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Android users complain that Sprint iPhone 4S makes their 3G network even slower

Sprint Speedtest

What happens when you add thousands of data-hungry iPhone 4S devices to America’s slowest 3G network? Surprise! It gets slower. Many Sprint customers are experiencing slower-than-normal 3G speeds after the iPhone 4S joined the Now Network, and they are not happy about it. A quick scan of a comment thread on reddit shows many users are only seeing download speeds of 200-500 Kbps, compared to normal download speeds of 1 Mbps.

If you have an Android phone on Sprint, we encourage you to download the Speedtest.net app and  share your results. Have you seen decreased download speeds during the last week since the iPhone launch? Be sure to include your location and let us know in the comments below.


Via: Reddit

Source: iPhone 4S

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  • seven2k

    i use wifi here at work and home…. the only time i use 3g is when im on the road but i havent seen any difference. Sprint better pick that shit up and balance the speeds.

    • mmark27

      Same here. Wifi as much as possible (mainly for the battery saver) but I likes my google maps on the road. 3G is strugglin.

    • uma fan

      You might be better off switching to a high en tmobile android phone because they support wifi calling where your calls and texts go through wifi too

  • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

    I live on teh 4Gees. Or the wifiz

  • triangle

    Just tested it in NYC. Getting a little over 1Mb down and 845kb up.

  • David Garber

    Ping 171 Download 531 Upload 704 Santa Monica, CA 90405

    I usually download closer to a gig.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I’m guessing you mean mbps.

  • thaghost

    “America’s slowest 3G network”

    Lol, so true.

  • mmark27

    Ugh, Madison, WI. It’s hard to send texts the last couple days now. I appreciate all these idrones helping to keep Sprint afloat and paying for the New Network Vision, but seriously man. My speeds are <100kps down and <100kbps up.

  • Starship

    I’m pretty sure it will level off in the next week. Every time I get a new gadget, I play with it 24/7 for about a week till the high levels off. Then I buy a new gadget! But my body has a tolerance so each time I need more and more gadgets! And I can quit any time I want to.

  • Phil

    This is why we need DIDO ASAP.

  • WS

    Welcome to my world. I was getting consistent data speeds LOWER than the ones quoted above… starting 3 months ago. This was the reason I left Sprint.

    Their network was really, really struggling even before the launch of the iPhone. I can’t imagine how much worse it’s going to get.

  • Mark S.

    San Diego, CA

    182 ms Ping
    120Kbps down x 430Kbps up. absolutely unacceptable. thank God I’m on wifi at work and home. Oh yeah, 4G not available in majority of San Diego County. good times.

    • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

      That shouldn’t be possible. Uplink is supposed to be proportionally lower than downlink. If your downlink is low, your uplink should be even lower!

      That is a pretty big indication that something is really wrong with the network.

  • BeatBlaster

    “Usual” 1mb/sec? When I was on Sprint I averaged 225kb/sec. I finally had enough and switched. Unlimited data is no fun when you have to spend your time waiting on things to load.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Some of these results are quite sad… In San Diego, CA, I would get download speeds of about 500 Kbps and uploads of about 200 kbps regularly. Is anyone here from San Diego? If so, how are the speeds right now?

  • Josh P

    I live in Miami and I get around 2mb download and 1.5mb up. I’ve gotten better speeds but I guess its just of my current location.

  • Damien

    In Chicago il get about 1.5 d .5 up

  • Jorge

    I have noticed the opposite! At home I now get up to 1.1 mbps down and 900 kbps up and those are the best speeds I have ever seen in San Diego. My average is usually around 300-500 on the download and around 200 on the upload

  • magma9495

    And this is the exact reason why I don’t want the iPhone coming to T-Mobile.

  • smonme

    tbh this could be happening because as far as I know the IPhone 4S for sprint is sold out everywhere (at least in new york) so sprint theoretically could have gained too many users back on the 3G network (keeping in mind a lot of HTC Evo owners switched to the iPhone 4S), leaving good ole 4G to get even better?…

  • L2OS

    Well at least they get 200-500 Kbps ! Sprint’s 3g speeds here in Puerto Rico range from 10-150 Kbps. I hope it doesn’t get worse now because of the iPhone but hey how worse can in get….??

