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Come find us at the Big Android BBQ, we’ll be the ones with lots of free stuff


It’s been a full year of waiting but the Big Android BBQ is finally upon us! If you somehow haven’t heard, the Big Android BBQ is an annual multi-day event that takes place right here in Austin, Texas.

While we aren’t hosting this year, the Android and Me crew will be on hand in full force with a huge sack of goodies, including a new line of extremely limited t-shirts, a pair of Jawbone Jambox speakers, even some NVIDIA Tegra 2 devices!

To ensure the merriment of all Android geeks in attendance, we’ve paired with @NVIDIATegra to give away TWO devices during the BBQ. For starters, we’re giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the charity raffle to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The other top prizes are an unopened Tab from Google I/O and an HP TouchPad running CyanogenMod, and we’re having the Android and Me staff and BBQ organizers sign our Tab’s box, so you’ve got a shot at some really kickass and rare prizes.

During the event we’ll also be wandering around with an exclusive preview build of a brand new (and highly anticipated) game, Shadowgun. Shadowgun is a duck and run 3D sci-fi shooter and is the latest supergame to debut in the TegraZone. We’ve paired with our friends at @MADFINGERGames and @NVIDIATegra to bring you an exclusive chance to play the unreleased game, live at the BBQ. If you find us and can rack up a kill or two, we’ll drop your name in a drawing to win a Motorola Photon 4G. Yeah, you can win a phone for playing an unreleased game. Awesome enough for you?

On top of the devices, we went the extra mile with a fun community project we’d been toying with for some time now: a series of tees inspired by specific folks in the Android community. We’ve designed and printed a half dozen brand new designs, all of which we’ll have on hand at the BBQ, for free. Check out the entire line below:

Super Android Bros

The first tee features myself and my brother Taylor styled in the classical ways of the great Super Mario Bros. Like many of you, we’ve played Nintendo, and more specifically Mario Bros, since we were kids, so I don’t really think I need to explain how awesome this tee makes me feel.


We had our good friend Ray Frenden re-imagine the CyanogenMod logo in a badass 3D action pose, printed all in shades of cyan. The main main himself, Steve Kondik, will be at the BBQ and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give props to the most popular custom build of all time.

Android and Meat

Ever since we unveiled our new logo, you guys have been asking for tees. So we had Angie take our logo and do it up in true BBQ style, as a big chunk of beef. This is the perfect shirt to say I like phones. But I also like beef.

I’m With Chavez

Chris Chavez is an Android superstar known for his ridiculously awesome YouTube videos and his even more ridiculously awesome hair. He currently contributes to Phandroid but you can also find him in his natural habitat on Twitter, where he accidentally all his free time.

PS: You’ll notice Chris requested a v-neck. He says that’s the only way to roll.

BigKeivan has a posse

If you don’t know @BigKeivan, big shame on you. Keivan lives here in Austin and is one of the hosts of the Austin Android Users Group. He also works for T-Mobile and is a pro chef in training. He also tweets a lot and given the preceding details, you ought be following him.

Inside the Tegra Zone

Deep inside any phone you’ll find a bunch of tiny, hard working Androids, as depicted here. They’ve surrounded the NVIDIA logo for what looks like a party and we thought that was a shirt-worthy event.

How do I score a shirt?

There will be a lot of ways to win a free shirt, so just stay on your toes. We’ll actually be giving the batches of shirts to the individual personalities they represent and they’ll be handing out the shirts as they please. For example, some of the shirts are for us, so we might give some away on Twitter (via @androidandme), there might be an on-site competition, or we might throw them from the stage- just be on your toes.

For those of you unable to attend, we’re saving a small handful of tees to giveaway right here in this post. To enter to win, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. The catch is that this contest is open to And Me Accounts only, so you’ve gotta be registered on this site. If you are, you’re in! Leave a comment below and we’ll pick 3 winners at random on Monday morning.

shirt-chavez shirt-nvidia shirt-android-bros shirt-cyanogen shirt-big-keivan shirt-android-and-meat shirts-group shirts-group2 IMG_3052 IMG_3053 IMG_3057 IMG_3059 IMG_3061 IMG_3062 IMG_3063 android-and-me-t-shirts-bbq

We’ll see you guys at the BBQ!

We’re excited to see everyone again at the second annual Big Android BBQ and wanted to give a huge thanks to those sites hosting the event. The guys at AndroidSWAG, AndroidSpin, AndroidGuys, AndroidCentral, and xda-developers put in a ton of work to make sure the entire Android community could meet up and have a good time.

Once again, I also want to thank @NVIDIATegra for powering another awesome giveaway. If you’re not following them yet, you really should be. They power tablet and phone giveaways weekly (or more often) and are always game to collaborate.

To the folks attending the BBQ: come find us to be the first to get your hands on Shadowgun and maybe score a prize. To the Android fans online joining us only in spirit this weekend, leave a comment below for a chance to win a piece of the SWAG from one of the coolest Android events of the year. Good luck!

Update: We’ve emailed the winners. Thanks for playing guys!

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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