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Galaxy Nexus shows up in Verizon, Best Buy systems


With the continuing hype of the Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime), more details and leaks have started to flood the internet. We now have another announcement date in Hong Kong set for October 19, the Ice Cream Sandwich statue is up, and the next Nexus device is now showing up in retail systems.

Our friends at Droid-Life received a couple treats from some ninjas at Verizon and Best Buy. These companies seem to be getting ready for the most anticipated Android device of the year.

The first image[1] is from Verizon’s device management system. The information stated is nothing new and confirms what we are already expecting. Verizon’s system names this device the “Samsung Galaxy Nexus,” establishing the name that has been recently rumored.

Since this device showed up first in Verizon’s system, it could mean that carrier exclusivity might be imminent. At least for a certain amount of time, that is. We’ll definitely be hearing more about this during the days to come.

The picture to the right[2] comes from the Best Buy ninja. It illustrates Best Buy’s cellebrite system, which now includes the Nexus Prime. It is a bit weird that an official source would name this device the “Nexus Prime,” though. This is only supposed to be a code name, and the actual device should be coming under a different name (most likely Samsung Galaxy Nexus).

This is still the SCH-i515, though, which would be the Verizon version. This would further entail that a Verizon exclusive Nexus could be very possible. Our friends at Droid-Life entertain the idea that this phone might also become a Best Buy exclusive (much like the Nexus S).

This is nothing but random speculation, but it would not seem like a great idea. Best Buy tends to have higher off-contract prices. And previously, when the T-Mobile Nexus S  was unavailable at T-Mobile stores, it proved to be a weird way to sell a device. We’re definitely hoping this Nexus device will–at least–make it to Verizon stores.

For now, we’ll have to wait until next week’s announcement to see the official details. You can be sure we’ll be reporting the news, so stay tuned! Who’s signing up for this device? Are you upset about the possible Verizon exclusivity? Would you switch carriers for this phone? Would you rather wait?


  1. Via Droid-Life
  2. Via Droid-Life
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  • Clayton

    It is my belief that there will be a T-Mobile version sold at Best Buy and a Verizon version sold at their retail outlets.

  • Chad

    I’m highly upset at the Verizon exclusivity!!! But I know it’ll be coming to the other carriers probably a month or two after so I guess it’s the waiting game..who knows maybe we’ll hear some good news about the Note coming around Q1 2012, if so… I’ll probably skip the Nexus

  • ben dover

    I think I’m going to love everything they announce next week except the verizon exclusive….
    I will switch from sprint to any carrier except verzion.

    • Panatella

      What happened to the “draconian future of one phone, one carrier” philosophy that our friend Vic talked about during I/O 2010? Shame on you Google!

      • ben dover

        I think that is still coming… it’s just looking like we might have a verizon exclusive to start. :(

  • dommafia

    Exclusivity NEEDS TO FREAKING DIE… why not release on all carriers and sell as many as possible… fklasjdfljasdfljkasdflk damn it I was hoping for tmo or sprint version.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I hope for either: that there’re actually two phones, one for Verizon and one for for the rest of the world, or one phone with CDMA/GSM capabilities.

    Nexus NEEDS to be an International phone, it would dominate.

    • Dharmabhum

      Do they really still make flagship handsets that aren’t GSM+CDMA?!

      I know there are plenty of smaller, less influential handsets that get one or the other, but I’d be blown away if they have planned for cross-carrier availability and still have separate cellular antennae based on network. Not saying it couldn’t happen, but it’d be sad if it did.

  • Louis

    So this could really be an exclusive verizon deal??? Major disappointed! What the hell google? I think I am gonna be disappointed with google after this announcement on Oct 19th if this is true like some of the iphone 4s guy did with apple.

  • J2x

    Best Buy always jacks up their prices! I don’t want to spend $699 like they charge for the Bionic. Lame!


    I will not get fully angry yet !!! (I just punched my girl in her thigh from aggravation) lol. IfVerizon get some exclusivity , it will be an epic failure on Googles part.. When the hell are they going to learn to stop shooting themselves in the foot with this BS ! Even Apple realized they have lost a lot of there lead in the market due to there exclusivity with Att..

    Even if it comes to other carriers in 2- 3 months it still gives the customer ample time to get another phone and bypass there Nexus.. Even though it hurts the sale numbers of the device, maybe Google really does not care what there sales number is on the device as long s there Operating system keeps chugging along

    • Greg

      Reported to the FBI for underage spousal abuse.

