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N64oid adds support for 4 Bluetooth gamepads


Console emulators have been available on Android devices for some time, but most of them have failed to deliver all the same experiences we loved while growing up. Like offline multiplayer.

Today we learn that emulator-rock-star-developer Yohgzh has updated his popular N64oid app with support for up to 4 Bluetooth gamepads. This means you can simultaneously sync up 4 controllers and enjoy some split-screen action with Mario Kart, GoldenEye, Super Smash Bros or any other multiplayer N64 game.

Google recently pulled Yohgzh’s apps from the Android Market, but they are still available on the alternative market SlideMe. In order to take advantage of the multiple controllers in N64oid, you will still need the app Bluez IME and one of their supported gamepads.

For an idea of what to expect, check out the hands-on video from fan site AndroidNZ. They installed the latest N64oid app on a Galaxy S II, synced up two Phonejoy gamepads and hooked it up to a HDTV using the MHL port.

Overall it looks like N64oid can now duplicate about any feature of the original home console at full speed. Which 4-player classic game would you like to try on your Android phone?

Via: AndroidNZ

Source: N64oid (SlideMe)

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  • Sejin

    Emulator, awesome. Gameplay, awesome. Driving skills, FAIL. Learn how to drift :P

    • NZtechfreak

      Everyone’s a critic right? :)
      Come talk to me when you can drift whilst huddled against a tripod you’re trying not to knock, and simultaneously doing one-take unscripted commentary (its not that easy, if that isn’t immediately apparent!)

  • jonaRamone

    One of my Fav Apps… Im playing my N64 Games using N64oid with SixAxisController

  • ndokami

    does this work for phones with sense yet? last time i checked Bluez IME didnt =( actually no bluetooth HID ime apps seem to work with Sense… I wish HTC would handle their Bluetooth like Stock android does…. ( My biggest flaw with sense )

    • NZtechfreak

      It works for the latest HTCs – my Sensation works with Phonejoy/Zeemote controllers and has HID support (its HID profile support is still not as good as Samsung’s, but good enough for these controllers to work – WiiMotes and PS3 remotes still won’t work however).

  • Martin

    I think in the long-run smartphones really have the potential to be used both as a handheld gaming device but also as an entry level console for at home. But these are just two of the ever growing capabilities of smartphones. It’s truly amazing to see all these developments unfold!

    • Brandon

      I think phones will eventually replace all of are entertainment/work electronics

      Laptop: Atrix like dock, Transforms into a ICS/CHROME OS layout

      Tablet: Look up asus padfone, basically that :P Transforms into ICS tablet layout

      Desktop: Media dock with charger and hdmi to monitor/flatscreen Transforms into desktop layout

      Handheld gaming: For games that dont play well with touch controls, A nintendo DS like case, but just buttons on buttom, and a place to dock phone in top where top screen would be.

      Console: Smartphones are evolving so fast, they can be are consoles of the future, ofcourse a dock like the desktop one, then either CLOUD gaming because of lack of storage, or we just connect an external HDD via a usb host cable. to store all games. or a microsd card per game (or 2,3,4 etc)

  • quinten

    I bought 2 phonejoy controllers after reading this & watching the video. It’s driving me nuts trying to figure out how to connect 2 controllers. I have no problem connecting 1. Works great. But using 2 simultaneously seems impossible. I’ve scoured the internet looking for answers. Can u please tell me how you got 2 phonejoys to work at once? Thanks. [email protected]

  • nameless

    People say that mobile devices will take over our gaming needs, but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. The only way mobile devices will take over console/desktop gaming solutions would be if people found a way to prevent heat generation by processors, which is unlikely. This is important because it is simple fact that the bigger the casing for the processor, the better cooling you can have for your processor and so the better processor you can have. Or in other words hand held devices will be miles behind desktop/console performance no matter; and going by the fact that people payed hundreds of dollars above market price for a xbox360 when it first came out, it is unlikely for people’s desire for the cutting edge and very best graphics will die anytime soon. So no, hand held gaming solutions wont take over the entire gaming market, but will become greater force as time passes. Which is good for everyone since competition will bring down prices, so hopefully ps4 will be cheaper than ps3.

  • Michael

    Sorry, but this article (and other articles like it) are very misleading.

    If you buy two (or more) of the same bluetooth controller you are in trouble.

    Natively, you can’t play multiplayer with bluetooth because Android sees these controllers as a keyboard. The SAME keyboard. In other words, controller one’s D-pad is mapped to W-A-S-D, and controller two’s D-pad is also mapped to W-A-S-D. Pressing the D-pad “up” (or “W”) simply tells Android that “W” was pressed, so the game will move both players on both screens “up.”

    The only way around this is with rooting the device and assigning each device’s buttons different keys on the Android keyboard. It is frustrating, time-consuming, and has the potential of bricking your device.

    If there’s a better solution out there, I’d love to hear it. I have two Gamestop BT controllers and I have been looking for two days on a way to get them to work without having to root my system with no luck, because of posts like this where everyone is having the exact same problem and the people running the forums just ignore these concerns like a cruel joke.