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Google CEO on ICS, “You won’t believe what we have managed to do in this release”

Google just announced their Q3 financial results, and the earnings call is streaming live right now. We’re still analyzing all the info, but new Google CEO Larry Page just let out a big Android tease. When talking about Ice Cream Sandwich, Larry said, “You won’t believe what we have managed to do in this release. We see Android going gangbusters, and we don’t see anything that will stop that.”

What could Google have up their sleeve that we won’t believe? Will it be one of the 13 things we thought could be coming to Android 4.0, a competitor to Siri or something completely unexpected? Let us know what features you think Google might announce next week in the comments below.

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  • kwills88

    Idk about the rest of you, but I just wanna hear them say “remember that browser we created a while back, called google chrome” then I am gonna start screaming like a fan girl…you can all judge me.

    • big mess

      Im so sick of larrys lies…

      • Jasonhunterx

        Your a big mess

        • big mess

          You’re or You are
          Your is wrong, retard!

          • Zyo

            Finding gramma error on the internet?

            I hope you have a day job…

    • TatiG

      Oh yeah!!! Chrome on Android, especially on Tablets??? OMG.

    • Denise

      Google has a lot to catch up with their Android 4.0! World leader Apple already is at 5.0 and going stronger than ever. Google will never go surpass Apple.
      I am extremely happy with my bug-free iPhone 4 and i am upgrading to iPhone 4S

      • Nick

        O really? That’s nice, shame no body round here gives a fuck then isn’t it.

        • RxS47

          Nick, couldn’t have said it better myself

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002275344855 luiek20

          @nick lmfao this reply literally made me choke on my juice!! and denise go sit on your iButtplug and stfu!!

          • repeat

            Google has a lot to catch up with their Android 4.0! World leader Apple already is at 5.0 and going stronger than ever. Google will never go surpass Apple.
            I am extremely happy with my bug-free iPhone 4 and i am upgrading to iPhone 4S.

          • Lux143

            HAHAH omg iButtplug! epic

      • nerdshowandtell.com

        think someone has their stats wrong.. Android already passed apple in the world :-)

      • Matt

        so version number = usability? i didnt know that. and mac is at 10.x and windows doesnt even have 8. OMG WHY AM I USING WINDOWS /sarcasm off

      • MaxSteel

        Same useless troll, day in, day out. People need to stop replying and just let him wither away.

      • Nate B.

        Did you really just judge who was ahead by versions of the OS from two completely different phones? That hasn’t a clue of what so ever about anything. Wow. Did you really think before you posted.

      • Brandon

        Talking to simplistic people like yourself is a simple waste of my damn time. Like honestly if you want to flock to the shepard like all the rest of your isheep fans then by all means. also if you look at the facts really closely this will be the fifth iteration of android for phones. The first was 2.0 = dounut, 2.1 = eclair, 2.2 = froyo, 2.3 = gingerbread. Secondly you have absolutely no idea what google has in store for this OS this time around. All you know is that your sixth month behind tech is supposed to work “seemlessly” together. I’m sorry I don’t want a phone with limited choices, by limited meaning should i worship apple today or tomorrow, because apple is afraid that it won’t work efficently. Sure you can jailbreak an iphone but why? when you can have all the customization you can handle within an android operating phone. Its idiotic and quite frankly a waste of time. But hey if you like as little choices as possible, the cell phone maker giving you one and ONLY one choice, oops im sorry you do have a choice, did you want that in black or white? OH SHIT…………too many choices i know sorry bro.

      • http://clan.videogamecomp.com daniel

        Honestly this is an android only news site. Go to some Apple fansite or when you pick up your iphone 4s you will finally have a friend to talk to instead of waisting your time failing at trolling.
        I feel sorry for siri

      • ene

        Denise sounds stupid. seems she thinks ios is 25% better than android. She did the math 5.0/4.0=1.25.
        Dennis you stupid.

      • david

        Oh c’moooooonnnn… Android is at 50% and growing. Apple is stuck at 28% (in US). Delusional world leader that can’t win even in its home turf.

