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Android Developers YouTube account sets the date for Ice Cream Sandwich


Various teasers from around the web have been pointing to an October 11 announcement date for Ice Cream Sandwich since late September. We know Samsung and Google will be partnering up to announce something big that day, but nothing official has been confirmed. Until now.

On the Android Developers official YouTube channel, a live event placeholder has been put up titled “Android ICS Launch.” The event is slated to kick off 4 days and 20 hours from now, or October 11. Granted, this isn’t exactly the same thing as Google coming out and saying, “On October 11, we will be announcing and detailing Ice Cream Sandwich,” but it’s probably as close as we’re going get.

We’ve got a pretty good idea of what early builds of Ice Cream Sandwich look like, but word is a lot has changed cosmetically. Beyond looks however, we can expect a ton of improvements to the entire OS. Facial recognition, united app framework and multi-core optimizations are just a few of the features expected to be debuted.

Just under a week to go now. Any last minute additions you’d like to see in Ice Cream Sandwich?

Source: DroidLife

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  • Interpol91

    I just want to get my hands on ICS!!!

    • NeoJesus

      How about a proper BlueZ bluetooth 3.0 stack that is backwards compatible and not broken?

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      Expect a lot of fragmentation imho

  • J2x

    You better believe I’ll be watching. Please let it be on all carriers! Time to stick it to Apple!

    • J2x

      Oh, and with every Nexus purchase you should get an actual ice cream samich :)

      • Dustin Earley

        Best Buy would just have big freezers in the mobile department?

        • Wunako

          lol i work at Best buy we have plenty of fridges we could haul out to the Mobile Dept trust me haha… would be nice though

          • Jennifer80

            Better shop at Target. BB areas are dangerous, mostly because of the criminal neighborhoods.

  • Nathan

    Come out already! I want to see it now please.


    Grrrrrr. The wait is killing me! LOL

  • tN0

    I’m a little bit concerned that we will not see a real Nexus Prime device with vanilla Android but a Galaxy Prime with modified UI (as the new font suggest).

    • PacoBell


    • R.S

      I’ll be surprised if Verizon’s Nexus is actually a “true” Nexus phone. However, I highly doubt that Google would not release one for the other carriers.

      • tN0

        Maybe a whole family of Droid Prime, Galaxy Prime and Nexus Prime.

        Can’t wait anymore…


    how about you guys do a live twitter feed for the event like Clark did a few weeks ago..

  • Richard Yarrell

    Sadly google will probably give this Galaxy Nexus to verizon exclusively. As much as I hate that it’s verizon’s turn everyone has had one so it is what it is. Meanwhile focusing on ice cream sandwich should be what we all focus our attention on. Let’s see how google makes sure these updates get distributed to all carriers properly and quickly. My Evo 3D with ice cream spec wise will compare with this Google Nexus device that’s for sure. Matter of fact if you have a dualcore device rolling at 1.2Ghz and you get that ice cream update your overall device is definitely just as good because now we can find out how optimized the operating system really is compared to the current gingerbread

    • BiGMERF

      im thinking the same with my sensation. But a pure google device with no bloatware will be faster

    • squiddy20

      The only thing I can say to this is, at least you’re finally not having a pissy-fit about Verizon not “deserving the right” to get the next Nexus phone as you stated less than 12 hours ago over at Android Central. Awww, you’re finally growing up.

      • BiGMERF

        I don’t post on android central

        • squiddy20

          … I didn’t reply to you, I replied to Richard. That’s why my comment is in-line with your comment instead of indented under it.

          • Dr.Carpy

            Dude seriously! We all get you’re not a fan of Richard, but the whole cyber-stalking is getting old. He has a right to be a HTC cheerleader, everyone else ignores it, save only you. You talk about maturity in your mean spirited posts to Richard, so try using some. Ignore what he has to say if you don’t like it. Sure, I agree some of the stuff is silly, but we live in a free society. This site is enjoyable le because of the lack of hostility. Let’s all do are best to keep that spirit alive!

          • squiddy20

            @ Dr. Carpy
            “… everyone else ignores it, save only you.”
            Ummm guess again, http://androidandme.com/2011/10/news/sprint-outlines-aggressive-lte-rollout-to-be-fully-implemented-by-end-of-2013/. At the time of this post, Richard made his comment at the above link roughly 5 hours ago. His comment is rated at -12 and there are countless responses all basically against him, and none of them (ratings or comments) are yet mine. Please, don’t make blanket statements that you can’t back up. I’m certainly not the only one who hates Richard.

  • Ron

    I’m hoping it comes with a good set of headphones, and optional (quality) speaker docks are available on release!

  • slimx30

    I just hope the prime is not a verizon exclusive.

  • Randompat

    This is by far the most secretive Android OS SINCE!….since….

    • Stella

      I was thinking the same thing. Google has done a great job of keeping us on the edge of our seats.

  • Stella

    The waiting is getting to me. I try not to keep checking all the news about ICS but I can’t lie that I’m not extremely excited to see what Google has cooked up.

    Please let it be on all the carriers. I’ll understand if one carrier gets it first but Tmo better have it in stock too.

    • Randompat

      I am trying my best not to look at the GSII. That thing is awesome but the Nexus prime is calling me. :( sadly I used my update on the Nexus S back in February (I had to upgrade because my old mytouch was driving me crazy).

  • inviolable

    Hardware acceleration? Is it finally happening?

  • droiddewd

    my transformer should would like ICS but i’m not expecting myMT4g will get it till/if Cyanogen gets updated to it. Can’t wait to watch the launch video though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002275344855 luiek20

    I’m praying that this isn’t a Verizon exclusive! I need this on T-Mo!!!

    • Mr Guzz

      I do not think it will ……I am with Tmo

  • Dr.Carpy

    Looks like big things for/on October 11/11! Thanks again guys for being on top of this. I like so many of you will be counting on some big things. Here’s hoping we get are collective socks blown off. Chrome instead of the default browser would be what I’d like, as well the new styled app drawer looked/ looks awesome!

  • *TechnoBrotha*

    I’m really looking forward to this! However, I hate that they seem to have adopted Samsung’s “horizontally scrolling” app drawer! I’m glad Android is “king” when it comes to customization, cos that’s the first thing I’d change!

  • Rizzzy

    Will the original EVO 4G get the ICS update?
    If you’re not sure, don’t answer. I don’t want any false information.

    • kari

      i’m waiting for that tooooo……..i love my 4g and it would be so much better with the ics update…..

      • Rizzzy

        I agree.