• http://www.twitter.com/kennyamr5 Kenny Montenegro

    The ad confirms Verizon exclusivity! :D

    • nexus15

      No… it doesn’t. In fact there isnt even a mention of a time limited exclusive.

    • AtticusVulpes

      Explain the hspa+ version from the launch announcement.

      • monkeydroid

        They announced that the phone comes in two versions.

      • RageEater

        This may only mean HSPA+ for other countries, Remember they never specified!

  • FireFrost

    Yeah, this blows.

  • darkcg

    Fortunately I live in Europe, where all this american non-sense for esclusive products doesn’t exist.

  • BigCiX

    I can wait a month for it to hit at&fee.


    Way to sell out google! This is total bullshit on there part. Im so pissed!

    • BiGMERF

      I cannot believe that google isolated a huge following that went to tmo specifically just to be in line for there nexus series! I am soooo pissed!

      • themanwithsauce

        REally? How about the past two nexus phones which weren;t even released on verizon? Or how about the massive delay between launches for the Sprint and T-mo nexus phones? T-mo might be on the way out soon and bought by AT&T and even if they aren’t, they might not be in a barganing mood with google right now.

        Also, Verizon could’ve paid a buttload of money for this privilege so unless T-mo has the cash to go against big red (hint: they don’t) that could be another reason. Sprint may have spent their resources securing the iPhone so they’re probably tapped for ads so they don’t have any cash if that was what verizon threw around.

        These are businesses, not people. They really don’t care about individuals they care about $ and verizon customers have been waiting to ddrop some cash down for a nexus phone for a while. Everyone involved in this scheme is going to make out like a bandit. Don’t act like this was a surprise and hopefully it is only for a month because they need the long term availability for this phone to really set the standard and get the word out.

        • BiGMERF

          sorry pal, your never bigger than the people who got you there.. Tmobile never payed for exclusivity they just took a chance to carry an upstart os and then said ok to carrying a phone that was unbranded, when no one else wanted too.!

          • incarnadyne

            Right. The OG droid owners on verizon have their contracts up this holiday season. That was thr group that got android on the map. That’s why its stupid that verizon finally gets a nexus phone. But go ahead and confuse a temporary sales exclusivitey with absolute isolation from the new phone. You’ll still buy it when it launches and google still gets what they want. Quit crying.

  • Kevinthebox

    This is why Verizon passed on the GSII. Exclusivity.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    WOW… I can’t believe this. Exclusivity for a carrier that hasn’t had ANY of the Nexus phones before!?!

  • http://about.me/willfanguy Will F.

    Exclusive doesn’t have to mean FOREVER. I mean, I REALLY want this phone, but phones come and go. I’m not only under contract with Sprint; I also think they currently offer the best plan setup for myself and my wife. I’m not schilling for Sprint; I just know I’ll find a great phone with my carrier. Might even be the Nexus in a few months (after the bugs are worked out!).

  • nory826

    I live in the US and I think it sucks that Verizon gets an exclusive on a NEXUS phone. But I don’t care anymore, ill just buy it from the UK unlocked. The UK does everything right when it comes to phone carriers, there are no exclusives and phones come unlocked. So I’d be proud to buy my first nexus from the UK. I have no upgrade from T-Mobile so ill have to buy it at full price anyway. Can’t wait for this phone!

  • Perry Ahern

    The Verizon exclusivity is either temporary or there’s a different model for other carriers that doesn’t fall under this exclusive contract.

    If it were a permanent Verizon exclusive, why would Samsung have put up a Galaxy Nexus signup page with a selection list of 7 US carriers? There’d be no reason to gauge interest on other carriers if the phone could never be sold by them.


  • Omair

    i am actually pretty freaking pissed right now. i knew this was going to happen but i still feel a little betrayed on behalf of Google, who decided to give (timed?) exclusivity to a carrier that never had a nexus phone before instead of T-Mobile, the carrier that was willing to take a risk to start Android and has gotten Nexus phones first before. Verizon already has the Droid Razr, why give them the Galaxy Nexus as well? Pretty shitty decision on Google`s part. At the very least, they could have released it on all carriers at the same time, but making their most faithful customers who have stuck with them since the beginning wait longer just doesnt make sense to me.

    • James

      Give us a break, Verizon customers haven’t had a vanilla android phone since the Original Droid.

    • Justin

      So the Nexus One and Nexus S were releases on more than one carrier at launch? Exactly. This isnt any different than the other Nexus launches, it just so happens that VZW gets it first. Relax people, youll get it on other carriers. Youre just going to have to wait. But not nearly as long as us VZW customers who have waited 2 years for a Nexus device.

      • BiGMERF

        what makes this wrong is that a lot of loyal followers went specifically with tmobile just to be able to have the nexus devices. Tmo jumped at the opportunity to carry the phones. Now that google is big time they are just going to stab all of us in the back? Its wrong! Period!

        • themanwithsauce

          Are you still going to buy it when it launches on other carriers?

        • Justin

          So where is it written that T mobile gets dibs on all Nexus devices? Oh that’s right, nowhere.

