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Video: Samsung Galaxy Nexus caught on film


Google has done an incredible job of keeping the next Nexus device, now being referred to as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, under wraps. Information on what the device will look like and the components inside have found their way online, but we’ve yet to see much more than what Google or Samsung have left us with. Until early this Friday morning.

Some pictures and a video of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have been posted on the Romanian site Gadget.ro. Hardware wise, the device seems to match up well with what we’ve been hearing for quite some time now. There’s no capacitive buttons on the front of the Galaxy Nexus and the curved display has carried over from the Nexus S. The picture also confirms the metal bezel on the front of the device. Unfortunately, Mobilissimo, another site hosting the leak, says the body is made of brown plastic that just feels like metal. They say the battery cover is identical to the Galaxy S II. Software wise, things are quite different than what we’ve seen before.

We’ve been hearing that previously leaked pictures of Ice Cream Sandwich are quite outdated now. This video certainly confirms that. The UI in the video from Gadget.ro looks much more like Honeycomb than previous leaks. The notification bar, camera, search box, launcher, lock screen and even some icons appear to be totally different. There are a ton of smooth animations and transitions as well.

Also of interest from Gadget.ro, confirmation of BGR’s rumored specs sheet. According to the post containing the pictures and video, the Galaxy Nexus will launch with an OMAP 4460 at 1.2 GHz, 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 1GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, a 5 megapixel camera, LTE (or HSPA) and 1750 mAh battery at just 9mm thick.

What do you say? Is “Tuna” (the model number listed in the screen shots below) the Nexus you’ve been waiting for? Now that you’ve seen it, anything you’d change?

Via: BGR

Source: Gadget.ro

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  • SphericalPuma

    I like it. People will complain about the lip at the bottom, but how do you expect to press the virtual keys if there was none – it’d be awkward. I’m really digging the UI….really, really digging it. I like the look of it and I believe on October 11 when we actually get to see more of the device, I’ll be more impressed. People complain about plastic like it’s a bad thing and it’s not. I’m also loving that it will have the battery cover as seen on the GSII – meaning it’s flexible!

    I can’t wait for the videos of ICS so that we can see everything that was added – which looks like it’s a lot.

    There will be people who hate this, but I for one welcome our refreshing dessert overlord.

    • Paul

      The thing about metal, even a light one like aluminum, is that it’s still heavier than plastic. So using metal all over the place makes it heavy. Check out the Motorola Droid Phones (X, 2, 3) vs a Galaxy S2. Another thing to consider is that metal can actually interfere with signals, where plastic does not. And plastic can be made to be quite strong and resilient. As long as it doesn’t ‘feel’ cheap I don’t care if it’s plastic. The SGSII is actually a bit too light.

      • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

        That depends on what “plastic” means, fiberglass can be very strong (fiberglass is actually plastic, reinforced by fiber of glass.)

    • Bernstein

      I hope its a fake, it looks atrocious, cluttered, laggy, just ugly!!!!

  • WarDrake

    The first real video of a nexus prime will show first the side of the phone samsung already showed. it’s the one and only proof that will convince everyone, so… another fake video

    and by posting them, you only tell the people making them that’s it’s cool to do them.

    • Dustin Earley

      I think it’s real. It would be ridiculously hard to manufacture a device and develop software that matches all previous rumors in under a months time. And for what?

      • DeRocKK

        You got a point, but why wouldn’t the guy in the video show the side of the phone? That would be undeniable proof.

        • Sean

          A better question is why would he show the side of the phone? When people leak phones, they show the phone running the OS on it. Unless you’re doing a detailed “hands on” with a phone, you don’t show every aspect of the phone. This is a leak and he showed the most important parts.

      • irishrally

        The power button is on the wrong side!

        • irishrally

          Also, you shouldn’t be able to the the chrome-ish battery cover from this angle. In the Samsung video the chrome is only on the bottom/battery cover.

          Maybe this the phone going to Verizon, but not the Nexus Prime shown in the official Samsung video.

        • Bruce

          No it’s not. In the video he clearly turned it off by pressing with his index finger, which make the power button the exact same location as nexus s.

