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Google Chrome is finally coming to an Android device near you


September of 2008 was a pretty busy month for Google. The company released, not one, but two very important products in that month: Android and Chrome. The former was supposed to unify the mobile world under one platform, while the latter’s job was to push the web forward. Today, Android owns most of the smartphone market while Chrome is about to take second place away from Mozilla Firefox.

Believe it or not, both of these products got to where they are today with almost no interaction between the teams behind them. On the contrary, there were times when it seemed like they were competing with each other for the future of personal computing. But that’s all about to change. According to a post on the Chromium Code website, Google Chrome for Android is right around the corner.

The Chromium revision log indicates that Chrome for Android will include most of the features that its desktop counterpart currently has, something that I’m sure will make some of you very happy. The app will also support the Skia 2D graphics library that Google has been working on. And that’s about everything we know at this point. However, I’m sure we’ll get more details over the coming days and weeks.

As you might remember, Google has something big planned for October 11 and I won’t be surprised if Chrome for Android makes an appearance. The company might even surprise us with things like a Chrome Web Store for Android devices. That will surely turn some heads.

We’d love to hear your opinion about all of this, so let us know in the comments. Do you think the app will be available through the Market or come pre-installed? Are you excited about having the Chrome Web Store on your phone or is it more of a “meh” feature? And most importantly, will you dump your current browser for Chrome?

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  • Josh Phillips

    I would drop my current browser like a hot rock for Chrome. It should be the stock browser. The chrome web app store is interesting, but i think unnecessary. They should make it easy for developers to port their apps to web apps and vice versa if they are appropriate for that use case scenario… That would be ridiculous… Imagine buying a game for your phone, and being able to play it on your tablet, browser and TV as well. Sick…

    • Rangers

      Im using Safari and i wont switch to the inferior chromean

      • James Pakele

        Yeah, Steve…. We know….

      • CTown

        This is about Chrome for Android… not for the desktop.

        • Marlo Painter

          Why is it called Safari? You have to hunt for sites that actually load properly.

      • babadush

        Uhh. Um why?

    • Futureboy

      The web store actually has some pretty useful apps. A screen grab and annotation (for unrooted devices) could prove handy even if it is limited to the browser. But what would really be slick is if the Chrome settings sync extended to the android version.

    • Diana Pangestu

      I’m surprised Google Chrome isn’t an app yet. Have the new Samsung Galaxy and it’s current default browser is sucky. No way to search with the browser open, and no way to look at images vs. news vs web searches.

  • T1392

    chrome should come preinstalled and be the stock browser for ICS, would be nice if chrome Web store was just a section in the market instead of a new market app altogether. Either way I like the idea of chrome on my Android device.

    • ihatefanboys

      Agreed ! it should be the stock browser for ICS. i’ll even switch to it on my G2 when it premiers, or should i say if it premiers soon.

  • protozeloz

    Chrome for Android hardware acceleration and an more polished ui (social game Zone too but don’t tell anyone ;) ) should be top priority on google hq my hopes are high on ICS

    • xallies

      They said that would be jelly bean

  • kwills88

    Is bad that I am more excited about this happening than ICS, you have no idea how bad I been wanting chrome as my stock browser on android, I just hope they include sync..then android will have best of both worlds…best OS and best browser all on one device.

  • urboyissues

    Chrome and Firefox fought for ownership as default browser for a while one my computers.. However firefox sadly lost due to too many crashes. Chrome on my phone would be a must have especially if it syncs with all my bookmarks in a nice clean way. However it would have to beat out Maxathon which is my default browser for mobile

  • draigons

    I have been looking forward to Chrome on my android for a while. I am hopeful that if Chrome comes in ICS, then I am hopeful that SGSII will be able to upgrade. But knowing T-mobile and Samsung it will not come out or be upgraded. If I knew Prime was multi-carrier then I would just wait for prime, but I do not think it is coming to T-Mobile and I am in contract… Oi Vay!?!

  • Galen20K

    I am very excited about Chrome for Android, I too also think it really should be its default browser. And yes a “Chrome” section inside our regular Android Market would be nice too.

