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Video: Samsung Galaxy S II vs. iPhone 4S – Drop test of the year


The build quality and durability of the iPhone 4S should match up with that of its predecessor (iPhone 4); both devices are built with glass in the front and back. This use of glass makes the brand new Apple device very vulnerable to drops. Though we could predict the results, the guys at ElectronicsBreak still couldn’t stop themselves from performing some teeth-clenching tests.

People have been saving their cash and kids have been begging their parents for the brand new iPhone 4S. Apple sold over 4 million devices over just this past weekend. One of them was purchased only to be broken. These guys put the iPhone 4S to the test against one of the most popular Android devices of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S II with Gorilla Glass and a build quality that many complain about.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S II might be light, thin and have more of a “plasticky” build, but it sure beats the iPhone 4S when dropped straight onto a concrete floor. After making a round of 3 drops on each device, Samsung’s device leaves the stage with nothing but a few scratches and other minor wounds. The iPhone 4S did not have the same luck; both sides were completely shattered.

Get your popcorn ready and watch the below video. It makes for a great start to your week. Then hit the comments and let us know what you think. What device would you prefer? Do you think durability is a major factor when choosing a device? Do you have “butter fingers” and drop your phone often? Should Apple have redesigned the new iPhone to be stronger? Isn’t it great seeing the iPhone shatter?

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Source: ElectronicsBreak (Youtube)

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  • alex

    of course :) android ftw

    • TWiT Commander

      Grammar police:
      “This use of glass makes the brand new Apple device very vulnerable to drops.”
      should be
      “This use of glass makes the brand new Apple device very vulnerable to _damage from_ drops.”

      Fact check:
      “One of them was purchased only to be broken.”
      One for these guys are Squaretrade.
      One for the Will It Blend guys at Blendtec.
      One for the iFixit teardown.
      One for the guys at Chipworks who do X-rays of the chips and expose markings on the chips to photograph/identify them.


    I cringed every single time they dropped them… SMH

  • uknowme

    Wow nice! I thought iPhone had gorilla glass too….apparently not. Take that fan boys.

    • Tangent

      It was my understanding that only the glass over the screen was gorilla glass. All I know is I’ve seen more iPhones with cracked screens in use than all other make/model phones combined. Apparently they’re either doing something wrong or their users are just clumsier than usual…

    • Tai

      Gorilla glass does not make the screens unbreakable, or even break resistant. It does make the screen very SCRATCH resistant. So yes, the iPhones do have Gorilla glass, and it does nothing for drop protection.

      • Steve

        They don’t use Gorilla glass they use. Aluminosilicate glass..

  • DK

    they should have kept dropping the galaxy s2 til the screen shattered to really determine the extent of its durability

  • HiyaBuddy

    I like these videos they show real life scenarios but I still find it funny when people complain that they dropped their phone only 3-6 inches off the ground and it shattered (I’m looking at you Iphone 4). Yet they survive the weirdest things my cousin dropped his iphone 3g on the street while his friend was backing up a ford explorer. The car ran over the phone, but it wasn’t cracked and there wasn’t even a scratch on it after he picked it up. But its obviously easier to shatter an iphone 4 since its all glass. The phone’s greatest feature is also its greatest weakness, this is why I love android phones they still use plastic and metal while only the screen remains glass. I haven’t dropped my Evo 3D yet but I trust it not to break way more than I trust an iphone 4s. I wish a manufacturer would step up to the plate to design a robust phone made of metal, like when HTC made their Legend with the unibody construction and when we saw Peter Chou smash the poor thing against the wall to prove its construction. This is what the 2012 phones should be made out of, I don’t care about weight too much because I want something to be as durable as possible but not clunky. Well there always is insurance, but still they gotta make these things more durable.

  • snowbdr89

    I wanna see a video of dick (head) yarrell being dropped from a high rise..

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I am not surprised at the results. Sure is not like people are going to play basketball with their phones, but accidents do happen and is nice to have something reliable and that wont cost you an eye to get fix, repaired or changed.

  • Lee Roberts

    Firstly I have only just joined and secondly a big Hello to all android fans and developers who stop by. Pleasure to be here.

    Well I have dropped my Galaxy S on numerous occasions and all I have had to endure is
    a few little chips off the silver coating surrounding the front display. Nothing major considering where I have dropped it in the past..concrete being the most dropped on many a time and the scratches are only noticeable if you look right up close..

    Plastic or no plastic covering..it’s withstood a battering in the time I’ve had it since Feb this year.

    But my friends iphone4..well glass shattered and even had to resort to using headphones to be able to hear anything whilst making a call…money well spent on my part lol

  • LAU

    but……WILL IT BLEND?

  • Daniel Fuller

    Why am I not surprised? Apple gets money when an Iphone breaks, one way or another. At least, most of the time. Samsung’s phones are nearly god-tier for durability, have been since before Android even came to the table. Yet another reason I’m looking foward to purchasing a Galaxy S2. At this point, I’m so in love with the thing that a quad-core phone could come out tomorrow and I’d likely dismiss it.

  • Niklas

    Well, the outcome of that test wasn’t really a brainer. A plastic body definately withstand hits from drops better than a body made of glass.
    But I bet the plastic body is a lot more easy to scratch.

  • Wsr

    I have a Galaxy Ace. Gorilla Glass is amazing. The side rim is made from polished alumina ceramic. The natural silvery color is just that. no scratch. Back is rubberized plastic. Very durable design.

  • Avinash rai

    My galaxy S2 screen is broken 4 times and its jst dropped from waist height and once jst a pressure by hand and screen gt cracked the most vulnerable phone ever i hd purchased & used in my life the drop resistance is pathetic for galaxy S2
    i can’t believe my eyes seeing the galaxy S2 dropping from such height and still screen is intact and personal experience says it can’t resist a 1m fall …