phandroid

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  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    *sniff*… *sniff sniff*…… Smell that? That’s BS I’m smelling. I know it is. :D

    • ags29

      This sh*t is as fake as (fill in the blank). I know other tech sites reported this, but I was hoping you wouldn’t give it any credit by doing the same :-!

      • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

        Just because we cover a rumor doesn’t mean we endorse it. I tried to stress that we didn’t find the source particularly credible even if the specs seem reasonable.

        • ags29

          Good point.

      • Nate B.

        It’s funny because they said the same thing about the Galaxy S II being fake when that was leaked and looked what happened.

    • Your email address will be published.

      Agree, the new iPhone will maul this crapgadget!

      • masterpfa

        Still feel the same way. The current Samsung Galaxy SII already wipes the floor with the iPhone 4S and no we are talking in specs etc but in the real world.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    Isn’t the Prime rumored to have a Super AMOLED HD (no Plus) only?

    • Nate B.

      He didn’t do his homework on that one lol. Maybe he was confused and lost in the rumors of the Prime.

  • ben dover

    sounds pretty nice! i just want my nexus prime!!!!!!!! lol


    Wasnt the sgs2 announced originally in like january? While we dont know if this is true.. You never know

  • Dmrdr

    Doesn’t that look like the Galaxy Nexus (prime), even the icons. Makes me wonder if this video out on the internet is a skinned ICS (touch wiz) on this new Samsung phone and not the stock Nexus that Verizon customers want.

    • ben dover

      that’s my thought. this verizon exclusive will be a touchwiz’d version of ics and the nexus is coming to tmo/sprint/att. the on screen button and the clock font on that video of the “leaked nexus” looks too much like a touchwiz interface.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      What does it make you think that it looks like the leaked video of the Prime? Look at the row of small dots above the bottom 5 icons — the Prime has no such thing, instead it has a horizontal bar above the icons.

  • Nate B.

    I’ve been saying it sinse the video was leaked of the Prime. It was covered in touchwiz. It didn’t makes sense to have a dock over the on screen keys. Plus so many of the features looked like touchwiz. Not so much honeycomb.

    The on screen keys look the exact same as the Galaxy Tab 10.1. They’re just outlined and not shaded in like the other Honeycomb tablets. This will be what Verizon gets. The actual Nexus will be different OS wise. Verizon has been on the OMAP bandwagon lately. Maybe that’s why we’ve seen two different spec sheets. 1.2 OMAP & 1.5 Exynos. If Verizon was really getting a 100% stock Google phone known as the Nexus, then they would of got the SGSII as well when all the other carriers did, because they are two completely different phones in a way. That excuse to not get it because Prime means it’ll be an advanced SGSII with IC. Why do you think those leaked docs said it was supposedly a successor to the Charge. This is what the SGSII will look like when updated with IC.

    Or I could be wrong lol. But I’m willing to bet.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      The chance that Google would allow a non-stock ICS phone comes out before a real Nexus does is next to zero. So, either the Verizon’s Prime is not an ICS phone, or a real Nexus will actually launch before the Verizon’s Prime.

      • Nate B.

        Could be the same day. Look at the the Droid original. Was the first and wasn’t a nexus. Just saying. We all will see late Oct.

  • linuxdood

    Well, they spelled copying wrong in the slide, so yeah, fake.

  • zymeck

    who knows if its true, but given the speed that everything is moving, there will be SOMETHING around with those specs next year!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Bottomline I appreciate and applaud Samsung for the constant drive they have when it comes to innovative technology solutions they definitely know how to push innovation. The Galaxy Note will be a special device when it arrives to the states. But my money is on Qualcomm and Htc they we’re the reason I selected android in June 2010 and the relationship between HTC and SPRINT pretty much locked down my choice of carrier. The future snapdragon S4 platform that will be able to produce a final product that will be introduced to the world in May 2012 at CTIA. This new product will appear on sprint in August 2012 and will be packing a 4.7 to 5.0 inch screen with Quadcore 1.5 to 2.5Ghz processor with 1.5gb of ram and 10megipixel camera. Based on what I know I can’t wait till 2012 nothing else in 2011 matters now. EVO 3D ice cream sandwich is what I am looking forward to to end 2011 otherwise SAMSUNG and HTC are really pushing technology and as consumers we all benefit from this 100%.. http://www.intomobile.com/2011/10/09/qualcomm-details-their-new-s4-processors-due-hit-2012-lte-nfc-28-nanometer/

    • haxxxor

      Hello Mr Yarrell,

      you are a legend!
      I am a true fan of your groundbraking thesis and smartphone market insights.
      Please continue to be a valuable speaker, here in this androidandme community.

