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Sprint Galaxy Nexus tipped in leaked purchase order


When Google and Samsung got together to announce the Galaxy Nexus, they made it very clear that there will be two different models of the device coming to market. There will be one version with HSPA+ (that has AT&T and T-Mobile bands on board) and one model with LTE (the one coming to Verizon). Unfortunately for Sprint customers, there was no WiMax Nexus announced.

We wrote about this on the night the Galaxy Nexus was unveiled because it just doesn’t seem right. Sprint and Google have been in bed together for awhile now. Sprint is allowing Google to use their network to experiment on. With Google Voice and Google Wallet, the nation’s third largest carrier is letting the Big G beta test with their customers. And let’s not forget the Nexus S 4G. It took awhile to come out, but Google made yet another special version of the Nexus S just for Sprint. Taking those two things into consideration, you have to figure Google will be bringing the Galaxy Nexus to Sprint eventually, right? Well thanks to a leaked purchase order obtained by Brief Mobile, it looks like a Sprint Nexus may be coming sooner than later.

This is by no means an official confirmation, but a Sprint purchase order for Nexus Prime promotional materials has surfaced online. This coincides perfectly with recent rumors that the Galaxy Nexus has already been spotted inside Sprint’s computer systems. There’s still no word on when the Nexus will launch on Sprint, or for how much, but this is a good sign that the device is coming.

Source: Brief Mobile

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  • Techrocket9

    A lack of WiMax would be a deal breaker, unfortunately…

    • Nate B.

      It’ll either be wimax supported or future proof LTE supported. Its just logical.

      • SirRipo

        It will probably be LTE. Sprint has already announced that they will be transitioning to LTE starting in 2012, chances are this will be the first (or one of the first) device. At least that’s my opinion

        • angermeans

          You better hope that the Gal Nexus is not the first device to launch with LTE and you probably better hope that they release a WiMax version as Sprint is not even going to begin LTE until the middle (June?) of 2012. Thats eight months away.

          • Nate B.

            Wifi can help for that. I don’t even use my good Wimax cover I have here in Alexandria, VA. I’m not doing data related things all the time. And when I am, I ‘m at home or somewhere where I have wifi. I’m using it as a phone any other time. 4G won’t make my calls faster or my text messages, or just going in and out of my apps.


    Congrats sprint owners.. Love disgruntled tmobile user

    • Nortisan

      Seriously. I want more confirmation that us Magenta users are getting it, and soon!

      • MC

        We know it works with ATT’s HSPA+. Why wouldn’t it work with T-Mobile’s? I know ATT and T-Mobile 3G is on different frequencies, but isn’t HSPA+ identical (don’t know)? ANYWAY, problem with availability – or perception thereof – may be due to everyone expecting the merger to go through. That’s certainly the case with T-Mobile’s not having access to the iPhone4S.

    • BiGMERF

      im surprised Richard is not in here gloating yet! i am dissapointed

      • Nortisan

        He’ll gloat when HTC makes the Nexus again…dubbed the Nexus EVO. LoL

      • Wasim

        The specs list Tmobile’s AWS 3G/4G radio band, and the usual EDGE capabilities…..relax BigMerf, the Prime will be on Tmobile, its just a matter of when!?!?………..which i wish i knew! :/

      • Richard Yarrell

        I wish sprint well at getting this device the Galaxy Nexus is a game changer in so many ways. Personally I have already decided to get my Galaxy Nexus with Verizon and will go with the 5gb plan gladly. Making a path to having the best of both worlds is what I must do now i already have my Evo 3d on sprint and now will enjoy some LTE on Verizon. So much has changed in such a short period of time and so much learning has been accomplished as well regarding my love for android which is google. Look around my friends ice cream sandwich has implemented a try consolidation of the entire platform which is what google set out to do back at google I/O and I say game, set, match. Current manufacturers with skinned devices are really going to have the hardest time finding a way if implementation of the skins they employ. It’s not need any longer pure android is and will be all anyone should need.


          Richard you clearly have attention seeking issues. Dude you’re like 49yrs old yet you’re posting ridiculous rhetoric daily. I’ve been reading your comments for months and I’ve come to the conclusion that you make stuff up mostly.

          Android doesn’t need losers like you for support. The Android community despises liars and know it all types. You fit both.

          Now. Put that in your pipe and smoke that.

          • Kye

            Harsh, but so so funny. I too have been reading his posts for months. Ive gone through my initial phase of irritation, and the second phase of feeling angry, then the third phase of wanting to ridicule. Im at the acceptance phase now. Hes just a harmless guy that talks alot of shit… And im ok with that. In a way this place wouldnt be the same without him! Haha.

