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NTT Docomo confirms global Galaxy Nexus launch in November, leaks first press shot


Rumors suggest that Verizon might have a one-month exclusive on Android 4.0 and the Galaxy Nexus in the US, but it appears Google’s next flagship device will soon be available on quite a few carriers across the globe. We just learned the Galaxy Nexus is coming to Canada and now NTT Docomo has tweeted they would be one of the first Japanese carriers to launch the device.

Included in the tweet, NTT Docomo tells us the superphone is scheduled for release in November, which matches up with the rumored launch dates we’ve previously seen.

Also appearing in the last several hours was the above advertisement. It shows the same Galaxy Nexus that we all know and love and confirms a few of the rumored specs. In the fine print of the photo we can make out Android 4.0, OMAP4460 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and Super AMOLED HD display.

Google’s big Ice Cream Sandwich event is coming tonight, so we won’t have to wait much longer. Check back later for live pre-game and post-game coverage.

Via: Ameblo.jp

Source: Twitter

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  • Sway_212

    Is it just me or does it look like the phone is slightly getting thicker from top to bottom?

    • TWiT Commander

      It’s called a curved tear-drop shape. I won’t mention the eyef15 here.

      eye == i
      f == ph
      1 == one
      5 == 5

      • Sway_212

        The iphone doesn’t have a tear drop deisgn…

        • TWiT Commander

          Wait for the iPhone 5. It will change everything again for those in the RDF.

          I’m not waiting for it. Give me Nexus Prime!

          • TWiT Commander

            errr …

            I meant …

            Give me Galaxy Nexus!

  • http://nihondroid.blogspot.com Alex

    I also see it says it will be waterproof, have NFC, A TV, and (the text is really blurred here) but also infra-red. How is there room for all this inside that thing?


    Does ok thicker than i expected.. Cant wait to find out the specifics!

  • Derek

    Me Likey!!!! Me Want!!!

  • http://www.caemgen.nl Caemgen

    Nice, but the UI design still sucks.


  • ben dover

    I might just go pick up a box of ice cream sandwiches for my snack while I watch the event tonight :)

    • YellowDucati

      I already did.

      Blue Bell of course. (Since I live in Texas)

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        I live in Texas too, you could’ve paid a little more for Klondike… but meh Blue Bell is tasty for its price!

  • http://atoledodesign.com Andres

    Am I the only one upset that Verizon might get exclusivity over this, I don’t understand why they would make the phone exclusive at all. To date there hasn’t been one Nexus that debuted as a carrier exclusive, just doesn’t make any sense.

    • Wasim

      remember….the Droid was technically a verizon exclusive, but Google came out with the Nexus One a little bit later, which is what i see happening to this phone! Galaxy Nexus for Verizon, Nexus Prime everywhere else! at least, i hope so…. I have Tmobile, and NEED this phone!

      • Dirge

        According to this, the Galaxy Nexus name may be global. If that’s the case, there may only be one set of Nexus specs worldwide. I hope I’m wrong about my specs theory, I want an Exynos chip. :(

    • vasra

      Yes you are.

      We (the rest of the world, remember th 6.1billion of us) will get the original untarnished Samsung Galaxy variant with HD display, better camera and no forced carrier contract.

      You get what you are willing to pay for.

  • itguy

    I hate that they are using the OMAP processor and I am hoping it turns out to be the Exynos 4212. OMAP 4460 is out and they said there was a delay. The problem with the TI chip is the GPU is as old as my GPU on my Fascinate that I have now. I would like to have an up to date GPU especially for the games that they are looking to release for android. Not to mention that the Exynos 4212 is a 32nm chip from what I read which would be better on battery life. If it was the OMAP 5 series I would be really excited to have it in the phone. Please Google do no use and outdated chip in a new state of the art phone.

    • Manuel

      The PowerVR SGX540 inside OMAP4460 is greatly overclocked.
      But I agree with your comment. I was really rooting for a new Exynos with a PowerVR SGX543MP2.

      • itguy

        I know it is greatly overclocked and that is my point. Using something that is old tech and everyone else is using new tech. If this is competing with the Iphone 4s does this processor stand that much of chance of showing off. The Mali at least looks a lot better in comparison to the other high end phones. All we have to do is look at the comparison of the Bionic and the other phones and you can see the difference.

  • Wasim

    damn it….i have to hang out with my girlfriend…..thank god for my G2x and twitter! lol!

  • generaleesean

    5 meg camera……….

    • ags29

      I’m also hoping the camera isn’t a disappointment :-\ It looks like it will bring nothing new to the table though. That sensor better take extremely amazing photos for it to not be a disappointment.

    • Dirge

      …doesn’t really mean anything. The Galaxy S’s 5mp camera took better photos than the Evo 4G’s and Droid X’s 8mp. Point being: as long as the sensor is great, megapixels count doesn’t matter too much, at least in the mobile world.

  • francomur99

    An iPhone 4 or 4S with Jailbreak which include Cydia customization + Backboard and Dreamboard interfaces is like a full HD Colours TV of 2011 while the android is like a1950′s Black and white TV. This is why so many people love the iPhone experience….And the Jailbreak community is getting bigger and bigger : 20% iphones have jailbreak now, is like having iOS, android and Windows Phone7 all in one device….cool isn’t it? Android has not chance

    • Dirge

      And a stock android phone already has most of those jailbreak additions right out of the box. Your point?

  • Nathan

    Looking forward to the announcement =)

  • binary

    I don’t like it. Lot of dead space and no edge to edge screen :S

    I hope the ICS will compensate it.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Will the icons look weird with the 720p resolution or are they already high res icons?

  • Louis

    oooooOOOOOOO, I can’t wait. About to kick some iphony ass!!

  • Nate B.

    Interesting…I want to see what happens tonight and peoples opinions

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Not really going crazy at the design. I’ll waiting for ICS and then the Nexus, in that order.

  • paul

    Why does it look like an iPhone3? Hmm …

  • Silgrond

    I can only read this:
    世界初Android4.0[can't read it]。 超高精彩&大画面夢 [light] – The world’s first Android 4.0. Dream-like super brilliant & large screen.
    2011年11月発売予定 – The planned release is in November.

    I’m only learning 日本語 for a year. :(

    • Silgrond

      Oh so it’s not “super brilliant & large screen”, it’s super/ultra-high resolution screen”

  • SherlockHomeboy

    I kinda wish they had gone with Nexus Prime for the name. It just sounds better. Still can’t wait for the phone!