          • irishrally

            Crap. I think you’re right. I -1 myself.

            What do you think about the chrome being visible from the top?

        • irishrally

          Watch him lock and unlock the phone with his left thumb. Then go take another look at the Samsung OFFICIAL Video. The power button IS on the wrong side.

          - Hercule Poirot

          • irishrally

            Apparently you can’t minus 1 yourself. Sorry about all the spam, it wasn’t clear to me that he used his index finger at first.

    • Mil

      Look at the video when he unlocks the phone (1m 20) the phone is clearly curved!

  • moe H

    yea this phone isnt even that great,everybodies going crazy about it, its just a better display and ICS

    • Rob

      I agree. Google also needs to take some design classes! The icons on the dockbar don’t go together (e.g. the messaging icon and the app launcher icon.. there is zero similarity/fluidity) I’m an android lover but Google needs to know these things in order to make their product better. I know a lot of people on here secretly agree with me but keep their mouth’s shut..

      I think I’ll go with the Droid HD.

    • Paul

      The thing about the Nexus line is it’s not about being the sexiest best looking phone out there, though often it’s quite nice. There’s too many other phones and manufacturers, etc. who can take care of that. The Nexus line was truly designed for Developers, as a reference phone. Make your app work on the Nexus phones and you should be good. It’s also for manufacturers, make sure your Android phone is comparable and can do what the Nexus phones can do. It’s a ‘base’ platform. Don’t expect it to be an ‘iPhone’ of the Android world. It’s a solid phone, decent to good specs, good design, and a pure Android experience. If you want something more flashy, crazy specs, etc. look to other phones like the Galaxy S2 or the Sensation XE. Anyways, my 1st Android phone was the Nexus One but I’ve moved to the G2, Atrix and now the SGS2. While I keep an eye on the Nexus Pones, because they are good reference base designs, I’m quite happy with the phones I’ve used/chosen.

      • Rob

        Great point

  • SherlockHomeboy


    • WarDrake

      Because it IS Gingerbread, the video si fake…

  • DeepImpact

    hmm.. looks just like my SGS2 international version except the buttons.. looks like google copied a lot from samsung touchwiz … more then the UI , I am waiting for the other features of ICS !

    • uknowme

      I wouldn’t say they copied anything just yet. Remember this is supposedly the Galaxy Nexus. Which means it is the Verizon version. Which also means it probably is not running stock Vanilla. Think of it as vanilla with sprinkles of touchwiz.

      • user x

        and just think of the sprinkles as cell phone infectious cancer, cause thats all TW is.

  • Jvquiroz

    The handset on the video does not match the image Samsung teased us with. From the video you can see how the back (the grey area) almost matches the screen… on the image on the other hand you can see how it just up to the middle of the phone (looking at its profile)

    So I don’t think is the same device

  • Panatella

    The UI looks superb! If this is the vanilla flavoured android, who needs bloated shells anyway? I hope Mr. Blurrycam will leak some more videos over the next few days!

  • Nathan

    I really wanted the GSM Arena spec sheet they rumor, but this one good to :D, if life give you lemons then you make lemonade right?

  • MaxSteel

    This is honeycomb on phones.

  • hector

    Not sure if I’m liking ICS or not :-\

    • Paul

      Well in the Smart Phone arena, it’s really Android or iPhone. I can’t stand being limited on hardware and functionality and being limited on just how much I can customize, so I chose Android. Lots of variety, lots of choices and customization. Sadly there are no other real alternatives out there, Blackberry and WP7 are dying. I’ve been waiting for another Open Source Mobile OS to offer some real competition to Android and I’d look into using it, there was MeeGo, Nodo and WebOS (not completely open I know) but they’re dying or not mainstream enough, etc. Anyways, the best thing about Android is it’s ability to be customized. If you don’t like ICS, I’m sure it can be skinned/themed/hacked-up/modded to look like Gingerbread or anything else while still being able to run the latest Android apps.

  • hector

    And I’ll say it again: being a TI OMAP 4460 is an epic fail, it includes the same GPU as Nexus S (albeit overclocked).