    • alamoe

      Actually I think it being on Verizon would help the sale numbers. The other Nexus devices haven’t been on Verizon and they haven’t really been big sellers either.

  • Kevin

    Judging by the two different names it appears as if there will be two names for the one phone the verizon phone will be the galaxy nexus while the rest may have the nexus prime?

    • psychohellcat


  • nephariouz

    I hope its not Verizon exclusive. AT&T would be nice, but I’ll jump ship for any carrier but Verizon. Been there, done that, NEVER AGAIN!

  • LiterofCola

    FINALLY, being a Verizon customer is paying off

    • Starship

      Every time I feel like leaving, I look at my 22% discount and unlimited data. Being with them is like a Lifetime original movie.

  • Ben Johnson, GA

    Hi chum.ps,

    while im waiting in line and cueing up for the launch of the new iPhone 4S im reading your blog.
    Im happy its still alive. Good job on this, keeping the few android nerds away from the true blogs.
    However, im absolutely not interested in this Google phone which will fail like all prior Goofy-phones introduced with much fanfare….it will be as successful as the chromebook (lol)!

    Keep it up
    cheers, Ben

    sent from my iPad 2 while calling on iPhone 4 (soon to be iPhone 4S)

    • kwills88

      I have no idea why you guys continue to waste yours and our time by making pointless post on our android blogs, if we wanted to know about your apple products we wouldn’t be on a site called androidandme

    • Starship

      I bet you’re the kind of person who likes the smell of his own farts.

    • alamoe

      You look more like a chump. You went out to buy the same phone you already have just because Apple tells you its different? Talk about brainwashed. Its the same damn phone! LoL Apple is making fools out of iPhone users.

  • Wasim

    (sigh)……If there’s no Tmobile HSPA+ version, im gonna cry…..i work for Tmobile, and for some reason, the GS2 on Tmobile is nowhere near as smooth as the ATT version! :/ i might have to get it anyway and put my updates in the hands of Mr. Cyanogen!

  • Nathan

    Wow really that will be so lame if it is an exclusive device for Verizon, what happened to faithful T-Mobile. Or the other companies are you really going to leave them out in the cold and the older nexus user ready to upgrade? I hope Google will get the hint to 1, stop making people to go to best buy for a nexus phone, and two, nexus phone shouldnt be tide down to any carrier for what ever time.

  • pahern

    There have been rumors all along that there could be two phones coming out, a Verizon phone and a Nexus one. Maybe this is true, but they’re both Nexus phones – an exclusive Verizon LTE Nexus phone and a Nexus Prime for everyone else. Anything’s possible…for a few more days at least.

  • TomT

    I was always under the assumption that NEXUS branded phones were built purely as Google Developer’s Phone – bringing the pure clean Android Experience without all the garbage skins thrown on top of the OS – we were always willing to pay a premium price for an unlocked version for the privilege of Talking & Surfing on a GSM carrier – I’m on a unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 since June and the specs of this so called Google Flagship Super Phone doesn’t come close to the S2 – it seems that Google is lowering their hardware standards & their credibility…

  • JLIX

    I get a kick out of all the non-verizon guys getting mad about it being exclusive. Where i live, it’s verizon or nothing so I am a happy customer. In the end though, if the Nexus device was exclusive to other carriers in the past then why set your self up for a pout session when you know this phone is not coming to other carriers before christmas and maybe not ever. Come on people, it’s electronics, I will own a Nexus come November but it will be a short 3 months before another phone has taken it’s place. Quit Whining!

  • Mr Guzz

    Well: They will be a less 2 Nexus Phones:
    1.- Galaxy Nexus for Verizon/Best Buy model SCH-i515
    2.-”Nexus Prime” for AT&T/T-mo n the world model GT-i9250

    All I hope is that the Tmo Nexus will be the one with the best SPECTS and even if the Verizon Nexus came first it will be the most cheeper. So I will wait till Tmo have the superior Nexus !


  • ynoT

    Wow. Really? Verizon deserves this phone more than any other carrier out there due to the fact that we verizon customers got the shaft. We didn’t even get a chance at the SGSII, unlike all you other carriers out there. And while i realize this was the decision of Verizon, this phone being a Verizon exclusive makes it that much sweeter. I’ll be willing to bet my last paycheck that more nexus phones will be sold on Verizon than all the other carriers combined.