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Best Buy drops price of HTC Flyer to $100 (Update: Nope)


Update: It appears someone at Best Buy might have made a boo-boo when it came to the online pricing of the HTC Flyer. According to this picture from Twitter user Nutzareus, Best Buy is hanging up signs at some of it’s stores that the $99.99 price was simply incorrect, and that the Flyer is still $299.99.  And Best Buy’s site is now showing the $299 price.

Less than a week after Best Buy announced the HTC Flyer $299 price drop, the price has been slashed again. Best Buy is now selling the HTC Flyer for a mere $99. The HTC Flyer is already sold out on Best Buy’s website, so we suggest you camp out in front of your local Best Buy store if you’re planning on picking one up. If the HTC TouchPad price drop has taught us anything, it’s extremely hard to keep tablets in stock when they are priced at $99.

To make the deal even sweeter, the price of the HTC Flyer’s digital pen has been cut to $39.99. All other accessories are still priced the same, but most people should be able to walk out of their local Best Buy with the Flyer, digital pen, case, and screen protectors for a little over $200.

Anyone who has purchased the HTC Flyer in the past week should be able to cash in on the new price reduction. We know a lot of you didn’t like the HTC Flyer because it’s running on Gingerbread rather than Honeycomb, but does the $99 price tag change your mind about HTC’s 7-inch tablet?

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    I saw this , this morning.. Is it really worth it? Help me decide.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I got one over the weekend for $299. If it’s worth $299 to me, I’m sure its worth $99. now I just have to go back in and get that digital pen for $39.

      • BiGMERF

        hey nick does it do everything a gingerbread 2.3.4 phone does? netflix, gtalk video, etc etc

        • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

          Netflix yes, gTalk video no but if does do Google Plus hangouts. It can also be hacked to make phone calls over WiFi with Google Voice. I’m using it to take note in meetings. The 7-inch screen is just the right size to carry around all day and leave traditional pen and paper behind.

      • AmericanJedi001

        You should return it, then turn around and re-purchase it and recoup your $200! I’ve been waiting for the prices on these tablets to start dropping, and with announcements like this and the Amazon Fire I’m thinking I may be getting an Android tablet in the near future…

  • tp

    Damn I got excited then, but it’s still £479 in the UK :(

    £479 – $738 US

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    wow, I think I will have to bite… even though I already have a Xoom and a Touchpad…

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Aww crap it’s sold out and I don’t feel like driving 4 hours round trip to get one…

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Sell the TouchPad on eBay (currently going for $250) and get yourself the Flyer and all the accessories you want. It’s definitely worth it.

  • http://www.justnewlistings.com/arlington-virginia-blog/tags/great-falls-virginia-real-estate/ jay Great Falls

    Best buy is telling me it was an error…..No deal at least at the stores.

  • Joshua Wise

    Mispriced. Just left bestbuy.

  • Dan

    Flyer not on sale in store in Austin. They say there was a mistake on the web last night.

  • Quinn

    It was a misprint — Just l left Best Buy and they said $299

  • http://www.boobs.com Misprice
  • Rich

    They gave me a copy of the correction. What a waste of time.

  • Black Kristos

    A bunch of us had Flyer in hand and the manager told us we were out of luck. One of the guys fought with him over the price, but the manager wouldn’t budge, so no Flyer for us at $99.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Has anyone tried buying it online at $99 for an in-store pickup?

      • Black Kristos

        No In-Store pick up was available in the first place. That was my first attempt as the closest BB that had it was 30 minutes away.

    • Daniel

      Sue them! It was not evident that it was a mispriced. it even said “sale”!

  • vueaskew

    There were nine people in line here, 12 units in stock, first guy is checking out with a $99.99 price shown on register, as other staff heads over to the area and announces the price correction.


  • josh

    best buy is not letting you buy in stores for 99.00. they say its the wrong price on line and 299.00 instores.

  • Wild

    It’s not price drop! it’s just mistake on the site!
    Please correct this.

    • DROID Sam

      Dude, calm down. They changes the title and added an update right up top. I think BB is planning on dropping the price this weekend again and their webmaster just jumped the gun a bit. It’s odd that the pen and the flyer both had their prices reduces at the same time “by accident”

  • Jbc

    So how many times is best buy going to do the shit? Get your shit together dammit. Yes I’m bitter. I was one of the jackasses standing in line. Also, what’s with all the cocky attitudes best buy managers have?

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Remember, the managers are the messenger.

    • El Guapo

      Couldn’t agree more – the manager I dealt with was a total d*ck, giving me quite the attitude.

  • AmericanJedi001

    The page linked to in the article is currently down: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/HTC+-+Flyer+Tablet+with+16GB+Internal+Memory+-+White/2390524.p?id=1218332598563&skuId=2390524&st=htc%20flyer&cp=1&lp=1 = “Sorry, the page you requested was not found.” I’d imagine they’re fixing the “boo boo” now.

  • DROID Sam

    There are reports on XDA of BB managers honoring the online price. I just called my local store and they quoted me $99 but they said they couldn’t hold it. Gotta run!


    • Black Kristos

      Good luck. I’m betting that you’ll come back empty handed.

  • max

    Its bullshit I went to bestbuy they said it was a mistake and they said “sorry for the possible inconvenience “

  • sonia

    Before going to best buy I actually called a few stores. Some said they are already sold out! So I took my chance to go to one since time was ticking. Great, when I came there, the whole story was a scam to get people into the store! Its all fake! Unbelievable! U just can’t get pple’s hopes high like that!