        Forget it. Go corner yourself into the tablet space while Google or Microsoft don’t take even that from you.

        Seriously, I don’t flame, but this asks for it.

    • Luli

      Haha I’m with you on this. I will scream too if we have chrome on Android.

  • J2x

    I’ll tell you what I want….How about an end to all the stinkin’ rumors! Just give me my Nexus!

  • jonaRamone

    I want an OS where I can actually stop/close an app without using a task killer, bloatware free, with great UI and Launcher and most important, that can be the first step to all the fragmentation we’re dealing with right now!

    I want some ICS noooooooooooooow!!!!

    regards people from Colombia

    • Uhura87

      Rumor has it they they are closing google+ because it turned out to be an epic failure.

      • Bpear96

        “Google+ tops 40 million users” ..Epic Fail, yeaaah ok

        • Per Sundgren

          Steve Yegge of Google admitted it

          • Zyo

            he is just one dev from Google whos having a bad day. big deal.

        • R82

          40 million users??? LOL
          G+ is DEAD.
          Nobody uses G+, its just dead, spread with fake and test accounts!
          People did sign up, but just to test it. Now back to fb.
          Talk about statistics…

          • Bpear96

            Thats just because all there friends are still on FB, whats the point of being on a social network with out all your friends? Remember when nobody used facebook? It was all myspace, it took awhile to change to facebook, that could happen to google+ who knows, things like this dont happen over night.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    A Siri competitor doesn’t seem likely, IMO. With so many info being leaked out, wouldn’t we already hear something more concrete about it? But such thing doesn’t even come to the surface until Apple unveiled Siri.

    Look, personally, I don’t think Siri is going to be a big thing like Apple fanboys suggest. The primary problem I see with any voice controlled system is that we have to do something to initiate the conversation b/w human and the machine. In the case of Siri (or Android’s voice action), we have to press the screen or a button. It’s not a natural process. I would rather it works like the Kinect, which you can initiate a conversation by calling its name.

    • http://IanSapp.com Ian S

      The app “Vlingo” responds to your voice. You say “Hey Vlingo” and it will initiate

      • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

        I have not tried Vlingo personally, but does the Vlingo app run in the background all the time automaically, or do you need to launch it first?

        I know a simple action to launch an app seems like a small thing, but the truth is the moment an user needs to interact to bring up voice-to-command, he will be dragged back to the reality that he’s talking to a machine.

        • Tyler

          I gave up on Vlingo. Started using Voice Actions by Pannous with good results. And yes, it can run in the background and you can “wake” it by saying “hey phone”.

          • PacoBell

            Really? I don’t see that option. There’s just shake to wake.

  • Calista Flockhart

    I bet hes announcing games, cause Android has no games.
    Or maybe native apps instead of refurbished iOS apps….

    • Galen20K

      Calista Flockhart, I ban you to 90′s tv hell!! BWahahahaa >: D

      • repeat

        I bet hes announcing games, cause Android has no games.
        Or maybe native apps instead of refurbished iOS apps……

    • monlosez

      Android needs something like DirectX on PC. Too many fragmentation on games because of so many different GPUs.

      • Lúcio Corrêa

        It’s called OpenGL.

        • monlosez

          maybe hardware fragmentation? Some EA or Gameloft games play on 1 device and won’t on another.

          • Zyo

            hardware fragmentation WTF?
            not everyone wants to spend 500+ on a phone, and they probably couldnt care less about gaming on it.

            Its called choice, when does that ever become a disadvantage, wake up you are drinking too much apple Kool-aid

      • Zhi Hao

        I hope they announce a sort of console controller add-on. Then we can get past the limitations of touchscreens. With all the new chips coming out, I’m in the mood for a portable game console.

        If anyone can do it, Google can!

        • SherlockHomeboy

          Actually Honeycomb (3.2 to be specific) included support for many USB peripherals including gamepads. There’s a video on Youtube of them playing a game with a 360 controller on the Xoom.

