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Leaked Samsung Galaxy Nexus page points towards Verizon exclusivity


Just hours before Google is set to take Hong Kong by storm and bring us the latest information on Ice Cream Sandwich and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a place-holder page has gone up on Samsung.com that gives some insight on how availability of the Nexus might play out.

Found by simply searching for “Galaxy Nexus” on Samsung’s website, the listing that comes up shows not only the backside of the Galaxy Nexus, but mentions Verizon. The exact wording is “Sign up to get the latest on the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon.” Granted, it doesn’t say “only from Verizon,” but we’re still hearing that the Nexus will indeed see a short exclusivity period on Big Red here in the US.

A GSM version of the device that will work with both T-Mobile and AT&T has been spotted at the FCC, but it may not be available for a couple months while Verizon takes its turn in the spotlight.

Via: Droid Life

Source: Samsung

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  • Slith

    I guess the only hope left is that Samsung is calling it something else for the other carriers. Boo Verizon!

    • GRAW

      How is this any different than with the Nexus S? A company pays money to get a product first, or exclusively, big deal. Wireless carriers do it all the time, same with companies like Microsoft and Sony with their Xbox 360s and PS3s. It should come out for everyone eventually. QQ.


    just punched the wall !

    • BiGMERF

      by the time it hits tmo.. the update for the amaze or sgs2 will be around the corner

      • oreo

        I like how it says ask us about they Nexus Prime.

      • R.S

        If there is indeed a timed exclusivity, I won’t wait more than 2 weeks. I’ve waited far too long as it is.

        If Verizon does indeed get the exclusivity, it will hurt sales. Not only will a lot of people be upset, but who wants to buy a phone months after another carrier has had the same phone.

        How many people on AT&T went out and bought a Nexus S?! I’m sure some did but I bet they would have sold a lot more had it been released a lot sooner.

      • irishrally

        Good luck getting your hands on Jelly Bean with the Amaze or SGSII in a timely manner, or whatever incremental updates that come out for ICS.

        • R.S

          Not getting the latest update won’t take anything away from those phones.

          If they are good phones with just Gingerbread (and eventually ICS) they’ll still be good phones without Jelly Bean.

          Yes, having the latest update is cool but not the end of the world. Besides, one year from now, I’ll probably be getting another new phone anyways.

      • Oreo

        Here’s the link to the page.

        It say something about the Galaxy Nexus then it has a “visit Nexus Prime page”. So who know only time will tell.

  • mike

    lol wat a stupid move if true
    so much for for Google reputation for releasing an unlocked phone

  • Mr.WeeWee

    This some bull $hxt

  • Steffen

    Probably a good thing that it will be an exclusive. That way I won’t rush out and spend my money on it and then cry myself to sleep when AT&T sucks T-Mobile into oblivion.

  • nerd

    AND SPRINT WTF! oh well tegra 3 here i come

  • irishrally
  • Nate B.

    If they do get an exclusive it’ll be a partial fail as far as business. There is no logical point to that no matter how you look at it. Why can’t they just be the new carrier that gets it along with every other carrier at the same time. When you launch flagship phones like this you need to hit everyone and do a global release. A month later people are looking at other devices honestly. I will still stick with this, but this is really bad business. I’ll get the update to my Nexus S 4G and hopefully a port to my Epic Touch 4G, but i want the origin of this IC. Still, what a mess. Lets hop things become more clear tonight ladies & gents.

  • Craz

    Good for Verizon, VERY bad for Google and Samsung.

  • irishrally

    Let’s all speculate angrily for the next 2.25 hours! Jesus.

  • irishrally

    Or watch this leaked video: http://phandroid.com/2011/10/18/new-samsung-galaxy-nexus-hands-on-video-surfaces/

    Sorry android and me for this but it’s for the greater good.

  • Lowe

    What’s the point of only having your so called “flagship” phone on only one carrier when your competition has it on 3? Someone explain.

  • Andrew

    This is just BS! What makes this worse, is that Google would even give Verizon the exclusive; especially considering Verizon backed out of supporting/selling the Nexus One, leaving T-Mobile the only carrier selling it.

  • just buy the international

    just buy the international version…

    Problem solved except 1700 band incompatibility

  • droidhackzor

    um, just i small thought before you assume that its not coming to sprint…
    according to several sources, there are actually 5 distinct models, GT-I9250, GT-I9250T, GT-I9250M, SC-04D, and SCH-I515 (though they all look the same) for the Galaxy Nexus. the two that were mentioned include the LTE and HSPA+(verizon and AT&T) there are still 3 more models to take into consideration and some do suspect that there will be a sprint model and an international model. leaving only one…the one being used for overseas.

    a quote from geek.com…

    ” the SCH-I515 will be the Verizon Wireless variant, packing an LTE and EVDO radio on the inside. Sources suggest the GT-I9250 will go to AT&T, while the GT-I9250T will likely go to T-Mobile. There’s not been any confirmation about the GT-I9250M or the SC-04D, but it seems like a Sprint version and an international version would be all that’s needed to tie this release up in a nice global package.”

  • thechad

    silly verizon