  • bluemarc22
  • Markus

    Next Step: Picasa for Android

    • Derek

      As in view picasa pictures? You can have picasa sync with gallery 3d…

    • Sapphire3g

      Not sure if you’re aware of this, but Picasa already syncs with Android. Unless you’re referring to something else. I’m using a Galaxy S 4G on T-Mobile and i have “Sync Picasa Web Albums” in my Accounts and sync. It’s the same spot I can disable what Google services my Google account syncs with. I just never use Picasa. I also control my Google Music Beta through there too.

  • greg g

    Maybe that web browser that the 4chan user was talking about in his nexus prime aerticle is a version of chrome for ics?

  • Elmagio

    Wait, if the Chrome web store comes to android, I’ll be able to… play Angry Birds from the browser! Aweeesssooommmeee!!! :D

  • Angie Strickland

    I have to say — that wooden browser window is pretty adorable.

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      is that one of yours? its cool..

      • Alberto Vildosola

        No, that’s from a Chrome commercial Google did a while back

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I’m currently happy with my Opera Mini, but I would love to have Chrome, it just feels right to have it on Android.


    Goodbye dolphin!!! Bring on chrome.. Great news!

  • http://www.thatwebguyblog.com Mike

    Chrome rocks, and I’m interested to see what the big G does for the android version.

    But I’m yet to see an Android browser that offers what I would call a good user experience, and I’ve tried them all settling on Dolphin HD for now. That combined with Googles’ track record on releasing apps that range from being slightly usable to only slightly more usable and I’ll reserve my excitement until it’s released.

  • Interpol91

    I would definitely dump Dolphin for Chrome!!! Of course only if it’s better which it more than likely will be. I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while and I can’t wait to use it!

  • droiddewd

    Chrome would be a great addition to ICS. I would only hope that sync would be a part of it. I think the webstore would be better utilized on my tablet/phone too so that could work either as an extension of the browser or added to the Market.

  • mrjlwilliams

    This is gonna be nice, gives full access.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    It’s about time. The web browser needs to be upgradable easily to address any potential security problems.

  • Geah

    This is one of those rare occasions where everyone has something approving to say. It’s about damn time!

  • hssdj

    Goofbye Dolphin

    • Mark

      Goofbye? What’s a goofbye?

  • Cvballa3g0

    Finally! I love Google.

  • Yony

    Long live to Firefox!!!!!!!!!!!! first open source browser!!!

    • Yony

      I like Android very much, more than windows, but i won`t dump firefox

  • Derrick

    Chrome for Android FTW

  • Daniel

    Why don’t they just implement chrome into the default stock browser for android. Plus wouldn’t the chrome store directly compete with the android market? Why would google do that?

  • nexus

    Sounds like to me google is just making enhancements ontop of the basic app in ASOP, as they usually do. For instance
    gmail = email
    google videos (with movie rental) = basic ASOP video playback of local files
    google music (cloud music storage) = basic music playback

    google chrome (enhanced browsing) = basic browser

    It bothers me that some OEM browsers have folders for bookmarks and some dont. Some have buttons across the bottom (thrill) where you can quickly change tabs, go fullscreen (miui) etc.

    • NotRelevent


  • Rashad

    About time! It was strange that Google didn’t make a mobile version of chrome from the get-go with Android.

    I’m sold already

  • Daverk

    Just hope we have the option of downloading from Market. Had no experience with the Chrome browser but would be nice to give it a try

  • Pablo

    Chrome is already in Android on the Google TV devices.

  • PeritoCase

    It’s all about how it works: fast, reliable, how it treats the issues of smaller screens.
    The experience with Firefox has been disappoint ing

  • Zhi Hao

    Please, bring tab browsing to Android smartphones!!!

    And more speed!!! :)

  • http://android.webook.ro Aplicatii Android

    OMG! Can’t wait to get Chrome on my phone! I wonder it’s going to have flash support included like skyfire…

  • charlie

    Google should replace it’s current stock browser with chrome instead of having it as a downloadable app/browser

  • SickPigeon

    I am surprised how much I like chrome so on a phone would be nice to see

  • Paul

    I’m all in favour, merely so that I can have my passwords and bookmarks synced automatically across all the browsers I use on a regular basis. This already works brilliantly in Chrome on the two computers I regularly use. Just got to get the mobile to fit in, then we’ll have an ‘ecosystem’!