  • AndriodFan

    Hey Hesse first you build a strong network then you bring your wet dreams phone, I mean Iphone. You should had upgraded your 3G network to Evo. B so you can build a bridge between 3G and LTE. Thank God my contract will be over soon just in time to pick a network that suit my needs. I don’t need unlimited data since I never go over 2gbs especially that unreliable Clear 4G Wimax.

  • Tim

    Chicago, IL. Still getting the same 1.9 Mbps down and 0.56 Mbps up with ping at 162 ms. I started seeing speeds above 1 Mbps a little bit before the iPhone launch. I thought they were getting ready. Guess thats not everywhere.

  • Genjinaro

    My 3G is over 2Mbps average, iPhone didn’t dent Philly 3G http://db.tt/fjpCkhSHOver

  • Rob

    Portland, OR Nexus S 4G: I’ve been recording 100-300 DL all weekend, through today. I didn’t have speed test prior to this, so I don’t know how it compares.

  • CarlWithakay

    Sprint 3G Columbus, OH

    ping 161 ms
    DL 378 kbps
    UL 573 kbps

    but 4G
    ping 134 ms
    DL 2775 kbps
    UL 789 kbps

  • bjhoppy

    No issues in Minneapolis. 2.3 mbps on 3G.

  • bjhoppy

    7.5 mbps 4G.

  • BA

    I am getting 1.84mbps down and .40 mbps up in the Dallas, TX. area.

  • rev2redlineguy

    I live in Alvin, Texas (about 30 miles outside of Houston) and here are some of my results:

    Ping: 205
    DL: 148
    UL: 103

    Ping: 189
    DL: 184
    UL: 191

    Ping: 110
    DL: 1314

    Ping: 110
    DL: 2010
    UL: 169

    A little disappointed but hey, I guess things could be worse. Of course I use my wifi more when I need to browse the web, market, check FB, or anything else that I know my 3G or 4G would not be able to do as fast.

  • Dee

    And people have the nerve to complain that T-mo needs the iphone to survive… This is an obvious lesson being obvious. I do find it hilarious how sprint has been relatively ok with 3 popular phones on the network but as soon as iphone hopped on their service degraded. imagine when a 4G iphone comes lmao…

    • snowbdr89

      Sprint has 4g?

  • snowbdr89

    Ping 112 18.56mbps up 5.56mbps down oh wait im using big reds lte. Sometimes its worth payin a little more for the finer things in life!!

    • Richard Yarrell

      Let’s pick on something more substantial which has always been that SORRY profolio of devices on verizon. It’s about time they recieve an upgrade and start fairly charging for true top of the line devices..Which are the Droid Razar, Htc Rezound, and Galaxy Nexus device truly worth the price tag of 300. Definately not the sorry Thubderbolt, Droid Charge or Lg Revolution which were at best 2010 speced devices being peddled off in 2011 all OVERPRICES smartly designed to RIP OFF CUSTOMERS.. Who cares about sprints 3g coverage because wimax is where it’s at in the real world and rather it is faster than LTE on verizon doesn’t matter because I always get great wimax coverage here in NYC..PING 113MS..Down 9359…Up 1779…I put the EVO 3D, EPIC TOUCH 4G, and PHOTON 4G against your profolio any day of the week….YOUR CLEARLY A NORMAL CLOWN WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN EXPECTED….

      • squiddy20

        1. The word you have always been looking for is “portfolio”. There is no such thing as a “profolio”. Go get some flash cards and learn your spelling/vocab again.
        2. This entire article and the comments are all about Sprint’s shitty 3G speeds. Don’t change the subject to something you *think* you can win. You won’t.
        3. “Who cares about sprints 3g coverage…” Ummm a TON of people do. Everyone not in one of the very very few metropolitan areas that were blessed with Sprint’s minuscule Wimax coverage cares. Sooo that’s probably at least two-thirds of Sprint’s 60-some-odd million customers.
        4. “wimax is where it’s at in the real world…” I guess you haven’t been in the “real world” much seeing as there’s been no real expansion for well over 6 months and Sprint’s dumping Wimax in favor of that “battery draining” LTE you so despise.
        5. “Down 9359…Up 1779″ Yeah… you do know that Verizon’s data speeds average about twice your quoted speeds, right? What a joke. You’ve just failed at your own arguments. Go cry in a corner little girl.