  • jack

    I went to Best Buy this morning after reading post. They had a sign uptelling customers that the price online was incorrect. The retail was $239.00. Sorry for inconvenience. I spoke to the associate, he said he had a email in his inbox explaining this. So…false alarm. ! Would have been nice. I would have scooped one up!


    I got turned away. Lok

  • Jolia

    Wow… all you people that are angry and complaing must not be human. Yes, it’s not fun to be under the assumption that something you want is going to be a certain price, then be told something different at the register. I get it. But the employees that work there are merely the messengers, relaying the information. Don’t take your frustrations out on them, they are human beings that don’t deserve to be yelled at or the object of your frustration. Get over it.

    -Previous retail worker

    • DROID Sam

      So true! I went down to my BB store since they quoted me the $99 price on the phone but when i got there one of the managers told me that they would not be able to honor the price. I pleased my case, letting him know that the person I talked to on the phone said I could get it for $99, but I didn’t push the point any further once he apologized for the misprint.

  • cityman

    i just came back from BB. Price was a mistake. I just sent complaint thru email.
    very disappointed. BB should’ve honor the mistaken price tag.

  • Dustin Earley

    I tired to call Best Buy this morning and ask if they had any in stock. The young man on the other end was really quiet, and I could hear him hand the phone off to someone else. Then, an older gentleman said, “how can I help you?” Again, I asked if there were any Flyers in stock, and he just said “NOPE. CHUCK TESTA.”

  • http://sivartech.com Travis

    I went to BestBuy tying to buy one and they just updated the website and had a card out with the Flyer saying the price online was incorrect… SOL…

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    It’s official, the web page has been updated and now reflects the original $299 price point. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/HTC+-+Flyer+Tablet+with+16GB+Internal+Memory+-+White/2390524.p?skuId=2390524&id=1218332598563

    It’s disappointing that the $99 price wasn’t real, but I hope that HTC, Samsung, and other tablet manufacturers notice how excited people get over a tablet that’s priced so low. While cutting edge specs and large screens are nice, the public still cares more about price than anything else.

    • Raptor

      ” the public still cares more about price than anything else.”

      Q> Do something move faster then speed of light?
      A> Of course. The morons with discount $99 tablet coupon

      • Erik

        So true. Amazon is doing a great job of getting people excited abouyt the Kindle Fire. It’s just an eReader capable of using Android apps, but isn’t that what most people really want. Since when does a tablet have to have a ten inch screen and a fancy desktop?

  • Erik

    My guess is that the price will officially drop to $99 on Saturday. If they do that, a lot of the people who went out today to get the Flyer will be pissed. I know BB wants to run a profitable business, but they should have quality check on their website to make sure issues like this don’t happen.

    • El Guapo

      Agreed. Think about it, how often do these “errors” happen? And oh, it’s just coincidence that the pen that goes with the Flyer drops in price too? I’ve set myself several permutations of “HTC Flyer” alerts on Google, because I too think somebody at BB just flipped the switch too soon and that sale WILL be happening any day now. And I better score one cuz I spent the better part of my day trying to get one.

  • Mike

    I do appreciate some of the people who understand the logic that the employees at Best Buy on the retail level, from part timers all the way up to management, are merely the messengers relaying the information and understanding that it was Best Buy corporate who made this serious blunder.

    For everyone else, seriously? I had the misfortune of opening my store to an angry hoard of people yelling at me when I myself barely knew what was going on until the official message came up on my computer saying that it was an error and we could not honor the $99 price. I showed the customers and let them read the email word for word and even then, customers were still freaking out at me like a bunch of loons and one gentleman made a ridiculous attempt to call the FTC for “false advertisement”.

    So please, if you were one of the lucky few who profited from the blunder, congrats. For everyone else, the holidays are coming up and Best Buy offers great deals all the time. If you can’t afford a tablet at $299, then you really should be reconsidering how you spend your money.

    I am a salesperson, not a counselor, and not a punching bag. I have my limits, and I’m merely a messenger in a long line of people. Please direct your anger elsewhere. Come into my store and I will gladly and eagerly give you all of the necessary corporate contacts if you wish to file a complaint.

    -Best Buy employee

    • El Guapo

      duly noted sir, I do think it’s ridiculous for people to direct their anger at the sales folks. Those are the same people who give airline personnel a hard time when flights are cancelled due to weather.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I completely agree. The people that work at the stores shouldn’t be the target of our frustrations when things get messed up at the corporate level. I feel a well worded complaint letter does a much better job of getting your point across and gives you a much better chance at being compensated.

      I worked in the service industry for five years and I hated getting complaints from hotel guests when they were rude. We had no official policy as to how we handles complaints, but I always tended to give free stuff away to those who talked to me in a polite manner and acknowledged that the issue what not my fault.

  • Erik

    Man, a $100 HTC flyer would have been really nice! I got mine a while back, but was able ot get my $499 price reduced to $299 when they dropped the price a few weeks ago. I have a Flyer and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and can honestly say that I use the Flyer ten times more. Apps work a lot better and the browser that HTC has is a lot more stable that the Honeycomb browser.

    I hope the honeycomb update for the Flyer doesn’t detract from some of the amazing features this little guy has.

  • Gmain2

    Sold my hacked Nook Color for $200 and paid the extra $100 bucks for the Flyer yesterday. Loving this thing immensley already and it’s so much better than a hacked Nook. I know the Kindle Fire will be less than this, but you can’t beat having a real desktop and all the widgets HTC bakes right into Sense.

    I may be rooting this sucker and getting Honeycomb on it within a day or two. I’ll let you know how that process goes.

    • DROID Sam

      How did the Honeycomb port go. I’ve heard there are some major glitches.