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3rd quarter Verizon smartphone sales are Android dominant; will the iPhone 4S change that?


In the midst of a smartphone explosion, Android has quickly grown to be the largest mobile OS on the planet. Its open nature allows for the multitude of devices that now exist, with an option for every person out there. When looking at Verizon’s third quarter sales, we can almost assume that most smartphone sales will continue to be mostly Android devices.

Verizon has reported that it sold 5.6 million smartphones during the third quarter of 2011. Around half (almost 3 million) of those ran on the Android OS. The percentage of Android sales will definitely continue to grow with more devices on the horizon, but how will the new player in the house, the iPhone 4S, affect those numbers? TWo million of those third quarter sales were iPhones; the competition is still heated. With the fourth quarter now upon us, and news that Verizon sold out the iPhone 4S on the first day of sales, we have to wonder how much more Apple could be gaining on Android at the end of 2011.

Since the iPhone 4 was considered an outdated device by the third quarter, it can be assumed that most Apple fans would probably prefer waiting for the iPhone 4S. Many of them got the device on day 1, but a lot more people are probably still waiting for Apple to ship more iPhone 4S devices to Verizon.

It’s hard to tell at this point, but it seems the near future could bring fierce competition between the two biggest smartphone platforms (at least on the Verizon network). How do you think numbers would look if every carrier in the world offered both iOS and Android smartphones? Would Android really be as popular?

Android fans will stand by the green robot for reasons already known. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is also coming, which could likely get very high numbers as well — especially since it’s the first Ice Cream Sandwich device out there.

Another thing to note is that one of Verizon’s strongest assets is its 4G LTE network. As you may know, no iPhone currently takes advantage of those blazing Verizon 4G LTE speeds. Those looking to move into 4G LTE would probably go with Android.

It’ll be interesting to see the turn out of next quarter’s results. Do you guys see the tables turning with the iPhone 4S on Verizon’s network? Do you think Android will stay on top? What is your prediction of the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus compared to the iPhone 4S?

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  • ddpacino

    Yes, initially, but it will die down like it always does.

    • maniak

      Android doesn’t discriminate.

    • LarryVand

      iCrap is for morons… and I’ll take being called gay over moron any day of the week.

      • british sheep shagga

        ugly gay!

  • Aaron

    The 4S may give the iPhone a bump on Verizon, but I would guess a lot of the pent-up demand for the iPhone was flushed out of the system in Q1. People may have been waiting, but I would guess the number of savvy people who thought they’d stick it out for another 6 (though it turned out to be 9) months is dwarfed by the number that was excited to get the iPhone at all. And all of those people are right at the beginning of a 2 year contract. The big question is what happens to the glut of people that ran out and bought the OG Droid now that they’re slowly coming out of their 2-year agreements.

    • sap26

      That’s a good point you make. I’m eagerly waiting to upgrade from my Droid Eris in February. You can bet it will be an Android.

  • muadhnate

    Nope. Most iPhone sales have very little to do with new activations and more to do with people who already own iphones. Those people waiting for the 4s in the third quarter, were already on other networks. Unless they jumped ship to Verizon en masse, I doubt they’ll see an increase. Whatever iphone sales they had will likely remain around the same mark.

    Apple’s growth does not impress me. In the last 4 years, they have gotten about 30% of the market. Meanwhile Android has gotten over 50% of the market and growing. I think iphone is nearing its saturation point well ahead of android’s point. After iphone availability, if 55% of Verizon’s (the largest network in the country) smartphone sales were android while Apple’s sales were 33%- that says alot. They might (BIG MIGHT) hit 40% on Verizon, but that will do little to help Apple overall.

    • 666

      Keep in mind that Android competes more heavily in the lower end market. There’s a reason why the iPhone is significantly more profitable even at a lower marketshare.

      • muadhnate

        Not talking about profitability. That’s done to compare manufacturers. I’m talking about OS marketshare. Overall: Android has over 50% of the market while Apple has 30%.

      • droidbeat

        People prefer Android regardless of cost. Just watch sales of the Galaxy Nexus, and it’ll cost the same as an iPhone 4S.

        • Clips

          lol what? No single android phone will touch the iPhone in sales. Not even close. The NS4G got trounced by the iPhone 4.

      • droidbeat

        With the slew of superior android phones coming on the market, I believe android will extend their market share lead this quarter. Much of popularity is visual. The old iPhone design will bore, while the fresh Nexus will thrill. People follow the love.

