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Was the Nexus Prime delayed due to patent issues? Probably not


Today, October 11, marks the day we were supposed to see the unveiling of the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, the timing just wasn’t right. Google made a public statement four days ago, saying that they “believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs’ passing.” And that was that. We all know the Nexus will be detailed soon enough, and if Google thinks the world should wait, then we should respect those wishes. Of course there are people who don’t believe this is the real reasoning behind the delay, but most have shown enough respect to keep quiet on the matter. Except one.

If you aren’t familiar with Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, you probably should be. He’s a very opinionated writer who has a history of taking rather bold stances on things. Usually, Murtazin is spot on. There are times when he has been way off, but he generally gets good insider information and he’s never afraid to share it. Today, Murtazin has made a statement on why he thinks the Nexus Prime announcement was really delayed. According to Murtazin,

Nexus Prime and Android 4.0 are under question. Google removing some features which are subject of patent war. No timeline for this job.Eldar MurtazinMobile-Review

Murtazin continues on to say that the patent issues would be with software, along with a quick mention that the Prime has a TI processor inside. No other information is known, but it would seem that Murtazin is saying it will be awhile before we get to see the next Nexus in action. But not everyone agrees.

Andrew Glass, Samsung UK’s sales director, has made a statement on the unveiling of the Nexus Prime. “You will have an announcement of the Nexus Prime very shortly and will be seeing it in shops sooner than you think,” Glass said to T3.com. And he isn’t the only one saying the Nexus will launch soon.

9to5Google claims they have information “from an impeccable source” saying Google will hand out invites to an unveiling event “in the next day or so.” Oh, and that there are no patent issues.

If Samsung UK and 9to5Google are correct, then Murtazin is wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time he has been off on a Google-related rumor, so don’t be surprised if we see the Prime sooner rather than later.

Source: DroidLife

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  • dephyre


    • Jim Bob


    • Delaytrix 4G

      Typical Google scam imho

      • nosense

        Eldar who???

        The one that thought that Gingerbread would be Android 3.0???

        Stick to Windows Phone crap… its far less neurone stressing:

        WP7.5+Nokia: Epic Fail

        Now tell your readers you discovered Amerrika!


    I have been reading that all day.. If it i true then that was a bad move on Googles part.. If it ever leaked that it as in fact the reason ,I would never buy another Goole product again !!! YEAH OK!

    By the way I just read on Twitter that the unveiling of the Nexus Prime is Imminent !

    • George

      So you’ve PAYED for a Google product before?

      • Aaron

        A few in my case: N1, Google TV, and 20GB of extra Gmail. And I regret nothing!

      • BiGMERF

        yes i have.. g1, mt3g, N1 and NS., xoom, optimus T,Vibrant, logtech google tv (took it back) and 2 sensations

      • Nexus_shogun

        Payed though?? LOL

        • BiGMERF


          • Bpear96

            Well i mean, i get what your saying but your not really paying for a google product your paying for a device running googles free product, with the exception of the nexus ,extra GB gmail etc google sees none of the money :P But they do end up making tons on ads and the android market sales :D

  • trini

    This is all garbage. Google is to big a company to take all this time just to release a product that infringes on patents that it does not own. They would be idiots if they did that and to watch apple people buy the same crap twice. The Nexus will come soon, Nobody likes waiting!!

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    That guy just reminds me of some financial analysts who keep saying the stock market will go down. Of course, if you shoot 1 million arrows out, there will be a fairly high chance that one of them will hit the target!

  • ben dover

    I went to apple insider’s website to see how the apple community reacted to Google’s delay.
    While most said they respected Google and Samsung for postponing the event, there were however, a lot of guys just like this Eldar Murtazin.

    He just wants media attention.

    I doubt Google would realize a couple of days before they announce a product that they might get sued and then hold off to try to remove the infringing features. Google has lots of money in research, development, and lawyers who all make sure a delay like this doesn’t happen. Better yet, even let the engineers spend countless hours perfecting the feature before the legal team says, “oh wait!, no you can’t put that into the final product!”

    The delay was simply out of respect for a fallen fellow technology titan.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      There are 3 kinds of Apple fanboys — the first kind is ordinary people like you and me. They like what they are using and are reasonable people. The second kind is the cult-follower kind whom I have no better words to describe, other than “brainwashed”. They are not necessarily brainwashed by Apple, but IMO, are mostly brainwashed by themselves. An example of them are those who believed Apple would put a retina display into the iPad 2. For the third kind, I can’t even call themselves “fan” of anything. They just want to manipulate people’s (Apple fans or not) feeling and reactions, for fun or for profit.

