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Amazon Wireless drops all Verizon phones to a penny, including the Droid Bionic


Amazon Wireless has a pretty fantastic deal going for new Verizon customers right now. You can get any handset you want on Big Red for just a penny with a new 2-year contract, including free 2-day shipping.

To be clear, when they say everything, they mean everything. The Motorola Droid Bionic, Samsung Droid Charge, HTC ThunderBolt, HTC Droid Incredible 2, Motorola Droid 3, etc….

Obviously the Bionic is the real steal here, as it launched just a month ago for a considerably less palatable $299 with contract. Anthony gave the Bionic an 8.5/10 in our review with the main complaint resting on battery life.

Now if you’re concerned about having the absolute latest and greatest handset and aren’t particularly hurting for cash at the moment, then you should exercise patience. You know full well there are some amazing new phones from Motorola, HTC and, of course,¬†Samsung on deck to launch in the next month.

With that said, there are some great phones available in Verizon’s lineup right now. And you can’t argue with the price.

Source: Amazon Wireless

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  • johnny

    Good deal if your a new customer. Bad deal if u just bought one a few days ago from Verizon.

  • aj

    Heres my solution. Add another line. take the bionic and put on your line. yes you might have to pay 10 dollars a month for an extra line but over 2 years its only 240$ give or take. Thats not to bad for not having to waste your upgrade and getting a 700$ phone

    • GeauxLSU

      You also would need to pay $30 per month data. so would be $960. The other option would be to cancel your contract and pay the early termination fee, then register the new phone on your old contract.

      • aj

        No not if you put on a feature phone then they cant charge you for data

        • Taylor Barth

          I don’t understand what you mean by, “not if you put on a feature phone.” Don’t you have to purchase a data package for a smartphone? I thought data was a requirement for all smartphones.

          • Taylor Barth

            I just tried to add it, but it says I’ll have an additional $30/mo charge for my plan.

          • aj

            Unless I’m mistaken yes it says that its going to charge you for the 30$ but when you get your new line get your bionic activate it or you may not even have to activate just get an old non smartphone and activate it and you shouldn’t be charged for data except maybe a day proration of data but from that day on it should be the base 9.99$

  • Antoinette

    This just kills me …. I just paid $300 … I feel like such a fool.

    • Joe

      Yep .. you sure are

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Sorry, that does sting. I realize that there are plenty of people that don’t look at buying from anyone other than the carrier, but with the deals that Amazon and others are cutting lately you would think Verizon would be forced to back down from the markup we’ve seen on the 4G phones.

  • Melissa

    I just tried adding the bionic to my cart and Amazon is charging full retail price. The price shows as a $0.01 for the other phones.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      You are starting a new contract right? I tested it with all of them just to be sure. Are you using the direct link for the Bionic that I put in the post?

  • Mikael

    It’s still on a two year contract. Who buys phones with a contract? Ah, right, your in the US. Never mind then…

    • Mikael’s better half

      … ah right… I forgot that I upgrade every year and never pay full price… carry on…

  • Barracus

    Anyone confirm if you can add a line to an existing family plan, cancel one of the current lines (its contract expired a few months ago), and then use the number from the old one on this new line, all while getting a phone for $0.01?

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      They won’t let you keep the number when you cancel the line. What you could do is port that number out to Google Voice which would cancel that line and let you keep the number forever. Then you’d get a new number with the new phone and just set up your old number on the phone using Google Voice.

  • GRAW

    Yeah, the Bionic is not listed as one of the phones for a penny. I assume this is the way it is since the Bionic is the only phone on Verizion with a dual core processor and 4G LTE capabilities. What a shame, really the only phone on Verizion that’s worth getting at the moment. I was considering getting it as soon as I heard this, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. Let the waiting for the Nexus Prime continue!

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I just checked it again now. Trust me the Bionic is absolutely included in the deal.

      Now I’m not trying to sell you on the Bionic over waiting for the Prime, but if you do want the Bionic and are starting a new contract you just need to use the direct link to the Bionic I included in the post.

  • Billy

    So … I am not under a contract with VZW .. month to month but I don’t qualify for the upgrade?

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Right, you don’t qualify for the penny deal on an upgrade. You’d still get it cheaper here than direct from Verizon, I think it’s $219.99 for upgrading rather than the $299.99 at Verizon. But obviously that’s a much less compelling deal.

  • Seth Feldkamp

    Will the penny price for the Droid Bionic work for upgrade customers? I have a family account with Verizon Wireless and my contract is expired. I’m eligible for a new phone at upgrade price.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Unfortunately no, this will only work for brand new customers, so unless you are willing to give up your number or port it out to Google Voice you won’t be able to utilize this deal.

      • Seth Feldkamp

        I’d lose my unlimited data plan and I don’t want that. This is still a sweet deal though.

        • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

          Good point, I’m similarly trapped with my precious unlimited Verizon data plan.

  • Laurie DesAutels

    Please correct me if I am wrong but from reading all the posts I gather that you must be a brand new Verizon customer to get the penny deal. I am on a family plan where both phones are elig for an upgrade. I tried to upgrade via Amazon and received an error code. Thanks in advance for any help.

    • lauriedesautels


  • AndroidFTW

    As always read the fine print… keep up them monthly payments

    This discount has been provided to you based on your agreement to (a) activate a new, or extend an existing, line of service for this device with the carrier, and (b) maintain this service in good standing for a minimum of 181 consecutive days. If you do not activate or extend a line of service in connection with this device, or if your service is canceled/disconnected before 181 consecutive days, AmazonWireless.com will charge you $250 per device, plus applicable taxes.

  • Laurie DesAutels

    I am in good standing and due to renew so I wonder why I can’t get the upgrade from Amazon. Laurie

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Sorry Laurie, this deal is exclusively for new contracts. For an upgrade you’ll just get a slightly reduced price from that offered through Verizon.

      • Laurie DesAutels

        Thanks Sean!