    • Justin

      OMAP 4460 is an “epic fail”? So i guess you’ve used devices with both the 4460 and the Exynos 4212?? Please fill us in then. Tell us the differences and lets us know how big a “fail” the OMAP is from your own experience. The fact is that one of said processors isnt on the street yet and the other said processor hasnt even began sampling yet. It doesnt really matter what the clock speed is or if it puts out “killer” benchmark numbers, what really counts is how the phone works when youre actually freaking using it. Rest assured the Galaxy Nexus will be blazing fast, and super smooth.

  • DeRocKK

    The UI looks awesome in my opinion, but the specs would be kinda disappointing :/ Or rather the OMAP.

  • Dee

    That phone looks monstroussssssly huge…. and i loveeeee it. I wonder why theres no jump/cards feature anymore? The man clearly pressed the home button to make it jump. Maybe its mapped to a different function? ICS looks so clean and polished. I also like the faux 3D effect like the gallery is applied to everything. My only real complaint-idk if its sustained but hopefully they updated the core apps (messages, phonebook, etc) even though theres alternatives i think stock should be just as good. The camera app is still fugly btw lol

  • Protoje

    This looks amazing, better than what i expected.

    and i want the Android Green back.!!!!

  • ed-UK

    I can’t believe those specs are right. The 1.2Ghz processor hasn’t changed in 6 months from a Galaxy SII, and therefore nor has the GPU. The battery was supposed to be a monster at 2000mAh and the camera is actually downgraded from the SII to 5mp?

    And am I the only one who is dissapointed in the 32gb storage? I only want 16gb as a) that is enough onboard for most and you can upgrade it as you wish and b) its going to push the price up massively.

    I want a nexus prime more than any other phone, but why is there always a “but”? They had it all right in the rumour-mill, what happened?

  • Vectrex

    No.. I can’t watch the video, but that’s not a permanent onscreen back button bar is it.. Please just put those buttons up to the right hand at least. Typing and games are going to be far more awkward even than on honeycomb tablets with those buttons hanging right under your fingers.

  • aconner22

    So I’m hearing reports that the launch event is postponed? Please tell me I’m seeing things because I haven’t had my coffee yet.


    • BiGMERF

      im seeing these reports all over twitter as well.. Dammit!

      • DeRocKK

        Techcrunch has it too :/

  • D

    Am I the only one that hates the on screen button? if one thing I hate about the iPhone was those back, settings button on the screen. Taking precious space . Why Google? Why?

    • Aerohix

      They are not taking any space, Google enlarged the screen ratio so they can fit there…

  • AndroidT

    Why is it that the people who release these leaked videos have no idea how to operate a touch device? They always click around like they’ve never seen an Android phone before.

  • Aerohix

    I really like the looks of the phone, but I can’t say the same for the launcher, looks just like a failed try to make things modern and high-tech, PLEASE GOOGLE, DO SOMETHING SIMPLE!!
    I know CyanogenMod/LauncherPro will never disappoint me this way, so I love this Nexus Prime thingy! HAHA
    Could have better processor, camera and battery… =/
    WHOA, 32GB for internal storage! Amazing!

  • Nate B.

    I think the only thing that bothers me is how much space there is between the on screen buttons & phone. A big bezel at the bottom.

  • booyootoo

    At 1:14 he turns the screen off. The location of the “off” button is as far as I can see nowhere near the location of the teaser trailer. It also appears to be on the wrong side of the phone.

    Anyone agree with me?

    • Maisum

      Actually yeah, you’re right. He pushes the button on the left side of the phone with his thumb. Meaning this isn’t the same phone that samsung had teased us with. Theirs had the power switch on the right side just like every other Galaxy phone. Good catch.

      • Protoje

        that is a very good catch indeed. i just noticed that.You sir are a gentleman and a scholar *Micheal Scott Voice*

    • ben dover

      ha! you beat me to it! I noticed that right away!

      This gives me hope that there really are two phones. one with the better specs we’ve seen.
      If samsung was going to show the side of one of them, it’d be the one with better specs!

      This could also be old reference hardware too.

