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ZiiLABS demos 50-core Jaguar3 Android tablet


Dual-core, quad-core or cinco-core? This week ZiiLabs decided to take advantage of the multi-core frenzy by demoing their new JAGUAR3 reference Android tablet, which sports a “50-core” processor.

“The explosive tablet market is pure ruthless in every sense. Even a slight delay in a fast track 6-month design cycle can be lethal. This is a whole new ballgame where only the fastest can survive,” said Sim Wong Hoo, Chairman and CEO of Creative Technology Ltd. “JAGUAR3 allows OEMs to enter this huge explosive market instantly and economically while reducing the risk significantly. It breaks new ground as the most powerful, the lightest, the slimmest, the most complete and lowest cost Android 3.2 tablet reference design on the market, enabling OEMs to easily ride the wave of the next generation of Android computing.”

Inside the JAGUAR3 you will find the ZMS-20 system-on-a-chip (SoC), which features two 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 cores along with an additional 48 StemCell processing cores, effectively making it a 50-core processor. We don’t have a lot of technical details on these 48 StemCell cores, but ZiiLabs compares them to GPU cores and says they easily make ZMS-20 “the most powerful SoC available for tablets today.”

If you think a 50-core chip sounds insane, ZiiLabs will also introduce the 100-core ZMS-40 to OEMs in the next quarter. The ZMS-40 SoC sports a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 and 96 StemCell Processors. This 100-core “4th-generation” chip is compatible with the Jaguar3, so OEMs will be able to easily upgrade the part as it becomes available.

We first saw the Jaguar3 tablet introduced about a month ago, but now ZiiLabs has an actual working unit and has uploaded a quick hands-on video to show off the device. We can see from the clip that the device appears to be running Android 3.2 and the performance looks quite snappy.

The ZiiLabs brand is still not very well known by Android fans, but the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd. and has over 25 years experience with 3D graphics, GPU and SoC designs under its previous name 3DLABS. We have seen ZiiLabs introduce several other reference designs since 2009, but none of them have made their way to the US that I know of.

Hopefully the Jaguar3 will be a different story. ZiiLabs says that OEMs can manufacture tablets “for as low as $100,” and they think Jaguar3 would be a great fit for the educational markets.

Check out the teaser video and let us know what you think. Would you like to see an OEM bring the Jaguar3 platform to the US?

Highlights of the Jaguar3 reference tablet include:

  • Powered by ZMS-20 or ZMS-40 StemCell processor
  • 10.1-inch and 1280×800 16.7 million colors
  • High density 176dpi screen with 176 degree angle of view
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Ultra light and thin magnesium casing
  • 1GB LP-DDR2 or DDR3 memory options
  • HD front facing camera
  • 12MP image capture from rear facing camera
  • Dual channel WiFi b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  • GPS, accelerometer, compass and gyroscope
  • Stereo speakers
  • Dual microphone array for beam-formed noise reduction
  • Micro HDMI 1.4 output supporting 1080p60 and 3D stereo
  • High Dynamic Range image capture
  • Internal NAND (16, 32 and 64GB)
  • Micro USB 2.0 port
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Instantaneous On and extended Sleep function

Source: ZiiLabs

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  • M3rc Nate

    Idk how i feel about this. But i will say that the Specs are exactly what i want in a Android tablet. It hits all my requirements that basically no other tablet has hit. The only problem is 1 idk anything about that CPU, 2 its not a mainstream brand (to me) so idk how i feel about that, and 3 theres no talk on if it will update to ICS or anything , and required for the Tablet i buy in the future is they promise update(s).

    It looks awesome, and it even looks slimmer than most Android tablets iv seen. I love the look.

    All i can say is hurry up and release the tablet that hits all my requirements, my sister bought a iPad 2 and though it doesnt make me want a iPad, it makes me want my own tablet NOW!

    • bpear96

      You wont really every hear of this brand, they just provide tablets to oem’s so like say.. ibuypower wanted a tablet to call there own, they could get this company to make these tablets slightly modified and with there name on it.

      • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

        So, does this mean if enough of us want this tablet (assuming production cost is around $100 as suggested), we can actually order from them?

        • joe

          You’d have to get some pretty huge numbers of people together to get a manufacturer to be able to do it at that price. hundreds of thousands of units at least. Sounds like a great kickstarter project!

      • M3rc Nate

        Oh interesting. Well however it works, who ever (if anyone ever) gets a tablet just like this with a different sticker name on it, i will be very interested and strongly look out for experiences/reviews on it.
        Sucks that this company knows exactly what everyone wants (specs wise) yet huge companies like HTC/Moto/Samsung havent hit the mark yet.

        Its like if you had a dream car and Ferrari and Lambo and Audi didn’t make it, but then Kia came out with it.

  • Chetan

    Too good, when compared to others. Love the look, it’s sleek and slim

  • Nathan

    I want one lol

  • Starship

    Just let me know the battery life. If I have to keep it plugged into the wall all the time what’s the point of all that (Jeremy Clarkson voice) -”POooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwerrr?

  • dantman

    Like a GPU, really?
    Since when were we counting GPU cores? If 48 of the so called cores are essentially GPU’s not CPUs, then IMHO it’s not a 50-core device, it’s a dual-core device with a nice amount of graphics processing capabilities.

    I do however like the mention that webm can essentially be accelerated on that device, as opposed to just h264.

    • The_Omega_Man

      This are CELL processor cores, similar to the PowerPC based PS3 CPU. They can be used to offload heavy computational tasks from the CPU as well as drive all of the graphics processing needs. This could be the first true work horse tablet out there. But I too have some concerns on the power requirements of this configuration.

      • Bob H

        I’ve been following ZiiLabs for a while now, since they were called 3DLabs (they are part of the Creative Labs family) and when they made the leap from very respectable graphics chips to embedded chips.

        I agree they aren’t 50 core chips, they are single or dual core CPUs with a media processing array made from dozens of very flexible ALUs. Fortunately the processors power footprint is actually surprisingly low and the when the ALUs are idle it consumes even less power. The performance when rendering graphics is really quite amazing: mapping HD video on to a 3D cube and warping that cube in real-time often takes tens of Watts of power on other systems.

        I confess: I am a fan of ZiiLabs, I just wish someone would take their designs mainstream! I get to see a lot of embedded systems, this company has always done things a little differently, and I like that in my silicon vendors.

  • The_Omega_Man

    The the Wifi Dual Band or Dual Channel?

  • Carston

    I feel like NOTHING ever comes of Zii’s reference designs.

  • aj


  • checkyurfacts

    forget the video, if it has grunt to spare why not show it doing something more useful like realtime raytracing or video transcoding?!
    ps $100 is the cost price, add profit+middleman+retail markups and you’d be lucky to get it for under $300-400

  • thechad

    man i want one of these

  • lucidreams23

    This isn’t believable. In this video we have completely different sized tablets in the same video trying to pass as the same tab. Some clips are exactly the size of a nexus 7, some a little bigger with a camera in the middle, then some with a cam off to the side. This is nothing more than falsified ads of other products and if it wasn’t intentional, it was horrible marketing. I’ll stick to my quad core tablet they show in the video