        • bobsMobility

          Really? the newest android based phone designs aren’t even as nice as the original iphone.


    No mention of exclusivity …. good sign?

  • DonChinga

    The thing about Verizon though is that unlike AT&T and Sprint, all the current iPhone people have the 4 and have not had it that long. With their new data plans, I don’t see them gaining many new iPhone customers. Meanwhile you have a sh*t ton of OG Droid people ready for an upgrade, myself included.

  • snowbdr89

    i think the ijunk will be androids bitch for sometime, with android phones you have alot of choices from low end to end phones along with different styles and more name brands like htc, samsung etc with the ijunk you get one choice and have to wait a year for a new upgraded apple p.o.s to come out!! just my thoughts!!

  • Michael

    I’m not going to lie. I chuckled once I saw the title of this article. But all jokes aside, I think the 4S can make a very slight dent. You have to think about the fact that anybody that did want an iPhone that’s with Verizon would have gotten the iPhone 4. So anybody that is getting the 4S would mainly be people who originally wanted the iPhone but was stuck in a contract. I doubt the iPhone 4S will be a problem.

  • evobb10

    I don’t think so iphone 4s to close for android phones because android phones are not only from samsung. So iphone can’t reach to android

  • Richard Yarrell

    Most people I know that have the current iPhone 4 have no desire for the iPhone 4S WHY?? They know the iPhone 5 is coming next year. To me the iPhone 4S is nothing special and definitely has nothing on today’s android devices.

    • ACR

      I could be wrong, but iPhone 4S has better camera than Galaxy SII (pink spot), audio quality is the best in any smartphone, graphics chip (GPU) is fastest in smartphone, speaker and mic are incredible. Between my Galaxy SII and iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S is smoother/faster and doesn’t reboot itself from bad apps or freeze (battery pull). Apps and games on iPhone 4S are so much more in quantity and yet much higher quality than apps found in Galaxy SII. The con for iPhone 4s for me is the screen size. All the texts are so small. No wonder they even have a magnifying glass feature.

  • willstay

    “If all the carriers in the world offered both iPhone and android”… This statement is wrong. Only in US are phones subsidized, in rest of the world, you buy sim and phone separately paying full price.

    • steve2


    • henka

      Subsidized? Really?

      For me the cel-plans just look like a loan with gradual payoff, you pay what, 200-250 dollar for a phone and then the rest during the next 12-24 months, including the cost of the plan itself.

      We have similar things in sweden but we dont advertise it as “subsidized” (that is, cheaper then the phones full prize wich it isnt) just as a way to pay the phone off like a loan on the bank – but you dont need to pay intrest because you use their plan and network thuss, give them MORE money.

      I bet if you go out buy a unlocked 4s for 800 bucks it still is cheaper or the same price as a “pay 200 now and get tied to a plan for 24 months”. The cell companies just give you a lower initial cost but over the 24 months you pay 2000+ bucks.

      In sweden we have both. Either you buy the phone cash or a with a cellplan in wich you can CHOOSE to pay a part each month or the full phone price at once (even if u take the plan).

  • Taylor Wamberly

    I dont care, im always getting an iPhone no matter what. Its the best phone with the best usability. Im pretty sure the next iphone with a bigger screen and LTE will absolutely dominate sales.
    iPhones are for the mainstream buyers, while android phones are for geeks AND the low end phones (weird but true). Android wont cut into the mainstream imho.

    • Chris125

      I see just as many high end androids in the mainstream as I do iphones. Plus most of the people I know and even their parents have high end androids and they chose them over the iphone. Just saying your thinking may have been true 3 years ago not anymore.

  • Chris125

    I think the 4s will sell well on verizon but look at all the android “super phones” that are coming out. Not to mention since the iphone isnt lte some may not want to be stuck in a 2 year contract with a 3g only phone.

  • Garrett

    Nice to see Galaxy Nexus ads on the site

  • sylar

    I have to say that I believe that Android will win in the long run. While at times it may be more complex and confusing it is much more customizable than iOS ever will be. Which makes it the superior product as far as I’m concerned.

  • http://klout.com/#/SliestDragon SliestDragon

    Of course the iPhone 4S will put a dent in Android sales, catch up to Android, and all that other stuff, but not for too long. So many great devices will come out for Android, that Android will pull ahead again.

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