          • Richard Yarrell

            As usual another …NEW CRACK POT..Here on androidandme…Please my friend continue to read all my posts you might learn something you sound PRETTY USELESS in the real world..Do yourself a favor and go nuy a clue and go back to TROLLING ON WHATEVER SITE YOU COME FROM because we don’t need YOUR KIND ON THIS SITE THAT’S FOR SURE…Get OFF MY JOCK STRAP…

          • Richard Yarrell


          • squiddy20

            1. You’re the only “crack pot” I see here. What with all your “OMG EVO 3D IS THE BEST PHONE EVARRRRR!” crap and whatnot. Seriously, you’re the only moron on this site that tries to use all caps to look intelligent/smart and/or make your words more credible, when in reality all it does is make you look incredibly stupid and childish.
            2. What would he “learn” by reading your ignorant comments? Do I really have to point out to you that you’ve been wrong so many times about the most common things? Do you want me to go into all the things you’ve been wrong about in the past? I wouldn’t mind one bit, but it’ll take awhile to type since the list is soooo long. Please, you couldn’t teach anyone anything.
            3. “…and go nuy a clue…” Yeah… I don’t think anything more needs to be said concerning this quote. It speaks for itself.
            4. “TROLLING ON WHATEVER SITE YOU COME FROM because we…” Annnd you aren’t trolling? I mean let’s be honest, you are a troll. You’ve commented twice in the same reply to Tyrone. What a stupid hypocrite. And who’s this “we” you always speak of? I only see you commenting against pretty much everyone who thinks differently than you. So alone.
            5. “we don’t need YOUR KIND ON THIS SITE…” And just what exactly is “his kind”? Careful Dick, I think I detect a hint of racism coming from you. Anymore about this and I’m sure you’ll get booted off of A&M just like Phandroid, Android Central, and Android Police. No one likes racists/profilers.
            6. Who the hell would WANT to be “on [your] jockstrap”? That’s gotta be utterly disgusting. What a stupid saying. Get with the times old man.

    • Adam

      As a Sprint customer, I’m not holding my breath until the announcement is official. I’ll be crossing my fingers for my magenta brothers-in-arms. Us little guys gotta stick together.

      • BiGMERF

        At least you have more light at he end of your tunnel than Tmo users have right now

        • Adam

          Yeah but that light could be an oncoming train instead of the other side. I just don’t have a lot of faith. With Sprint recently climbing in bed with Apple, the stakes may be too high to bring on a major competitor. Hope I’m wrong.

          As far as T-Mo goes, it would be more expensive but you could always import. Don’t the international GSM phones run on the same frequencies as T-Mo? I imported an MDA from Germany back in my old T-Mo days. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a GSM network so I’m not sure how it’s all working these days.

          • Sapphire3g

            The MDA is from a time when 3g wasn’t a concern. T-Mobile uses 1700/2100MHz for their 3g. Those bands are used mainly in North America. Try googling AWS bands.

          • Adam

            Well damn, that sucks.

        • floceezy

          Tmo has nothing to worry about. Tmo started the Android revolution and has had every (and by that I mean the only two) Nexus device released to date. I’d be more surprised if they don’t get this Nexus device than I would be if my new carrier, Sprint, doesn’t get it. I truly believe it will come to sprint with LTE in preparation for the service on the Now Network. Google knows what they are doing. They’re just gonna let the rumor mill churn it’s little heart out until they have everything ready to be announced

  • Nortisan

    Why does it say Nexus Prime though? Is that name still a possibility outside of Verizon?

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      No. Verizon isn’t even mentioned in the launch event and the phone is still called Galaxy Nexus. Nexus Prime is the codename. Spring probably ordered it far ahead of the official names being decided.

      • Nortisan

        True, Verizon wasn’t mentioned in the launch event. But if you go to google.com/nexus and look where they show off the new notification pane, you’ll see Verizon branding. It’s no secret that Verizon will be gettin it first.

        • Chad

          ??? signal bars, battery life, and time…. I don’t see Verizon branding anywhere on the phones shown at google.com/nexus. Verizon probably will be the first to get it but I dont think the exclusive is going to last as long as most of us feared besides the world HSPA version looks like it will handle TMO/AT&T bands and it comes out the same time so i’ll probably just be buying mine from Amazon or Expansys

  • alex

    i hope so

  • FireFrost

    M. Bison says, it all. ‘YES. YES!’

    But anyway, YES, I would be so glad if this proves true! I am the end of my contract now, but saved my one year upgrade because I knew this phone was (hopefully) coming. I can finally retire my trusty little HTC Hero. :)

    • Adam

      Yeah, my Hero just twitched in my pocket as I read this. I’m not going to celebrate until I hear something official but let’s just say … my Hero and I may have to have a heart-to-heart here pretty soon.