  • Tratchel

    Columbia, MO
    555ms ping
    .32Mbps down
    .19Mbps up

  • r916

    2.06 D 0.91 U

  • r916

    74ms ping

  • jay

    Wow im glad im with tmo g2x 7mbps down 1mbps up. That is my ave to i have got it up to 10mbps

  • Dirge

    Wow, that’s sad. :(

  • syren

    Download: 438 kbps
    Upload: 39 kbps
    Ping: 200 ms

    Yuck, I’m really disappointed by this. I really do like Sprint for many reasons and have been a loyal customer since 2001, but this sort of stuff just might become a dealbreaker for me.

    My 3G is usually not that great in my area anyway (to be fair other providers have the same issue, but not to this degee), but then there’s the 4G capability of my Android that costs me an extra $10/month that I can’t utilize because 4G isn’t available in my area or within the next 100 miles.

    So for a huge bill for unlimited data that’s ridiculously slow and a fee for 4G I can’t even use I’d have to say that the new iphone users should have the extra fees if they’re gonna make matters even worse.

    The only reason I’m still with Sprint at this point is because I’m mostly home with my little one and a WiFi connection. For now.

  • digical1

    I have been a loyal sprint customer for over 5yrs. I have wifi in my house but noticed that I’m paying $10 a month extra for 4g & I don’t even use our even get the service. I live in queens ny & I was shocked to see that I was in Manhattan (supposedly a spot that has great 4g service) & got no 4g through out lower & parts of midtown. I do get 4g when I go to my mothers house if I stand in the living room I get like 2bars. I must say the 4g is lighting fast & impressive but sprint should have improved on 4g service since past year. I wish I could get my$10 a month back for the last 2 yrs because I feel like I have been scammed.

  • 80brew

    Tmobile is great.

    8.61 Mb/s down
    3.48 Mb/s up

    LG G2x


  • Bpear96

    Richard Yarrel hasnt commented on this!!!??

    • giggles

      Thats what i was thinking lol

  • Chris

    .5 Mbps
    260 k on the upload

    rough avg of 4 test from the Toledo OH server

  • LiKwiDKiL

    Grand Rapids, MI

    3G – 1.32 Down / .06 Up
    (FYI) 4G – 3.24 Down / .24 Up

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Does anyone know the difference between this app and the FCC Mobile Test? I think they’re made by the same company…

  • Tom D

    My EVO 4 G has been slower than Sofia Petrillo in a roller derby… Thinking of dumping Sprint.

  • BOB

    my dog recently past away, who wants to be the first to blame the iphone for that as well?

  • Sic about the sub 500k dn speeds have been seeing for several months, but
    angry about the < 300k I've been getting Nov/Dec 11.
    Columbia, MO

    • malamphere

      Sprint has me thinking I live in a third world country. Dl for me is 68k. I wish I got 300!

  • Malamphere

    68 fl 124 ul
    I have been with Sprint for over a decade and i am so distraught with the slow speeds I want to change providers. Does any one know if this EVO 3d phone can be flashed to work on anther network?

  • Malamphere

    68 dl 124 ul in el paso tx.
    I have been with Sprint for over a decade and i am so distraught with the slow speeds I want to change providers. Does any one know if this EVO 3d phone can be flashed to work on anther network?

  • Doodle

    I have been with Verizon for a couple years. My girlfriend recently got 2 phones shes testing out and thinking of getting. one from ATT and one from Sprint.

    I tested all three phones and ATT was the fastest with roughtly 1500-2000 kbs
    Verizon was close with 12-1500 kbs
    SPRINT was terrible. I tested this phone on multiple days, different times of day, everything.
    Average download is about 45kbs
    average upload is about 30 kbs
    average ping is around 300.
    Absolutle top download speed i saw was 300 for a milisecond.

    Needless to say shes keeping the ATT phone with 3 GB a mont vs the Sprint phone with Unlimited data for the same price.

    There’s no reason to have Unlimited data when your carrier is garbage.

    Die Sprint.

  • Doodle

    Oh, sorry. These are numbers from Decatur IL. ^^^^^^^^

  • Tom

    down 104kbps up 281 kbps Charleston WV

  • Jtagmaster

    Birmingham, AL varies wildly. During the middle of the day downtown can be as slow as 30 kbs up/down. At night south of the city, can be as high as 1400 kbps down and 600 kbs up. Needless to say, the problem is lack of dependability on sprints network. If I could depend on 768 kbs every time I picked up the phone I would be satisfied. When our contract is up, I think we may have to go to verizon.