        • Johnny Chimpo

          Quit crying, you sound like a whinny little kid who throws a tantrum because he didn’t get what he wanted for christmas. Grow up, it’s just a fucking phone. The hardware on this phone isn’t even anything special. Its the software that makes this phone special and once the source is released we will all have ICS ROMs out the ass to choose from and slap on your android device of choice. OR just a wait few months and pick up a phone in 2012 with a quadcore chip that will blow the galaxy nexus away.

      • Nelis

        @justin THAAAANKKK YOOOOOU!! Verizoners have definitely been waiting a long time for a Nexus phone. I was pissed too when the previous Nexus devices didn’t appear with my carrier, so I understand the frustration. At least it will be available on other carriers sooner than later. Can’t wait…I’m totally stoked about this device. Cheers

  • Nate B.

    I’m still getting it because it worth the wait but exclusive is really silly. I thought a month after announcing it was silly to wait that long. A week or telephone after announcing a phone should be when it comes out. Phones like this need to have a global launch. Verizon could of been the new carrier. There is no point of exclusive. What does that honestly do for anyone?

  • YNWA

    Glad to get my hands on my first stock Android phone on Verizon in two years! I’m sure sometime after the holidays it will hit other carriers in the US. Verizon always loves making you think they have exclusive things and preferencial treatment.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    All I want is to get an unlocked verision on metropcs
    Ill save 1000+ dollars a year

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Considering that Apple is allowing regional carriers like C Spire to carry the iPhone 4S, then I think Google will allow MetroPCS and others like US Cellular to sell it.

  • nephariouz

    Of course, exclusively on the one carrier I wouldn’t touch with a 100 foot pole! I need a new phone soon. Maybe I’ll just stick with the iPhone after all. (I know, I know…. Bring on the hate! lol)

  • How did you guys ?

    Do you guys remember when Eric Schmidt talked about Nexus development?

    He said they pick a phone manufacture, next they pick a processor manufacture, and then they pick a CARRIER for Nexus development.

    for Nexus S they picked, Samsung , Samsung , and T-mobile

    This time they just picked Samsung, TI, and Verizon

    anyhow I really think they did picked the right carrier which is one of the mainstream.

  • Russell

    If I remember correctly, Verizon customers were complaining about their missing GSII variant before the rumors of this exclusivity…

    Soooo if the shoe was on the other foot and Verizon wasnt getting the Galaxy Nexus I think most comments on here and Droid-life would be singing a different tune

  • 4TOPS

    I was undecided between the nexus and samsung sgii, I guess the decision was made for me.

    I need a phone yesterday cant wait any longer!

  • Dirge

    Let’s see…
    -Nexus One- T-Mobile exclusive.(was able to be used on AT&T, though I dunno if AT&T 3G was available)
    -Nexus S- Once again, T-Mobile exclusive at launch, available for Sprint months later, then for AT&T months after that.
    -Galaxy Nexus- Verizon exclusive(most likely for a short period).

    I still don’t see why people are bitching about this. Sense of entitlement? Perhaps. Now you know how it felt like when Verizon didn’t get the previous Nexus devices. You’ll get them, just stop bitching and have patience. ;)

  • Ind3l

    Screw Verizon over charge for everything. They don’t deserve any good phones. Haters bring it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002275344855 luiek20

    Ok so I’m genuinely pissed off. Just because I’ve been on T-Mobile for years and never had the money.to buy a nexus device at.full price. And now that I finally have enough to get one it doesn’t come :(. Ok so being that a nexus with aws bands passed through the FCC I’m praying that maybe bestbuy will sell the i9250 version. Or if not would the European version work on T-MOBILE’s Hspa+ network?

  • Nathan

    WOW, I was expecting this I was hoping it wouldn’t be so I can get it right away but I guess I can wait until it comes to my carrier plus my upgrade not till later anyway but it still kinda sucks though.

  • Black Kristos

    I’m all set to jump ship to Verizon anyway. T-Mobile will probably never have HSPA+ in my area, whether or not the AT&T deal goes through. Verizon will have LTE in my area probably before the end of the year. If Verizon gets the GN first, that just makes it easier for me.

  • GeauxLSU

    How long after Verizon starts selling it will it be available on Amazon Wireless, or other 3rd party retailers?

  • DaveC

    I have no problem with VZW having a temporary exclusive–I just wish they would undo the cloak of secrecy and let us know IF and WHEN other carriers will get it. I really want a new phone now (on Sprint), and I’d probably be pretty happy with the GSII: however, I want the NFC chip so I’ll hold out for awhile.

  • Me

    The only way its exclusive is you can buy it subsidized and in a Verizon store. The GSM version will be available through other outlets like Best Buy, just like the Nexus S and the Nexus One was only available through Google, no real story here people.

  • Nelis

    Here’s an interesting article……specifically for the crybabies.


  • jinxygrrl

    And…..it’s gone.

  • bf

    I wouldn’t take a verizon phone if the phone and service were free for life…Talk about about that giant sucking sound !!verizon sucking teh performance out of your cell…No thanks keep the crapware

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