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AmazonWireless announces video contest winners

Today AmazonWireless announced the winners of their $15k Freedom To Choose video contest. The submissions were voted on by a group of Android bloggers, and when the votes were tallied, the 1st place $5k prize was awarded to the AmazonWireless Rap by chchcheckit. Head over to Amazon.com for a full list of winners and let us know what you think about the winning rap in the comments below.

Source: AmazonWireless Blog

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  • http://Gplus.to/EddieDiaz PHADE

    That’s about as funny as Sinbad. Not the comedian, he’s hilarious, the sailor. Then again, he was never meant to be funny ~ Peter Griffin

  • mattt

    They deserve wow, good job.

  • Interpol91

    Definitely well deserved

  • Matthew H

    This rap is too good, for a $5k prize. Look at the messaging, the word play and the tightness of the total project. I am going to go ahead and claim it is fake. Amazon Wireless, or some affiliate or someone professional paid to have this made.
    I have no evidence of this other than I work in marketing, and those tag lines are way to marketing-like to be done by amateurs, without help from Amazon.
    I wouldn’t put so much effort into this for $5k. Now, this looks like a $20-30k advertising job….

    Care to disagree?

    • Dustin Earley

      Really? It was good and all, but it wasn’t that good.

    • http://goo.gl/tQ2E wwJOSHdo

      NOPE, I don’t think so! Go to their youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/ChChCheckItsClan They have a banner with links you can click on. They are YouTube partners. And when you are a partner, it means your content was of interest to YouTube, and you grow bigger and stronger (in creating/editing videos) So I can believe it’s real, they have the editing software, knowledge, and etc because the already did that stuff on a daily basis. I had never even heard of their YouTube channel until AmazonWireless posted about them winning on Twitter.

  • Prafull

    DON’T BUY ANY PHONES AT amazonwireless.com
    here’s my recent experience:
    When I was buying the phone and the plan on AmazonWireless.com, the only return policy I could find was Amazon’s 30 day return policy. But, when I tried to return the phone and cancel the service, for the reasons mentioned on first two lines, Amazon asked me to go to Sprint customer service. There, I found out about Sprint’s recently (a week ago I bought the phone) changed their return policy from 30 days to 14 days.
    So, I went back to Amazon and asked them why their website didn’t mention this anywhere throughout my shopping experience. They first agreed that their website had a problem and will work to right the wrong. After a couple of days, perhaps after modifying their website to add the details of Sprint’s new policy, Amazon told me it was all my fault.
    I have learnt my lesson. and, I am not going to repeat my mistake of buying phones at amazonwireless.com