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Samsung Galaxy S II available on AT&T now for $199 (or $149 on Amazon Wireless)


The Samsung Galaxy S II continues to make the rounds on the U.S. carriers and todays stop finds it on AT&T. There are plenty of new phones due for release in the next couple weeks and months, but unless you are a diehard early adopter the Galaxy S II is unlikely to disappoint. The international release was praised by many reviewers as the best Android phone to date and AT&T stuck with that same design in their version of the SGS2.

Here’s a quick spec refresher:

  • 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display
  • 1.2 GHz Samsung Exynos C210 processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8MP rear camera
  • 2MP front-facing camera
  • NFC
  • Android 2.3.4

With the exception of the screen resolution and possibly the OS version those specs line up favorably with most of the devices launching through the end of the year.

If you are signing up for a new account and want to save some cash you can get the AT&T Galaxy S II through Amazon Wireless for just $149.99 with free 2-day shipping.

Anyone planning to head out to their local AT&T store or click that buy button today?

Source: AT&T

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  • johnny

    Ill pass!

  • ags29

    Besides missing a qHD resolution, this does look really good now that it’s finally here :\

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      If I weren’t on Verizon I’d be sorely tempted by one of the SGS2 variants. The Super AMOLED Plus makes for such a good 800×480 screen that it doesn’t really seem like a step down at all, especially on a 4.3″ screen.

  • R.S

    Now just to wait for T-Mobile’s version to be released 10 days from now.

    • ACR

      Tmobile has slower CPU.

      • watbetch

        Wat does that matter, if you want one for T-Mobile you don’t have any other options.

        • ACR

          I am just saying. It has Snapdragon instead of Exynos SoC.

  • p51d007

    Pass…I have a FIVE inch Dell Streak, runs 2.2.2 with tweaks very fast (I’m not a gamer, video/music player type). I’m holding out for the Samsung Note.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      You are certainly a unique buyer, but more power to you.

      I was a big fan of the Dell Axim back in the day. I used it to take all my notes in college so I can definitely see the draw of the Galaxy Note, now if it would just come to Verizon I might be on board.

  • sylar

    I’m not sure my last phone with them was a bust and no one would work with me about it. Not sure I’m willing to go with them unless they cut some money off that price for me.

  • Paul

    Question. The Galaxy SII was the most powerful, most awesome Android phone, 4 months ago when it came out. This huge delay for the U.S has allowed other phones/handsets to catch up or neat catch up with it. It’s an awesome phone to be sure, but it’s got some competition now and if not now, in the very near future. If AT&T had offered this phone 4 months ago I would have jumped at it in a heartbeat but now I’m not so sure, should I wait for another phone? What’s the best Android phone for AT&T to wait for, the SGSII or is there a really nice one just around the corner? I’m not ‘chomping at the bit’ to upgrade to another phone, I can hold out a little longer if I have to, up to a couple of months.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      There’s a good shot that there will be a Nexus Prime with AT&T bands, although I couldn’t give you an exact timeline for that. I really like the SGS2, but if you don’t feel strongly compelled to update at the moment I would hold off until the holidays.

  • TUG265

    I went to my local store (I live in Northern California) and they told me that almost none of the nor-Cal stores wont be carrying the unit in store, and that I would have to order it online. So I just did, I picked it up of Amazon wireless for $149.99 plus $36 for activation so $186 plus tax…better than the $239 free activation from AT&T…

    However, AT&T was offering free over-night shipping and free activation. Amazon only had free 2-day shipping and $36 activation, and the estimated arrival date was November 16th??? IDK why it said that but I’m hoping it’ll be here before then, like in the 2-BUSINESS DAY FREE SHIPPING THEY ARE OFFERING…but we’ll see about that

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Thanks for the tip, seems odd that they won’t carry it in store.

      I’m glad you at least you got a good deal on it in the end although I’ll be interested to hear what happens with that delivery date.

      Enjoy your new phone.

      • TUG265

        It was going to take the 4 plus extra week for the phone to get here. So I canceled my amazon order and ordered it from AT&T. So I paid more but it’s due to be here by tomorrow around 3pm so I’m happy with my decision. It just really sucks that they didn’t have the phone in the store…WTF???

  • dyanesh

    is it available in INDIA .?

  • Dirty_Azkals

    Hasn’t the original international version been out since May? If you unlock it since its a gsm phone you should be able to if traveling..

  • richstockton

    Note to folks out there buying this off-contract or trying to at the ATT store. There is a 30-day waiting period for them to sell at the $550 price. After November 2nd or 3rd, the phone will be available at no-commitment. This is standard corporate policy.

    You can however buy it at Best Buy off-contract for $650 dollars and the insure it with ATT. Its $100 dollars more but you get the device earlier instead of waiting 4 extra weeks and then Samsung announces the Galaxy S II LTE or Galaxy S III or some nonsense.