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      No, you got it all wrong. I have a Nexus S which also has the power button on the right side near the top. I use the phone with my left hand and when I go to press the button I put my thumb on the top left to brace the phone and then I press the power button with my index finger. Watch the video more closely and you can clearly see him press with his index finger.

    • Bon

      I don’t think so. It appears he is only supporting the phone with his thumb. You can actually see his index finger pressing. Look carefully…

  • J2x

    I still think there will be 2 versions, Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus, and everyone else’s Nexus Prime. That would explain the 2 conflicting reports from “insiders”.

  • Mikey C.

    Completely agree with J2X,
    I’m thinking this is Verizon’s version of Galaxy s 2. And the specs of a omap processor being used is correct because the exynos processor wasn’t lte compatible. Plus look at the back button, it doesn’t look the previous leaked screen shot. It looks like the touch wiz style back button. Where as the first screen shot has the honeycomb style back. The specs for the next nexus is right because if the phone is coming out later this year or even early next year that would give the time to get the new CPU up and running.

    • ben dover

      true, but why would they downgrade the camera. I can’t figure that one out. :-/

      That nav buttons really do look spot on with the touchwiz honeycomb buttons. good catch!

    • Dirge

      Remember the leaked screenshots weren’t final builds, so things could have changed. Where has it been officially said that Exynos doesn’t support LTE radios? If that’s the case, then what processor do the SGSII LTE and SGSII HD LTE have?

      As for the lower megapixels in this phone, lower megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality. It could be a high quality sensor.

      • ben dover

        the SGSII has a phenomenal camera that’s rated at 8mp.
        The only way a 5mp could be better is if it’s a newer CMOS and optics that are better at 5mp than the earlier version is at 8mp.

        • Dirge

          Considering the iPhone 4′s 5mp camera was better than most 8mp android phone cameras at the time, that’s not really all that hard to imagine.

  • iamXiV92a

    Looks secksy – I’m in!

  • pjax

    only three buttons! hooray! that button on the right looks like a multitasking button! hoorayhooray! no more menu button!!

    • http://IanSapp.com Ian S.

      If the Xoom/Honeycomb is any indication, the menu button appears if an app uses it

      • pjax

        I hope the multitasking button shows up every time!!!!

  • http://pesoidealdelamujer.com Peso Ideal de la mujer

    The thing about the Nexus line is it’s not about being the sexiest best looking phone out there, though often it’s quite nice. There’s too many other phones and manufacturers, etc. who can take care of that. The Nexus line was truly designed for Developers, as a reference phone. Make your app work on the Nexus phones and you should be good. It’s also for manufacturers, make sure your Android phone is comparable and can do what the Nexus phones can do. It’s a ‘base’ platform. Don’t expect it to be an ‘iPhone’ of the Android world. It’s a solid phone, decent to good specs, good design, and a pure Android experience. If you want something more flashy, crazy specs, etc. look to other phones like the Galaxy S2 or the Sensation XE. Anyways, my 1st Android phone was the Nexus One but I’ve moved to the G2, Atrix and now the SGS2. While I keep an eye on the Nexus Pones, because they are good reference base designs, I’m quite happy with the phones I’ve used/chosen.

  • Nate B.

    Idk if it was said already but did anyone notice in the Samsung Unpacked Teaser the power button was on the right and the one in the new leaked video is on the left when he turns the screen off. The way the screens look when he is deciding to put a widget on it reminds me of TouchWiz 4. Could it be an overlay or a few TouchWiz parts added. Just saying. Could this be the Verizon one and the actual Nexus Phone will be a little different. Also, you know Verizon is somewhat hipped to OMAP. If it does have one, then maybe Verizon’s is OMAP and the Google original is Exynos 1.5ghz. Remember the conflicting stories of GSM & BGR. Just a thought. I could be totally wrong of course.

    • http://IanSapp.com Ian S.

      Thats how Honeycomb looks on the Xoom when you place widgets

      • Nate B.

        That is true and maybe its from Honeycomb or not. Still to many conflicting rumors. I hope an end of Oct date is selected. Clear it all up for sure. Maybe a few days after the 11th.