      I will let you guy to judge which kind of person Eldar Murtazin falls into.

      • Raptor

        So Anandtech and thousands of pros are “brainwashed” when they expressed big regret over same old crap screen on the iPad2 ? Retina on all tablets is unavoidable

  • sap26

    I’m confident Google didn’t do something stupid like that. Regardless, I’m riding out the latest rumors until my upgrade in February.

    • https://plus.google.com/116093795732345180640/posts DroidvsNexus

      I would think by Febuary there will be quad core out. Probably 1.5+GHz too. My advice, don’t look at phones announced in January, as flagship-grade for February.

      If I had to guess at what would be best though, maybe the Motorola DROID RAZR, or a new Samsung flagship. LG should have an INCREDIBLE flagship coming soon, too. 75 mps (on 4G LTE), and blindingly fast (LG Optimus 4G).

      • Raptor

        So Anandtech and thousands of pros are “brainwashed” when they expressed big regret over same old crap screen on the iPad2 ? Retina on all tablets is unavoidable

        • Raptor

          Sorry wrong thread, see same message above in right one.
          By the way
          1) Can the posts on A&M be edited or deleted?
          2) Are they searchable? Can i find all posts by Raptor or SickDick for example?

  • Nathan

    Well Google has 27000+ patients now I highly disagree that it could be patients issue that canceled the event. Also Google isn’t dum to do something that stupid. Also it let them polish it more or whatever they need to do. So what the harm on waiting a little on the announcement.

    • _3

      lol google has patients? google=hospital full of sick nerds?

  • Splendor

    Do lazy headlines end with a question mark? Probably

  • http://Iansapp.com Ian S.

    Maybe Google felt like this announcement was bigger than they expected and wanted to hold their own event for it? Also it could very much have something to do with the passing of Jobs. Maybe they made a memorial video of him that they’ll play before the unvieling of the phone. We do owe the original iPhone for the evolution of Android, so I do think that proper respect should be given.


    t3 is also saying the Nexus will release sooner than we think


  • tottyRICE

    ok i have a question… supposedly the nexus prime is coming or eventually coming to all carriers, so that would be the four major carriers: T-Mo, Big Red, Sprint and ATT… so here’s my question would the nexus prime work on smaller reign/carriers like Metro PCS?

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      surely your smaller american companies will be able to use the gsm version that the rest of the world will get rather than awful crrier locked versions?


    most metro shops can get verizon phones to work on metro. dont know if they can get it to work with the nex.. im sure they can at some point

  • Linda84

    I knew google was lying…what a terrible company …shame on you screwgle

    • https://plus.google.com/116093795732345180640/posts DroidvsNexus

      Oh, yea and Apple claiming the revolutionary antenna on the 4s is an original idea? It’s patented by SAMSUNG! I knew there was a rotten apple in the bunch! Not so fun when the bad puns are used on your company, is it?!

  • JoogleMe

    It wouldn’t be the first time Google has delayed a release so lets just be patient. If they did the Delay for Steve Jobs then that just shows respect for a man that has revolutionized the mobile world and pushed Google to release the best also.

  • Raptor

    I already wrote why it was delayed. Same reason as just after iPad2 delay of Samsung’s tablets – the fire alarm panic in the copycat’s department over new Apple stuff.

    Fun is it was Sammy who produced A5 and still it can not even steal properly ROFLMAO

    See the Steve’s middle finger to the thieves:


  • C_O_c_K_p_o_L_i_c_e

    New iPhone smokes this bumphone. Enjoy your delayed Nexus Prick!!

    • Andrew

      Ha ha ha! You are a funny guy, really! And maybe you’d be right.
      But I have to say that my iPad2 runs iOS5 GM: I can’t wait to use ICS!

    • Rod

      Not to belittle your opinion, but neither phone has actually been released (in the hands of users yet). What is the basis for your conclusion?

  • Rod

    1.) In order for a patent to be infringed, a party has to file a claim of infringement.

    2.) If a company thought that Google was infringing their patent, they would publicize it loudly.

    3.) You can’t infringe the patent on a product that only exist as a rumor (at this point).

    4.) If you were going to file a claim against a product for infringing, would you wait until it sold millions, and then file the claim. You can’t get money for a product that hasn’t been sold.

    These are the reasons I call BS!