  • Gekko

    the key thing with Chrome on Android with be complete SYNCING with Chrome on the PC/Desktop! all of your Bookmarks, settings etc. will be synced regardless of device.

    i use the ChromeMarks App now which is great but doesn’t fully integrate.

    • NotRelevent

      The Honeycomb browser already supports chrome syncing.

      • Gekko

        that’s great but Honeycomb isn’t on smartphones.

  • SherlockHomeboy

    I hope they release it in the Android market, rather than updating the stock browser in an android update so more devices can have access to it.

  • http://fauxtronic.com fauxtronic

    Thank goodness. Much as I love Chrome to Phone, it’s a horrible hack considering Chrome is Google’s browser and syncing to the cloud is a far superior solution. The Android version is long overdue….

  • JayMonster

    Like Gmail and other “parts” it should be stock, but also be downloadable from the market so updates do have to wait for the carriers.

  • http://moviezmania.OurToolbar.com/ kami


  • Peta

    How come Google Maps and Gmail are the only stand-alone apps?

    How come the Calendar is built in and not a Google Calendar market app?

    How come the Talk is built in and not a GTalk market app?

    How come the Browser is built in and not a Chrome market app?

  • Nate

    I’d just like to see animated gif files in my browser

  • n25philly

    Not interested if it’s going to have the same horrid interface chrome has on the desktop

  • http://@kstagg kstagg

    I have been using Miren Browser for quite sometime and have found it to be an incredibly competent browser and with tabs! For the life of me am curious why Google hasn’t at least upgraded the current default browser with that functionality.

    Firefox, Opera (fail), Dolphin – all have been buggy with the smartphones I’ve used crashing or just too damned slow or cluttered. Miren has been great.

    Like others have mentioned – I’ve been really looking forward to this and will be an instant default setting on my Photon.


    Finally Chrome for android ! i ditched IE7 moved to fire fox untill IE8 ( crashed constantly and slow like a snail on dope ) Then to chrome and never looked back.

    History will be repeating its self on my GS2, USed stock browser untill the release of the Nexus S then moved to Opera which is way faster than the stock browser, and when chrome comes ill go to chrome if its half as good as it is on WIN7.

    Next to amalgamate CHROME OS + ANDROID then i’d have a reason to buy a Chrome OS Laptop as Tablets are a waste and hugely overpriced.

  • road_runner123

    go google im behind you all the way

  • Jeff

    I would ditch the current browser on my HTC EVO… but if i were to download Chrome onto my phone, that would just take up space that i could use for other apps… however, if there was a way to get rid of my current browser.. i would be so happy.. =)

  • Robb

    what i’m wondering is….

    1. chrome on android
    2. open gmail in chrome on android
    3. open gmail phone in chrome on android
    4. no longer use voice minutes/make calls from honeycomb?

  • Ryan

    I’m using Chrome on my PC but unfortunately, it doesn’t support smooth trackpad gestures, so I won’t be using it on the Mac

  • joe

    I started this search because I accidentally uninstalled my browser from my rooted metro pcs android. I couldn’t find a chrome mobile app. so I’m trying Dolphin but it seems a little slow. Of course I would switch to chrome and I’m not worried about a chrome app store, I think it would be a bit redundant since the Android market is owned by google. And if it slowed down the release date, that would be worse.

  • craig

    This will be nice. ff mobile version crashed on my phone pretty much out of the gate. elinks would be nice too.

  • Vixey

    When is the release date?

  • gaurav

    plz let inform me as it arrives

  • Fred

    Duel booting phones…. Would be a better duel with pistols or swords…..

  • yapkot

    Will just be sonething else that doesn’t work right. This whole android thing is junk…..apps work on one version but not another or even one ddevice and not another with same android version. And no real programs that are useful. If google intended to unite the mobile world they did a shody job by throwing a half built OS out and then start trying to fix it. Microsoft makes smarter moves than that. I am not at all impressed withandroid…..and chrome is nothing special either…several browsers are just as or more secure and perform better. I will stick with my ubuntu laptop and send this tab back to acer. Wanted to see what the buzz was about anf found out it is much ado over nothing.

  • OhSoSmylze610

    I’m so excited bout this… Thank-you very much

  • David Webb

    We appreciate your site..