  • Please

    Can we please get some information on whether there are, in fact, two separate devices (galaxy nexus, nexus prime, whatever)?

    • http://IanSapp.com Ian S.

      Nobody knows for sure yet aside from insiders. We’ll have to wait and find out I guess

  • Chad

    I have a really good feeling we are going to see two Nexus devices the Verizon which will be Galaxy Nexus or Driod Prime with GS2 type features/specs and the unlocked Nexus Prime which will have GS3 type features/specs because the Nexus in the video doesn’t even have Verizon written on it I believe the Sprint Nexus S has Sprint on it but the unlocked Nexus S doesn’t have a carrier name on it.

    • Nate B.

      No Nexus phone has a carrier name on it until you look at the lock screen. I own a Nexus S 4G. Just Google Samsung on the back. All Nexus phones only have Google and the manufacturer who made it on the back.

  • mddskllz08

    Am I the only one who’s disappointed that the camera hasn’t been upgraded to 8 MP?

    • USER x

      Nope, your not. This phone is a overhyped joke.

      My year old G-Tab has a dual-core 1.2 processor in it.
      Why the fuck does this “NEW NEXUS” not have anything better?

      We had 8mp cameras in our EVOs. 2 years ago.
      For any device to be “TOP OF THE LINE” and not have an 8mp camera-

      -Just shows that companies know they can give us OUTDATED technology, and all you still get your lil panties into a wet bunch. Sad, you all approve of this regression in technology.

      • Dirge

        You would be making sense, if it wasn’t for the fact that the Evo had a shitty 8mp camera. My Fascinate’s 5mp camera took better pictures. Megapixels don’t always mean better photos. It all depends on the sensor.

        And what processor does your G-Tab have? An outdated Tegra 2? Thought so. Newer generations of processors bring better performance.

        So please, do us all a favor and go troll somewhere else.

  • Nate B.

    Alright, I keep watching this video and it had me thinking. Call me crazy, but I really think this is the combination of IC and TouchWiz (something we might see on our SGSII’s when updated).

    My first reason: The design of the on screen buttons. On the Honeycomb tablets, all on screen controls are filled/colored in, meaning solid gray. On the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet the on screen keys are not. Just outlined and same with this phone. I personally don’t believe there will be a dock over the back, home, and menu button either (Google or YouTube it. You’ll see). It just doesn’t make sense to me. The font for the clock looks just like something Sammy would use. And I could be wrong and it all changed with updates as IC was coming to a solid treat

    Second reason: Also, I understand Honeycomb is a mixture of IC and when choosing your screen to put your selected widget on it has a TouchWiz look to it. Just like my ET4G. Before you hack me about saying Honeycomb does this as well, stop and think for a second. When I seen the normal sliding effect when switching through home screens I was somewhat down. I was like, why wouldn’t they add a neat animation like Honeycomb. I mean on the Bionic you get a cool little animation for every little thing you do. It reminded me of TouchWiz 4 way to much.

    Not that I personally know what IC is suppose to look like, but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that it’s suppose to be more then this, or something looks familiar. I understand Sammy made the Google phone, but I doubt Google would let them TouchWiz it out. This could very well be the Verizon one and the original Google Nexus Prime or whatever they name it will be for the rest of the world. I mean Sprint is already in the works for LTE. Could this be a feature proof LTE phone for Sprint, or will it be a Wimax one for now? I expect something different on the original Google Nexus Phone. Something more like what GSM was describing. Verizon is definitely hipped to OMAP with their latest phones.

    When it’s finally announced we all will know.

  • robert

    Would some profile views have killed him?

  • Interpol91

    I’m loving this! Although I’m more excited to learn about the phone than ICS.

  • user X

    unimpressed. as much as I hate apples and ios, i still feel our look is still far from being classy, edgy, or anything not found in SNES – PS1 interface days.

    sorry, too little too late.
    Id rather stick with golauncher on my phone than have to deal with that new type of nonsense.

    See him just trying to get the home button to work? Again lik ei said before, thats precisely when i ran over a 9 year old, and didnt hit the brakes once. I blame my infurious poorly designed cellphone by Google, for everytime ive hit someone, and not stopped the car.

