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Video: Motorola Atrix 2 preview at CTIA

motorola atrix 2 featured

The Motorola Atrix 2 was the highlight of yesterday’s AT&T announcement. But the successor to one of AT&T‘s most successful Android devices was not at the CTIA show floor. (The same applies for the other 4 devices). The day was not all bad news, though, since we managed to get a hold of one at the Pepcom Mobile Focus event.

The device does look and feel better than the Atrix 4G, especially aesthetically. The Atrix 2 is sleeker and has a much better build quality than its predecessor. Overall, though, it’s not as impressive as we expected.

The device performs a bit better than the Atrix 4G, but the difference is not astounding. Most of our readers are not great fans of PenTile displays and will be glad to know Motorola has decided to get rid of it. The improvement in the display is very noticeable.

Motorola also decided to drop the Tegra 2 processor and switched to a Texas Instruments OMAP dual-core processor, clocked at 1 GHz. Gamers might not like this, since Tegra devices have a great variety of games available. The phone does feel a bit smoother, though, and should be a good option for AT&T customers that don’t care for Tegra games.

When testing the Webtop capabilities, the interface still seemed a bit slow. It is very convenient, but it’s simply not as fun as we would have liked it to be.

The Atrix 2 is good, overall, and is a solid option for AT&T users. But the Samsung Galaxy S II is also around, and it may be a much better option for many of you. Take a look at the video posted below and let us know what you think about the Motorola Atrix 2. Is anyone signing up for it? Would you rather go for another device? Which one?

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  • Nate B.

    How is this a successor. Moto pumps out so many pointless devices. It’s practically what Apple just did with the 4 to 4S. Minus the actual improvement Apple did internal wise. All Moto did was choose different components to make the same phone. I sometimes wish Google did a one device and Nexus for all and not so many of the same variations like HTC and Moto are doing. Okay this has Beats and this one doesn’t. This one has an OMAP and this one is Tegra but we call it the successor. A slightly faster processor but it runs the same version as the last one.

    • Nate B.

      I’m sorry to rant in my post above but its really oversaturated in the Android Market. Just make a beast of a phone once a year and dish it out to every carrier. Anything on a lower end should just be targeting certain consumers. Like keyboard users or budget users. These rehearsal phones take a big impact on why most consumers may think all android phones are the same.

      • iamXiV92a

        You hit the nail on the head. Much like Sony and their Arc S vs. the regular Arc (1.4GHz vs. 1GHz) — is it REALLY successor ::shakes 8-ball:: “All signs point to no”
        Thanks, 8-ball!

  • crickerman

    How its this phone a successor? It isn’t even slightly better than the original atrix… Wow…

    • She wants it

      and Atrix was an overhyped, but underachieving phone.
      They should have called it
      Motorola Ryan Leaf

  • Dr.Carpy

    Finally! Thanks Nate for acknowledging the “elephant” in the Android room. Yes there are “entry” level devices, and there always needs to be. However, when next generation devices are insulting step back, this is where Google who is allowing these devices to essentially wear their brand, the level of quality control has to simply improve and get better, no excuses. And with Google now owning Motorola, there really isn’t anything stopping them from running stock/vanilla android on all Motorola devices. If Google partners don’t like it, maybe they should run vanilla android on theif devices, unifying the android ecosystem in a way that would benefit everyone.

    • Nate B.

      I couldn’t agree more my friend.

      Google needs to do some serious advertisement and express the features and existence of their phone. It’s just all over the place. It just annoys me because I really love Android and will most likely stick with it until the end, but I also wish and hope the best for their success in business and acknowledgements by the public. People that are really into this stuff will know the detailed differences and everything else in between, but the average consumer sees it all as the same. I really hope the Nexus Prime or whatever they call the 3rd installment, takes off and overlaps the other android phones. So customers know this is the pure OS, and like IOS I can receive the latest updates without buying the next version and support first.

      HTC and Moto are sweet, but lately I feel they’ve been over populating the Android Market. It leaves no real innovation for their next phone. It’s just a bump up that you could of really put on the original one. The Evo was the best from HTC in my opinion. The Evo 3D was cool but didn’t wow me. I expect the Evo whatever next year to wow us. I’ll stick to the Nexus line though. Other then that Sammy makes awesome ass phones. The Galaxy lines has amazing quality performance in a stylish look in my opinion. They’re not scared to innovate and break boundaries every time. They sale the most in comparison to the iPhone. What other Android phone do you know that sales like the iPhone other then the Galaxy S line? People complain about the plastic and what not, but the phone itself is a monster.

      I’m sure HTC & MOTO are more then capable of doing this but they don’t. Just my opinion guys. Android forever. Nexus Prime where are you?!

  • Kevs87

    it have bigger, better screen …. more mega pixels… its more beautiful than the og… and its cheaper… its not really a successor but its alright… just $99

  • cobaltleo

    Well i got this phone as a replacement for my Xperia X10 on At&t. its a vast improvement over the Xperia in performance according to benchmarks but in actual use i dont see any difference. that said I love the phone. as it has all the features i wanted on my Xperia ( which I actually had via Root) without having to root. and load a new rom. about the only complaint i had for the phone isn’t even really its fault. their is no way to turn off 4g by default. but i just went into the wireless networks and created a new apn with the settings from my wifes. Xperia. which is really a neccessary thing since At&t’s 4g is extremely sparse even in the same city.