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Pre-order your Motorola DROID RAZR tomorrow morning


The battle begins. The DROID RAZR is one of the few devices that will be going head-to-head against the most anticipated device of the year – The Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Needless to say that this device is also one of the most exciting ones we have seen lately. Its specs and form-factor (mainly its thinness) are nothing to scoff at.

This device will be available for pre-order tomorrow, Oct. 27, at 8 am EDT, and it goes for $299.99 after signing a 2-year contract. Simply head to Verizon’s DROID DOES site to hand over that cash, and you should be good to go. If you do happen to make your pre-order, you have get ready to start biting your nails, though. This 7.1 mm LTE handset will not be heading out to your doorstep until November 10, which seems to be the biggest release date lately (Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound are rumored to be released that day).

The DROID RAZR’s specs include a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor OMAP4430, a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display, 4G LTE, an 8 MP rear-facing camera, and a 1.3 MP front-facing camera. The device will also come packed with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread, but since it is Motorola’s current latest and greatest, we expect it to be getting Ice Cream Sandwich at some point (hopefully soon).

We will see how the manufacturers handle their fight at the Verizon arena. The Motorola DROID RAZR, HTC Rezound and Samsung Galaxy Nexus will all be competing for your money next month. Which one are you going for? Will you be pre-ordering the RAZR tomorrow?

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • Nathan

    Well choosing is the hard part (be sides swallowing the $300) after that I’m sure you’ll like either one since all three device are beast =)

    • Crackhooker

      This phone is obsolete

  • charliethesuperturtle

    One question.
    Why a thin phone when it looks like burnt.plastic and horrible design?
    Galaxy nexus ftw!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Great job motorola with the Droid Razr pretty impressive but another gingerbread devices is useless you can make 2.3.9 who cares. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the devices of 2011 and 2012 for the next 8months. People aren’t getting it the Galaxy Nexus is the only device that will be optimized to run a dualcore processor with ice cream sandwich for a while. No other device out there has an operating system that is optimize for two cores regardless of 1.2 or 1.5Ghz processors all of that is only on one core. The browser is simply amazing on the galaxy nexus and talk about the camera we won’t be seeing anything like this for a while. Anyone purchasing the Motorola Razr will realize they will fall short in many ways even if the Razr gets ice cream sandwich I would rather have an optimized pure google device than some skinned ice cream device made by moto.. Nothing beats pure Google

    • squiddy20

      1. There is no Android version “2.3.9″. Get it right or shut up.
      2. Motorola has already promised the Razr to be upgraded to ICS at least by the end of the 1st quarter of 2012. What has HTC said about your shitty Evo 3D?
      3. “I would rather have an optimized pure google device than some skinned ice cream device…”
      Better throw away your Evo 3D then.

      • CommonCents

        To squiddy20: Richard was implying that Android -could- release “2.3.9″ and it -still- wouldn’t make any difference… buyers would want the new ICS version.

        Learn to read, infer, and comprehend a little better, or go back to grade school before spewing any more of your drivel. Dolt.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Motorola already stated they plan to bring ICS fast. With that aside, I would personally go for the GN just to have the full Android 4.0 experience along the NFC chip and I’ve never been let down by any item from Samsung. Still the RAZR is looking hawt and I know my girl would probably go for it, she was a big RAZR fan.

  • 4TOPS

    If the razr would have came out 3-4months ago this would have been 1 hot item,

    now not so much. Tough competition ahead

  • Thaghost

    The htc rezound is pulling up the rear.

  • Kate86

    The superior iPhone 4S smokes this….

    • triangle

      Q: Siri, who is Kate86?

      Siri: A troll. Please do not feed the trolls.

  • http://www.androidnews1.com/ bfuns

    The ideas you discussed here are extremely priceless. It was such a fun surprise to see that waiting for me once i woke up this very day. They are constantly to the point plus easy to interpret. Thank you for the useful ideas you’ve shared here.

  • zedthegreat

    well with my UK Atrix still on 2.2 – and this launching with 2.3 (not 4.0) which they can promise to update all day long – I think we can tell that I WILL NEVER BUY MOTOROLA AGAIN.

  • triangle

    I hope this paves the way to pre-order a Galaxy Nexus soon.

  • BJ

    This looks like a gorgeous phone, it’s suddenly become a very hard decision between this or the Galaxy Nexus:

    RAZR Pro: Droid branding, Gorilla Glass/Kevlar, MotoCast, battery reported at 1780-2000 mAh, not sure I’m ready to let go of hardware buttons, MotoBlur supposedly less invasive than usual
    RAZR Con: no removable battery, ICS not out for several months, worries over audio malfunctions from Bionic, 16 GB internal storage

    Nexus Pro: vanilla no-skin ICS, screen likely slightly better (even if PenTile), larger screen, better camera, 32 GB internal storage
    Nexus Con: no Droid branding, no SD card slot, 1750 mAh battery, no HDMI-out

    Have there been any more reports on what processor the RAZR is running? If it’s running the 4430 instead of the 4460, that might make the difference. I’ve seen both numbers reported in various places.

    • BJ

      Sorry, that’s 1780-1800 mAh for the RAZR battery. Have seen reports of both numbers.

  • pritams