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Samsung Galaxy Nexus hands-on roundup

During the Google and Samsung live event, there was a lot of emphasis placed on the design of the Galaxy Nexus. Its looks very similar to the Samsung Nexus S, but with nearly every aspect of the device upgraded in some way. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

As pictures and videos of the Galaxy Nexus start to hit the web, we’ll be posting them here for you to take a long, hard look at. Curved display, discrete notification light, metallic inner frame, textured battery cover and all.

What do you say, what’s your favorite part?

Where the new Nexus differs from its predecessors is in its teardrop-like profile, starting off fantastically thin at the top and gently, smoothly expanding to a (relatively) rotund bottom. It lends the phone a very sophisticated look and also makes it easy to handle and operate. In terms of weight, the Galaxy Nexus surprises by being quite a bit lighter than one might expect from just looking at it. This is likely down to the all-plastic external construction – which sadly didn’t impress us too much – though Samsung has installed a metallic inner frame to ensure the phone’s frame is rigid enough.Vlad Savov

galaxy-nexus403v galaxy-nexus404v galaxy-nexus408v galaxy-nexus409v galaxy-nexus410v galaxy-nexus411v galaxy-nexus412v galaxy-nexus413v galaxy-nexus414v galaxy-nexus415v galaxy-nexus416v galaxy-nexus417v galaxy-nexus418v galaxy-nexus419v galaxy-nexus420v galaxy-nexus421v galaxy-nexus424v galaxy-nexus425v galaxy-nexus429v galaxy-nexus430v nexus back featured

The panels on all of these guys are stunning, but we're finding it mighty difficult to choose a favorite between the Galaxy Nexus and the GSII.Darren Murph

galaxy-family-hands-on6455 galaxy-family-hands-on6456 galaxy-family-hands-on6457 galaxy-family-hands-on6458 galaxy-family-hands-on6460 galaxy-family-hands-on6461 galaxy-family-hands-on6462 galaxy-family-hands-on6463 galaxy-family-hands-on6464 galaxy-family-hands-on6465 galaxy-family-hands-on6466 galaxy-family-hands-on6467 galaxy-family-hands-on6469 galaxy-family-hands-on6470 galaxy-family-hands-on6471

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  • Derrick

    That looks amazing.

    • Barney4

      lool only 5mp cam WTF and not a white model *facepalm*
      *double facepalm*

      no siri WTF

      • Jorge

        2560 x 2048 = 5.2 megapixels
        1920 x 1080 = 2.1 megapixels
        More megapixels does not = a better camera, how many times do we have to go over this??? =D

      • Magnus100

        Android already has voice commands (which is called Siri on the iPhone)

      • automaddux

        Not understanding megapixels or camera technology. Then giving an ignorant response to the greatest handset Google has ever released? Epic facepalm! Please don’t compare Android to *phone. Just because iPhone upgraded their camera to 8mp doesn’t mean its better than the 5mp on the Nexus. I have a Dinc with a 8mp camera and my wife’s iPhone 4 takes better pics with hers.

  • snowbdr89

    Poor dick his poor lil evo 3d came n gone like a fart in the wind…

    • Richard Yarrell

      Yes my friend I watched the entire event on my legendary EVO 3D…What a great watch it was…bet you could’nt do that on your USELESS device…HA HA Lucy,,,,

      • Jasonhunterx

        But i just watched it on my SGS -______- all u talk about is evos sprint qualcomm an htc give it a break your the biggest fan boy ever

      • snowbdr89

        A legendary bust an im sure i could have watched but i can think of a million other things id rather do!!

      • Tico4674

        Hey dick, with all of your intellectual prowess, incredible grasp of the English language and your unmatched knowledge of mobile phones could you do us all a favor and write a review on the Galaxy Nexus. I wonder where it stacks up next to your award winning, best in class, greatest phone of 2011, legendary P.O.S. evo 3d.