      Yours sincerely,

      • Richard Yarrell

        Don’t worry I won’t be going nowhere count on that.. EVO, HTC, and SPRINT will always be discussed by me. Haters will have to just continue to hate that’s what they do best. I actually love it that way.

        • squiddy20

          “Don’t worry I won’t be going nowhere…” And that’s almost exactly what you said before you disappeared from Phandroid for the last time. What a joke.

        • Boycot_This_Moron

          Does this dumbf#45 Dick intentionally steps on our nerves ?


    Setting a new world record

    >Apple iPhone 4S pre-orders exceed one million in first 24 hours


    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      As many pre-orders on launch as Android activates every day of the year. Congratulations on all your success.

      • Kandy

        Yeah, but these are all trash phones, not real iPhones!

  • Greg

    Ugh, why bother even posting this? Do you really think Samsung would use slides with crap photos, wrong descriptions, spelling errors, and the wrong freaking name of the company? This site needs to filter the garbage a little better…

  • Mike

    Should be Quad Core. Why be like apple and take baby steps!!!!

  • annoying engadget pun-droid commentators

    duh its fake

  • Nathan

    I’m pretty sure gs3 going to be quad core since it should be out by then I think I heard a read an article saying that next galaxy s is quad core exnos. Also Samsung is a prefessional company and wouldn’t make a crappy slide like that with errors in it. So I’m pretty sure it’s fake. (Sorry about the spelling)

    • Paul

      What we’re looking at is an ‘idea’ of proposed specs. They may even have a prototype or a few with those above specs, so that they can work on the software portion. But as they’re working on it, programming, perfecting the hardware and all the interoperability between chips, firmware, OS, etc. etc. a better CPU, like a quad core, may come out and require minimal changes in order to use that CPU instead. So they may choose to go with that one. I work for a company that makes hardware and you can see vast changes between prototypes, including various upgrades that occurred throughout the development cycle. But even if this proposed SGS3 hit the stores in 3-6 months with the above proposed specs, it’d rock. Those are awesome specs.

  • http://www.archit.in Archit

    Didn’t anybody notice the incorrect spelling of “Copying” in the above slide? It’s “Copiying” up there. Guess this makes it a fake slide as I wouldn’t expect an employees of a company like Samsung, make silly spelling mistakes.

  • Sway_212

    Just when I thought that the SGS2 would be future proof this pops up…

    • Paul

      It’s still arguably the best Android phone to date. It’ll easily hold it’s own for 2 years or more. They’re not saying the SGS3 will be on shelves next month or two, but yes, eventually it’s perfectly plausible for Samsung to come out with yet another Galaxy S phone to wow the public, it’s their most popular line and the SGS2 has been out for months and months now, it’s perfectly logical they’d be looking to the next SGS phone, but maybe 6 months from now or so. Still no reason not to get the awesome SGS2 phone. And the ‘current specs’ of the proposed SGS3 above seems evolutionary, naturally it’d have a better cpu and camera, hell even Apple did that. Anyways, if I always hold out for the next best phone I’ll always be waiting, as the next best phone is right around the corner. The best I can hope for is to by the best phone today, one with lots of popularity and good reviews and great specs, and hold onto that phone for a while until I’m able to sell it and get the next best phone. I’ll be using my SGS2 easily for a year, maybe even 2.

  • Paul

    It’s plausible. Technically the Galaxy S2 is over 6 months old now, and HTC cranks out a new phone every 3-6 months, as do most manufacturers. So since the SGS2 is 6-8 months old already, it makes sense they’d be working on the SGS3, after all, the Samsung Galaxy S line is their most popular/profitable/well established line of phones. So it’s 100% plausible they’re working on the SGS3, and it’s also very likely they’d again use their own CPU, just like they did in the SGS1 and SGS2, and it’s likely they’d use their best one to date, and they did just recently announce the Exynos 4212 so it’s a real CPU. I could also see them upping the camera, naturally, and I can see them moving to a slightly different design to try and avoid all of Apple’s lawsuits. Everything about the specs seems perfectly evolutionary and the timing seems about right. They’re not saying this phone will be on the shelves next week, or next month. Most companies know what’s going to go in a phone and begin working on it, etc. months and months before the public ever even see’s a demo of it. This phone is evolutionary, not revolutionary is in my opinion could very well be the SGS3′s real specs. But then again, during their building process or programming, etc. something better could come along and they do a quick switch out with a better cpu or they discover some compatability issue so they use different RAM or CPU to get around it, etc. these specs aren’t set in stone and could be the “current” specs of the “proposed” SGS3.

  • Kevs87

    Maybe is fake … but i expect the sgs3 to be in this good or better…