    If i ever get a ticket in the mail, ill send it to Google.


    • Dirge

      What the hell are you going on about? The design is really slick so far. If you want something bare bones and insanely simple, get an iPhone.

      And why the hell would you use your phone while driving? That’s what bluetooth headsets and car mounts are for.

    • Nate B.

      If you notice the guy didn’t know what he was doing. He was pressing the Home button when it was already on the home screen causing it to look like it was unresponsive. I really dislike when leak videos have people who don’t know the common sense things about what to press. I’m sure everyone here pretty much knows what to press on day one when they receive their phone. He was also pressing the back button when he was on the Home screen. Where else is the back button going to take you if your already on the home screen. Duh! Also, he barely touches the screen when trying to do something. It’s like his thumb is scared. He doesn’t hold down on anything or do common gestures that would trigger anything. I mean dive into the menus or an app.

  • Renato M.

    I’m liking this phone so far, I liked the curved profile, I just don’t liked the dock’s icons, they are pretty ugly, looks like cheap design. It feels like the alignment is wrong, the space between them, I don’t know. It bothers me.

  • Lucas

    So I was definitely sold that this was real ICS until I looked at the enlarged screenshots. What really got my attention were a few of the icons, namely the camera and contact icons. They are simply hideous and not at all similar to what Google has used in the past. I know this may seem minor and Google may have indeed changed them but for some reason I find it unlikely. Based on this I am going to assume that this is indeed another fake. I will admit, however, that it was a BRILLIANT attempt and this is easily the closest thing to ICS that weve seen yet.

  • John7273

    i think his thumb was cut off and they transplanted his toe as a replacement

  • Robinson Cano

    If ICS is anything like this, then Android is in serious troubles.
    Man that looks

    Seriously, is that the UI revamp?

    Judging on the comments above, 80% are with me.
    It looks so outdated imho.
    What a disappointment…

    And the phone doesnt look entirely sexy nor interesting too.

    • pjax


      while I reallyreally like the onscreen buttons (which is really just a fix for the crazy four button layout standard on Androids), the layout looks ugly

      the buttons don’t blend well with the dock
      no harmony in visual themes

      there’s an escape route though
      I’m pretty sure excellent Android devs would be able to beautify ICS. MIUI for ICS please come to my phone

  • johnny

    Somebody hand me a can of Raid…….CAUSE THAT SH*T LOOKS BUGGY AS HELL!!!!!!!!

    • eroietag

      Implying iOS is buggless
      Implying this isn’t an early build

  • Dirge

    Wow, what’s with the haters? I personally think ICS looks very modern and sleek.

  • Diana82

    After watching this im 100% sure im getting the iPhone 4S instead.

    • Abc

      LOL Isn’t this why Sammy and Googgy decided delay putting this bag of worms into post-Appy pest control.?

  • Abc

    The only what is left to add to its unimpressed Spec is that HD Super AMOLED display is Pentile.

  • 45

    what a meltdown…

  • ed-UK

    Anyone else noticed how small it looks in the guys hand? The new HTC Sensation HD with beats is 4.7inchs and it looks way bigger than this. This barely looks bigger than the Nexus S and so i’d say its this phone, not the new Nexus Prime

  • austin

    am I the only one who saw that when he went into the camera app the on screen buttons were gone? how do we get out of the camera app. and when the camera app was loading there was no on screen buttons for the home screen?

  • Raptor

    I looked at the picture above then looked at my hand holding Vibrant – both are exactly the same.

    If the whole year people were asking me in tightly packed sportclub’s sauna seeing my phone if it’s an iPhone, then with this Nexus they will ask if it’s an iPhone 3! ROFL

  • k9


  • Nate B.

    This video is not doing anything for me. I can’t wait until they announce a new day. I hope a few days later after the 11th or the following week.

  • http://www.wpvine.com Vishu

    I think such large screen size is not a very good idea, he has to reposition the phone in his hand several times to reach to certain icons :S

  • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

    i just want it now. NOW DAMMIT!!!