      • Kat

        Another Hero owner! We’re so rare, I just had to say ‘hi!’. I love mine but I’ll trade it for a Nexus with ICS in a heart beat.

        • Wenger

          Oh me too. Cyanogenmod makes the Hero useable now. Ready to get rid of this thing.

  • droidhackzor

    um, just i small thought before you assume that its not coming to sprint…the image DOES ONLY specify the poster,not the phone so it doesn’t have to be fake, whether it is or not ,is up in the air.
    according to several sources, there are actually 5 distinct models, GT-I9250, GT-I9250T, GT-I9250M, SC-04D, and SCH-I515 (though they all look the same) for the Galaxy Nexus. the two that were mentioned include the LTE and HSPA+(verizon and AT&T) there are still 3 more models to take into consideration and some do suspect that there will be a sprint model and an international model. leaving only one…the one being used for overseas.a quote from geek.com…” the SCH-I515 will be the Verizon Wireless variant, packing an LTE and EVDO radio on the inside. Sources suggest the GT-I9250 will go to AT&T, while the GT-I9250T will likely go to T-Mobile. There’s not been any confirmation about the GT-I9250M or the SC-04D, but it seems like a Sprint version and an international version would be all that’s needed to tie this release up in a nice global package.”

    • diff names

      SC-04D is for Japan

      their model numbers for Galaxy S and SII have been like SC-02c something like that

  • Alex


    That is all =)

  • muadhnate

    Wi-Max or not who cares. Sprint plans on rolling out LTE, so 3g will suffice until then. And likely, 3g will remain the only unlimited data plan available.

  • Nate B.

    Its coming to every carrier. No customer needs to worry. Samsung and Google wouldn’t have a drop menu to select your carrier on their register page. Just chill out guys. Now will the launch date be the same? Idk about that but I think it’ll most definitely be a reasonable release on every carrier. I mean who else supports HSPA+ MAGENTA AND BIG BLUE. WHO HAS LTE? BIG RED. SPRINT will get LTE next year. So they may have LTE support as well & you’ll have to wait to use it or it’ll have wimax support.

    • davec

      The Galaxy S II intro page had a drop box for Verizon. How did that work out? Don’t get me wrong, I’m really hoping to see the Nexus on Sprint soon, but that Samsung page is no guarantee.

      • Nate B.

        Very true, but Verizon came forward and said they passed it up. It’s not like they had it just to have it. So it would most definitely be misleading if this wasn’t true.

    • angermeans

      I think your wrong. Samsung has always had all four in America on the sign up page as it helps them see a demand for future phones. It was very clear that the Nexus will be LTE at launch and if the market demands it then an HSPA+ model will be launched but no WiMax mentioned. I think that one will come but it will be much like the Nexus S months and months down the road and maybe as the first LTE device which Sprint is (starting) to launch in the middle of 2012. I think a Gal Nexus on Sprint is a ways off.

    • Chad

      I heard Samsung uses that drop down to as a survey to see what carriers customers really are looking forward to it the most and that’s how they decide on their marketing strategy of the phone. I don’t know the results but it’s probably safe to say T-Mobile customers are probably winning, and if not ..probably a solid second place, Going across T-Mobile blogs, boards and sites..We really want this phone

  • 666

    YES! I was starting to consider the iPhone 4S. It’s not a bad phone but I like Google Voice and Gmail way too much.

  • Andrew

    Sprint will be getting a Wiimax equipped Galaxy Nexus.

    About a month ago, Tom Fleming tweeted some poems that detailed the upcoming Galaxy Nexus. He hinted at a November 3rd launch on Verizon, a Wimax version, and even a QWERTY version.

    Relax guys, it will come.

    I wonder who will get the QWERTY version?

  • Wenger

    I would so take an LTE version with disabled 4G until it gets rolled out next year. Hell I probably won’t even get it where I live anyway.

  • Mark

    It’s coming to T-Mobile. Some people need to stop worrying so damn much.

  • Colorado_Al

    I think it will be a WiMax phone. I’m betting that Samsung has a WiMax version ready to go for their home market in Korea which has a strong WiMax network. Same phone will be released for Sprint.

  • some internet dude

    Sweet if true, there is hope.

  • Matt

    If Sprint is doling out so much money to start their own LTE in 2012, why wouldn’t they get this phone?!?!?!

  • pritams