        • snowbdr89

          Sounds like its a good fit the legendary moron an his legendary p.o.s evo 3d runnin on the nations slowest network…

  • Chris

    So amazing.. I’m watching the conference right now, its amazing, Android beam is so simple but so cool.


    was a decent show, all the features are nice.. But all I wanted to know was to whom and when…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002275344855 luiek20

    so how long till we get our t-mobile option?

  • DaveC

    When they say a phone is LTE capable, does that automatically mean CDMA as well? Where does this announcement leave Sprint? I hope there’s more information coming on carrier availability soon.

    • Phyxius

      CDMA/HSPA/LTE all run off different technologies… it all depends on the phones specs, more than likely it will run off LTE/HSPA/GSM, not CDMA

  • TT

    Must … buy … now!

  • sean

    All i wanna know is what carrier? Im SOLD!

    • ****

      t-mumble, def t-mumble.
      t-mumble gets the phones always first just like with the iphones

  • Adrien C.

    I want a video not so much focused on the launcher, that I’ll probably end up using Go Launcher EX or something else new, better and more tweakable.

    Is there a theming system available already?

    • Greg

      I’m a big Go Launcher EX fan but from what I can see with ICS ill probably stick with the stock Launcher. I may miss the custom skins eventually though.

  • Sekou

    Excited about ICS more than any thing else. The phone likes nice, I just wish it was a Google Nexus branded phone and not a Galaxy Nexus phone. WTF, Google? Version exclusivity also kills it for me. With that said if it comes to Sprint before the end of the year I will definitely get it. Anytime after that, I might wait to see what 2012 brings.

  • Tico4674

    Google/Samsung did a great job with the presentation. It took Apple an hour to get to the meat of the Iphone 4s. This entire presentation barely lasted an hour. They gave us one feature after another in bang bang fashion, and great features they were. I can’t wait for Cyanogenmod to get their hands on ICS.

  • Floyd

    What’s the big deal? I don’t see anything that makes this OS update something to rave about.

    And the phone specs and nice, but is the battery life as pathetic as it is on the Galaxy S phones?

    • R

      Every aspect of the OS has been updated and redesigned. This is the biggest update Ive ever seen by a mobile OS. I call that a big deal.

  • Al3000

    NOTIFICATION LIGHT??? Yes, no, maybe?? I think i see a very tiny circle on the upper left side of the device just above the screen. Yes?

    • Russell

      There’s actually a hidden notification LED below the software buttons

  • Melinda86

    So where is the UI revamp? I cant see it

    • Greg

      The modifiable dock, the new widget preview, the new card based multitasking manager, the lock screen, resizeable widgets…..

  • Daniel

    Two words: jaw dropping…
    I really love how the software keys work, how they can retract when needed while in camera mode. Simply amazing!

    The recent app function is amazing too, its practically the closest thing to the WebOS multi-task. Except that it doesn’t remove the used ram (no biggie with 1000mbs)

  • Catfish734

    Meh, looks dull imho

  • Ann.Monis

    1. A5 + SGX543-MP2 (iPhone 4S) – GLBenchmark 2.1 Pro Standard @ 2971 (720p)
    2. Exynos 4210 + Mali 400 MP (Galaxy Note) = GLBenchmark 2.1 Pro Standard @ 2560 (720p)
    3. OMAP 4460 + SGX540 (Galaxy Nexus) = GLBenchmark 2.1 Pro Standard @ 2079 (720p)
    4. S3 MSM8660 + Adreno 220 (Galaxy SII HD LTE) = GLBenchmark 2.1 Pro @ 1630 (720p)

    N/A. S3 APQ8060 + Adreno 220 (Galaxy SII) – GLBenchmark 2.1 Pro Standard @ 2993 (480p)

    As you can see even the more powerful Galaxy SII HD LTE is no match for the Galaxy Nexus, but the Galaxy Nexus is almost 50% as powerful as the iPhone 4S, seeing that has 2-processors instead of 1-processor in the GPU.

  • Dennis

    Maybe I’m going out on a leg here but I just can’t see what is so exciting?

    • Bud Seks

      Dunno, this pales in comparison with the new iPhone 4S….

  • uzunoff

    Waiting until it hits T-mobile