        • Kevs87

          Actually i used an app called sixasis that let me use my ps3 controller via blutooth…

  • coyotejbob

    How about. When you first setup your phone you can have an option between stock android and the manufacturer skin. Then later if you choose you can switch it up. I love my sensation but sometimes I wish I had stock as an option. No rooting no warranty voids just a choice. Those that are going to say use a market launcher just don’t understand how I feel. I don’t want to have to add something for that to be an option. That is my main thing.

    • Nathan

      That would be cool to have but not a new idea tho

    • kwills88

      If that happens then theyre gonna need to make onboard storage a minimum of 32gb instead of 16 cause a lot of space get taken up by the manufacturers’ UI…and I would be happy with all that

    • Vforvortex

      I have a htc sensation. i have not rooted my phone but i did turn s-off so it lets me install a custom rom (coredroid 2.4 at present). And if you want to go back to stock, then there is a guide for that too, so you wont lose your warranty. check out xda-developers website.

      • Link Please

        Oh God! link to this please!!!!

  • Nathan

    We can only know for sure until next week, looking forward to it :)

  • Darkrain

    Complete face and voice recognition! Unlock the screen using your face and phone will just start to ask what you would like to do. Even smart enough to learn and suggest what you do most often and the ability to understand in 14 languages (see Google Translate update).

    • Zyo

      its useless. typing your password is much more efficient and error proof than aligning your face to the camera or speak a sentence.

  • Nate B.

    I haven’t been this excites for a mobile device in a long time.

  • Sean

    I’m hoping Google will finally utilize the Blind type keyboard they purchased a while ago. The stock Android keyboard is atrocious. And yes I know they’re plenty of keyboards in the market. But that’s not the point, they should have their own awesome keyboard. And I haven’t seen a better keyboard demonstration than blind type.

    • ryansgr8

      I’d be stoked if they put out the BlindType keyboard. Would also be nice if they improved Voice Actions…maybe they should acquire Vlingo to improve upon that :)

      • PacoBell

        Well, they did hire one of the main engineers from Nuance to do voice stuff, so I can’t imagine he’s been sitting on his laurels this whole time.


    Look i. To sick right now to process all of this exiting news! Can you wait until im better? I want
    to do a dance but i am Just to weak and drugged up. Lol.

    All i know is if i hear the words tmo, support and november in the same sentence im going to pass out from exitement

  • James Jun

    A official Android Theme Manager which allows changing of boot animation, theme, lockscreen, colors, etc would be mindblowing. No other OS would be able to touch the amount of customization it could have.

    • BiGMERF

      no other one can touch it now

  • Russia nukes USA

    They most likely stole the heck out of iOS and rebadged it as ICS. Good job, loser.

    • nipple

      Even though vice versa is exactly what Apple did, and this has been in development for about 8 months before iOS5 was even announced. Yeah. I bet they did just that.

  • monlosez

    Larry Page is saying iOS 5 is weak sauce.


    Maybe a new sort of FRAGMENTATION with even more bad taste flavor?

    • repeat

      Maybe a new sort of FRAGMENTATION with even more bad taste flavor??

  • rpras

    Unexpected? How about a super-DLNA-Sling-WiDi implementation that makes any smart-ish display your Webtop on demand? With a voice-controlled input system. Me: “Nexus – how do I turn you off now?” Silence.

  • Iria

    Holy cow, I want it now.

    • Mrwirez

      There you go Larry.. learn to work up the Android base and pique non Android users! Go Google man..


  • Gr8gorilla

    I love how this thread is spammed with iPhone Fanbois and everyone is totally ignoring them. The Trolls are totally unsuccessful.

    I would like to say to all of you iPhone Fagbois, that all of the features that you just got in iOS5 have been in Android since it began. Just think about that………

  • jhoodrrt

    Steve Jobs wore a merkin

    • josegb2011

      dude not cool…you cant……………….not cool man..

  • Anonymous

    It would be incredibly cool to have voiuce commands where you say “Nexus” to get its attention. “Nexus – how far from here to Mr. Whippy?” Nexus: *Le natural voice* “About 2km.”

    • Dirge

      I’d love a sexy female British voice for an AI virtual assistant. :)

      • PacoBell

        I’d prefer something more akin to GLaDOS. It’s comforting, yet vaguely terrifying.

    • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

      Voice actions allows you to rename your phone. I have mine named Nexus one :)

      But you do still need to call it “phone” to wake it. If the app is active, you can call it by name!

  • ndokami

    my guess…
    *Major upgrade to Google voice actions
    *Chrome for Android
    *UI Overhaul
    *Less resource hungry UI
    *Better battery life management

  • Gruben

    “You won’t believe what we have managed to do in this release”

    I fear they did nothing.

  • _________(.)(.)____________

    Another round of fragmentation?

    • https://plus.google.com/116093795732345180640/posts DroidNexus

      ICS is compatible with all devices, so it will end ALL fragmentation.

  • inviolable

    Jesus Christ the trolls are starting to make this place look like BGR. Pathetic. Full force.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      How else would we know we’ve “made it”? :)

  • DK

    something extreme:

    ..would be if they begin working closer with the auto industry, and with department(s) of transportation. NFC could be used to unlock and start your cars, to pay for a bus or train, or to scan your license when you get carded or pulled over.

    That way, the only thing you’ll ever need in your pocket is your phone.

    • Dharmabhum

      This would be pretty awesome, because that movement has to start somewhere. I know OEMs are beginning to look at NFC for these or similar applications in automotive, but there’s a long way to go from that point even to getting an agreement on implementation, standard features etc.

      But more and more cars are going keyless ignition and the like, so its really only a matter of time before that watershed moment arrives and OEMs and suppliers realize that no one actually NEEDS a physical key anymore. From there, it’ll be clear that smartphones are the ideal virtual key.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I’m so excited I just don’t care anymore, it’s probably not going to be the matrix as iSheep expect their precious OS to be, but I know is going to be awesome. I just want the wait to be over and see ICS and the new Nexus now!

    You know what I would really love? CDMA/GSM International Nexus so I can just buy one without worrying if the 3.5G services are going to work (don’t have 4G here yet).

  • Bob

    How about finally making Google Navigation completely off-line when wanted? Download the entire world (or a region you need) and forget about insane data roaming costs when visiting abroad.

    • domi kenobi

      You can already download your routes offline with google navigation since 2 versions back..

    • Dharmabhum

      And you can use the Download Map Tiles Labs feature too to help with that, together with domi’s routes advice. But I agree that having the option to download the map data to SD (I’d even submit to off-board routing so long as maps are on-board) would be pretty awesome.

      But then again, there’s a lot of data in Google Maps… I wonder how much storage space one would need (which unfortunately leads to cloud/streaming as the “next step forward” even though the whole point is to remove some reliance on the cloud).

    • PacoBell

      I believe the Maps team said on a Reddit AMA that there were licensing issues with that approach. Pre-cached map tiles are a nice compromise.

  • 2013

    o nonononono. You got it all wrong. “We plan to marry both Ice Cream Sandwich (nomnomomom) and Jellybean in our next release, Key Lime Pie.”

  • Aegentirony

    At :40 secs…shes holding the nexus !!!

    • Uhlo

      Yep! And the shot after that is actually nexus footage :)

  • Tarek El-Eter

    if your so happy with your bug free iphone oh i forgot the security flaw that allowed someone to open your phone by emergency calling then putting the phone to sleep which took them long to fix also if you love your iphone so much why are you lurking though a android blog?

  • http://n/a shawn

    iphone is for people who are afraid of change, leave your comfort zone stand on your desk “insert life changing speach”.

    IMHO .. if you go android… get a flagship spend the extra money, the low end droids are what plauge the community. Same principle as buying a focus vs an excursion… who will get seen first at the service line…

    What i do is use it a year… warenty is then up… hack the sh*t out of it. My HTC Evo 4g will make any dumb ass iphone quake in its boots.

    Wake up iphone users… google! something LEARN for yourslelves! Read an become smart consumers… be smarter than the MAN who rules you. Overtake him and become free

  • kazahani

    I hope they found a way for the phones to dispense actual ice cream sandwiches! Mmmmmmmm!